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7 Best Toddler Bikes in 2024

Cycling is always fun but finding the right cycle is quite challenging and time-consuming. If you are hunting for a toddler bike for your little one, this article will be your rescue. Before jumping into our top picks, let’s look into the considerable features.  

  • Safety: Prefer bikes with adjustable handlebar grips, padded seats, helmets, and knee pads to ensure your child’s safety.
  • Child’s age:  Choose a bike that fits your child’s age, height, and inseam size. For example, a 2-year-old child may struggle to manage a pedal bike, yet a five-year-old can.
  • Design: A well-built bike will provide stability and withstand the rigors of toddler play. Prefer a light-weight bike with solid construction and a robust frame made of high-quality materials such as steel (or) aluminum.

Explore more from our detailed “Buying Guide” to make your toddler’s riding experience safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Best Toddler Bike Table

Toddler BikeSuitable Age GroupFoldable
Buy Now
Fisher-Price Toddler Bike2 to 5 YearsNoCheck On Amazon
RoyalBaby Toddler Bike3 to 12 YearsNoCheck On Amazon
Schwinn Toddler BikeGrown Up KidsNoCheck On Amazon
Besrey Toddler Bike10 Months to 4 YearsYesCheck On Amazon
Baby Joy Toddler Bike1 to 5 YearsYesCheck On Amazon
Joystar Toddler Bike2 to 7 YearsNoCheck On Amazon
Newyoo Toddler Bike1 to 3 YearsYesCheck On Amazon

Best Toddler Bike Reviews

1. Fisher-Price Toddler Bike

Fisher-Price Toddler Bike

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike is the perfect blend of durability, style, and child-driven fun. Designed with the iconic Harley-Davidson look and built to withstand adventurous “off-road” play, this trike is all about empowering toddlers and preschool kids, aged 2-5 years, with the joy of biking. It’s engineered to support children up to 55 lb/25 kg, encouraging them to pedal and explore their environment actively. The trike’s wide and stable base, combined with its robust tires, ensures a secure and smooth experience on various surfaces.

Easy-to-hold handlebars and big foot pedals make it simple for little ones to navigate and control their path. A special feature of this trike is the hidden storage space beneath the seat, perfect for carrying toys and snacks on every journey. Beyond the fun, this trike plays a crucial role in developing important physical skills like balance, coordination, and gross motor abilities, making it a smart choice for parents looking to enhance their child’s playtime with meaningful activity.

Best Features

  • Kid-Powered Pedalling
  • Secret Storage Compartment
  • Easy-Grip Handlebars
  • Durable, Rugged Tires
  • Strengthens Gross Motor Skills


  • Encourages physical activity and outdoor play.
  • Develops coordination and balance.
  • Offers independent exploration for toddlers.
  • Durable design withstands rough play.
  • Stylish Harley-Davidson aesthetics appeal to kids.


  • Limited to ground-level play

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2. RoyalBaby Toddler Bike

RoyalBaby Toddler Bike

The Royalbaby Freestyle Kids Bike is expertly designed with safety, sportiness, and convenience in mind. It comes pre-assembled with sealed bearings and adjustable features, ensuring smooth rides for children aged 3-9 years. Drawing inspiration from BMX style, this bike fosters fun, creativity, and friendship, making it an ideal companion for your child’s cycling adventures. 

Its sturdy alloy steel frame and various size options cater to different ages, promising durability and adaptability as your child grows. Safety features include efficient handbrakes, stable wide tires, and a secure frame, ensuring a safe ride every time. Additionally, it includes training wheels for beginners and a water bottle holder for added convenience during play.

Best Features

  • BMX-Inspired Sporty Design
  • Sealed Bearing System
  • Efficient Grip Handbrake
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebar


  • Attractive design appeals to children.
  • Easy balance and learning with training wheels.
  • Smooth and easy pedaling enhances enjoyment.
  • Safety features provide peace of mind for parents.
  • Quick assembly allows for immediate fun.


  • Training wheels may limit off-road capability.

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3. Schwinn Toddler Bike

Schwinn Toddler Bike

The Schwinn Koen & Elm Kids Bike blends functionality and fun, providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for children aged 2-9 years. It incorporates Schwinn’s SmartStart design, which adapts to a child’s body proportions, aiding in easier learning and control. The lightweight alloy steel frame, smaller grip handles, and optimized pedal position cater to little riders, easing the learning curve. 

Training wheels offer stability for beginners, while the tool-free adjustable saddle ensures the bike grows with your child, maximizing its lifespan. Safety and convenience features include both rear coaster and front caliper brakes for easy transitioning, as well as a saddle handle for effortless transport. With its BMX styling and number plate, the Koen & Elm bike adds a cool factor that kids adore.

