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7 Best Wireless LED Lights Reviews in 2024

LED lights are the best option when it comes to illuminating compact spaces without spending a lot of time and effort. Especially the wireless LED lights since you can easily install these lights anywhere you want and use them without needing a dedicated wall outlet or any sort of wired power supply.

There are many options available in the market when it comes to wireless LED lights. You can find various sets of wireless LED lights in different types of shapes, power capacities, and even color options. But in order to find the best option for your house or office, make sure you keep the following key points in mind before making your purchase.

  • Number of Lights: As you might have noticed before, wireless LED lights are available in a pack or a set, including multiple units. Thus, you should consider how many lights you are getting in the package to get an idea about their combined illumination capacity. It will also give you an idea about the effective price you will be paying for every individual light.
  • Brightness Level: Another highly important factor for an LED light is its brightness level. What would be the point of installing a dedicated wireless LED in your kitchen or basement if it is unable to illuminate the place properly. You can check the brightness level of all LED lights by checking its Lumens rating. The LED lights that offer a higher lumen level will be brighter and more powerful in comparison.
  • Adjustment Options: Apart from high brightness levels, your wireless LED light set should also offer adjustment options so that you can use it for various different locations. You might need to keep the brightness level high for lights that you are installing inside your cabinet or closet. However, the brightness level should be low for bedside night LED lights.

Today, we have a great set of wireless LED lights to offer you. We have selected these options based on many important properties such as the ones mentioned above and a few more. Thus, you will surely find a couple of perfect wireless lights under your budget on our list today. If you need any help picking the best option out, make sure you check out our Buying Guide for the best wireless LED lights present right after our picks.

Best Wireless LED Lights 2024

Wireless LED LightsPower TypeSuitable ForMaterialBuy Now
Brilliant Evolution LED LightsBattery PoweredKitchenPlasticCheck On Amazon
Starxing Puck Lights with RemoteBattery PoweredKitchen, BasementPlasticCheck On Amazon
UYICOO LED Puck LightsBattery PoweredBedroom, Decorative ApplicationsAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneCheck On Amazon
Cadrim Puck LightsBattery PoweredKitchen, Bathroom, Decorative ApplicationsAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneCheck On Amazon
STAR-SPANGLED Mini Night Touch LightBattery PoweredBedroom, Bathroom, CabinetsPlasticCheck On Amazon
LEASTYLE Wireless LED Puck LightsBattery PoweredKitchen, BedroomPlastic and electric platingCheck On Amazon
SIXDEFLY Wireless LED Puck LightBattery PoweredMulti-location InstallationAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneCheck On Amazon

Best Wireless LED Lights Reviews

1. Brilliant Evolution LED Lights

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights

If you are looking for a trustable option for a wireless LED light that has been the choice of thousands of users, take a look at this option made by Brilliant Evolution. This is also the most value for the money pick from our choices for its features and added benefits.

Coming at the top of our list, we have the Brilliant Evolution LED Light set. This set consists of 6 LED lights with around 55 lumens brightness capacity each. With that, you also get access to dimmer functionality via the included remote. And if you want to automate the process, you can set an auto-off timer to save power.

These lights require 3 AA batteries each. So to power 6 lights, you will need around 18 AA batteries. But with the Brilliant Evolution LED Light set, it is not a problem since the set comes included with all required batteries. With this set, you can expect about 100 hours of run time before you need to buy new batteries. As for the timer, you will get options for 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

Best Features

  • Battery-powered wireless LED light set of 6 lights
  • Offers a plastic enclosure
  • 55 lumens light capacity
  • Comes with 18 AA batteries


  • Best pick for the price
  • Required batteries are included
  • Wireless control with remote


  • Single color LED light

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2. Starxing Puck Lights with Remote

Starxing Puck Lights with Remote

Puck lights are also a sought-after choice for compact installations like cupboards, staircase, wardrobes, etc. Thus, we are featuring a decent set of puck lights from Starxing next on our list.

In the 2nd place, we have the Starxing Puck light set. This is also a set of 6 puck lights similar to our choice. However, you will get a slightly longer battery backup with these lights since they are powered by 3 AAA batteries and offer 40 lumens brightness level. To use these lights, you can either use one of the 2 remotes included with the package. Or, you can simply tap the light to turn them ON/OFF manually.

