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Blink Camera Flashing Red – Troubleshooting Guide

If you are looking for a security camera for either your home or office which is easy to use, then you might consider Ring cameras by Amazon. But since not everyone can afford the higher end Ring cameras, you can also consider Blink cameras which is also an Amazon brand.

These Blink cameras also offer pretty much the same functionality as a Ring camera at a fairly lower price tag. However, unlike the higher end Ring cameras, these Blink cameras can sometimes face issues like the Blink camera flashing red issue. Since such an issue can be quite frustrating, we are here with a complete buying guide on how to fix Blink camera flashing red along with all the required details that have been given down below.

Why is My Blink Camera Flashing Red?

Whether you are using your Blink camera for the first time or have been using one for quite some time now, you would definitely be surprised to see your Blink camera flashing red. Since this error can mean a lot of things, understanding the same is quite important before you even try fixing it. Hence, here are some of the common reasons of why your Blink camera is flashing red:

1. Poor Internet Connectivity

Unlike the older generation of security cameras, modern cameras like the Blink cameras by Amazon are smart cameras. This simply means that these cameras are connected to the internet for offering you a wide range of features based around the same. However, if your internet connection itself isn’t working well, it will also cause issues with your Blink camera which requires an internet connection at all times. Hence, your Blink camera may start flashing red if you have a poor internet connection.

2. Motion Detection Issues

Speaking of smart cameras, surveillance cameras like the Blink cameras come with smart features like motion detection. This simply allows your Blink camera to notify you if it says any motion in front of the camera under the given surveillance area. While this function works just fine for the most part, there might be some cases where the sensors might be dirty and your Blink camera is not able to detect motion properly. In that case, your Blink camera will start flashing red indicating a motion detection issue.

3. Incomplete Camera Setup

Another thing to consider while using a smart surveillance camera is that before you can start using it, you will need to complete its camera setup before you can start monitoring the area around your home or office. But if you don’t complete the initial setup properly, many of the features of your Blink camera won’t work properly. And to indicate the same, your Blink camera may flash red.

4. Low Camera Batteries

If you have gone with a higher end Blink camera, then you might be using it completely wireless. Such Blink cameras have inbuilt batteries that generally charge via solar panels to ensure complete surveillance at all times even in the case of a power outage. Although, if your area is facing rainy weather or an overcast for multiple days in a row, then your Blink camera may run out of battery power. Because this will stop your Blink camera from working, your camera flashes red so that you can charge the camera using a wired connection.

5. Overheating Camera

In case you are installing a Blink camera outside your home or office, then it might get quite hot during the summers. And depending on the area where you live, this may even cause your Blink camera to overheat which will definitely stop it from recording any further surveillance footage. Because of the same, your Blink camera will definitely flash a red light to tell you that it is not recording anymore.

6. Faulty Wiring and Connections

If you don’t have the budget for a higher end Blink camera which are powered by batteries, then yours will definitely need to connect to the mains for all of its power needs. While this definitely works just fine for the most part, things are much different in the case of an improper installation. If any of the wiring or connections of your Blink camera are loose or faulty, your Blink camera won’t work properly and thus will start to flash red.

7. Camera Hardware Issues

Even if you have correctly installed a Blink camera without any issues, there is still a chance that you are still having a blinking or a flashing red light. In that case, it is highly likely that your Blink camera has some sort of hardware issue. If your Blink camera also has hardware issues, then you should contact Blink customer support and get your camera replaced under the included warranty period.

How to Fix the Blink Camera Flashing Red Error?

Since we have covered pretty much all of the common reasons of why your Blink camera might be flashing red, you must already have a pretty good idea of how to fix the same. However, if you are still not able to figure out the same, then you can consider going through the following solutions one by one to fix the Blink camera flashing red error:

1. Replace Your Camera Batteries

Those of you who are using a high end battery powered Blink camera need to ensure that you are using high quality batteries with enough power in them. And even though Blink uses rechargeable batteries, you should replace them every few months. This will ensure that your Blink camera has enough power and battery left that it works flawlessly without having a blinking red light.