Best Features

  • SmartStart Kid-Centric Design
  • Tool-Free Adjustable Saddle
  • Rear Coaster & Front Caliper Brakes
  • Lightweight Alloy Steel Frame
  • Includes Training Wheels & Number Plate


  • Easy to adjust as the child grows.
  • BMX styling appeals to young riders.
  • Dual braking system improves safety.
  • Designed for comfort and easy control.
  • Comes partially assembled for convenience.


  • Training wheels might need adjustment for stability.

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4. Besrey Toddler Bike

Besrey Toddler Bike

This 5-in-1 toddler bike from Besrey is an all-in-one solution for your child’s riding journey. It’s designed to accommodate children aged 10 months to 4 years old, offering five progressive stages of development. From a tricycle without pedals to a balance bike without pedals, this bike adapts to your child’s growing skills, making the transition from walking to pedaling seamless. Safety is a top priority with the curved carbon steel frame, which reduces the risk of injury by absorbing vibrations, and a construction that eliminates sharp edges to prevent scratches. 

Installing the bike is a breeze thanks to its one-click deformation and quick-disassembly pedal system, allowing for effortless mode transitions. Equipped with features like limited 70° steering to prevent accidents and fully enclosed wheels for added foot protection, this bike ensures a secure and enjoyable ride for toddlers. Give your child the gift of safe and fun riding experiences with the Besrey 5-in-1 toddler bike.

Best Features

  • Multifunctional 5-in-1 Design
  • Curved Carbon Steel Frame for Safety
  • Easy One-Click Mode Transition
  • Adjustable Handlebar & Seat
  • Anti-slip EVA Foam Tires


  • Adaptable design grows with the child.
  • Enhanced safety with a curved frame and limited steering.
  • Easy assembly and mode changes encourage use.
  • Sturdy construction for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Comfortable and safe for toddlers’ use.


  • May require frequent adjustments as the child grows.

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5. BABY JOY Toddler Bike

Baby Joy Toddler Bike

Is your toddler aged 1-5 years old? The BABY JOY Tricycle could be the perfect solution for you. With its versatile 7-in-1 design, this tricycle grows with your child, adapting to their changing needs. It starts as a toddler tricycle, then transforms into a steering tricycle, and finally becomes a learn-to-ride trike. 

The 360-degree rotatable seat encourages bonding between you and your child during rides. Plus, it’s practical too – easily foldable for storage and transport. Its all-terrain rubber wheels ensure a smooth ride on any surface. Safety features like double brakes, a 3-point safety belt, and an adjustable canopy keep your child secure. And for parents, adjustable push handles and ample storage make outings a breeze.

Best Features

  • 7-in-1 Multifunctional Design
  • Foldable for Easy Transport
  • 360-Degree Rotatable Seat
  • Double Brakes for Safety
  • Adjustable Canopy & Push Handle


  • Versatile usage adapts to growing children.
  • Easy to fold, store, and transport.
  • High level of interaction between parent and child.
  • Durable construction suitable for various terrains.
  • Safety features ensure a secure ride.


  • Assembly may be complex due to multiple features.

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6. JOYSTAR Toddler Bike

Joystar Toddler Bike

The JOYSTAR Kids Bike is a vibrant and robust bicycle crafted to engage children aged 2-12 years in the joy of cycling. With a variety of sizes and colors available, this bike caters to young riders of different heights and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for every child. Safety is paramount in its design, featuring wide pneumatic tires for stability, reflectors for visibility, and an enclosed chain guard to safeguard little fingers. 

The durable carbon steel frame withstands the rigors of learning to ride, while front and rear hand caliper brakes, along with a rear coaster/foot brake, offer reliable stopping power for parents’ peace of mind. Training wheels assist beginners in finding balance, and adjustable saddle and stem height ensure the bike grows with your child, providing years of enjoyment and learning. Optional doll bike seat and bike flag accessories personalize each ride, turning every journey into an adventure.

Best Features

  • Vibrant Colors & Fun Accessories
  • Wide Pneumatic Stability Tires
  • Front & Rear Safety Brakes
  • Enclosed Chain Guard
  • Adjustable Saddle & Stem Height


  • Attractive design encourages riding.
  • Safety features ensure a secure experience.
  • Training wheels support beginners.
  • Easy to adjust as the child grows.
  • Durable construction for long-term use.


  • Training wheels may require adjustment for optimum balance.

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7. Newyoo Toddler Bike

Newyoo Toddler Bike

This toddler tricycle from Newyoo is a versatile and safe choice for kids aged 1-3 years, perfect for their first biking experience. It offers five modes, including Push Tricycle, Push Balance Bike, Tricycle, Balance Bike, and Bike, adapting to your child’s development stages from walking to pedaling. The 135-degree rotating steering push handlebar allows parents to control speed and direction, ensuring safety while encouraging independent exploration.