The included remote with the Starxing Puck light set allows you to use the lights from about 21 feet of distance. Thus, you will be able to use the lights even from the other room. There are 4 dimmable modes provided on the Starxing Puck lights offering brightness levels of 10%, 20%, 80%, and 100%. You also get a timer feature on these lights allowing you to schedule the light functionality within 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

Best Features

  • Battery-powered wireless LED light set of 6 lights
  • Offers a plastic enclosure
  • 40 lumens light capacity
  • Timer and dimmer features available


  • Battery life is great
  • 4000K natural white color temperature
  • Compact puck lights


  • Single color LED light

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3. UYICOO LED Puck Lights

UYICOO LED Puck Lights

Bright multi-colored LED lights are perfect options for most applications. And if you are getting the same within a wireless LED light like the one made by UYICOO, it is all the more beneficial for the user.

In the 3rd place, we are putting the UYICOO LED puck light set. Just like the majority of wireless LED light sets in the market, these lights are available in a set of 6 units. However, even a single light from this set can illuminate a comparatively larger area since it offers about 80 lumens brightness levels. On top of that, you will get the color secession option since the LEDs powering these lights are RGB LEDs.

There are a total of 16 color options available with the UYICOO LED puck light set that are white, red, green, blue and 12 additional colors. With that, you will also get 4 different lighting modes to customize the lights as you wish. The brightness adjustment setting on these puck lights offers 10 preset levels, making them suitable for all types of applications. If there is no activity, the UYICOO LED puck lights automatically turn off after 4 hours, saving the battery in the long run.

Best Features

  • Battery-powered wireless LED light set of 6 lights
  • Offers an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene enclosure
  • 80 lumens light capacity
  • Powered by RGB LED lights


  • Premium puck light set
  • 2 remote controllers are included
  • 16 color options along with 4 lighting modes


  • Expensive compared to other sets

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Cadrim Puck Lights

Cadrim Puck Lights

There are brands like Cadrim which are well-known in the market for their durable and budget-friendly LED lights. Cadrim also designs many different products such as a butane torch, storage bag, nail drill, and many other personal accessories.

The Cadrim Puck Light set can also be an ideal choice for your home if you want a low-powered decorative light set. This set ships with 6 Cadrim Puck Lights, each offering multiple color options and brightness adjustment settings. There are 13 color options available for you to choose from for decorative purposes. Or, you can simply go with one of 4 preset color options without needing the remote.

As for the brightness, each of the Cadrim Puck Lights will offer you about 55 lumens of brightness which is perfect for decoration. If the brightness level is not right for you, you can adjust it within 10 different preset levels via the included remote. And since there are 6 lights in the set that you may want to install in different rooms, you will get 2 remotes with this set.

Best Features

  • Battery-powered wireless LED light set of 6 lights
  • Offers an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene enclosure
  • 55 lumens light capacity
  • Comes with 2 remotes


  • 10 brightness adjustment options
  • Tap ON/OFF operation is available
  • 2800-3300K color temperature


  • Only 6 lights are available in the set

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5. STAR-SPANGLED Mini Night Touch Light

STAR-SPANGLED Mini Night Touch Light

If you are looking for a basic set of LED wireless lights that won’t be the main focus of your house decor, you should go with an affordable option like the one made by STAR-SPANGLED.

STAR-SPANGLED is bringing the cheapest option for a wireless LED light set on our picks today. The STAR-SPANGLED puck light set has 6 compact puck lights with about 50 lumens capacity each. Because of its affordability, it is also one of the most popular options on our list. These lights operate on 3 AAA batteries, offering about 50 hours of battery backup. These lights also have a layer of an anti-glare panel that diffuses the light for better results.

As for its size, you will find the STAR-SPANGLED puck light set highly compact. The lights can be simply activated by tipping the top portion. Even though it is a cheaper option for a wireless LED light set, STAR-SPANGLED puck light set is offering a year of service promise for these lights. Therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of the lights.

Best Features

  • Battery-powered wireless LED light set of 6 lights
  • Offers a plastic enclosure
  • 50 lumens light capacity
  • Comes with a year of service promise


  • Brightness level is pretty good
  • Tap function is available
  • Compact LED lights


  • Remote control is not available

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6. LEASTYLE Wireless LED Puck Lights

LEASTYLE Wireless LED Puck Lights

Since 6-pack wireless LED lights are so popular, we are including yet another similar choice designed by LEASTYLE. This brand specializes in under cabinet lights as well as spotlights.

