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The 10 Best Lava Lamps Reviews and Buying Guide

Illuminate your space creatively with these classic, decorative motion lamps.

Lava lamps are invented by Edward Craven Walker in 1963. Initially known as Astro lamps, this concept of a motion lamp caught on to be synonymous with the ambiance. 

When you fit this liquid motion lamp in a dark room, its soft light and gentle movement will enhance the mood, create a relaxing atmosphere, and mesmerize people with its virtual and electrically generated lava (mix of light and translucent liquid motion). Here the incandescent or halogen light bulb at the center will provide essential heat and light that make the inside wax rise and fall (motion). 

Hence, it is considered an ideal option to place everywhere or on any occasion as a decorative item to add retro or vintage style. These light fixtures are available in different sizes, styles, and vibrant wax colors that allow you to select the best option, as per your requirement.

Take a quick outlook at the key factors before investing in the lava lamp to make the right buying decision.  

  • Size – 

The general size range of these liquid motion lamps will be from 11 – 27 inches in height. Based on your requirement, you have to choose the correct size that fits perfectly for your home décor. For instance, the size of small nightlight lamps should be 11.5 – 14.5 inches, while a bit larger accent lamp should be 16 – 18 inches tall.

  • Shape – 

Mostly these classic liquid motion lava lamps will appear in cone-shape. Yet some modern models come with different variations in their shapes like rectangular, cylindrical, globe, or bullet-shaped lamps. So, choose them wisely that suits and enhances your home décor. 

  • Color – 

You can find a variety of liquid color options (like clear, red, blue, purple, green, and pink) along with a variety of wax shades (single or multiple). Few models have multiple liquid colors or colored lenses to change colors and thus create a rainbow effect.

For more information on these lava lamps, we recommend you read our detailed “Buying Guide”. Also, to ease up your selection process, we compiled a list of some Best Lava Lamps after researching several lamps. 

10 Best Lava Lamps

lava lampsSizePowerBuy Now
Lava Lite Base Lamp 16.3 InchesCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Schylling Lava Lamp14.5 InchesCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Lava 2160 Lava Lamp 14.5 InchesCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Black Base Lava Lamp14.5 InchesCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Schylling Lava Lamp 14.5 InchesCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Yakii  Lava Lamp 10.5 InchesBattery and USB poweredCheck On Amazon
Original Brand Lava Lamp14.5 InchesCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Jambo Lava Lamp16 InchesCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Lava Original Lava Lamp16.3 InchesCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Cdycam Lava Lamp 7.28 InchesUSB PoweredCheck On Amazon

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10 Best Lava Lamps Reviews

1. Lava Lite Base Lamp 

lava lite

Next up, we have an original lava lamp from the Lava Lite Original. The Lava Lite Original silver base lamp is 16.3 inches in size and weighs just about 52 ounces in weight.

Top Features:

  • The size range of this lamp is available in two colors. Yellow wax in blue liquid and the other one is yellow wax in purple liquid. Both of these colors are on a silver base
  • Soft light with relaxed and therapeutic effect on certain moods when looked upon
  • The base of the lava lamp is made out of good quality aluminum in silver color. This rests for the top cap as well
  • The lighting of the lamp is provided by the 40-watt incandescent light bulb provided in the base of the lamp
  • It can be easily plugged into a 120 voltage based wall power outlet.


  • Needs to improve the overall quality of the glass and the light as a whole

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2. Schylling Classic Lava Lamp

Schylling Classic Lava Lamp

First on our list is a small and nifty sized classic conical-shaped lava lamp by the Schylling. Highly rated and one of the most bought out lamps, this one comes with strong metal construction and is also available in various colors as well.

Top Features:

  • Sourced directly from the original Lava corporation and made out of high-quality glass and metal base
  • 14.5 inches of size from base to the cap tip of the lamp
  • The bases of the lamp are highly stable and sturdy to pick and choose
  • Classic in its design, the lamp comes in an iconic glass globe. Perfect for not only home use but also for dorm rooms, office spaces etc.,
  • The lamp comes with an electrical cord and also has an inline switch that gives way for a plug-in operation
  • Lit out by a 25 watt based incandescent bulb within the strong base
  • The light features slow-moving and ambient yet soothing bubbles.
  • The process for lava creation might take for about 8 full hours, to begin with
  • This product also comes with a 90-day limited warranty window as well
  • Available in a total of 6 different color combinations


  • None too specific to mention about

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3. Lava 2160 Lava Lamp 

colormax lava lamp

The retro-styled northern lights lamp uses Colormax technology to produce multiple colors. It has white wax that flows through a painted globe. This produces lights of different colors. 

