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7 Best Video Doorbells for Apartments: Buying Guide in 2024

A smart home needs a smarter security system. Suppose You are at your office and the delivery guy is suddenly at your doorstep with a package. Wouldn’t it be great if your doorbell could answer the door for you or notify you about the delivery?

So we can’t guarantee you about the delivery arrangements but we can assure you that with such efficient Smart video doorbells you will never miss a guest to greet or a package.

To rescue you from scratching the surface of the web, We have made a very detailed and practical list with all the useful attributes of an ideal Video doorbell which you can consult before buying these small useful gadgets.

  • Video Quality: A doorbell camera should produce HD-quality pictures without grains and noises so that you can recognize the person without facing any problems. The cameras range from 3 to 5 MP and they produce HDR,2K or 1080p images which you can watch live, save and share for further usage.
  • Field of View: The cameras must cover your apartment hallways or that blind spot easily so that you can see when someone is there. The camera head should be tilted to diverse angles to cover all the spots.
  • Motion Detection: In this era of AI, all smart machines have an inbuilt radar to check and identify any object or humans. All these doorbell cameras have motion-detecting technologies so that you get notified about if the guest is your neighbor, an animal or a mere box even if it is moving.

So here we present you with a very efficient product list with a comprehensive “Buying Guide” with the most important points mentioned right next to them so that you can invest your money, and time in such home security gadgets.

Best Video Doorbells for Apartments Table

Best Video Doorbells for ApartmentsVideo QualityField of ViewMotion DetectionBuy Now
Blink Video Doorbell1080P135° horizontal
80° vertical
Alerts when motion is
detected or someone
presses Video Doorbell
Check On Amazon
Ring Video Doorbell1080P155° horizontal
90° vertical
Advanced Motion
Detection with
customisable motion
Check On Amazon
Arlo Video Doorbell1536 x 1536P180°Motion Detected Alerts
With Person/Object
Check On Amazon
EKEN Video Doorbell1080P-Smart AI Human DetectionCheck On Amazon
Google Nest  Video Doorbell960x 1280P145° DiagonalYes, the Motion sensor up to 25ftCheck On Amazon
Kasa Video Doorbell2K160° DiagonalPerson detection, Motion detectionCheck On Amazon
Efuy Video Doorbell2K-Human DetectionCheck On Amazon

Best Video Doorbells for Apartments Reviews

1. Blink Video Doorbell

Blink Video Doorbell

If you are looking for a smart doorbell for smart home security then look no further as the Blink video doorbells got your back. The brand manufactures smart doorbells that would provide a 1080p HD quality day and clear infrared night view with 135° horizontal and 80° vertical angles so it gets easier to locate from your space.

It is built with a motion detector so when someone rings the bell or passes near you would get the notification and set the settings for future response. The doorbell comes with a 2-way audio facility which makes conversations easier and if you sync or pair them with a sync module you’ll get a live view and audio access.

You can save, share, and watch the video clips with the help of the recommended Blink Cloud or a separate USB drive. You can connect these doorbells to your existing doorbells or opt for wired or wireless ones and these have a quite long-lasting battery life so you don’t have to worry about the charging and extra electricity bill. It can be connected to your Wifi and Alexa so you can just order Alexa to answer the door.

The custom privacy setting will give you access to modify the settings so that you can control the machine from anywhere. The Blink video doorbell will stay intact in any harsh weather and it is water-resilient. With this brand, you’ll be getting a 1 year of warranty and free services and the customer service is easy to avail.


  • 1080p HD day and night view
  • Provides 135° horizontal and 80° vertical angles
  • Wifi connectivity, 2-way audio
  • The device can be operated with the Blink app
  • The package comes with the Video Doorbell, 4 Screws, 2 AA 1.5V Lithium Batteries, 1 Case Opening Tool.


  • Built-in motion detector
  • You store the footage in Blink Cloud or a USB drive
  • Compatible with Alexa, Apple and Android devices
  • Customized privacy settings
  • Water-resistant
  • 1-year warranty


  • The Sync module and the mini camera are not included in the package.

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2. Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell

Get a home upgrade with a smart peephole cam and a doorbell with the Ring smart video doorbells. This doorbell provides a clear Day and Night view with 1080p HD quality pictures and it can tilt the camera to 155° horizontally, and 90° vertically so that you can get a clear view of a visitor from your connected devices.

