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HideMyAss VPN Review

“A certified no-log service with advanced security features and a vast server network, emerges as a top choice for users prioritizing privacy and performance. While some speed variability exists and a basic free trial, the overall offering makes it a compelling solution for diverse online needs.”

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) developed into essential technologies for protecting online privacy and security. A VPN serves as a secure tunnel, encrypting customers’ internet connections and routing their traffic across servers in several areas, effectively hiding their IP addresses and increasing anonymity. This functionality is especially important in today’s digital age, when concerns about data privacy, surveillance, and cyber risks are prevalent. VPNs are used not only to secure sensitive data, but also to circumvent geographical limitations, allowing users to access region-restricted material and services.

HideMyAss VPN, sometimes known as HMA, is a well-known VPN provider known for its comprehensive features and user-friendly approach. Previously known as HideMyAss, the rebranding to HMA underlines the company’s dedication to provide users with a comprehensive solution for their online privacy needs. HMA VPN distinguishes itself with a large server network that includes over 1100 servers in over 290 locations worldwide.

HMA VPN prioritizes user privacy, touting a no-logging policy that has been audited by the cyber-risk consulting organization VerSprite, earning the highest rating of “low risk user privacy impact.” This dedication to openness and data security is consistent with the fundamental ideals of VPN use. The VPN also includes a number of advanced security features, such as military-grade encryption, a Smart Kill Switch, and Split Tunneling, to provide customers with a strong protection against any online attacks.

Compatibility wise HMA VPN’s supports devices ranging from PCs and Macs to Android and iOS devices, ensures that users’ privacy is protected effortlessly across multiple platforms.

What We Like

  • Certified No-Logging Policy

  • Smart Kill Switch

  • Split Tunneling

  • Advanced Security Features (IP Shuffle, Advanced Leak Protection)

  • Military-Grade Encryption (AES-256-GCM Encryption)

  • Automatic Connection Rules

  • Decent Server Network

  • P2P-Optimized Servers

  • Device Compatibility (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Android TV, and routers)

  • One-click Lightning Connect

  • High-Speed Servers (Has both 20 Gbps and 10 Gbps servers)

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 7-Day Free Trial (Requires Credit Card)

  • Speed Variability

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Bottom Line
HMA VPN, previously known as HideMyAss, stands out as a comprehensive privacy solution with a strict no-logging policy audited by VerSprite. Offering advanced security features like Smart Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and IP Shuffle, it boasts military-grade encryption for user protection. With a vast server network, P2P optimization, and excellent streaming capabilities, HMA is a versatile choice for those seeking a reliable VPN.

Initial Setup

Setting up HMA VPN is a simple and user-friendly process. The installation wizards, which are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, help customers through each step, guaranteeing a smooth onboarding experience.

The installation method for Windows and Mac users begins with downloading the HMA VPN client from the official website. The simple installation wizard guides users through the procedures, prompting them to accept the terms and conditions, select a target folder, and complete the installation. The user interface was created with clarity in mind, giving a dashboard that is simple to browse even for those unfamiliar with VPN services.

Users are prompted to log in with their credentials after installation, and they then have immediate access to a variety of features and server configurations. The HMA VPN app is widely available in app stores for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. The installation procedure is similar to that of the desktop versions. Users are directed through the installation process, which includes configuring app rights and settings. The mobile apps use the same user-friendly interface as their desktop equivalents, offering a consistent user experience across devices.

Security and Privacy

HideMyAss VPN is dedicated to providing consumers with a secure and private online experience. A comprehensive no-logging policy, validated by VerSprite, is at the heart of its security procedures, ensuring that the VPN service does not gather any sensitive user data. This includes omitting from its logs initial IP addresses, DNS queries, online activities, data transfer volumes, and connection timestamps. This dedication to privacy extends to HMA VPN’s own secure, zero-log DNS servers, which ensure that customers’ DNS requests are not exposed to third parties.

HMA VPN incorporates innovative technologies that go above and beyond ordinary VPN providers to strengthen its security infrastructure. The Smart Kill Switch, an important part of HMA’s arsenal, serves as a fail-safe device. If a VPN connection fails suddenly, the Smart Kill Switch quickly disconnects the internet connection, protecting the user’s location or data from being exposed online. Split Tunneling gives consumers granular control over their online privacy by allowing them to choose which apps receive VPN protection and which connect straight to the internet. This tweak is very beneficial for balancing privacy concerns with program functionality.