The lamp is 14.5 inches tall and weighs 3.2 lbs. Furthermore, it comes in different variations with sizes ranging from 11” to 27” tall. You can place this lamp in your bedroom, office, or man cave.

Top Features:

  • The globe is hand-painted with three different colors
  • White wax flows through the globe, making it appear to change color
  • Features a retro style and design
  • It is UL (Underwriter Laboratories) tested and certified.
  • It turns on instantly when you flip the switch
  • The glitter produces a hypnotizing and relaxing effect on you
  • You can plug this into a standard household electric socket with 120v alternating current.


The bulb is less durable and inefficient.

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4. Black Base Lava Lamp


Black Base Lava LampNext on our list is the Silver Base Lava Lamp. It features an art deco style with an incandescent power source. The lamp is made of glass with a silver aluminum base and cap. You have to plug it directly into an electrical outlet to turn it on.

The lamp is 14.5 inches tall and weighs 1.25 lbs. It uses purple wax that flows through the globe containing blue liquid. This produces a unique blue shade. It comes in purple and blue variations.

Top Features:

  • It uses blue wax in blue or purple liquid to provide a unique color
  • Features an art deco style
  • The unique blue color produces a relaxing and soothing effect to calm your mind
  • You can directly plug it into the home electrical socket
  • It is UL (Underwriter Laboratories) tested and certified.
  • It comes with a 25 watt light bulb.


  • Breaks easily

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5. Schylling Lava Lamp

Metallic Purple Wax Lava Lamp


Yet another Schylling lava lamp on the list, this one is the Metallic Blue colored Lava lamp with 14.5 inches in size. The clear fluid of this lava lamp is made out of mercury liquid metal.

Top Features:

  • The internal liquid has a mercury flow that attracts great metallic decor to it
  • High-quality build material used in it.
  • The clear fluid that comes with metallic purple wax lava flowing inside it.
  • Powered by a small 25 watt light bulb that is AC powered
  • Mesmerizing yet simplistic design schema
  • The lava and the gravity has a calm and relaxing effect onto the onlookers


  • None too specific to mention

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6. Yakii  Lava Lamp

yakii lamp

Yakii is a small and tiny tornado lamp with a very affordable and budget-friendly price tag. The design schema of the lamp is simple and efficient and is a perfect choice for budget gifting. Also, this is probably the first lava lamp in the list to be powered by twin power sources.

Top Features:

  • Comes in a novelty type tornado design. When you turn on the lamp, the bottom of the lamp has a motor that rotates the liquid on the lamp. This will create a vivid tornado type effect.
  • The LED lights inside it will constantly change but in a slow pace that will add a certain color and a certain vibrance to your home.
  • The body of the lamp is made out of high-quality plastic and resin. This will certainly last for more than a few seasons.
  • This lamp can be run by either using 3 AAA batteries or using a micro USB cable to charge your lamp through a charger or even a laptop.
  • Large enough for a dorm room or study tables etc.,
  • The internal liquid swirls with a change in different colors easily
  • Available in blue, copper and red colors to pick from


  • Given the plastic and resin construction, this does not exactly give you a premium feel like most of the lava lamps.
  • The bulb quality could have been improved overall.

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7. Original Brand Lava Lamp

Original Brand Lava LampThe next product in our list is from a reliable brand called Original Brand which provides high quality products at budget-friendly options. This is one of the main reasons their lava lamp has made to our list. It also comes with other amazing features.

Top Features:

  • This lava lamp comes in an eye-popping purple and yellow color combination.
  • It has bubbling lava light which provides a retro lamp look. This make is suitable for retro kind of interiors.
  • When it is turned on, the liquid and wax present in it will be heated by the bulb which in turns warms up the wax to create the oozing motion.
  • It has a glass housing which makes the lava motion look amazing.
  • This lava lamp has sturdy base and made from robust materials.
  • It weighs just around 3.11 pounds.


