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Opera VPN Review

“A versatile and free virtual private network service that stands out for its built-in ad blocker and a no-logs policy, but it falls short in terms of speed and limited server locations. Despite some limitations, Opera VPN is a solid choice for users seeking a no-cost VPN solution with basic features.”

A VPN is a technology that creates a secure, encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the internet. By doing so, it serves two primary functions: enhancing online security and preserving user anonymity. The internet, while a vast repository of knowledge and connectivity, is also a breeding ground for potential threats to our privacy and security. Whether it’s the prying eyes of advertisers, government surveillance, or cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities, our online activities are constantly exposed to risk. VPNs, which have gained popularity in recent years, provide an essential layer of protection by encrypting data transmitted over the internet. When you connect to a VPN server, your internet traffic is tunneled through a secure, encrypted connection, rendering it nearly impervious to eavesdropping and cyberattacks. As a result, your online communications, sensitive information, and browsing habits remain private and secure.

Opera VPN, offered by Opera Software, is a specific VPN service designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It stands out in the crowded VPN market for several reasons, including its integrated ad blocker and no-logs policy. Opera, originally renowned for its web browser, expanded its services to offer a free VPN, catering to users looking for an uncomplicated yet effective solution to enhance their online experience. While Opera VPN is not as feature-rich as some premium VPN providers, it has carved a niche for itself among users seeking basic security and privacy features without the burden of subscription costs.

What sets Opera VPN apart is its user-focused approach. Opera Software has taken a proactive stance in ensuring that its VPN service is user-friendly, accessible, and intuitive. From the initial setup to daily usage, the service is designed to cater to both VPN novices and experienced users. With straightforward installation processes and a consistent user interface across multiple platforms, Opera VPN minimizes the learning curve and allows users to start protecting their online activities quickly. The ad-blocking feature is another example of the user-focused design. It not only improves browsing speed and reduces data consumption but also enhances the overall online experience. Opera VPN’s commitment to keeping it simple and effective makes it a compelling choice for a broad spectrum of users.

What We Like

  • Free Service

  • Integrated Ad Blocker

  • Strict No-Logs Policy

  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

  • User-Friendly Interface

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited Server Locations

  • Inconsistent Speeds

  • Lacks Some Advanced Features (Kill Switch or Split Tunneling)

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Bottom Line
Opera VPN is a no-cost VPN solution with a user-friendly interface and a built-in ad blocker, making it a valuable choice for users seeking a simple, privacy-enhancing browsing experience. However, its limited server locations and inconsistent speeds may not suit all users, particularly those with demanding performance requirements or specific geo-restriction needs.


Initial Setup

Setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be a daunting task for many users, especially those who are new to the concept of online privacy and security. However, Opera VPN distinguishes itself with a remarkably straightforward and user-friendly initial setup process, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced VPN users.

The journey with Opera VPN begins with a simple and uncomplicated step – downloading and installing the application. Whether you are using a Windows PC, a Mac computer, an Android device, or an iOS-powered smartphone, Opera VPN provides dedicated applications for each platform.

Windows and Mac

  • Visit the official Opera website ( using your preferred web browser.
  • Navigate to the “Downloads” section.
  • Select the “Opera VPN” option for your respective operating system (Windows or Mac).
  • Download the installer file and run it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the Opera VPN application.

Android and iOS

  • Open the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) on your mobile device.
  • Search for “Opera VPN” in the search bar.
  • Locate the official Opera VPN app and tap “Install” (Android) or “Get” (iOS).
  • Wait for the app to download and install on your device.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the Opera VPN app.

Upon launching the Opera VPN application for the first time, you’ll be guided through an initial configuration process. Opera VPN offers a selection of virtual locations. You can choose the desired server location from a list of available options. While the number of server locations in Opera VPN is limited compared to some premium VPN services, you’ll still have choices to consider.

With the location selected, you simply need to enable the VPN by toggling the switch or selecting the “Connect” button, depending on your device’s interface. The application will establish a secure connection to the chosen server. Once the connection is established, a notification will confirm that your online activities are now routed through the VPN.

Safety and Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount concerns in today’s digital landscape, and choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that offers robust protection is essential. Opera VPN prioritizes these aspects and provides a range of features aimed at safeguarding your online activities.

Opera VPN employs robust encryption methods to protect your online traffic from prying eyes. When you connect to an Opera VPN server, your data is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols. This encryption prevents anyone from intercepting and deciphering your online activities, ensuring that your communication, passwords, and personal information remain secure. Opera VPN’s use of encryption extends to both incoming and outgoing data, creating a secure tunnel for your internet traffic. This means that even if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network, a potential hotspot for cybercriminals, your data is shielded from eavesdropping and unauthorized access.

