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10 Best Touch Lamps Reviews in 2024

Creating an ideal ambiance requires excellent lighting. When it comes to your bedroom, touch lamps can be able to achieve that beautifully. Unlike conventional lamps that have switches or buttons, the latest touch lamps do not need any of this but just your touch. Since the overwhelming choices in the market can make you perplexed, we have here some of the best touch lamps you can choose for your room. However, before we jump into finding the top 10 best touch lamps, we will find out the significant things that we consider to choose the best ones

  • Brightness and colour mode: While looking for touch lamps, we want to ensure that they can provide the best brightness levels. When a touch lamp gives you the freedom to choose a mode as per your requirements by providing a wide range of colors, it can set the ambiance. So, while choosing the lamp, we made sure that it provides you with a range of choices in terms of colour modes to help you set the ambiance you need.
  • Light source: The touch lamps are designed in a manner to save your electricity bill. These have the best inclusion to conserve energy. LED sources are preferred and considered the best as they are able to produce bright lights yet do not spike the electricity bills. Since we know the pain points of people, we have only chosen touch lamps with LED light sources.
  • Portability: A portable touch lamp is always the best as it can help you to move the lamp anywhere you want. So, before we choose the torch lamp, it is best to look for a versatile option. A rechargeable model can be a highly convenient and portable one. Apart from that, looking for lightweight and great style will add to the stunning aspect of your room.

While there is a range of other criteria that you need to look ahead to, we will now have a look into the top 10 best touch lamps. Later, we will find a comprehensive Buying Guide to help you make a better choice for your room. To know more about touch lamps, make sure to keep reading.

Best Touch Lamps 2024

Best Touch LampsAdjustment LevelsUSBEye safetyLight Source TypeBuy Now
‎Yarra-Decor Touch Lamp 3 Levels2YesLEDCheck On Amazon
THAUDAS Touch Lamp5 Levels1YesLEDCheck On Amazon
UNIFUN Touch Lamp4 Levels1YesLEDCheck On Amazon
BESLOWE Touch Lamp3 Levels2---LEDCheck On Amazon
MIXIGOO Touch Lamp4 Levels4YesLEDCheck On Amazon
SHINE Touch Lamp3 Levels2---LEDCheck On Amazon
Acaxin Touch Lamp3 Levels2---LEDCheck On Amazon
ZEEFO Touch Lamp3 Levels2---LEDCheck On Amazon
HUELIV Touch Lamp3 Levels2---LEDCheck On Amazon
Cotanic Touch Lamp3 Levels2YesLEDCheck On Amazon

Best Touch Lamps Reviews

‎1. Yarra-Decor Touch Lamp

Yarra-Decor Bedside Lamp

‎Yarra-Decor is a brand that works with the only agenda of lighting up its customers’ lives. They make sure to create brighter products that can brighten up the interior and create a fantastic ambiance. Of the many home decor products, their bedside lamp is one of the most stunning products. This bedside table lamp from the brand has a minimalistic design that can make your room look sleek and contemporary.

It is a small-sized touch control dimmable table lamp that can fit perfectly on any decor. The ideal USB table lamp can be a good choice for a study room, bedroom, kids’ room, living room, and much more. It can add warmth and a comfortable ambiance to the room. The comfortable and pleasant feeling that you require in your room while spending time can be easily achieved by this bedside lamp. The inclusion of linen fabric shade can protect your eyes with soft and dimmed light.

The bedside lamp has been designed with three levels of brightness options. You can just tap anywhere on its metal base and can adjust the lighting mode to meet your diverse requirement. It has accent lighting to create a warm ambiance, night light for proper sleep, and proper high comfortable brightness for working or studying. It is very simple to operate.

The addition of two high-end inbuilt USB charging inside this touch lamp can help you to control it. One of the best things about this revolutionary touch lamp is that you can also charge your mobile phones, headset, and other electronics. It provides a convenient charging option to ensure that you feel the ultimate ease of using this touch lamp.


  • Effortless touch control anywhere on the metal base.
  • Included with three-way dimmable options.
  • Lining clothing provides the ultimate eye protection.
  • Dual charging port to charge or other electronic devices.
  • It is included with the LED bulb.
  • Detach lamb has a very minimalist design to become a perfect addition to any room.


  • The lamp looks incredible.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • It is a perfect bedside table.
  • Touch controls work like butter.


  • More brightness levels could be helpful.

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2. THAUDAS Touch Lamp

THAUDAS Touch Lamp

THAUDAS torch lamp is an incredibly convenient lamp that provides 360° of touch control. It is straightforward to use and looks incredibly stylish to be included in your room. With the wide light mode with three brightness levels and multicolored settings, it can be an excellent inclusion for any special occasion. This unique multi-color setting includes more than 256 combinations of colors.

