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Best Weather App for Iphone 2023

A weather app is an essential app that you must have on your phone. This is because you have to keep a check on the weather as we go out regularly for work and other activities. If you know that it is going to be cloudy, rainy, or sunny, you can make arrangements accordingly such as rescheduling your outdoor timing, taking an umbrella, taking a personal car instead of public transport and likewise.

Moreover, you can find out if it is going to be windy, the air quality as well as any dangerous weather approaching such as a storm. In fact, you can get regular updates and alerts from weather apps, and you can check the weather of any region, especially when you are traveling and going on a vacation. Here are the top 10 best weather apps for iPhone you can pick from.

Best weather app for iPhone

1. RadarScope


RadarScope is a complete weather app with a wide variety of features and functionalities. The app is suitable for regular iPhone users and weather enthusiasts as well as for advanced users and meteorologists. The data rendering is very accurate and you can get important alerts and even customize reports as per your requirements. The app is available for $9.99 annually. Here are the key features of RadarScope.

  • Check velocity, dual-polarization and latest reflectivity and much more.
  • Allows browsing through active warnings and selecting to check details.
  • Allows downloading of recent images and playing animations.
  • Pinch or stretch to zoom option.
  • 289 different radars enable easy radar switch.
  • Comes with names of more than 25000 cities.
  • Regular update of data in every 2 to 10 minutes.

2. Hurricane by American Red Cross 

American Red Cross 

This is a free weather app that is useful for those where there are extremely weather fluctuations. It does not show the current temperature but it alerts you of the upcoming dangerous weather scenarios. The app has a toolkit that you can activate when in extreme weather conditions and you can appreciate the value of the app when you are in dangerous weather conditions. Here are the key features of the app you should be aware of.

  • Easy instructions for knowing exact weather information.
  • Does not require data connectivity.
  • Interactive storm tracker to know hurricane path.
  • Easy monitoring of flood and tornado-related conditions.
  • Alert feed system for easy viewing.
  • Customizable “I’m Safe” alert for social media.
  • Push notification options and audible alerts.
  • Allows looking for Red Cross shelters.
  • Mock emergency plan for staying safe.
  • Enables using in English and Spanish.

3. The Weather Channel 

The Weather Channel 

This is the most popular weather app and it can be viewed better on iPad though it supports iPhone. The app claims to be the best accurate forecaster of weather. It has the most downloads and ratings among all weather apps. You can plan your days in advance with the app and the visualizations are great. This is another free app and here are the key features to watch out for.

  • Daily tracking of forecasts.
  • Gives the weather information 15 days in advance.
  • Weather warnings for receiving forecast updates.
  • Snow intensity tracker for up to 7 hours.
  • Snow accumulation monitor for two days.
  • Easy viewing experience with dark mode.
  • Comes with the latest weather news.
  • Complete information on flu, allergy, and sunset times.
  • Smart widget to have one-tap access.

4. Dark Sky Weather

dark sky weather

This is a premium weather app with a price tag of $3.99. You expect more features from a premium app and the app does not disappoint. The app has the highest rating among weather apps. The user interface is clean and there are beautiful animations available to please your eyes. The notifications and alerts are prompt and you can set the widget on the home screen for quick access. Check out the main features of the app before purchasing.

  • Beautiful smooth radar animations show the path of the storm.
  • Minute to minute predictions with precise location.
  • Advance notification options for minute-to-minute alerts.
  • Enables creating custom notifications for 24 hours.
  • Widget option for quick access.
  • Time machine feature to check historical weather data.
  • Allows receiving notifications on Apple Watch.

5. WeatherBug 

weatherbug app

WeatherBug is a free weather app with the largest weather network available. Start from weather information to pollen, air quality, and various such useful information, everything is available under one roof. It tracks 10000 weather stations and covers 2.6 million locations. In fact, it has the best lightning network collection and sends lightning warnings. It supports Apple Watch where you can check the vital information and parameters. Here are the key features of WeatherBug.

  • Simple interface for easy operation.
  • Provide forecasts for storm warnings.
  • Real-time forecasts on an hourly basis.
  • Interactive weather maps for visualizing weather conditions.
  • Weather widget for customized alert and display.
  • Spark lightning alerts for lightning proximity.
  • Updated information on hurricanes and changing conditions.
  • Fire Center provides information on global fire data.
  • Complete weather details of UV index and wind speed.
  • Air quality index to know the air quality
  • Forecasts from over 2.6 million locations.
  • Feature of traffic cameras.

6. Weather Underground 

Weather Underground 

Weather Underground is a reliable weather app that sends bad weather alerts and provides local weather updates. The app provides extremely detailed weather report with all the available weather parameters. You can also check on the geographical data and customize the settings for getting reports and visuals as per your requirements. The app is available free and here are the key features.

  • Interactive radar maps provide severe weather information.
  • Option to select from personal weather stations from different weather overlays.
  • Provides detailed weather visualizations.
  • Multiple weather stations for accurate weather conditions.
  • Enables setting weather alerts from the exact position.
  • Ability to provide hourly and daily summary forecasts.
  • Geographical data gives information on UV index, air equality index, sunrise, and moonrise.
  • Multiple modes for a customized experience.
  • Option to choose from different units and various map types.

7. CARROT Weather 

carrot weather app

CARROT Weather app is a cool app where you can choose from different map styles as per your preference. There are also different map layers available and you can take screenshots as well as make GIFs. It is a free app and here are the key features of CARROT weather app.

  • Enables choosing from six map styles.
  • Lightning-quick access with maximum accuracy.
  • Comes with easy-to-read and smart zoom option.
  • Offers better privacy without disclosing the location.
  • Over 100 secret locations and inspection tool.
  • Set home screen widget and notifications.
  • Gives access to additional features with premium mode.

8. Weather Live

weather live app

Weather Live definitely has one of the best user interfaces for getting all the weather information intuitively on the app. You can use the app to plan your daily activities based on the app weather reports. You can customize the parameters to track that matter to you the most. The app is visually appealing and you can bad weather alerts and adjustable user interface layouts. It is a completely free weather app for iOS users. Here are the keys features of Weather Live app.

  • Informative forecast for staying updated.
  • Customized weather forecast with multiple layouts.
  • Allows tracking forecasts from different locations.
  • Animated weather scenes for knowing the weather conditions.
  • Provides alerts and warnings on bad weather.
  • Custom weather layouts for knowing the weather parameters.
  • Allows having access to daily weather reports.
  • Information on precipitation, humidity, and wind speed.
  • Gives information about sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset.
  • Weather widget for quick alerts.
  • Insightful details of UV, visibility, and temperature.


You should ideally go through each app details and select the one that satisfies all your requirements. In fact, you can install multiple of them on your iPhone and check which one is the best for you in reality. You can directly search for these apps on App Store and you will get them on the top of the search result.

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