  • Sometimes the wax gets really cloudy

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8. Jambo Lava Lamp

Jambo Motion LampThe lava lamp from Jambo Motion is also suitable for gifting purposes, especially for housewarming and Christmas. This gorgeous lava lamp can enhance the ambience of any room.

Top Features:

  • This lava lamp from Jambo will surely last a very long time as it is specially made from high-quality materials and excellent workmanship.
  • The colors illuminated by this lamp are relaxing, calming and soothing. So, you can use it as night lamp in your bedroom.
  • The melted wax forms different types of shapes and designs when it is heated up.
  • It has 16-inch dimensions so it will not take much space on your side table.
  • It comes with 1 year warranty and 30-days money back guarantee.


  • The lava sometimes stays pooled at the bottom

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9. Lava Original  lava Lamp

Lava Original Silver Base lava LampNext on our list is Lava’s original silver base lava lamp. This laval lamp features an art deco style with a weight of 6.09 pounds and measures 6.1 x 6.1 x 18.9 inches in dimension.

Top Features

  • The yellow wax globules floating in purple liquid creates a unique soft light that is relaxing to watch.
  • Stylish design featuring a sleek chrome base and cap that goes well with any home decor.
  • Have to run the lamp for 8 hours for the yellow wax to rise and fall that creates a retro lava effect.       
  • Measures 16.3 inches in height from the base to the tip of the lamp once assembled.
  • Has a long cord that you can plug into a standard 120 volts power outlet.
  • Comes with a pre-installed 25 watts incandescent light bulb to illuminate the purple liquid.
  • Backed by a limited 90 days warranty period from the date of purchase.
  • Available in yellow and silver variants as well.


  • Default bulb that comes in the package does not have enough power
  • Fitting issues

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10. Cdycam  Lava Lamp

dyal lava lamp

Finally, last on our list, we have a rather interesting and a tiny lava lamp that is perfect for almost any occasion to almost anyone. Coupled with that, this lamp works fine with USB and with a wall socket (using an adapter) as well.

Top Features: 

  • Made out of high-quality ABS plastic and glass for the bottle and the base. This is both safe, durable and economical at the same time
  • Available in multi-color choices of lights. The LED is a night light and the glitter will change into a VIBGYOR range of 7 colors. These include the colors yellow, rose red, green, normally red, blue, white, and also purple. There is a special silver glitter also present in the liquid.
  • USB enabled power. You can also choose the charger adapter as additional as well if you are to enable this via a power port. Either way, this can function through your laptop or the power socket
  • Thereupatic effect and also for fun decor purposes as well.
  • Instant startup action. The lava lamp does not take a lot of time to get started
  • Incredibly cost-effective, budget-friendly and economical price tag


  • Could improve the plastic quality
  • Can improve upon the packaging quality as well

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How to Choose the Best Lava Lamp:

Be it for a home, workplace, or gifting purpose, you have to consider several aspects before choosing the lava lamp. However, they look alike with the same performance, there are various factors (like color, size, shape, or brightness) affecting their functionality.

Let’s get into the details of factors you should keep in mind while shopping for these lava lamps.

1. Size and Shape:

You have to consider the design of the lava lamp (both size and shape) to make it fit perfectly on the tabletop or shelf. The height of lava lamp sizes is measured in inches and its capacity measured in ounces. The general height of these lamps will range from 11 – 27 inches. Most motion lamps will come with a size of 14 inches tall and a capacity of 20 ounces. 

  • If you want to use this liquid motion lamp as a nightlight/accent lamp, then go with a small model having 11.5 – 14.5 inches in height. 
  • If you are using a slightly larger accent piece, then go with a lamp having 16 – 17 inches tall.
  • If you are looking for a lamp as a center of attraction in the room, then choose a large lamp having a liquid motion lamp of more than 2 feet tall.

A classic lava lamp appears as a tall, tapered shape that mostly resembles a bullet or cone shape. It is a quite common and mainstream shape for lava lamps, yet they are other unique shapes available (such as globe, rectangular, or cylindrical).

Note – Don’t shake or move the warm liquid motion lamp. It might cause the wax to get separated or make the liquid cloudy.

2. Material:

The cap & base and the housing are two main components to check while considering the material of the lava lamp. 