This colorful light can create different effects and make it suitable for your mood. It is dimmable and a perfect choice for your space. Being battery operated, it needs to be charged using a USB. The color-changing capability along with its great round shape, can add to the aesthetic appeal of your room.

It is an eye-friendly light that can be easily carried anywhere you need. The lamp is included with a remote control that has 13 colorful displays. The product has an extensive selection of different colors that you can choose. You can simply tap the control panel present on the top of the touch lamp, and it will illuminate your surroundings. It is an energy-saving touch lamp that comes with an eye-caring mode to make sure that you are able to enjoy a great relaxing ambiance.


  • It is included with the torch control.
  • The 13-color remote controls ensure easy use.
  • Designed with a USB charging port.
  • Perfect choice for energy saving and eye care.
  • Provides 18 months of warranty.


  • The light is bright enough.
  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • A portable choice.
  • The addition of remote control is a great help.


  • The wood looks a little bit cheap.

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3. UNIFUN Touch Lamp

The UNIFUN Touch Lamp has easy touch controls that can activate the night light when you really need it. Included with the color-changing LED light, this touch lamp can offer an accessible switching mode and power off and on. It is a great choice as a reading lamp, night light, bedside lamp, and others.

The fantastic top tap has been included with adjustable brightness from low, middle to high. You can easily adjust the brightness of the lamp and make your room cozy and comfortable for a relaxing ambiance. With this torch lamp, you can easily create a mood by switching the lights as per your requirements.

It has an auto-cycle RGB color combination. These generally include red, green, and blue so that it can suit your mood requirements. However, you also get to select other fixed colors according to your mood. Apart from this, the 360° friendly light provides a delicate and uniform light that you can keep illuminated throughout. You can steer sure that it won’t wake your baby up.


  • The lamp comes with easy touch controls.
  • It has an energy-saving LED light.
  • 4 adjustable brightness modes can be helpful in choosing yours.
  • Eye-friendly 360-degree lighting.
  • USB charging port for recharging when required.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Produce a range of colors.
  • A great choice for people from different age groups.
  • The battery lasts for a long time.


  • It looks small for a bedroom.

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4. BESLOWE Touch Lamp


BESLOWE is a manufacturer known for creating great lighting. With their decades of experience, they have created some of the best lighting solutions. With the best team of technicians and designs holding solid experience, the brand keeps providing the top products, and their dimmable touch table lamp is one of them. The noiseless handy touch control device is created with inbuilt sensors that can easily adjust and switch on and off.

It’s an excellent choice for your bedtime because of its quiet action. The inclusion of the E26 LED bulb makes it possible to save your pocket. It has been included with three brightness levels so that you can easily adjust the light according to the need and ambiance.

The light includes fabric lining, which can easily diffuse the light and produces a soft and pleasant illumination that won’t give any eyestrain. It is a great way of protecting your eyes. The minimalist style can seamlessly fit your working and living space. So, it is a great choice whether you want to include it in your office, living room, dining room, bedroom, or any other space.

The classic Look with modern touch provides a standing way to complement your interior. The inclusion of 2 USB ports can help you to charge any electronics from this touch lamb.


  • A noiseless design with inbuilt sensors.
  • 3 different brightness levels.
  • The E26 LED bulb saves your pocket.
  • Included with 2 USB ports.
  • Classic lampshade with linen material.


  • Assembling is super easy.
  • The touch features are smooth.
  • The brightness levels suit perfectly.


  • It is small in size.

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5. MIXIGOO Touch Lamp


MIXIGOO is a brand that believes in creating a brighter life. From the many products that they have created, their touch table lamp is one of them. It is included with 4 USB charging ports which means that you can keep charging several other devices with this night light. The touch-activated night light can simply adjust the color and brightness and suit your requirement.

Night light includes 13 different colors, which can be adjusted between them and bright. You can easily adjust to dim, warm, natural, and bright colors. This is why the table lamp can fit perfectly for different occasions. The touch clamp is designed with a 360° panel to provide the ultimate light with uniform brightness.

It also makes sure that the children’s eyes stay protected. The brightness of the light ensures that you can easily adjust as per your requirement. The impressive color setting includes more than 256 combinations.


  • It has 4 USB ports.
  • Easy touch to activate nightlight.
  • 4 different brightness levels.
  • 13 color lights are created from a spectrum of 256 colors.
  • A 360° light panel design can illuminate the surrounding.
  • A battery-operated night light.


