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8 Best BMX Bikes For Every Skill Level – Reviews in 2024

Are you having a tough time deciding between a Freestyle BMX and a Racing BMX? It’s not just about the type of BMX bike you pick; it’s about finding the one that matches your personality and skills. Let’s clear up the idea that the priciest bike is always the best. In this blog post, we’ll help you choose the right BMX bike and make your BMX experience even better.

Before we delve into the top BMX bikes, let’s first explore the different types of BMX bikes and discuss the criteria we used to select the best ones for you.

Types of BMX Bikes

1. Freestyle BMX Bikes

Freestyle BMX bikes are built for performing tricks and stunts. They come with a sturdy frame and excellent maneuverability, making them perfect for skate park riders and street enthusiasts.

2. Racing BMX Bikes

Racing BMX bikes are designed for speed and agility. These bikes are ideal for competitive racing and are built for high performance, featuring larger wheels and a lightweight frame.

Essential Features To Consider Before Buying:

  • Bike Style, Size, and Skill Level: BMX bikes come in a variety of sizes, so it is important to choose a bike that is the right size for the rider. BMX bikes also come in a variety of styles, such as freestyle, racing, and dirt jumping. It is  important to choose a bike that is designed for the type of riding that the rider plans on doing.
  • Frame Material: BMX bike frames are typically made of steel or aluminium. Steel frames are heavier but more durable, while aluminium frames are lighter but less durable.
  • Components: BMX bikes come with a variety of components, such as brakes, handlebars, and wheels. It is important to choose a bike with components that are appropriate for the rider’s skill level and riding style.

Best BMX Bikes Table

BMX BikeWheel SizeSuitable ForSuspension TypeBuy Now
Mogoose BMX Bikes20 InchesUnisex Kids - BeginnersRigidCheck On Amazon
Diamondback BMX Bike20 InchesUnisex, Kids 7 - 9 YearsRear, FrontCheck On Amazon
TONY HAWK BMX Bike20 InchesUNISEX-- 6-10Year- kidsRear, FrontCheck On Amazon
Huffy BMX Bike20 InchesBoys - Big KidsRigidCheck On Amazon
Schwinn BMX Bike20 InchesUnisex - AdultsRigidCheck On Amazon
Razor BMX Bike20 InchesBoys - Kids - Age 8Rear, FrontCheck On Amazon
Elite BMX Bike20 InchesUnisex - AdultsRigidCheck On Amazon
Cubsala BMX Bike18 InchesUnisex Young Adults - BeginnersRigidCheck On Amazon

Best BMX Bikes Reviews

1. Mogoose BMX Bike

Mogoose BMX BikesThe Mongoose Legion L10 is a durable and versatile 20″ BMX bike for beginners and modern riders. It features a Hi-Ten steel frame with removable brake mounts, a 170 mm one-piece forged steel crank, aluminum single wall 36H rims, and a steel U-brake. It’s perfect for taking your riding experience to the next level.


  • Steel Freestyle Frame: This bike’s steel freestyle frame is a rock-solid foundation that ensures durability and stability. Whether your child is perfecting tricks or cruising around the neighbourhood, this frame can handle it all.
  • Cool Tony Hawk: Bike Designed with Matte Finish Mongoose has collaborated with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk to create a sleek and stylish design that kids love. The matte finish not only looks cool but also provides excellent grip.
  • Rear Hand Brake: A rear hand brake with an alloy lever is a safety feature that can help kids break more smoothly and efficiently. It ensures smooth and efficient braking, giving parents peace of mind. 
  • Adjustable Seat Post: As your child grows, so can their bike. The adjustable seat post allows you to customise the bike’s height to accommodate your child’s increasing height.


  • Durable Build: The steel frame ensures longevity, even with rough usage.
  • Stylish Design: Kids will love the cool Tony Hawk-inspired look.
  • Effective Braking: The rear hand brake offers reliable stopping power.
  • Easy to Maneuver: Thanks to lightweight alloy rims.
  • Adjustable: The seat post can be tailored to your child’s growth.


  • Assembly Required: Some assembly is necessary out of the box, so be prepared to set it up.
  • No Pegs: This bike doesn’t come with pegs for tricks, which might disappoint some riders.

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2. Diamondback BMX Bike

Diamondback BMX BikeDiamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike embodies these qualities perfectly. Bike is a high tensile steel frame built to withstand the test of time. Whether you’re racing on tracks or conquering dirt trails, this frame is your guarantee of strength and longevity.

This bike keeps it simple, ensuring reliable performance without the complexity of multiple gears. It’s a setup that’s easy to maintain, making your rides hassle-free.


