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The 4 Best Waterproof Tablets To Use Wherever You Want in 2023

If your job requires you to work out in the field, you should get a tablet that is both waterproof as well as dustproof. In case you are already looking for one, you have probably landed on the right page as we have already shortlisted some of the best Waterproof tablets which are available in the market right now. But, before you make a decision, you have to keep in mind a few important things such as:

  • Display Size: Since tablets come in different sizes, you should know what size of tablet would be perfect for you. In case you are looking for a handy and compact waterproof tablet, an 8 inches tablet will be good for you. Otherwise, you can pick larger size options such as 10 inches tablet one or bigger.
  • Operating System: When picking a tablet, you have to decide if you need a Windows tablet or an Android-based one. In case you want to have a laptop-like experience, the Windows tablets are good to pick. Otherwise, the Android tablets are great as they are user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Waterproof Rating: Although all the listed tablets below are totally waterproof, you should still check for the Waterproof rating if it’s IP67 or IP68. Out of these two common waterproof ratings, IP68 is obviously the better one and provides better protection against water.

These were some of the major things that everyone should consider before buying a waterproof tablet from the market. However, there’s a lot more that you should know about. With that said, we will be including a detailed “Buying Guide” later in this article that will help you know about other features of waterproof tablets and help you out in picking the best one from the list. Until then, quickly get to the list of tablets and take a look at their features.

Best Waterproof Tablets

Best Waterproof TabletsDisplay SizeOperating SystemWarrantyBuy Now
Vanquisher Industrial Rugged Tablet PC8 inchesWindows 101 year longCheck On Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO10.1 inchesAndroid 9 Pie1 year longCheck On Amazon
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active2 Ruggedized Tablet8 inchesAndroid 9 Pie1 year longCheck On Amazon
Vanquisher Store Ultra Rugged Android Tablet8 inchesAndroid 9 Pie1 year longCheck On Amazon

Best Waterproof Tablets Reviews

1. Vanquisher 8-Inch Industrial Rugged Tablet PC

Vanquisher 8-Inch Industrial Rugged Tablet PC

The first waterproof tablet that we would like to discuss is from Vanquisher which has one of the highest-rated tablets out there in the market, as it’s quite a premium and comes with an IP67 Waterproof rating.

This tablet from Vanquisher is a highly reliable and rugged option to pick as it’s designed for the people who mostly spend their time working out there in the field. It comes with rugged build quality and a bumper case pre-installed over the tablet to keep it safe from falls or other damage. In fact, its 8 inches display also comes with the protection of corning gorilla glass, hence, it’s built like a tank. Since it runs on the Windows 10 Pro OS, the Intel X5 Cherytrail Z8350 Quad-Core processor is the perfect choice made by Vanquisher for this tablet.

On the other hand, it also has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM also. Not only that, in case you require more storage space, you can use a microSD card up to 128GB with this tablet. Although it’s a tablet, it has features almost like a laptop since it boasts a full-size USB port, microSD card slot, mini-HDMI port, and a micro-USB port as well. On top of that, it features a massive 7800mAh Li-ion battery that provides almost 8 hours of continuous usage. The best part about the tablet is that you can even use mobile data since it supports 4G LTE connectivity.

Best Features:

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM
  • Comes with a 7800mAh Li-ion battery
  • Uses an Intel X5 Cherytrail Z8350 Quad-Core processor


  • Supports LTE
  • Up to 8 hours battery life
  • MIL-STD810G standard build quality


  • A little expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO

As you might know, Samsung offers a pretty wide range of products and typically rules the market when it comes to Android-based tablets with its offerings available in all price ranges.

That said, Samsung has not forgotten to pay attention to the Waterproof tablets segment either. Speaking of the Galaxy Tab Active PRO, it’s a premium tablet option from Samsung that comes with a large 10.1 inches Full HD display which is totally water-resistant and you can even use it with wet hands.

Moreover, the tablet is extremely sturdy as it’s MIL-STD-810G certified and has protection from almost all kinds of damage. In addition, the Galaxy Tab Active PRO even supports LTE connectivity, so it’s also possible to access mobile data when a Wi-Fi connection is not available.

