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How To Find Someone On Instagram Without Their Username?

Looking for someone on Instagram without knowing their username? We understand what it feels like. Whether it’s a friend, crush, or someone you just met, there are ways to find them. In this blog post, we’ll explore simple methods to locate someone on Instagram using alternative information like their name or phone number. From using Google search to Instagram’s search filters, we’ll cover a range of techniques to help you find the person you’re looking for. Ready to reconnect with old friends or discover new ones? Let’s explore Instagram searching without usernames!

Finding Someone On Instagram Without Knowing Their Username

Instagram is a big part of our lives these days. It’s where we catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and stay on top of trends. But what if you want to find someone on Instagram and you don’t know their username? Don’t worry, there are ways to do it. Let’s take a look at some methods:

1. Search by Real Name

You can search for people on Instagram using their usernames or real names. Just type the full name into the search bar to find matching profiles. How well it works depends on how common the name is and if the person uses their real name on their profile.

2. Sync Your Contacts

You can sync your phone’s contacts with Instagram, which is handy if you have someone’s number saved. To do this, go to your profile, tap the ‘add people’ icon, choose ‘Discover People,’ and then ‘Connect Contacts.’ Instagram will then display profiles of people from your contacts who have linked their numbers to Instagram.

3. Use Mutual Friends

Your mutual friends on Instagram can be really helpful when you’re trying to find someone. If you know a friend who’s connected with the person you’re looking for, you can go to your friend’s profile and look at their followers or the accounts they follow. Often, you’ll find the person you’re searching for there. Another way is to simply ask your mutual friend to share the profile link with you directly.

4. Search Through Other Social Media Platforms

People often use the same username on different social media platforms. If you know someone’s username on Twitter, Facebook, or another site, try searching for it on Instagram. They might use the same or a similar handle there. You can also check their profiles on other platforms for links to their Instagram account, as many people link their social media profiles for easy access.

5. Explore Hashtags and Locations

If you’re searching for someone and they’ve shared about certain events, places, or hobbies, you can use hashtags and location tags to locate them. For example, if they went to an event recently and you know the event’s hashtag, search for it and check the posts. Likewise, if they often post from a specific place, use the location tag to find posts from there. This approach can be helpful if the person has a public account and uses these tags in their posts.

6. Google Search

A less usual but often useful way is to search for someone’s Instagram profile using Google. Just type their name followed by “” into the Google search bar. If their profile is indexed by Google, you’ll find links to it. This method might uncover profiles that don’t show up in Instagram’s search results. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t get results if the name you search for doesn’t match their Instagram username.

7. Look Through Instagram Stories

You can also try using Instagram Stories to locate someone. If the person has shared a story recently and you know someone who follows them, you can ask that person to check who viewed their story. This method might need cooperation from others, but it can sometimes help you find the person you’re looking for.

8. Check Your Facebook Friends

Instagram and Facebook are connected platforms. If you’re friends with someone on Facebook, they likely have an Instagram account linked to their Facebook profile. To use this feature, go to your Instagram settings, choose ‘Account,’ then ‘Linked Accounts,’ and connect your Facebook. Next, go to ‘Discover People,’ where Instagram will recommend accounts based on your Facebook friends. This approach works well if the person you’re seeking is active on Facebook.

9. Explore Instagram’s Suggested Users

Instagram’s algorithm suggests users based on your interactions, followings, and activity on the platform. To find these suggestions, go to your profile, tap the three horizontal lines, choose ‘Discover People,’ and browse the suggested users. The person you’re looking for might show up in this list, especially if you have mutual connections or similar interests.

10. Analyze Comments and Likes

If you know someone the person you’re searching for might know, check out the comments and likes on their posts. People often interact with friends and colleagues this way. By looking at these interactions, you might find the profile of the person you’re looking for.

11. Use Image Search Engines

You can use reverse image search to find someone if you have their photo. Websites like Google Images or TinEye let you upload a picture and search the web for similar images. If the person has used the same photo on their Instagram profile, this method can help you find their account.

12. Participate in Relevant Instagram Communities

You can find people by joining and engaging in Instagram communities that match their interests. For instance, if someone loves a hobby or works in a specific field, search for related groups, pages, or hashtags on Instagram. Interact with these communities by liking, commenting, and following accounts. This could help you connect with the person you’re looking for.