The housing of a lava lamp is made of either translucent plastic or glass. Here plastic is mostly preferred for most users, why because it is more prone to break if dropped, while glass is a higher quality material that offers more longevity.

The cap and base of a lava lamp are made from metal like steel. We suggest don’t buy a lava lamp having a plastic base, as it indicates a lower-quality build.

3. Brightness and Bulb Type:

A light bulb in the lava lamp is the main light source. Here the bulb can be either light-emitting diode (LED), compact fluorescent (CFL), or incandescent. Among these light bulbs, LED lights are eco-friendly and last longer, whereas incandescent bulbs are low-priced or economical.

Usually, standard lamps run with incandescent bulbs of 25-watt, whereas large models use 100-watt bulbs. So, ensure to check the bulb type or wattage before you replace the bulb on the lava lamp. 

4. Visual Effects:

The proper mix of the wax compound and a water-based liquid will create a liquid motion of the lava lamp. The two ingredients (wax and liquid) might have different densities. Here the wax is available in a rainbow of vibrant colors creating unique color schemes that suit your home décor style, while the liquid is clear with a colored tint that adds visual effect to the lamp. 

A few motion lamp models produce a soothing visual effect by using glitter instead of wax. While other models even pair glitter with wax to provide a more dynamic look. 

5. Colors:

With the translucent liquid in the motion lamp, the wax mixture is quite visible while floating throughout the vessel. Yet some models offer a wide range of liquid color options – clear, blue, purple, pink, green, and red. A few models have multiple liquid colors that make a rainbow effect on the lamp. 

Apart from liquid colors, you can find a variety of wax shades in these lamps. Here also some models feature a single simple wax shade, whereas others feature multiple colors to make it look more interesting and aesthetic. Some lamps might change colors using colored lenses.  

The variable colors inside the lamp will provide you with fun and joy. Generally, the more colors the lamp has, the more ambiance is expected. But it won’t be the same in all cases, some people prefer to have a single color of viewing the lamp that offers soothing comfort to them. 

6. Safety:

Although the design of these motion lamps is tested for safe and secured household usage, you have to follow some safety precautions while using these lamps. Here are a few mentioned.

  • Deter the lamp from overheating. For this, you have to keep the lamp away from direct sunlight and also use it for a maximum of 8 hours only at once. 
  • Make sure to check all the electrical cord is tucked away safely to prevent the lamp from inadvertently knocking over or pulling down. 
  • Never touch any part of the lamp when it is heated up, as it might burn your skin.
  • Keep the lamp out of the pets, kids, and young children. 

7. Caps and Base:

The lava lamps are designed in such a way that wax/liquid mixture will sit above the base, which houses the bulb. Also, a matching cap is there on the top of the vessel. Some lamps come with plastic caps and bases, in which their color will range from basic black to hot pink. While other models feature aluminum caps and bases with silver color.

So, it is essential to consider the quality of the caps and bases, why because it ensures that the cap or the base won’t break easily and then leak the liquid outside rendering the lamp useless. 

Prefer to select a model with a base/cap combination featuring wild design or patterns like fun firework bursts or rainbow stripes to make your lamp look even more aesthetic. 

8. Extra Features:

Though a basic model is just working fine, yet finding a model that offers extra features will add ease to your usage. If sparkles are most preferred by you, then choose the lava lamp having glitter in the wax, liquid, or both, which makes the lamp’s light reflecting off of the glitter.

If you are looking for a multipurpose lamp, pick the model featuring a Bluetooth speaker, which lets you listen to music streamed from the tablet, smartphone, or other devices when you relax in the display of the lamp.

9. Price:

The price of liquid motion lamps varies greatly based on their size, shape, and features. The general price range of these lamps will be from $10 – $100 (or more).

  • For a small motion lamp without extra features, the price range will be $10 – $20.
  • For a medium-sized lamp with some features, the price range will be $20 – $60.
  • For large lamps with a lot of additional features, the price range will be $60 – $100. Also, within this price range, you can find some lamps that are too close to 2 feet tall.

 10. Warranty:

Apart from price, warranty is another deciding factor for most people, as it provides peace of mind to make it use effectively. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of 90 days to 1 year on their product. We suggest you check the warranty terms and conditions, and customer service along with the online reviews and ratings of the product before making its purchase. 

Tips to Use these Lava Lamps:

Here are some tips that allow you to use them safely and effectively. You have to follow them regularly.