  • Easily adjustable brightness.
  • It has 4 USB ports.
  • Availability of 13 colors to create the perfect ambiance.
  • A portable choice.
  • 360° light panel design


  • Travel adapters are not great.

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6. SHINE Touch Lamp


SHINE HAI is an ideal brand to provide its customers with the best lifestyle. From multiple products, the SHINE HAI Touch Control Table Lamp can offer a fantastic home experience. It is specially designed with two durable USB ports, making it a convenient choice. This means that you can simultaneously charge three different devices with this lamp.

It has a three-way touch control and dimmable lamps that produce three brightness adjustments. The three adjustment levels include low, medium, and high to make sure that you can perform different activities with this device. Even if you want a gift, this can be a good choice.

Making use of a great linen shade with the metal base makes it a contemporary choice for different room decor. You can easily place it anywhere in your home, from office to bedroom. The inclusion of fabric linen helps to provide the ultimate comfort to your eyes.


  • You can get 2 fast USB charging ports to use 2 different devices.
  • The use of linen fabrics produces comfortable lighting.
  • 3 brightness levels.
  • Metal base and sleek style for every setting.
  • Included with a bulb.


  • Very swift touch features.
  • Does not hurt your eyes.
  • Impressive brightness levels.
  • Small and a range of intensity selection.
  • Assembling is super easy.


  • Some users have complained that the night lamp stopped working.

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7. Acaxin Touch Lamp


Acaxin is another brand known for offering some of the astounding lamp collections that can illuminate and enhance your interior decor. With the huge range of options they provide to people, they can help you make a stunning choice to complement your home decor. The Acaxin Gray Bedside Table Lamps Touch Control Lamp is one of their flagship products that has been included with excellent features and design.

It is an easy touch control lamp that can be activated with a touch. The brightness level of the light can be easily adjusted with your touch. After turning it on, just tap to adjust the brightness settings as per your needs. It is effortless to use and control, which makes it a valuable inclusion for people from every age group. The 3 brightness levels make it easy to adjust as per your needs.

Designed with 2 USB ports will let you use multiple other devices at the same time. So, you can simultaneously charge your smartphone using this device. Lastly, the crystal designs with a sleek and modern look add charm to your room decor. It is a great addition.


  • Modern, sleek and stylish crystal design to suit your home decor
  • 2 USB port availability for seamless charging of other devices.
  • Included with 2 low voltage bulbs.
  • 3 levels of brightness.


  • Very easy to assemble the parts.
  • The lamp looks stunning.
  • Its touch features work great.
  • USB features are very handy.


  • Finding a compatible bulb from the local market is a challenge.

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8. ZEEFO Touch LampZEEFO Touch

ZEEFO is a brand that has worked with the only agenda of making beautiful homes. They understand the need for people to add great material that can complement interior decor. So, by manufacturing and designing some of the great functional lightings, they aim to light up every home. Similarly, the ZEEFO Touch Control Table Lamp is one of those that can provide the ultimate brightness and improve your home decor.

It has a great design that makes it look like any traditional lamp. However, it has a touch control that provides easy features to control the lamp. You only need to touch the lamp, which will help you adjust the brightness levels. The low, medium, and high brightness levels will let you adjust as per your needs.

Included with 2 USB ports and AC outlet provides you with the ultimate ease of use. So, you can easily charge two other devices from one lamp seamlessly. Besides, the inclusion of 2 bulbs in the package provides you peace of mind.


  • 3 levels of brightness adjustments.
  • Included with 2 USB charging ports.
  • Incredibly stunning looks.
  • 2 extra bulbs are included in the package.


  • Assembling is very easy.
  • An excellent value for money.
  • The touch feature is great.
  • Works great.
  • Charge your phone.


  • Sometimes the touch feature does not work properly.

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9. HUELIV Touch Lamp

HUELIV believes in doing a lot of research before coming up with a product. Similarly, with this touch lamp, they made sure by making a thorough investment.

The HUELIV 3-Way Dimmable Touch Control Table Lamp has been included with the 360 degrees dimmable touch control. So, you can easily touch it anywhere to adjust the brightness. The 3 levels of brightness can be a great choice.

The 2 USB ports are great technology. So, you can conveniently charge two more devices at once. Besides, 2 AC outlets are something to make sure that you can use multiple devices simultaneously. The inclusion of high-quality LED bulbs makes it easier to control.


  • Engineered with metal and TC cloth.
  • It has 3 levels of brightness.
  • Designed with 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlets.
  • You will get 2 LED light bulbs.
  • Easy touch control for adjustment.


  • An easy-to-use touch lamp.
  • Works perfectly well.
  • It can charge your phone.
  • Great brightness levels.


