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7 Best Tool Backpacks Reviews and Buying Guide

Lugging a heavy toolbox around is a pain, no matter your trade. Tangled wires, loose wrenches, and a sore back are all part of the daily struggle. There’s a better way: tool backpacks! These jobsite lifesavers keep your tools organized and accessible, all while keeping you comfortable. We’ll explore the best backpacks for different trades, so you can ditch the toolbox and work smarter, not harder.

Key Factors To Consider:

  • Weight Class: Tool backpacks are available in two main categories – standard and heavyweight. For carrying smaller tools, opt for standard backpacks that are lightweight and compact. Conversely, for heavier or sharper tools, choose heavyweight models that offer durability and increased capacity.
  • Number of Compartments: The number of compartments in a tool backpack determines its organizational capacity, catering to your professional needs. Opt for a backpack with ample pockets and loops to ensure efficient tool storage and quick access to your equipment.
  • Size: Choosing the right size is crucial based on the quantity and size of tools you need to carry. Select a smaller backpack for a limited tool collection, while larger models accommodate bulkier tools, making them suitable for professionals with diverse equipment needs.

For further information, we suggest reviewing our detailed “Buying Guide” and carefully selected list of the best Tool Backpack models.

Best Tool Backpacks 2024: Table

Tool BackpackPocketsWarrantyBuy Now
Klein Tools Backpack39 pocketsLifetime Check On Amazon
Dewalt Tool Backpack57 pockets3 yearCheck On Amazon
Custom LeatherCraft Tool
75 pocketsLifetime Check On Amazon
Milwaukee Tool Backpack35 pocketsLifetime Check On Amazon
Steelhead Tool Backpack48 pocketsLifetime Check On Amazon
SwissGearTool Backpack60 pockets1 yearCheck On Amazon
Justzon Tools Backpack19 pockets-Check On Amazon

7 Best Tool Backpacks Reviews

1. Klein Tools Backpack

klein tools

Klein Tools is one of the most popular brands of tool backpacks out there as most of its products have a high user rating because of the features offered by it.

The Klein Tools 55421BP-14 is present in the 1st position in this article as it offers various things to the user for the given price. One of the best things about this backpack is that it is quite compact and small. Despite the small size, you get a great rigid build quality with this backpack along with a lifetime warranty that makes it highly reliable and durable.

As for the storage capacity, you get a total of 39 pockets in this bag. While it is not the highest, you can expect more at the given price tag. This includes pockets both on the outside as well as the inside of this bag so that you can store tools anywhere you like as per your choice.

Best Features:

  • 39 pockets for storage
  • Ballistic weave fabric construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes pockets on the outside as well as inside


  • Small and compact form factor backpack
  • Offers an excellent build quality with a long warranty
  • Decent number of pockets for the given price tag


  • Comfort could have been better

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2. Dewalt Tool Backpack

dewalt dgl

You can find a wide range of power tool offerings from Dewalt that are generally great performing tools. It also offers a tool backpack for carrying its tools quite easily.

Dewalt’s DGL523 tool backpack is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is a great option for industrial usage. It offers a total of 57 pockets to the user for easily storing multiple tools while on the go. While 9 of these pockets are on the outside, 48 pockets are inside this backpack for ease of use.

While the build quality offered by this backpack is quite good, you only get a 3-year long warranty with it. Even though it is the same as other Dewalt power tools, it is quite lower than other tool backpacks. Although it comes with an LED light with 3 levels of light for easily working with your tools in the dark.

Best Features:

  • 57 pockets for storage
  • Abrasive pads for extra durability
  • 3-year long warranty
  • Comes with an LED light with 3 brightness levels


  • Large-sized backpack for storing multiple tools
  • LED light for using tools in the night
  • Great build quality for durability


  • Only a 3-year long warranty

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3. Custom LeatherCraft Tool Backpack

clc craft

As you can tell by its name, CLC is known for making leather backpacks that also happens to be making tool backpacks out of synthetic cloth material for extra durability.

This CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1132 tool backpack is present in the 3rd position in this article as it offers the highest numbers of pockets to the user. You get a total of 75 pockets in this backpack that is much higher than all other options in this article. Apart from this, you also get 6 zippered compartments for safely storing things in this backpack.

Even though this bag is quite large and big, it is still highly strong and reliable. This is possible because you get a ballistic polyester fabric construction in this backpack. When combined with its lifetime warranty, you can expect it to easily last for a long time. One of the most unique features of this backpack is that it comes with a plastic tray for storing parts while working with your tools.

Best Features:

  • 75 pockets for storage
  • 6 zippered compartments for additional space
  • Ballistic weave fabric construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a plastic tray for storing small parts


  • Highest number of pockets and compartments
  • Offers excellent build quality and a long warranty
  • Comfortable straps and padded back portion for comfort


  • Slightly expensive compared with other options

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4. Milwaukee Tool Backpack

milwaukee pack

If you are familiar with power tools, then you must have heard about Milwaukee that also happens to be making a tech tool backpack for its users.

Milwaukee’s 48-22-8200 tool backpack is one of the most unique options present in this article because of one specific feature. If you are an IT professional who wants to carry tools along with a laptop, then this backpack is the perfect option for you. This is possible due to the reason that you get a laptop sleeve in this backpack that keeps your laptop safe even if you are carrying tools along with it.

Moving to the storage capacity, you only get a total of 35 pockets in this tool backpack. Since the laptop sleeve takes a lot of space, the pocket capacity of this backpack is quite low. Thankfully, you get a great built quality with this tool backpack for peace of mind. You even get a lifetime warranty that can be expected from any reputable power tools brand like Milwaukee.

Best Features:

  • 35 pockets for storage
  • 1680D ballistic polyester fabric construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes a laptop sleeve for safely storing your laptop along with tools


  • Highly durable and reliable option
  • Quite a comfortable backpack
  • Unique design with laptop storage


  • Only comes with a total of 35 storage pockets

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5. Steelhead Tool Backpack

steelhead bagpack

Steelhead is one of the newest brands of tool backpacks out there that offer various features in its tool backpacks for a great user experience.

This Steelhead tool backpack is the most reliable and durable option present in this article, especially if you want a value for money. While you can find equally durable options out there, this one can offer the same durability without having a premium price. This is possible due to the reason that you get a heavy-duty construction along with a lifetime warranty in this tech backpack.

Talking about its storage capacity, you get a decent 48 pockets in this backpack for easily storing all of your tools inside of this tool backpack. Apart from offering a decent storage capacity, you get rubber feet along with a reinforced bottom in this backpack. This ensures that the backpack retains its strength even if you are storing heavy tools inside it.

Best Features:

  • 48 pockets for storage
  • Reinforced bottom along with rubber feet
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Offers padded back support for comfort


  • Excellent durability and reliability
  • Decent storage capacity
  • Comfortable backpack for carrying heavy tools


  • Size is a bit on the larger side

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6. SwissGear Tool Backpack


Swissgear tool bagThe SwissGear backpack is one of the cheapest options present in this article. Even then, you get a total of 60 pockets in this backpack that is quite decent for most users out there. And as you would expect, it offers pockets on the outside as well as the inside for ease of use.

 SwissGear Tool Bag Backpack, a 19-inch laptop bag that seamlessly combines contemporary design with innovative storage solutions. The padded compartment can accommodate a 15-inch laptop or tablet and features a built-in USB port for charging. With multiple pockets, including an add-a-bag trolley sleeve, quick access pocket, mesh side pockets, and a crush-resistant pocket for glasses, this backpack is both versatile and efficient. 