  • Run a liquid motion lamp for several hours while using it for the first time. This will ensure that wax is warmed fully and won’t flow in straight, pillar-like shapes.
  • The more frequently lava lamps you are using, the shorter will be its warm-up time. So, it is essential to turn it on daily while you purchase it.
  • Avoid running the lamp for more than 8 hours at once. It will be overheated that halt for free flow of the wax.
  • A liquid motion lamp will warm if turned on. So, don’t touch the base and vessel of the lamp.
  • Don’t place the lamp in the area under direct sunlight, why because the sun might fade its colors.
  • Keep away the flammable materials (like paper & fabrics) from the lamp while operating these lamps.
  • Never leave this liquid motion lamp unattended while turned on. Also, the exterior will get warm, and thereby it is considered a fire hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What a lava lamp is used for?

Ans: The vintage style and the liquid motion of these lamps will make them ideal decorative items that let you be fascinated to see them for hours. Therefore, it creates an ambient mood that allows you to relax well from your hectic or boring day. Also, a subtle glow is emitted from these lamps, which makes them a perfect option as night lights that gives a semblance of light in a dark room. 

2. What is a lava lamp?

Ans: A lava lamp is a normal incandescent lamp filled with bolus-shaped liquid illuminating in it. This liquid is made out of a colored wax mixture that is placed inside a glass vessel and the remainder of this vessel will contain translucent or clear liquid. All the arrangement is placed on a larger bulb fitted base and this is mostly used as a center attractive piece or just for mood-based lighting.

3. Is it safe to use lava lamps?

Ans: Lava lamps are not at all dangerous if used properly. There are some safety tips you have to follow while using these lamps. Here are a few mentioned…
* Always use the lava lamp for less than 8 hours at a time, yet using beyond this time (longer usage) will result in overheating and lead to fire hazards. Cheap quality build is also one of the factors for overheating. 
* Never touch the warm lamp with bare hands. Also, don’t let your children or pets play or touch the lamp, and ensure to keep them away to prevent burns. 
* Exposing a lamp to extreme heat might explode. So, ensure to keep the lamp away from heat sources like stove, open flames, heaters, and others. 

 4. Shall we leave this lamp to run on all the time?

Ans: No, you should not leave these lava lamps on for more than 8 hours at once per day. Even if your product promises large hours of operation, yet not advised to use them overnight (or more than 8 hours) to make the lamp used for a longer time. 

5. Do lava lamps expire?

Ans: The lamps do not expire in general but the liquid in them may be subjected to lose its viscosity. General mathmos lamp bottles have around 2000 hours of shelf life in them. After this, you can simply seek out to replace the bottle at a certain cost. 

6. What to be looked for in a lava lamp?

Ans: Though all these lava lamp models resemble the same functionality, you have to look for a color scheme and the size of the model that has to fit perfectly in your space. So, check and consider its vintage style to complement your home décor or not before making its purchase. 

7. What is the reason behind my lava lamp getting cloudy?

Ans: If a lava lamp is jostled or shaken when the liquid is hot then they tend to become cloudy for a while, and also might ruin the lamp. So, avoid performing those actions (shaking or handling it in roughness) to maintain neat and clear lava lamps.

8. What type of bulb shall we use in the motion lamp?

Ans: Most of these lamp models run with light bulbs that come within 15 – 40 watts, which means appliance bulbs will work perfectly for these lamps. While some larger models need bulbs with 60 – 100 watts. So, check the manufacturer-provided user manual to know what type of bulb is suitable for your lamp. Ensure that not use a light bulb with a higher than the recommended wattage.

9. How much lighting is required for a liquid motion lamp?

Ans: Usually, motion lamps won’t produce much lighting. Most models are smaller in size and use low-wattage bulbs that won’t provide sufficient lighting to work or read. Yet they only offer an attractive glow that eventually adds soothing ambiance to the room. 


Lava lamps are not only decorative but for a few people, it also provides a therapeutic effect as well. Out of all the lamps mentioned in the list, the best of the lot is from Schylling. The Schylling lava lamp comes from lams and casings sourced from the Lava corporation.

Classic in its design, color scheme, and much more, this lamp can easily be named as the best lava lamp to buy online. Which one did you like? Do you have any questions to ask us? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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