The LEASTYLE LED Puck Light set is also a set of 6 wireless LED lights similar to most other options included on this list so far. It offers basic functionalities such as 2 control modes including onboard buttons and a dedicated remote control for remote operation. However, you will also find dimmer and timer functionalities on the LEASTYLE LED Puck Lights which makes them more versatile than standard options. The dimmer function allows you to adjust the brightness within 4 preset levels.

The timer functionality on the other hand can be used to introduce automatic operation of the light. You will be able to set the timer for 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes based on your requirements and installation type. In any case, the lights will automatically turn off after 4 hours if there are no operations to save power. These lights offer a nice 3500-4000K color temperature which is preferred by many users.

Best Features

  • Battery-powered wireless LED light set of 6 lights
  • Offers an Plastic enclosure and electric plating
  • 60 lumens light capacity
  • 2 remotes are included in the pack


  • Great choice for an affordable budget range
  • Exterior design is pretty good
  • Decent brightness levels


  • Brightness adjustment is possible within only 4 levels

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7. SIXDEFLY Wireless LED Puck Light

SIXDEFLY Wireless LED Puck Light

SIXDEFLY is also offering a premium yet ideal solution for decorative wireless LED lighting set. This set includes the highest number of LED lights you can find in the market.

The SIXDEFLY wireless LED puck light set is one of our favorite options on this list since it is a set of 12 lights, all of which offer multi-colored lighting options. Even the 60 lumens brightness level on these lights is higher than what you can find in such a large LED light set. That, paired with 4 preset colors and 3 lighting modes, you will be able to create the perfect decoration in your home, backyard, or driveway.

Since there are 12 lights included in the package, you might be thinking about installing the lights at various locations around your house. Well, it’s possible with the SIXDEFLY wireless LED puck light set since it arrives with 4 remotes. And if you are only using a single remote for controlling all lights, you can keep 3 options as spare.

Best Features

  • Battery-powered wireless LED light set of 6 lights
  • Offers an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene enclosure
  • 60 lumens light capacity
  • 4 remotes are included in the pack


  • 4 color and 3 lighting modes
  • Remote has 21 feet range
  • Multi-location installations are possible


  • Expensive compared to basic options

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Wireless LED Lights

Picking up an LED light or a set of LED lights is getting more and more difficult every day. There are a lot of advanced options available in the market right now that offer a wide range of features on top of high-end specifications. And since LED lights are getting cheaper and cheaper every day, the number of options available under a certain budget is also a handful to choose from.

To make the process simpler for you, we have curated this list of the best wireless LED lights right here. You can find a lot of information along with each of our picks to help you understand the product in depth. Furthermore, you can refer to our buying guide for the best wireless LED light to help you pick out the perfect option for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom basement, etc.

1. Number of Lights

Since you are probably looking for a set of wireless LED lights instead of a single unit, you should check the number of lights included in a set before you place your order. With more lights. You will have the option to illuminate a larger area or distribute the illumination evenly throughout the installation location. It is usually beneficial for installations like cabinets or wardrobes where the light is usually blocked from various angles.

Also, it is better to have multiple lights even if you don’t need them right away as they serve as a backup option in case you need a new light urgently. Getting more lights is beneficial, but not if the illumination level is tragically low on every single unit. Such options will not be of much use if you want to install them in a darker place where other sources of light do not reach. And, you can also check the number of lights to ensure the effective price of every single wireless LED light.

2. Brightness Levels

Apart from the number of lights, you also need to check the capability of every single unit to produce light. This can help you decide whether the unit is correct for your installation or not. If you are looking for decorative lights or night lights, the brightness levels should be low as you won’t be needing the light to look for anything in the dark.

On the other hand, you should prefer brighter options for your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. While you are at it, you can also check if the lights offer an adjustable brightness option. It makes the lights even more versatile and you can buy a single set of lights for various installation locations.

As for controlling the lights, you can either do that from the buttons present on the lights themselves, or special remotes that are included along with the lights. Some manufacturers also offer a special mobile app for controlling the lights which makes them even easier to control. You can also create schedules for the lights for automatic performance.

3. Color Options

A great part of buying an LED light is the option to choose a variant with color-changing properties. As you may already know, almost every single multi-colored light you will find in the market is powered by RGB LED lights. These lights are equally smaller and power-efficient compared to regular lights.