In addition, it comes with a huge 7600 mAh battery that delivers a long-lasting battery backup of about 15 hours, so you can simply use it all day out in the field without any worries. Speaking of its performance, the tablet runs on Android 9 Pie OS and comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. Moreover, it is powered by a hefty quad-core processor from Qualcomm which handles all the tasks pretty swiftly. Along with the tablet, you will also get an IP68 Waterproof rated S pen in the package.

Best Features:

  • 1 inches Full HD display
  • MIL-STD-810G certified
  • Comes with IP68 rated S pen
  • 7600 mAh battery


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Expandable storage
  • Support LTE connectivity


  • Does not supports calling over LTE

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3. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active2 8″ Ruggedized Tablet

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active Ruggedized Tablet

In case the Galaxy Tab Active Pro doesn’t fit in your budget, you can go for a much budget-friendly option, which also comes from Samsung, and basically from the same lineup of tablets as well.

We are talking about the Galaxy Tab Active 2 which has almost the same features as the Pro model, but with a few tweaks here and there. Well, Samsung has not compromised anything with the build quality as it is MIL-STD-810G Certified and is totally waterproof. In fact, the 8 inches Full HD touchscreen of the tablet is also waterproof and functions perfectly even if you use it with wet hands. Apart from that, the tablet can be submerged into 5 feet deep water for 30 minutes, it won’t take any damage. With that said, it also features an IP68 rated S pen like the Pro model, so that you can use the tablet with high precision, no matter how harsh the outdoor conditions might get.

The area where the compromises have been made is the storage department as this tablet only gets 16GB of internal memory. Still, the microSD card slot is there, so you can simply expand the storage by 128 GB. Despite having a lower price tag, the Galaxy Tab Active 2 does not fail to impress in terms of performance, thanks to its 1.6GHz octa-core processor, and 3GB RAM onboard. One of the best features of this tablet is its battery life as it lasts for up to 11 hours on a single full charge.

Best Features:

  • 8 inches Full HD display
  • 6GHz Octa-core processor
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life
  • MIL-STD-810G Certified build quality


  • Very compact and rugged
  • Has both face recognition and a fingerprint scanner
  • Comes along with an IP68 rated S Pen


  • Only 16 Gigs of internal storage

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4. Vanquisher Store Ultra Rugged Android Tablet Barcode Scanner

Vanquisher Store Ultra Rugged Android Tablet Barcode Scanner

Last but not the least, we have yet another rugged waterproof tablet from Vanquisher, which you should definitely check out as this one runs on Android, instead of Windows, unlike the other one we discussed from Vanquisher.

Although the software part of this tablet is different, the hardware is still quite impressive as this entire tablet is IP67 rated and comes wrapped around with a thick bumper case for additional protection. One of the main highlights about this tablet is its extraordinary integrated 10000mAH Li-ion battery that makes it totally stand out from other tablets. If we talk about its performance, it works really fast and is highly responsive, thanks to its Qualcomm Octa-core 2GHz CPU and 4GB RAM.

The storage space on this tablet is quite ample as you get 64GB internally, and you also get a microSD card slot for further expansion. Moreover, the tablet is quite handy and features a pretty good-quality 8-inch Full HD 1920×1080 IPS screen with a capacitive touch panel. Speaking about its connectivity features, it supports 4G LTE data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. Apart from that, this tablet is pretty unique as it features a Zebra 1D Laser Scan Engine that allows it to read Barcodes.

Best Features:

  • Qualcomm Octa-core 2GHz CPU
  • Zebra 1D Laser Scan Engine
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory
  • 10000mAH Li-ion battery


  • The display has a 1920×1080 resolution
  • Supports 4G LTE data
  • User-friendly Android 9 Pie experience


  • Costly pricing

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Waterproof Tablets

Tablets are extremely useful gadgets that let you handle your work in an easy manner, providing you with a large screen space to work, as well as good enough processing power that eliminates the need of using a full-fledged laptop. Well, in case you work out in a field, like a construction site or something similar, you should have a tablet that is both dustproof and waterproof.