2. Switch Your Internet Connection

Since it is highly important to have a high speed internet connection for live monitoring your Blink cameras and enjoy all of the included features, you should consider upgrading your internet connection. If you already have a high speed internet connection, then your internet quality might be poor. In that case, you should consider switching to a different ISP for better internet connectivity and fixing all issues with your Blink camera.

3. Stop All Camera Recordings

Apart from automatically recording surveillance footage on its own, your Blink camera can also be used to manually record videos. And to indicate to you that it is manually recording video, your Blink camera blinks red. So, you should stop all of your camera recordings using the Blink camera smartphone app and then see if it isotopes the red flashing light.

4. Restart your Blink Camera

Another quick and easy way to fix all issues with your Blink camera is to restart it. When you restart your camera, you also restart all of its internal processes and functions. And if any of these processes was not working correctly, it will work properly now after a restart which should fix all issues with your Blink camera and get rid of the flashing red light.

5. Disable and Enable Motion Detection

As mentioned previously in this guide, if the motion detection feature of your Blink camera is not working properly, then it will cause the red light to flash and blink. So, apart from cleaning the motion detection sensors, you should also try disabling and enabling the motion detection feature to see if that fixes the flashing red light issue. You can do so using the Blink camera smartphone app.

6. Reset your Blink Camera

Apart from the motion detection features, there are several other features and settings in the Blink camera smartphone app that you can try playing around with. While all of these features are certainly quite handy and useful, they can also cause issues if any of the settings are incorrect and not chosen well. Therefore, if you are not sure about the same, you can simply reset your Blink camera from the Blink smartphone app to get rid of all such issues and fix the Blink camera red flashing.

1. Is it possible for your Blink camera to flash red based on the weather conditions?

Ans: While your Blink camera definitely does not have any way to monitor the weather, it will surely overheat during summers which may cause your camera to stop recording any surveillance footage. And in such a case, your Blink camera will start flashing a red light which is technically due to the extreme weather conditions in your weather.

2. Does the red flashing of a Blink camera indicate any kind of malfunction?

Ans: Similar to most other electronics and appliances out there, a flashing red light on your Blink camera most likely means that there is some sort of malfunction or issue with your device. Since you would definitely not want the same, make sure to diagnose the issue right away and get your Blink camera up and running again to record surveillance footage 24×7.

3. Is it possible for a Blink camera to flash red due to a loose power connection?

Ans: As you would expect, just like other security cameras, Blink cameras also require power to run and record surveillance videos. However, unless you have a higher end battery powered Blink camera, you will need to connect your Blink camera to mains power using wires. Thus, if any of these power connections are loose, the Blink camera will start flashing the red light so that you can fix the power connection without losing any surveillance footage.

4. Can you disable the red flashing light of a Blink camera to get rid of it?

Ans: When you are talking about something like a security camera, it is highly important that it is functioning properly at all times. And because of the same reason, Blink does not allow you to disable the red light on its camera. This is highly important as without a working red light, you won’t know in case of any issues with your security camera which should be fixed right away.

5. Can you notice the red flashing light of a Blink camera during the day time?

Ans: As mentioned previously, the red flashing light of a Blink camera is there to alert you of any possible malfunctions or issues with your security camera which should be running at all times. Because of this reason, while Blink camera does not offer the most powerful red light out there, its red flashing light can still be visible during day time as long as it is not under direct sunlight. Thankfully, you can definitely see the red flashing light at night to help you diagnose any errors with your camera.


Since not everyone wants to pay someone else hundreds of dollars just to install a couple of security cameras, you may consider getting something DIY like the Blink cameras by Amazon. While this will definitely help you a lot on the costs of security cameras, this also means that you will need to diagnose and fix all issues with your cameras on your own. And if you are using a Blink camera, then it is quite common to face the Blink camera flashing red issue. Since you definitely don’t want to have issues with your security camera, you should definitely follow the extensive guide regarding fixing Blink camera flashing red stated up above. In case this guide helps you fix your cameras, then you consider leaving your suggestions and feedback in the comments section down below.

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