This BMX bike from Diamondback Bicycles offers a range of features designed to enhance your child’s biking experience:

  • High Tensile Steel Frame and Fork: The bike is constructed with a high tensile steel frame and fork that are not only durable but also robust, ensuring safety and stability during rides.
  • Single-Speed Drivetrain: The single-speed drivetrain simplifies the riding experience for young cyclists, offering reliability and ease of use.
  • Linear Pull Rear Brake: The linear pull rear brake provides efficient and precise stopping, ensuring safety during fast-paced rides.


  • High-Quality Construction: Known for its robust, lightweight design and quality parts.
  • Durable and Strong: The bike is light yet incredibly strong, providing reliability and confidence for young riders.
  • Quick and Agile: Offers quick and agile performance, making it perfect for those looking for an exciting ride.
  • Easy Assembly: Users have found it straightforward to put together.
  • Excellent Brake Performance: The brakes are tuned perfectly, ensuring safety.


  • No Major Drawbacks: There are no significant drawbacks mentioned by users.

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TONY HAWK BMX BikeTONY HAWK Dynacraft BMX Bike ensures it with front and rear caliper brakes, providing precise and reliable stopping power when you need it the most.The inclusion of front and rear pegs opens up a world of possibilities for tricks and stunts. 

Bike’s freestyle capabilities are further enhanced by its custom grips, offering you a comfortable and secure hold on the handlebars, ensuring you have full control over your ride.


  • Custom Tony Hawk Design and Graphics: The bike features a custom design with graphics inspired by legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. This unique look is sure to appeal to young riders.
  • Front and Rear Caliper Brakes: Front and rear caliper brakes offer precise control over speed and stopping, promoting safety during rides.
  • Front and Rear Pegs: Equipped with both front and rear pegs, this BMX bike allows kids to perform tricks and stunts, adding an extra element of fun to their riding experience.
  • Custom Grips: The custom grips not only add style but also provide a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing control during rides.


  • Custom Design: Tony Hawk-inspired graphics make this bike visually appealing.
  • Dual Caliper Brakes: Front and rear caliper brakes ensure safe and precise stopping.
  • Front and Rear Pegs: Allow for trick performance and added fun during rides.
  • Custom Grips: Comfortable and secure grips for young riders.


  • Weak Hand Brakes: Some users have reported that the hand brakes are relatively weak, which could affect stopping power.
  • Rim Brake Grip: The rim brakes on both wheels may not provide optimal grip, potentially impacting braking performance.

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4. Huffy BMX Bike

Huffy BMX BikeHuffy Kid’s Bikes are the ideal size for children aged 5-9, with a rider height ranging from 44 to 56 inches. The padded seat is not only comfortable but also adds a touch of style with its dazzling red Revolt graphics. Huffy Kid’s Bikes are equipped with front and rear handbrakes that are easy to reach, providing sure stopping power when needed


This BMX bike from Huffy offers several features that cater to young riders:

  • Ideal Sizing: With a cool metallic gunmetal color, this BMX bike is tailored for children aged 5-9 with a rider height ranging from 44 to 56 inches. It’s designed to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Pro-Inspired BMX Pegs: The bike comes with pro-inspired BMX pegs, which are perfect for young riders looking to try hops, grinds, and tail whips, adding an element of excitement to their rides.
  • Comfortable Padded Seat: The padded seat is not only comfortable but also features dazzling red Revolt graphics that enhance the overall design of the bike.
  • Effective Handbrakes: Front and rear handbrakes are easily accessible, providing reliable stopping power when needed, ensuring the safety of young riders.
  • Custom Fit: The quick-release seat post clamp allows for easy tool-free seat height adjustments, ensuring a custom fit for each young rider.


  • Ideal Sizing: Tailored for children aged 5-9, providing a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Pro-Inspired Pegs: Perfect for young riders to experiment with tricks and stunts.
  • Comfortable Seat: The padded seat adds comfort and style to the bike.
  • Effective Handbrakes: Easily accessible front and rear handbrakes ensure safety.
  • Custom Fit: Quick-release seat post clamp allows tool-free seat height adjustments.


  • Handlebar Assembly: Some users found it quite difficult to put on the handlebars.

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5. Schwinn BMX Bike

Schwinn BMX BikeSchwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMXbikes are a perfect fit for riders ranging from 4’8” to 5’4” in height, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride. These bikes feature a single-speed drivetrain, ensuring easy, low-maintenance riding. Strength and Speed

 The inclusion of aluminum rims adds lightweight strength, while the tubular crankset provides the stiffness needed for faster acceleration, ensuring that these bikes aren’t just about style—they can also deliver the speed and power you crave.


The Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX is packed with features that pay homage to its classic design:

  • Iconic Hiten Steel BMX Frame: This bike features a Hiten steel BMX frame inspired by the legendary 1989 design. The frame’s classic look adds to the vintage appeal.
  • Classic BMX Handlebar and Laid-Back Seat Post: To maintain the authentic feel, Schwinn has included a classic BMX handlebar and a laid-back seat post. The Sting top tube pad adds to the retro aesthetics.
  • Single Speed Drivetrain and Rear Caliper Brake: The single-speed drivetrain and rear caliper brake offer low-maintenance riding. This bike is all about getting on the track with minimal fuss.


  • Nostalgic Design: Perfect for those who appreciate classic BMX aesthetics.
  • Period-Correct Details: A true throwback to the BMX golden era.
  • Low Maintenance: Single-speed drivetrain and rear caliper brake for hassle-free riding.
  • Lightweight: Aluminum rims and a tubular crankset ensure swift acceleration.


  • Bike Seat: Some users may find the bike seat less comfortable during extended rides.

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6. Razor BMX Bike

Razor BMX BikeThis exceptional bike lies a tig welded steel frame and fork, ensuring robustness and durability. Whether you’re mastering new tricks or hitting the ramps, the Razor Nebula can handle the challenge. The 20″ wheels, combined with pegs, offer riders the ideal platform for stunts, jumps, and grinds. These wheels provide the stability you need to pull off your most daring moves.

Razor Nebula is equipped with both front and rear handbrakes, ensuring that you have complete control over your speed and maneuvers. The inclusion of a freestyle rotor allows for 360-degree handlebar rotations, taking your stunts to a whole new level.


  • Tig Welded Steel Frame and Fork: The steel frame and fork are expertly welded to provide a durable foundation for this BMX bike. They can handle the demands of freestyle riding and offer lasting performance.
  • 20″ Wheels with Pegs: The 20″ wheels are perfectly sized for young riders, providing a comfortable and stable riding experience. The included pegs add an extra element of fun and versatility for tricks and stunts.
  • Front and Rear Handbrakes: Front and rear handbrakes offer precise control over speed and stopping, promoting safety during rides. This feature is crucial for building confidence in young riders.
  • Freestyle Rotor Included: The freestyle rotor allows for 360-degree handlebar rotation, enabling your child to perform exciting tricks and stunts.


  • Durable Build: The tig welded steel frame and fork ensure longevity.
  • Pegs For Tricks: 20″ wheels with pegs add versatility for stunts and tricks.
  • Dual Handbrakes: Front and rear handbrakes provide precise speed control.
  • Alloy Seat Clamp: Offers both functionality and a stylish touch.
  • Freestyle Rotor: Allows for impressive 360-degree handlebar rotation for tricks.


  • Brake and Bolt Issues: Some users have reported issues with the brakes and handlebar bolts, which can impact safety.
  • Short Brake Cables: The brake cables may be too short, making it challenging to attach them properly.

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7. Elite BMX Bike

Elite BMX BikeThe Elite BMX Bicycle frame is a great choice for riders who are looking for a durable, comfortable, and efficient bike for trick riding. It is reinforced at all the critical points where it is likely to take impacts during trick performance, and the Elite free-coaster provides a smooth and reliable experience for riders looking to step up their game.


The Elite BMX Bicycle offers several standout features:

  • Reinforced Frame: This BMX bike’s frame is reinforced at all the points where it’s likely to take impacts during trick performance
  • Padded Seat with Alloy Post: The combo includes a thick foam-padded seat with Elite BMX embroidery, offering both comfort and style. It’s accompanied by a 25.4mm alloy post, which keeps the combo lightweight. Additionally, a 28.6mm seat clamp is included.
  • Elite Free-Coaster: The Elite free-coaster boasts a 6061-T6 aluminum shell with sealed bearings, a 14mm hollow Chromoly axle, and a 1-pc Chromoly driver with sealed needle and roller bearings. This setup provides smooth and reliable performance, making it a top-notch choice for trick enthusiasts.


  • Durable Design: The reinforced frame ensures longevity, even during intense trick riding.
  • Comfortable Seat: The foam-padded seat with Elite BMX embroidery adds comfort to your rides.
  • Efficient Crankset: The 3-piece Cro-Mo crankset offers excellent power transfer.
  • Smooth Riding: The Elite free-coaster with sealed bearings provides a seamless experience.
  • Lightweight Combo: The alloy post and seat clamp maintain a lightweight profile.


  • No Major Drawbacks: While this bike doesn’t come with any significant drawbacks, its price may be a consideration for some.