Best Features:

  • 19-inch laptop bag with contemporary design
  • 60 compartments
  • Padded compartment for a 15-inch laptop or tablet
  • Built-in USB port 
  • Multiple pockets, including add-a-bag trolley sleeve and quick access pocket
  • Mesh side pockets 


  •  Good bag to organize your tools.
  • Quality is top notch
  • Very sturdy and well built.
  •  Great for low volt technicians!


  • Zippers suck
  • Poorly designed

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7. Justzon Tools Backpack


Justzon tool bag packJustzon Backpack Tool Bag, a heavy-duty tool kit carrier designed for professionals such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and cable repair professionals. Crafted with top-quality 1680D oxford cloth, this tool bag offers durability and wear protection comparable to canvas tool bags.

The backpack features a large storage space with 12 multi-use durable pockets inside and an additional 7 pockets on the outside layer, providing ample room to organize and store various tools, parts, and accessories. Its dimensions of 12.6” x 5.9” x 16.5” make it an ideal choice for professionals on the go.

Best Features:

  • Heavy-duty tool kit carrier by Justzon
  • Crafted with top-quality 1680D oxford cloth
  • Large storage space with 12 inner and 7 outer durable pockets
  • Dimensions: 12.6” x 5.9” x 16.5”
  • High-quality material for durability and wear protection
  • Padded support backpack with comfortable back support
  • Thicken shoulder straps with padding for ease of carrying
  • Strong handles with multiple suture points for enhanced durability


  • Its light and has strong shoulder straps.
  • Lasted almost 2 years
  • Well made bag for small jobs
  •  Durable and works well and looks good


  • Not comfortable to wear

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Buying Guide for Tool Backpacks

A tool backpack will provide easy access to multiple tools and carry them around without straining your body. You must be careful in its selection, as different professionals have different requirements and these bags are designed accordingly. So, we came up with a buying guide that covers all the essential things about a tool backpack and helps you a lot in selecting the right one.

Let’s get into its details.

1. Types

Based on the profession, the tool backpacks are designed in various types that include backpacks for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and specialty trades. All these bags offer easy access to the tools to make your work done easily and quickly. Choose your right backpack as per your professional requirement to organize, store and carry the tools.

Here is a detailed explanation of its types.

  • Carpenter –Usually, carpenters have to carry a lot of tools (both lighter and heavier) to perform their carpentry work efficiently. For this, they require a durable backpack with larger compression pockets to organize their tools properly and safely carry them around. Most of these bags are not waterproof or reinforced on the bag’s bottom. They offer comfortable padded backing, shoulder straps, and a chest strap to secure the bag while working or moving.

  • Electrician –A lot of hand tools are used by electricians while working, in which a tool belt may or may not be sufficient in most cases. So, this backpack will be their best option to carry tools around. Choose a water-resistant backpack having a reinforced molded base to prevent tools from getting any water contact and thereby rusting. This bag comes with several small pockets (both inside and outside) that let you organize well for a quick and easy reach of the tools whenever needed. The elastic bands in its outside pockets will securely hold the tools even while climbing a ladder or moving in the workspace.

  • Plumber –Plumbers have to work with water-related issues, some things in dark basements. So, they have to use a tool backpack that prevents regular wear of tools and protects them from water. For this, the backpack should be durable and has to be water-resistant and waterproof.

Prefer to choose the backpack made of high-quality polyester (or) heavy-duty vinyl with a rubber-reinforced base. Also, it should feature zippered openings and built-in lighting to lighten the dark workplace without carrying a flashlight.

  • Specialty –This specialty tool backpack is designed to have a collection of specialized products with one or more features related to a specific hobby or profession, like backpacks for decorators, HVAC techs, whitesmiths, or masons.

2. HVAC Tech Tool Backpacks

Alike electrician tool backpack, but have fewer loops and pockets on the bag’s outside to store small hand tools. Here, as a substitute, they provide space for a cordless drill and some collection of wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers.

3. Mason Tool Backpacks

Since it is a must to wear a helmet while working on a masonry site, this backpack offers a helmet holder. Also, they should be strong, durable, and heavy-duty that won’t get damaged/teared by the sharp edges of the masonry trowel.