Other Features

HMA VPN understands the importance of speed in the user experience and, to that end, includes a Speed Test tool. This enables customers to compare the performance of various servers, supporting them in selecting the fastest one for their unique requirements. The Speed Test feature acts as a troubleshooting tool, assisting users in identifying and resolving any potential speed-related difficulties that may arise throughout their browsing sessions.

There is an IP Shuffle feature that allows customers to quickly change their IP addresses on the fly. This dynamic function is intended to stop trackers, spies, and other hostile entities from following individuals online. In addition, the VPN’s comprehensive leak prevention protects against IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leaks, ensuring that no data bytes spill into the internet. The military-grade encryption used for Windows and Android, which uses the OpenVPN protocol in Galois Counter Mode (AES-256-GCM) and 4096-bit RSA keys, demonstrates HMA VPN’s dedication to customer data security.

HMA VPN exhibits a commitment to transparency and accountability in addition to its technical capabilities. The decision to have an audit performed by an independent cyber-risk consulting organization such as VerSprite adds another layer of trust. The audit’s outcome, a “low risk user privacy impact” rating, validates HMA VPN’s efforts to stay at the forefront of online privacy protection. In a digital world where user data is becoming increasingly insecure, HMA VPN stands as a dependable defender, combining cutting-edge security features with a dedication to ethical data handling standards.

Servers and Speed

HideMyAss VPN has a large and strategically distributed server network, cementing its status as a top VPN service provider. With over 1100 servers in over 290 locations globally, users have access to a diverse range of alternatives for secure and anonymous online activities. This extensive network not only underlines HMA VPN’s global reach, but also assures that customers may enjoy a borderless internet experience by connecting to servers in multiple areas.

The server infrastructure of HMA VPN is famous for its optimization for peer-to-peer (P2P) activities. The inclusion of P2P-optimized servers demonstrates HMA’s dedication to meeting the demands of different users, particularly those that pirate. These servers are designed to provide a safe and efficient environment for torrent uploading and downloading, balancing anonymity and performance.

HMA VPN has a Lightning Connect function that improves the user experience even further by making server selection easier. Users are immediately connected to the quickest available server with a single click, reducing the uncertainty and potential irritation involved with manually selecting servers. This feature is especially useful for people who value speed and efficiency in their online activities, as it ensures a smooth browsing and streaming experience.

While VPN speed is important for user pleasure, HMA VPN solves this problem by including high-speed servers into its major data centers. Users can expect excellent performance from the 20 Gbps servers in these core locations, capable of keeping up with even data-intensive operations like full HD streaming. HMA VPN maintains excellent speeds with 10 Gbps servers even in non-core data centers, indicating its commitment to offering a continuously fast and dependable service.

The Speed Test tool built into HMA VPN allows customers to evaluate the speed of several servers, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their unique requirements. Users can utilize the Speed Test tool to address any potential speed-related difficulties and ensure an optimal VPN experience when connecting to local servers or those in long-distance locations such as Paris, France.

We performed a series of speed tests with and without VPN. Here are our observations. Without VPN, we got around 288Mbps download and 280Mbps speeds with a 300Mbps ISP Plan. Local server speeds are an important metric for users since they represent the VPN’s capacity to sustain fast connections in close proximity. The Speed Test results for HMA VPN with a local server in New York have average download speeds of 230Mbps and average upload speeds of 168Mbps, which is roughly 80% and 60% of the base speeds. Furthermore, local server latency durations range between 40 and 60 milliseconds.

For slightly long-distance servers (we connected to Paris), the download speeds were 172Mbps and upload speeds were 140Mbps which translates to roughly 60% and 50% speeds of the base speeds. The ping latency for this server was averaging between 90 and 110 milliseconds.