But, they feature a microcontroller that allows you to change the LED color as per your requirement. If the LED is rated for true RGB, you will have the option to choose from nearly 16 million colors. The color options make the LED lights an ideal choice for decoration and bedside installations. You will be able to select the perfect color matching the decor of your room to get the best looks.

And, you can change the color to a soothing blue or green color to help you get a calming sleep at night. The color control is also available with the onboard buttons as well as a dedicated remote included with the set. But if you want to choose a color from the spectrum of RGB, you should prefer the lights that feature a smartphone app control.

4. Warranty

Even though you are buying a simple product such as an LED light, you should still consider its reliability and assurance offered by the brand regarding its build quality. It is often a better choice to go with a premium yet reliable option as it will last you multiple years without causing any problems.

Basic and cheaper options, on the other hand, might get damaged in a year or so, forcing you to buy a replacement set right away. And since you are buying a set of wireless LED lights, there are even more chances of lights getting damaged due to external factors such as water damage since there is also a battery inside the lights.

For that, you should ensure if the manufacturer has enclosed the lights in a strong and durable casing or not. Instead of noticing all these factors, you can take a quick look at the warranty period and make your decision based on that. Even if the quality isn’t good, you will have functional wireless LED light until the end of the warranty period in any case.


Q. Are all wireless LED lights smart?

Even if you are getting wireless power mode and control option with all wireless LED lights, it does mean all options will be smart LED lights. In general, a smart LED light is the one that offers automated functionality, WiFi connectivity, and a voice control option. Unless you are getting at least 2 out of the 3 features mentioned here, the LED lights could not be considered smart. Also, smart LED lights have app control to allow you to customize the lights to your liking.

Q. Do wireless LED lights need more power?

Despite the wireless control option and power type, wireless LED lights won’t be using significantly high power to run. Unless the lights require to stay in a permanently ON condition, the lights will offer decent battery backup. However, you will still have to charge the built-in battery since these are wireless LED lights that usually do not have a wired connectivity option. And if you get a light with a replaceable battery, it is ideal to keep a couple of batteries in spare for emergencies.

Q. Will brightness level affect the battery life?

LED lights consume battery as long as they are turned ON. And, the power consumption is higher as the brightness level increases. Therefore, the LED lights will offer a shorter battery life if you keep the lights at maximum brightness at all times. But, the battery level can be conserved if you schedule the lights to turn OFF at a particular time. And if your wireless LED lights come with an adjustable brightness option, you won’t have to worry about the battery life as much.


If you haven’t purchased wireless LED lights before, you have come to the right place. We have prepared this list of the best wireless LED lights to offer you the best options you can buy right now. As you can find all the necessary information listed along with the lights, choosing the right option will not be a problem. We have also included a helpful buying guide where you can check the factors that matter the most for a wireless LED light set and make a decision based on that. If you want any further help, kindly take a look at our top picks from this list. These options are the perfect choices for a certain set of users and you may even find the best wireless LED set for yourself right here.

First of all, we will recommend the cheapest option we have for the best wireless LED light which is the STAR-SPANGLED Mini LED light set. As the name suggests, these are compact wireless LED lights that can be instalLED anywhere in your house without any problem. And since these are tap lights, you can simply tap its surface to turn them ON/OFF. There are 6 lights available in a package that will offer you about 50 lumens of brightness level each. For these lights, you will need 3 AAA batteries, offering about 50 hours of battery backup.

When it comes to wireless LED lights, there aren’t a lot of choices that feature multiple color options. Therefore, our next pick is the SIXDEFLY LED Puck Light set. This set includes 12 LED lights, each offering 16 different color options to offer the best results for decorative applications. These are also compact options that fit anywhere without a lot of hassle. Along with that, you will also have adjustment options like brightness control and 3 light modes controllable by the included remote. While you can control all LED lights with a single remote, you get 3 extra remotes in the pack as spares.

The UYICOO LED Puck Light set also offers great value for the money with 6 multi-colored RGB wireless LED lights. Unlike most other options, the UYICOO LED Puck lights are enclosed in a hard protective casing, making them suitable for all types of installations. The LEDs powering these lights have 16 color options. Within that, you will find 3 lighting modes and 4 single-color modes as well. You can also adjust the brightness level on these lights which is great considering these lights offer up to 80 lumens brightness.

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