These are compatible with computers, tablets, Alexa or Echo so that you can get the alert and answer the door from anywhere. The device is backed up with a knock detector and a motion detector that detects humane movements within a selective range so that you can see your guest beforehand even in very low light or at night and the 2-way audio enables you to converse easily.

The cam is adjustable if the door thickness ranges from 35 mm to 55 mm and the peephole ranges from 12 mm to 14 mm and would be a perfect fit and you won’t need any extra drilling or wiring. The motion detector and the customized setting will help you to answer and set the settings according to further instructions.

You can watch the live footage, record the activities outside of your door, review them, share the footage or save that with the help of a recommended Ring Protect Plan that can store data for up to 180 days. The machine works perfectly under any weather, ranging from 0°C to 40°C and the outdoors (-20.5°C to 48.5°). The manufacturer provides free services and a 1-year warranty period plus the installation process and the customer care is very user-friendly.


  • 1080p HD day and night view
  • 155° horizontal and 90° vertical angles
  • Wifi connectivity, 2-way audio
  • Ring protect storage plan is recommended
  • The package comes with a removable battery and a charging outlet


  • Built-in motion detector
  • Compatible with Alexa and Echo
  • Customized privacy settings
  • Temperature range is -20.5 to 48 degrees
  • 1-year warranty


  • You have to pay separately for the Ring storage plan

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3. Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo smart video doorbells bring a modern way of home security that you can opt for easily if you are looking for a multipurpose product. These gadgets are easily rechargeable, easy to install, and have customized settings so that you can get alerts and notifications on your devices if someone is at your front door. This wireless doorbell provides a clear 1536 x 1536 HD picture quality with day and clear night views and a 2 way audio system.

The cam covers the 180-degree angle smoothly so you never miss a chance to answer the ring. These can be connected to your desired devices and you can answer them from anywhere. With the upgraded Arlo Foresigh the video footage can be recorded and you can store it in the Arlo cloud for reviewing or sharing with others.

The motion detector in the machine can detect a human or any movements, gas or smoke and a package. You can set up the gadget with instructions so that they can recognise the objects or a person at the doorstep and send you the notification via an electronic device or a video call on your cell. The doorbell says unhinged in any harsh weather be it cold, heat or heavy rain.

To avail of their limited period warranty you have to contact the manufacturer and their customer service is easily accessible.


  • Wireless, battery-operated
  • Easy installation
  • HD day and night view
  • Covers 180-degree angles
  • Wifi connectivity, 2-way audio
  • Arlo security plan is required for storage


  • Built-in motion detector; Person, vehicle, animal, package detection
  • Pre Recording options for instructions
  • CO, smoke detection
  • Compatible with pc, tablets
  • Intrusion siren alert
  • Can withstand harsh weather


  • Lag in live footage

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4. EKEN Video Doorbell

EKEN Video Doorbell

EKEN doorbells are perfect if you are looking for another affordable and reliable brand for home security. The brand manufactures wireless-enabled smart doorbells that are built with smart cameras powered with AI which will recognise a person and notify you immediately with a chime.

You connect the device to your wifi and then connect it with your smartphone, PC or other gadgets to operate the doorbell. The camera provides a clear 1080p HD image and a clear day and night vision. The inbuilt 6 infrared lights and an IR sensor will monitor your place sincerely and get the footage even in very low light.

The 2-way audio enables you to communicate with your visitor at your door from your smart devices, from anywhere. The doorbell is battery-powered and the footage can be saved in AES-128 encrypted cloud storage with a selective subscription policy so you can review, watch and share them at your convenience.

The doorbell is weather-resistant which means it can withstand any sort of difficult circumstances. For the limited warranty and other customer services, you have to contact the manufacturer.


  • 1080p HD day and night view
  • Inbuilt AI motion detector, 6 infrared lights, IR sensor
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, 2-way audio
  • AES-128 encrypted cloud storage is recommended
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Wire free
  • Built-in AI motion detector
  • Compatible with PCs, phones, tablets
  • Customized privacy settings
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions


  • Cannot detect animals or other objects

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5. Google Nest  Video Doorbell

Google Nest Video Doorbell

The selling point of Google products is not only the name of the brand but the productivity of their gadgets. Google Nest Smart Video Doorbells are useful as they are battery-powered, wireless and can be easily connected to your other smart devices like Google Assistant or Alexa via Bluetooth or wifi.

The camera provides live 24*7 HD 960x 1280 quality footage with day and night vision which can move 145° diagonally. The doorbell has built-in intelligence so it detects humans, animals or other object movements easily even in very low light or at night and alerts you on the Google Home app.