Since we have already mentioned some of the best Waterproof Tablets in this article above, you can simply compare their features and pick the best suitable one for yourself. In case you don’t know much about tablets, this detailed buying guide will explain to you every important thing and will help you choose the right tablet for yourself from the list.

  • Processor

Whenever you are out to buy a new tablet, the very first thing you should be concerned about is the tablet’s performance. Thus, almost 80% of the performance of any tablet depends on how powerful its processor is. In case you are choosing a Windows-based tablet, it will most likely come with an Intel quad-core processor which is generally very good. On the other hand, Android-based tablets usually come with mobile processors that can be either quad-core or octa-core. Between these two, an octa-core processor will definitely be a better option to pick as the core count is more, so it will be able to handle more workload.

  • RAM and Storage

The rest of the 20% of the performance depends on the RAM and Storage. If the tablet device does not have an ample amount of RAM capacity, the tablet will have a hard time loading multiple apps at the same time and you will experience lag frequently.

That said, always go for the options that come with at least 4GB RAM as it’s a good enough amount to have on a tablet for having a lag-free optimal experience. As far as the storage is concerned, you should check for the available internal memory on the device. Moreover, you should also check if the tablet offers any microSD card slot or not as it will help you expand the storage once the internal memory runs out.

  • Operating System

If you look specifically for a Waterproof tablet in the market, there are only a limited number of good options to choose from. The ones we have picked to mention in this list for you either have Windows OS or Android. On that note, if you want a tablet on which you can use mobile applications, you should get a tablet running on Android OS. On the other hand, if you want to use computer software for your work, choosing the Windows tablet will be the right choice for you.

  • Display Resolution

Apart from the display size, the quality and the resolution of the display also matters a lot. For both 8 inches and 10 inches displays, a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution is the best you can get as it’s the standard display resolution that every popular brand is providing right now. However, if you go for the cheaper options, you will come across tablets having an HD (1280×800) screen which is definitely not as good as the Full HD one.

  • Waterproof Rating

The most important thing to check while buying a Waterproof tablet is to check up to what extent the device can resist water. To check that, you can simply look for the waterproof rating in the specification. Generally, most waterproof tablets usually have either IP67 or IP68 waterproof ratings. While an IP67 rated device can be submerged 1 meter deep into the water for about 30 minutes, the IP68 rated devices can stay there for a slightly longer time and survive without any water damage.

  • Battery Life

Since working out in the field is a tough job, you’ll barely get any time to charge your tablet again and again. That is why it is important to choose a tablet that has a good enough battery that could last for a full day of usage on a single charge. We have already discussed a few good options in the list that come with huge 7000-10000 mAh batteries that deliver impressive full day battery backup, so you can take a look at the list and choose on your own.


Unlike the standard tablets, buying a waterproof tablet is pretty much easier as you don’t have to choose between a dozen of options, and even the buyers are limited as not everyone out there is specifically looking for one. Hence, if you need to buy a waterproof tablet, you can easily get one for yourself without falling into any confusion.

As we have already mentioned some of the best waterproof tablets on the list already, you can simply compare them, and also take help from the buying guide if needed. In case you are still not able to make the final decision, we have some good recommendations that you should check out:

  • For those people who want to have a handy PC experience, the Vanquisher 8-Inch Industrial Rugged Tablet PC is the right choice to buy. Since it comes preloaded with Windows 10 Pro OS and is powered by Intel X5 Cherytrail Z8350 Quad-Core processor along with 4GB RAM, it can easily take up the load and allows you to do whatever software you want to run.
  • On the other hand, in case you are looking for a large-sized tablet with powerful features, the Galaxy Tab Active PRO comes with a 10.1 inches Full HD screen and runs on a powerful quad-core processor from Qualcomm. On top of that, it even has 4GB RAM that allows seamless multitasking. In addition, the huge 7600 mAh battery provides up to 15 hours of video playback time.
  • However, if you are low on budget, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 is not a bad choice either. It has a handy design with 8 inches Full HD display and comes with 3GB RAM, and a powerful 1.6GHz octa-core processor. In addition, it also comes with an IP68 rated S pen and has a huge battery that lasts for about 11 hours of continuous usage.

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