Opera VPN takes privacy seriously and maintains a strict no-logs policy. This policy means that the service does not collect or retain any information about your online activities. While connected to Opera VPN, your browsing history, downloads, IP address, and DNS queries are not logged. This commitment to not storing user data enhances your online privacy, as it ensures that there is no trail of your internet activities.

The absence of logs is a significant advantage, especially when compared to some free VPN services that may collect and sell user data to third parties. With Opera VPN, you can trust that your digital footprint remains confidential and secure.

One of the standout features of Opera VPN is its integrated ad blocker. While not a traditional security or privacy feature, the ad blocker plays a crucial role in enhancing your online experience. Intrusive and often malicious advertisements can pose risks to your security and privacy by serving as potential vectors for malware and phishing attacks.

Opera VPN’s ad blocker eliminates these concerns by blocking unwanted and potentially dangerous ads from appearing on websites you visit. This not only improves the loading speed of web pages but also reduces your data consumption. The ad blocker further enhances your online security by mitigating the risk associated with deceptive ads.

Opera VPN masks your true IP address by routing your internet traffic through its servers. This obfuscation of your IP address is a fundamental aspect of maintaining online anonymity. By hiding your actual location, Opera VPN makes it more challenging for websites, advertisers, or even malicious actors to track your online activities.

Additionally, the ability to select from various server locations enhances your online anonymity further. You can connect to a server in a different country, giving the impression that your online presence is in that location. This is particularly valuable for bypassing geo-restrictions, accessing region-specific content, or maintaining anonymity when browsing.

Other Features

DNS (Domain Name System) leaks can compromise your privacy by exposing the websites you visit, even when connected to a VPN. Opera VPN includes DNS leak protection to mitigate this risk. It ensures that all DNS queries are processed through the VPN tunnel, preventing any accidental disclosure of your browsing habits to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or other parties.

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a technology that can sometimes reveal your true IP address, even when using a VPN. Opera VPN addresses this concern by providing WebRTC leak protection. This feature helps safeguard your privacy by preventing WebRTC-related leaks that could potentially expose your actual location.

Opera VPN’s settings menu offers users a level of customization while maintaining a user-friendly approach. Here, you can configure options such as automatic startup, allowing the VPN to connect as soon as you launch the application. Additionally, you can enable or disable the ad blocker, providing flexibility based on your preferences and needs.

While Opera VPN excels in user-friendliness and privacy features, it’s important to note that it lacks some advanced security features found in premium VPN services, such as a kill switch or split tunneling. These features are designed for users who require additional control and protection, particularly in high-security scenarios.

Servers and Speed

Servers and speed are critical aspects to consider when evaluating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, as they directly impact your online experience. Opera VPN, a free VPN service, offers a selection of server locations and connection speeds that vary depending on several factors. Opera VPN provides users with a set of virtual server locations that they can connect to. However, the number of available server locations is limited compared to many premium VPN services. The exact server locations may change over time, but Opera VPN generally offers a selection of server locations across different continents.

The limitation in the number of server locations can have a significant impact on your VPN experience, particularly if you have specific needs, such as accessing content that is geo-restricted to certain regions. Users who require a wide range of server locations to choose from may find Opera VPN’s options to be restrictive.

On the positive side, Opera VPN allows users to select server locations based on their preferences. You can choose a server in a different country to access content that may be restricted in your region. This can be especially valuable for bypassing censorship or accessing streaming services that are only available in specific locations.

Opera VPN’s speed performance is generally suitable for typical web browsing, email, and other low-bandwidth activities. However, if you require high-speed connections for more demanding tasks, such as online gaming, 4K video streaming, or large file downloads, Opera VPN may not be the most ideal choice. The slower speeds can be a trade-off for the free nature of the service and the integrated ad blocker.


Opera VPN Specifications at a Glance.

  • Price: Free
  • Server Locations: Limited
  • Logging Policy: No-logs
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Security Features: No kill switch, no split tunneling
  • Additional Features: Integrated ad blocker


Opera VPN stands out as a free virtual private network service. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs, making it a suitable choice for users who want to enhance their online privacy without financial constraints. The absence of a premium version means that all users have access to the same set of features, which include the integrated ad blocker and no-logs policy. However, the trade-off is the limited server locations and slower connection speeds, as previously mentioned.

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Final Verdict

Opera VPN offers a straightforward and accessible VPN solution for users seeking enhanced online privacy and ad-blocking features without the burden of subscription costs. Its no-logs policy and user-friendly interface make it an appealing choice for beginners and casual users. However, the service is not without its limitations. The limited server locations can result in slower speeds and hinder the ability to access geo-restricted content.

Additionally, Opera VPN lacks advanced security features such as a kill switch, which may be a concern for users who prioritize maximum security. While it may not meet the demands of users with specific needs or high-performance requirements, Opera VPN serves as a viable option for those looking for a basic, free VPN service to improve their online experience.

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