  • Some people have complained about having stopped working.

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10. Cotanic Touch Lamp

Cotanic Modern Table Lamp

Cotanic is a brand that has worked since the 21st century. Their LED lighting products have got worldwide popularity. The quality of LED lights is extremely stunning and which is why this product is on our list. The Cotanic Modern Table Lamp is engineered with USB ports to provide you the freedom to charge other devices from one point.

It has the 3-way dimmable design to help you control and adjust brightness accordingly. The 3 adjustment levels can be a great choice for you to get desired brightness. You can choose your desired brightness accordingly. This touch lamp can be a great choice for everyone regardless of age.

The touch control and outstanding design make it the perfect choice. It would not hurt your eyes. So this warm shade touch lamp can be a valuable choice for everyone.


    • 3 different adjustment levels
    • Designed with 2 USB ports and 2AC outlets.
    • Metal base and Fabric lining
    • Soft on eyes
  • Fully touch control
  • Included with additional bulb for future use


  • very easy to assemble.
  • Simple charging ports.
  • The touch feature works great.


  • Very small size for big rooms

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From the comprehensive details provided about the best touch lamps above, it will hopefully become much easier to choose. However, if you plan to choose something else which is not included in the list, you need to make sure that you check every feature and detail of the lamp. However, being a novice, It can really be challenging to make the best choice. So this is a buying guide that can provide you with ultimate knowledge.

Brightness Adjustments:

While looking for the touch lamps, you have to make sure that you check their brightness adjustments. Since you are buying a torch lamp, you have to make sure that you can use it for a wide range of purposes. So, at least 3 to 4 adjustment levels of brightness can be helpful for you to do multiple jobs with one table lamp.

Color Modes:

Most of the night lamps come in different color modes. With multiple color modes included in the table lamp, you get the ability to switch around different colors and create an ambiance. So, when you choose any table lamp, make sure that you check the range of color modes that can be produced from the table lamps.

USB Ports:

If you are looking for a multipurpose table lamp, you need to check the USB ports. The table lamp that has multiple USB ports will let you use different electronics at the same time. So, make sure that the table lamp has at least two ports so that you can simultaneously charge different electronics while using this lamp.

Eye Safety:

Whether you have kids in your home or not, eye safety is a must. If you are a reader, you definitely have the habit of reading before you go to sleep. So make sure that the table lamp has the perfect eye safety feature like the use of linen clothes for the ultimate eye safety. It will ensure no eye strain while you read books while sleeping.

Light Source:

You also need to make sure that you choose a table lamp with an energy-saving power source. LEDs are most commonly used and were chosen because of their energy-saving design. All the names we have included above are the LED power source to provide you with the ultimate lighting for your requirement.


If you want to choose a design that can be taken from one place to another, you need a portable design. It would require a USB power source that cuts the need for wires. With all the designs and options included above, we assure you that you will be getting a portable choice. However, if you want to choose something beyond them, make sure they are portable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do most lamp shades choose linen clothing?

Linen shades on the table lamps can be an excellent choice for people. Not only does it make the touch lamps look stunning, but it also makes sure that it produces a cozy ambiance. It is something that cuts the harshness and gives out a good mood light.

2. Can you read books with these touch lamps?

Yes! These lamps are designed keeping in mind the range of habits that people have. Since we know that bookworms are always ready to read books, especially before they sleep, the adjustment level will help you adjust the lamp’s brightness accordingly.

3. Will these lamps suit any room design?

These lamps have minimalist designs, which make sure to be placed in any room. So whether you have a traditional or vintage style room or a modern and contemporary look, these lampshades can be a great inclusion for your home decor.


Hopefully, now you have a complete idea about the best such lambs and the way to choose them. Since you need to check the features, we have provided a comprehensive buying guide to let you make a valuable choice. However, if you need the top three expert recommendations, then keep reading.

  • Yarra-Decor Touch Lampis a simple touch control lamp created with great design. The 3-way dimmable options help you to adjust brightness accordingly. It has 2 USB charging ports and a minimalist design to suit every interior.
  • MIXIGOO Touch Lamp has a 360-degree panel design to illuminate the surrounding. It has 4 brightness levels and 4 USB ports. This easy touch control lamp can be a stunning inclusion for your room.
  • ZEEFO Touch Lamp is a great way to improve interior home decor. This touch control stand has been included with 2 USB charging ports and 3 brightness levels. Besides, the addition of extra bulbs in the package provides future assurance.

So now that you have got the knowledge about the top 3 best experts recommended names along with the other 7 mentioned above, it will be easy for you to decide. So, check our list and then make a choice.

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