Adjustable handlebar, seat, and pedals ensure a comfortable fit as your child grows, while the sturdy carbon steel frame and EVA wheels ensure smooth rides. Easy assembly and conversion make it convenient for busy families to use frequently. Additional safety features like a safety guard, backrest, and safety belt provide further peace of mind for parents as their little ones embark on their cycling adventures.

Best Features

  • 5 Convertible Modes
  • Parent Steering Push Handle
  • Adjustable Handlebar & Seat
  • Carbon Steel Frame for Durability
  • EVA Shock-Absorbing Wheels


  • Adapts to the child’s growing abilities.
  • Allows for parental control and guidance.
  • Easy to adjust for comfort and safety.
  • Durable construction supports repeated use.
  • Designed for easy assembly and mode conversion.


  • Limited to younger age range up to 3 years.

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Buying Guide For The Best Toddler Bike

When it comes to choosing the best toddler bike for your little one, several factors should be considered to ensure safety, comfort, and enjoyment. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Types of Bikes

  • Balance Bikes: These bikes have no pedals and are designed to help toddlers develop balance and coordination before transitioning to pedal bikes. They are generally lightweight and easy for young children to handle.
  • Tricycles: Tricycles provide stability with three wheels, making them suitable for toddlers who are still mastering coordination and balance. They often come with a low center of gravity for added safety.
  • Pedal Bikes: Once your toddler has mastered balance and coordination, pedal bikes are the next step. These bikes come with pedals and are suitable for older toddlers who are ready to pedal independently.

2. Size

Choosing the right size bike is crucial for your toddler’s safety and comfort. Look for bikes with adjustable seat heights and handlebars to accommodate your child’s growth.

The size of the bike should allow your child to touch the ground with their feet while sitting on the seat to ensure stability and control.

3. Weight

Opt for lightweight bikes that are easy for toddlers to maneuver. Heavy bikes can be difficult for young children to handle and may lead to accidents.

Lightweight bikes also make it easier for parents to carry or transport when necessary.

4. Material

Toddler bikes are commonly made from materials like aluminium, steel, or wood. Each material has its own advantages and considerations.

Aluminum bikes are lightweight and rust-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. Steel bikes, while heavier, are durable and offer stability. Wooden bikes are eco-friendly and can have a classic aesthetic appeal.

5. Adjustability

Look for bikes with adjustable features such as seat height, handlebar height, and even frame size. This allows the bike to grow with your child and ensures a comfortable riding experience.

Adjustable features also make it easier to find the perfect fit for your toddler, reducing the risk of discomfort or frustration while riding.

Toddler Bikes FAQs

1. What is the best age to gift a toddler their first bike?

Ans: While going through our list, you might have found out some of the best options we have for a toddler bike that are suitable for even a 10 month old kid. Therefore, there is no such thing as “too young for a bike”. Since the bikes designed for a toddler are built with all necessary considerations in mind, the safety as well as the fun your child will have with the bike is guaranteed. So, the earlier you can get your child their first bike, the better.

2. Are balancing wheels necessary for a toddler bike?

Ans: Balancing wheels are something that are pretty important for a toddler bike. As they are a toddler, they obviously do not have the balancing skill needed for riding a regular bike. So if you are going for a smaller version of a regular bike, make sure that it has proper balancing wheels. However, balancing wheels are not mandatory if you are buying a balancing bike or a stroller bike as it already has 3 or more wheels, reducing the need for further balancing.

3. Which options are better for outdoor riding?

Ans: If you are planning to let your kid ride the bike outdoors, you should get one that prevents your kid from environmental impact such as harsh sunlight or rain. Also, outdoors options that you will use in places like a park or in your own lawn, just make sure that the bike is durable enough to sustain shocks and impacts of outdoor usage.


Selecting the perfect toddler bike requires considering your child’s age, development, and desired features. Here are three top picks based on different needs:

  • RoyalBaby Toddler Bike: For active adventurers (ages 3-9), this 12-18 inch bike offers sturdiness, multiple size options, and cool designs to fuel their biking passion. Its lightweight frame and training wheels ensure a smooth learning experience.
  • Schwinn Toddler Bike: For growing toddlers (ages 2-9), this versatile bike adapts with your child. Starting with training wheels on the 12-inch model, it transitions to 16 or 18 inches as they gain confidence. The included basket or number plate adds a fun touch.
  • Besrey Toddler Bike: For multi-stage learning (ages 1-4), this innovative bike provides exceptional value. It seamlessly transforms from tricycle to balance bike to training bike, catering to your child’s evolving needs. Its compact design and removable pedals make it perfect for storage and travel.

Remember, the “best” bike depends on your individual needs. Consider your budget, child’s preferences, and desired features to make the perfect choice for their biking journey!

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