The video footage can be recorded and stored and you can play it later with the help of the Nest Aware subscription which will be there for 60 days. Even if the network is interrupted one hour worth of footage will be stored. You can talk and listen via this device with your guest from anywhere. The pre-recording setting comes with smart detecting technology as you can customize the app and doorbell setting.

You can talk or give instructions to the package delivery guy with the help of Google Nest and Amazon smart speakers. These doorbells stay intact in hard circumstances and protect your home. The installation process is easy and the customer service is easier if you face any problems. A limited-period warranty can be availed via the manufacturer.


  • Wireless, battery-operated
  • Easy installation and inbuilt artificial intelligence
  • 24*7 HD 960x 1280 day and night view
  • Covers 145° diagonally
  • Wifi connectivity, 2-way audio
  • Compatible with Google Home apps, Alexa, Google Nest


  • Built-in motion detector and AI, detects persons, vehicles, animals, package
  • Can record for 1 hour even with the power and network interruption
  • Clear HD night vision
  • Compatible with pc, tablets
  • Customized pre-recording setting
  • Can withstand harsh weather


  • Battery performance is not impressive

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6. Kasa Video Doorbell

Kasa Video Doorbell

KASA is an affordable option when you are looking for an efficient brand. The doorbell comes with a 3MP camera which provides a clear 2K high-resolution video with zooming capacity so don’t worry about blurry grainy images.

It can cover a 160° diagonal field of view and the 2-way audio setting enables you to talk with the guests without any hassle from a different place with the help of the Kasa app on your selected devices. This gadget is hardwired but can be connected to wifi and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can answer your door without even moving an inch from elsewhere.

With an advanced IR sensor, you can check the outside in the daylight and even in the dark from 30 feet away. With the help of Google Chromecast, Echo or KD110 you can watch live footage or previously saved videos on your supported favorite larger display. You can also adjust the notification chimes accordingly, and save the footage in Kasa Care storage or on an external SD card.

The settings and the volume are adjustable. The doorbell works perfectly under heat, and rain as it comes with IP64 weatherproofing. The devices come with a limited period warranty and if you face any sort of problem with installation go with the manual guide or contact the manufacturer.


  • Hardwired, compatible with Wifi
  • Comes with 3MP cam
  • Inbuilt artificial intelligence
  • 2K high-resolution footage with day and night vision
  • Covers 160° diagonally
  • 2-way audio
  • Compatible with Google apps, Alexa, Echo


  • Built-in motion detector, person detection, IR sensor
  • Cloud and local storage
  • Compatible with pc, tablets
  • Works well with chrome cast
  • Customized pre-recording setting and chimes
  • Can withstand harsh weather


  • Only available in USA

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7. Efuy Video Doorbell

Efuy Video Doorbell

Two is better than one and the Eufy security doorbells are an actual game changer as it comes with dual camera protection. The Doorbell cameras provide high-quality 2k HDR videos that are going to cover each blind spot and clear day or night vision.

The device supports both wired and battery power and is compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. The advanced motion and PIR radars will easily distinguish between humans and objects from a near distance or far even in low light or at night. For such settings, you don’t have to worry about false alarms.

You can watch the footage on your devices and store the data footage in local storage which is a flexible option. Whenever there is someone at your door you’ll get notified on your selected devices as the dual camera both recognizes faces or non-living objects such as delivery packages.

These doorbells are compatible with Android, Alexa and Google. The two-way audio settings help you to communicate with outsiders from anywhere. You can pre-set the reminders and alarms easily. Such gadgets work perfectly under every weather. For warranty period and customer service, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or the seller.


  • Battery powered
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Comes with dual camera
  • Inbuilt artificial intelligence for 2K HDR footage with day and night vision
  • 2-way audio
  • Compatible with Google apps, Alexa, Echo, Android


  • Dual cam for face recognition and objects
  • Local storage, no need for costly cloud storage
  • Advanced PIR motion detectors to detect objects from far
  • Customized alarms and notification
  • Pre-recording setting
  • Can withstand harsh weather


  • Not compatible with Homekit

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Buying Guide for Best Video Doorbells for Apartments

Now that you have gone through our recommended products, here is a comprehensive buying guide which includes everything you need to understand while planning to purchase a video doorbell for your apartment. This should make your buying process a lot easier.