13. Utilize Email Search

If you have someone’s email, you might find their Instagram profile. Some users connect their email addresses to their Instagram accounts, so you can search for them with this info. Though Instagram doesn’t have an email search, you can try entering the email in the search bar or use third-party tools with this feature.

14. Attend Live Events and Webinars

Attending live events, webinars, or Instagram Live sessions where the person you’re looking for might be participating can help you find their profile. During these sessions, people often comment or interact with the host, providing clues to their identity. While this method requires patience and attentiveness, it can be effective, especially for those active in specific communities.

15. Investigate Tagged Photos

People often mention their friends, family, or colleagues in photos they share on Instagram. If you have access to any photos that might have the person you’re searching for, check the tags to see if their Instagram username is included. Even if the person hasn’t tagged themselves directly, they might be tagged by others in group photos or event snapshots.

16. Explore Instagram Ads

If the person you’re looking for is on Instagram, try checking out Instagram ads. These ads often have links to the advertiser’s Instagram profile, which could help you find the person’s account. Keep an eye out for sponsored posts or ads that are connected to the person’s interests, job, or associations.

17. Follow Related Hashtags

Following hashtags related to someone’s interests, hobbies, or job can help you find their profile in a subtle way. When you follow a hashtag on Instagram, it might recommend accounts that often use that hashtag. By interacting with posts under these hashtags, you improve your chances of finding the person’s profile or getting recommended to them by Instagram’s algorithm.

18. Explore Alternative Spellings or Variations

If you’re not sure about the correct spelling of someone’s name or username, consider trying different variations. On Instagram, people often use creative usernames with numbers, symbols, or abbreviations. Try different combinations of the person’s name or relevant keywords to find potential matches or alternative accounts.

19. Engage with Instagram Polls and Questions

Instagram’s interactive features, like polls and questions in Stories, offer ways to connect with someone you’re interested in. Engage with polls or answer questions from mutual connections or accounts that match the person’s interests. This interaction might encourage them to check out your profile or start a conversation.

20. Use Third-Party Tools and Services

You can use third-party tools like Social Catfish or Pipl to find people on Instagram. These websites search for individuals across social media platforms using their names, email addresses, or phone numbers. However, be careful when using these services as they may have privacy implications and could breach Instagram’s terms of service.


Can you find someone’s Instagram with their email?

Instagram doesn’t search by email, but you can look for people’s names on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to find if their Instagram is connected. Be cautious with third-party search services claiming to find social media profiles by email, as they may have privacy issues and fees. If suitable, reaching out to the person directly could be the best choice.

How do you see if someone has multiple Instagram accounts?

Finding hidden Instagram accounts can be tricky, but there are methods to search. Start by checking suggested accounts on their profile, trying different versions of their username, or comparing their follower list with yours. Look for other usernames mentioned in their bio and do a reverse image search on their photos. Always remember to respect privacy when using these methods.

Can I hide my Instagram account without deleting it?

Instagram has a feature called deactivation, which acts like a temporary cloak for your account. When you deactivate, everything – your profile, posts, likes, and comments – gets hidden. This means people can’t find you through search, and your username disappears. It’s like pausing your Instagram life. The good news is, returning is easy – just log back in and continue where you left off. Keep in mind, though, you can only deactivate once a week.

Why can’t I find an Instagram account if I’m not blocked?

Even if you’re confident that you’re not blocked, there could still be reasons why you can’t find the account you’re looking for. Here’s what could be happening: The account might be deactivated, deleted, or set to private, meaning you need approval to see its content. There could be a search mishap due to a typo, a username change, or even a rare shadowban hiding the account. Sometimes, Instagram search experiences temporary glitches, so it’s worth trying again later.

How do you find the location of an Instagram account?

Instagram doesn’t show a user’s address or city directly, prioritizing privacy. Location details are optional, giving users control over their information. However, users might hint at their location in their bio or through geotagged posts and stories. For instance, businesses often include their location in their bio for customer accessibility. Geotagged photos and location stickers in public stories can also reveal where users have been or are currently located.


Discovering someone on Instagram without knowing their username might feel challenging, but it’s achievable with the right strategy. You can enhance your chances by using alternative methods like mutual connections, hashtags, location tags, and reverse image search tools. It’s essential to be mindful of privacy and use these techniques responsibly. Whether you’re reconnecting with old friends, networking, or just exploring, the above-discussed tips can assist you in navigating Instagram’s vast network. Happy searching!

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