Encryption Protocol HMA VPN employs the OpenVPN protocol with AES-256-GCM encryption.
RSA Keys The encryption is supported by 4096-bit RSA keys for handshakes.
Server Network HMA VPN boasts a vast network of over 1100 servers situated in more than 290 locations worldwide.
P2P-Optimized Servers Specific servers within HMA VPN’s network are optimized for peer-to-peer (P2P) activities, catering to users who engage in torrenting.
Automatic Connection Rules Users can define automatic connection rules based on network preferences, allowing for a seamless transition into a protected online environment.
Smart Kill Switch The Smart Kill Switch feature acts as a fail-safe mechanism, automatically disconnecting the internet if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.
Split Tunneling HMA VPN offers Split Tunneling, allowing users to choose which apps receive VPN protection and which connect directly to the internet.
IP Shuffle The IP Shuffle feature enables users to quickly change their IP addresses on the fly, enhancing privacy by making it more challenging for trackers and malicious entities to trace online activities.
Advanced Leak Protection HMA VPN provides protection against IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leaks, ensuring that no data bytes leak onto the web.
Device Compatibility HMA VPN is compatible with a variety of devices, including PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Android TV, and routers.
Lightning Connect The Lightning Connect feature simplifies server selection with a single click, automatically connecting users to the fastest available server.
High-Speed Servers HMA VPN operates 20 Gbps servers in its core data centers and 10 Gbps servers in non-core data centers.
Speed Test HMA VPN includes a built-in Speed Test feature, allowing users to assess the performance of different servers and troubleshoot any speed-related issues during their online activities.
No-Logging Policy HMA VPN adheres to a strict no-logging policy, ensuring that it does not collect or record sensitive user data, including original IP addresses, DNS queries, online activities, data transfer amounts, and connection timestamps.
Independent Audit To reinforce its commitment to user privacy, HMA VPN underwent an audit by the independent cyber-risk consultant firm VerSprite, earning the best possible rating of “low risk user privacy impact.”
Free Trial HMA VPN offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to experience the full range of features without upfront charges. While credit card details are required, users have the option to cancel before the trial period ends.


HMA VPN has a variety of price plans, allowing users to select a subscription that meets their unique demands and usage habits. While the VPN service does not provide a completely free version, it does provide users with a 7-day free trial that allows them to test out the full range of capabilities without incurring any upfront costs. Note that this trial requires users to give credit card information, and after the trial period, customers will be charged based on their chosen plan unless they cancel.

For users looking for VPN services on a month-to-month basis, the 1-Month Plan is available at $11.99, providing flexibility without a long-term commitment. The 6-Month Plan comes at $53.94, equivalent to $8.99 per month, offering a moderate discount for users opting for a slightly extended commitment.

The real value, however, lies in the longer-term plans. The 12-Month Plan, priced at $59.88, translates to just $4.99 per month, making it an attractive option for users seeking a balance between affordability and commitment. The 24-Month Plan, also at $4.99 per month with a total cost of $119.76, provides an extended commitment for users looking for a more extended duration of VPN services.

A noteworthy limited-time offer is the 36-Month Plan, available at $107.64, which translates to an impressively low $2.99 per month. This plan offers unparalleled value for users willing to commit to a three-year period, making it a compelling choice for those seeking long-term VPN protection at an affordable rate.

For users requiring an even broader coverage with 10 simultaneous connections, HMA VPN provides alternative plans. The 12-Month Plan for 10 simultaneous connections is priced at $95.88, equating to $7.99 per month. The 24-Month Plan, available at $167.76 or $6.99 per month, offers extended coverage at a moderate price point. The 36-Month Plan for 10 simultaneous connections, priced at $215.64 or $5.99 per month, presents a balance between affordability and comprehensive VPN coverage.

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Final Verdict

HMA VPN (HideMyAss VPN) stands out as a comprehensive and dependable option for consumers that value both privacy and performance in their online activities. The VPN’s commitment to privacy is demonstrated by its VerSprite-audited verified no-logging policy, which assures that user data, including IP addresses, DNS queries, and online activity, remains private. Advanced security features like the Smart Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and IP Shuffle help to create a secure online environment, and are complimented by military-grade encryption via the OpenVPN protocol.

It provides a variety of services that enhance the user experience in addition to its security measures. The huge server network, with over 1100 servers in 290 locations worldwide, lets users to enjoy borderless internet access, and P2P-optimized servers cater to torrenters. The Lightning Connect feature makes it easier to choose a server, while the Speed Test tool allows customers to optimize their connection speeds. The VPN’s compatibility with a variety of devices, as well as the availability of a 7-day free trial, contribute to its use.

While HMA VPN has some speed inconsistency, especially on long-distance servers, the overall performance is excellent. Although there is no eternal free edition, the price structure provides a 7-day free trial for users to try the service without incurring any upfront costs. Given the extensive collection of features and security precautions provided, the subscription options are reasonably priced.

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