1. Video Quality

Most of the above-mentioned products produce HD or HDR quality pictures. The doorbells come with cameras that are built for day and night vision so the picture quality is meant to be clear and crisp. Some of the cameras produce 1080p or 2K quality pictures which would be a great fit for home security.

2. Field of View

The camera should cover all sorts of angles of your porch or the road in front of your place. The camera head should move horizontally or diagonally so that it can also cover the blind spots. Some of the above-mentioned cameras can move the head in every way ranging from 150 degrees to 180 degrees.

3. Motion Detection

A motion detector should be able to catch any object easily when it is in the range of a camera. With an advanced PIR setting and a motion detector in such video doorbells you can identify anything be it a human, an animal or a non-living object in front of your door. Sometimes you can customize the setting from pre-recorded footage so if it recognises the face it would immediately notify you on your tablet or phone.

4. Night Vision

A camera in a doorbell system should do the monitoring perfectly in the day and night. With the clear picture quality and sensors, it would capture a face or an object perfectly even in low light or night without any grains. Some of these cameras can catch an object from 30 feet away at night which is an impressive range.

5. Storage Options

Most of these cameras give you permission to record or store them in a place where you can check them later or share them with close ones. Most of the recordings need a large storage capacity so a cloud platform is perfect. The subscription plan with the respective brands you have to buy as they provide free services for a limited period. Some of the cameras support external local storage systems like SD cards.

6. Audio

A 2-way audio system enables 2-way communication. So when someone rings the bell at your door you’ll be able to answer with the help of your smart device from anywhere in the world. Such doorbells provide you with this facility effortlessly.

7. Weather Resistance

Mostly the doorbells are mounted at the outside of your door so they should be able to resist all sorts of weather and circumstances. All these doorbells are weatherproof, resistant to heat or rain and work perfectly under cold or heat,

8. Operating Temperature

The operating temperature range should be – 20 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius so that these doorbells stay intact and the sensors work perfectly under scorching heat or snow.

9. Connectivity

Nowadays the world is handicapped without Android or Google. The doorbells can be hardwired, wireless or battery-powered and connected to wifi. When you operate them via the digital networks they should perform effortlessly and some of these doorbells can store footage even if the electricity or network is interrupted. Most of them are connected to your PC, phone or tablet so that you watch the footage live or be able to get notification alerts.

10. Warranty

The gadgets are expensive but if they come with warranty and customer service then you’ll be able to trust the brand. Some of these offer a one-year limited-period warranty and some offer more time so you’ll be able to invest without any fear.

Video Doorbells for Apartments – FAQs

1. Is it possible to install a doorbell camera in an apartment?

Ans: It can be installed easily in apartments if it does not bother your neighbors or landlord. A smart doorbell is always convenient for such places where you can check and operate the volume and answer the door diligently without causing any issues.

2. Which Ring Doorbell is best for an apartment?

Ans: A battery-powered and weather-resistant doorbell would be the most suitable option. Also, a peephole camera doorbell would be perfect for apartments.

3. Do doorbell cameras record continuously?

Ans: most video doorbell companies offer such facilities. If they check something suspicious or triggered they start recording and send you alerts via your smart devices.

4. Is Wi-Fi connectivity a requirement for video doorbells?

Ans: Most smart video doorbells work like normal regular doorbells. So they can work without Bluetooth or WiFi but if you want to get advanced benefits then such connectivity is needed.


When you are going for a multipurpose product you have to check all the important key points and specifications before buying it and you can always compare them with all the available ones in the market. Finding the best one is an exaggeration but with the help of such a detailed buyer guide, we believe we have helped you to reach your conclusion.

We made a list with all the useful points to save you from long research so that it gets a bit easier for you.

  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly smart option then Kasa Video Doorbell is the most suitable among the other products. With easy installation, 2-way audio tech, an inbuilt motion detector and compatibility with Alexa and google it is a win-win situation from a reasonable price point.
  • A peephole cam should be a great option if you want to set up a smart system around the pre-existing door system. Plus a doorbell camera comes with it. From the price point Ring Video Doorbell is a perfect fit in this category and it comes with many other useful options.
  • The most priced for good reasons is the Google Nest  Video Doorbell in the list. It is compatible with all sorts of smart devices and it will help you to record, share, and set up the chimes, alerts and notifications. It comes with a 2-way audio facility, pre-recording setting and many other useful options. Eufy is another brand that falls into such a category and also comes with two different cameras. If home security is your priority and money is not the issue then go for such gadgets.

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