4. Decorator Tool Backpacks

These are tall and can be carried easily on a ladder to do your work. Instead of a lot of loops, they offer a lot of small pockets for holding smaller tools. With their rigid base, these bags can be placed on the ground or ladder.

5. Whitesmith Tool Backpacks

This bag won’t require several pockets as other trades, yet made of strong material that is heavier enough to hold large tools (like hand scissors, metal shears, and hammers) essential for working in the whitesmith trade.

What Features to Look for in the Tool Backpack?

Apart from the types, there are a lot more things to consider while shopping for the tool backpack. Here we enlisted some of the essential features to take into account when choosing the tool backpack to get your best option.

1. Standard Vs. Heavy-Duty

Usually, the weight of tool backpacks can be classified into two types – standard size tool backpacks and heavy-duty or heavyweight tool backpacks.

  • Standard Tool Backpack – Compared to heavyweight models, these are small backpacks that are built with thinner material. It has interior pockets (to carry a lot of small tools) and loops (for wrenches, hammers, and screwdrivers). With its basic design, it is also referred to as utility backpacks.
  • Heavyweight Tool Backpack – Contrary to standard tool backpacks, heavy-duty tool backpacks are larger, and are built with more durable material. They can carry heavy or sharp metal tools without being pierced or cut. They are expensive and last longer. It is the best option for avid DIYer or professionals who want to carry medium-large collections of tools for several jobs.

2. Size

While buying a tool backpack, you have to check and compare the number of tools you want to carry for working and the size of the backpack. Ensure to pick the large size backpack that you need to carry all your essential tools.

A small tool backpack will serve best for those who won’t carry several tools to the site and will do most of the heavy work in the garage or shop. Some backpacks are heavily reinforced which makes them look large. They are padded heavily and come with reinforcing plates (along the sides and bottom) to carry heavy/loads easily without ripping.

Based on your profession, you have to select the size of the tool backpack. While some professions need to use larger tools and other use more hand tools to do their work effectively. For instance, an electrician requires a smaller tool backpack, while a mason worker requires a bigger bag.

Finally, one has to consider the weight-bearing capacity of the tool backpack, and it should be portable and easy to carry to perform your work quickly. The reason is that no one wants to carry a large bag which is unable to manage for a longer time.

3. Number of Compartments

A tool backpack having a greater number of compartments and pockets is considered the best option. The reason is that a bag with more loops and pockets will make it easy to organize several tools easily. However, you have to choose the backpack with the required number of compartments based on your particular profession. For instance, a general contractor requires a large backpack with several compartments, along with tight and elastic loops.

Moreover, the loops after placing tools have to lock and restrict them from moving around or hitting each other. As mentioned, it also depends on your job, whether you need or won’t need pouches to cover them. For example, carpenters require pouches to store different sizes of screws and nails, while mechanics need pouches for diverse sizes of bolts and nuts.

An extra removable bag is essential when doing tasks in close space or in between two adjacent walls. This will prevent the loss of small parts and protect their tools. Also, a plastic trap is a must to keep the gadgets safe inside.

4. Material

The durability of these backpacks depends mostly on their built materials. Irrespective of your work type, it is a must to choose a sturdy tool backpack to avoid any sudden ripping in the middle of your work. Canvas, nylon, leather, ballistic fabric, or polyester are tough materials used in the construction of backpacks. Apart from the material, you have to check the built quality to ensure its seams are double stitched.

Prefer to buy a backpack made of durable materials (like nylon or canvas) when your job requires carrying sharp or heavy tools to prevent a quick tear. Thus, these durable and tough backpacks are the perfect option to hold the tools’ weight while moving and also easily carry piercing tools or any other tools with sharp blades.

Furthermore, a tool backpack with either a plastic or rubber base will provide essential strength to stand on their bottom and thereby allow easy access from the top. Its base should be made of water-resistant or waterproof materials that prevent damaging/rusting your tools, even if you work in different surroundings.

5. Comfort

Comfort is another main factor to consider while buying a backpack, why because you have to carry the tools on your back all day to do your task properly. A tool backpack with an extra chest strap is a must while climbing a ladder or crawling under the home to remain the tools secure when moving. Also, a tool backpack with padded shoulders straps or backing will reduce strain and pressure on the body and thereby add comfort to carry it around with ease.

6. Weight Distribution

Your required comfort features in the backpack will impact the size and weight distribution of the tool backpack. If you want to carry lots of tools in the backpack, then go with a heavy-duty tool backpack, which comes with an adjustable chest strap, lumbar support, adjustable shoulder straps, and extra padding to counterbalance the weight of all those tools in the bag.

7. Closing/Opening Mechanism

The opening on a tool backpack will make difference in its ease of use. Prefer to select the backpack as per your profession and working environment. For instance, plumbers working in dark or dimly illuminated basements or crawl spaces can find ease in the backpack usage in Velcro straps or zipper mechanisms rather than buckles or buttons.

However, zippers are less durable than Velcro straps, as they won’t get jammed. While Velcro is not strong or durable to securely hold heavy loads, yet an ideal option for smaller tool backpacks.

Tool Backpacks FAQs

1. Which one is better – tool backpack or tool bag?

Ans: However, both are good at carrying tools, yet it depends on certain things like comfort or ease of use. A tool bag provides easy access to a huge set of equipment, in which moving this heavier bag with a single handle or shoulder strap is a bit more difficult. While a tool backpack offers compact packing and proper balance to move easily for a long distance. So, select the one that let you well-organize your tools and easy to travel long distance.

2. What are the popular brands of tool backpacks?

Ans: Here are some popular tool backpack brands available in the market – DEWALT, Klein Tools, Custom Leathercraft, Milwaukee, Rugged Tools, and Steelhead backpack. You can easily find a product from our above list and pick one that suits your need.

3. What is the proper way to use the tool backpacks?

Ans: To use a tool backpack, you have to arrange tools properly in the respective pouches and check that these are secure and cozy. Thus, it ensures not to fall out the loose tools while lifting or carrying the bag. Also, check whether your straps are tight and hold the bag securely on the body while carrying or not. It won’t be too tight that may hurt your shoulders. Some occasional TLC is required for these heavy-duty bags.

4. Can I get a backpack to carry a cordless drill?

Ans: Yes, of course. There are several tool backpacks available in the market that provide sufficient space to hold a cordless drill. A few backpack models offer separate storage to carry your drill easily to the workplace.

5. Can I carry a laptop in a tool backpack?

Ans: Mostly, it depends on the backpack models, yet several models let you carry a laptop. Some models offer a specialized compartment to hold a laptop with a built-in charging system to provide the required power to the device.


Efficiently managing multiple small tools on remote job sites can be a challenge, but with the right tool backpack, it becomes much more manageable.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best tool backpack options available, along with their key features and benefits. Our detailed buying guide has provided valuable insights into what to look for when choosing a tool backpack that suits your needs.

To save you time and help you make an informed decision, here are our top recommendations:

  • Steelhead Tool Backpack: Renowned for its reliability and durability, this backpack features heavy-duty construction with 48 pockets and comes backed by a lifetime warranty, offering exceptional value for money.
  • Custom LeatherCraft Tool Backpack: Ideal for those needing to carry numerous tools, this backpack boasts an impressive 75 pockets, providing ample storage space for all your essentials.
  • Milwaukee Tool Backpack: Perfect for IT professionals or anyone needing to carry a laptop alongside their tools, this backpack offers a unique combination of durability, versatility, and convenience. With 35 pockets and a dedicated laptop sleeve, it’s a standout choice for tech-savvy users.

We invite you to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. We’re here to assist you further if needed!

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