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8. Cubsala BMX Bike

Cubsala Crossea BMX BikeThe Cubsala Crossea18 BMX bike is the perfect choice for young riders who are just starting out in the world of BMX. With its durable frame, smooth ride, and easy-to-use features, the Crossea18 is designed to help beginners learn and progress at their own pace.


  • Beginning Rider Design: This BMX bike is tailored for beginners, making it an excellent choice for young riders. With a suggested rider height range of 3’5″ to 4’3″, it’s the perfect starting point for your child’s biking journey.
  • Durable Frame: The frame is constructed from robust Hi-Ten steel, ensuring reliable support and long-lasting comfort. It’s well-suited for street, park, or trail riding, with a 17.3″ top tube length that offers stability and control.
  • Easy to Ride: The drivetrain features a 152 mm one-piece crank with a 32T chainring. This setup provides a smooth and efficient riding experience. Additionally, the aluminum U-brake and hand-brake levers offer precision speed control, enhancing safety.
  • Reliable Wheelset: The 18″ x 2.125″ tires are mounted on aluminum single wall 36H rims with 3/8″ female axle hubs and a 16T cog freewheel. This combination provides durability and strength, allowing the bike to withstand various terrains and riding conditions.
  • Easy Assembly: For your convenience, the cubsala Crossea BMX comes 85% pre-assembled and includes the necessary assembly tools. This feature streamlines the setup process. Moreover, it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind.


  • Beginner-Friendly: Specifically designed for novice riders.
  • Durable Frame: The Hi-Ten steel frame ensures longevity.
  • Smooth Riding: The drivetrain and brakes provide precise control.
  • Reliable Wheelset: Withstands various terrains and conditions.
  • Easy Assembly: Comes 85% pre-assembled and includes tools.


  • No Foot Brake: It lacks a foot brake, which might be a minor inconvenience for some riders.

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Here are the Top 3 BMX Bikes For Different User Preferences

Best BMX Bike For Beginners:

The Mongoose Legion Kids Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike is a great choice for young riders who are just starting out. It is a lightweight and durable bike that is easy to control. 

Best BMX Bike For Experienced Riders:

The Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX bikes are great choices for riders who are looking for a high-performance BMX bike. The Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX bikes come with a variety of features that are perfect for experienced riders, such as a multi-speed drivetrain, front and rear brakes, and lightweight components.

Best BMX Bike For Versatility:

The Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike is a great choice for riders who are looking for a versatile BMX bike. The Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike can be used for a variety of activities, such as freestyle riding, racing, and dirt jumping. The Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike comes with a variety of features that are perfect for riders of all skill levels, such as a multi-speed drivetrain, front and rear brakes, and lightweight components.

Buying Guide For a BMX bike

Buying a BMX bike can be an exciting and fun process, but it’s important to make an informed decision to ensure you get a bike that suits your riding style and needs. Here’s a detailed buying guide for a BMX bike:

1. Riding Style

Your preferred style of riding, such as street, park, dirt, or flatland, will dictate the type of BMX bike you should choose. Different styles require specific features and components.

2. Frame Material and Size

The frame material and size should match your riding style and body size. Consider materials like chromoly or aluminum, and choose a frame size that provides a comfortable fit.

3. Brakes and Brakeless Setup

Decide whether you want a BMX bike with brakes or a brakeless setup. Brakes are essential for safety, especially for beginners, but many riders prefer a brakeless style for tricks and aesthetics.

4. Tire Size and Wheel Material

Tire size affects stability and control, while wheel material impacts durability and performance. Choose the right tire size and durable wheel material for your specific needs.

5. Budget and Quality

Set a budget and seek a BMX bike that offers the best quality within that range. Well-known brands often provide better quality and warranties, but there are budget-friendly options for beginners.

BMX Bikes – FAQs

1. Do BMX bikes have brakes?

Ans: Yes, BMX bikes do have brakes. Most BMX bikes have a rear hand brake, and some also have a front hand brake. However, some BMX riders, particularly those who do street riding or park riding, choose to remove their brakes to make the bike lighter and easier to maneuver.

2. Are BMX bikes suitable for beginners?

Ans: Yes, there are BMX bikes designed specifically for beginners. These bikes often have a simpler design, sturdy frame, and are easier to handle, making them ideal for those new to BMX riding.

3. What should I look for when buying a BMX bike?

Ans: When buying a BMX bike, consider factors such as the bike’s type (race, freestyle, etc.), your riding style, your height, frame material (steel, aluminum, chromoly), wheel size, and your budget.

4. Are bmx bikes good for cruising?

Ans: BMX bikes are not ideal for cruising, especially for long distances. They are designed for racing, street riding, and stunts, and they are not as comfortable or efficient for cruising as other types of bikes, such as hybrid bikes, cruiser bikes, or mountain bikes.

5. Are bmx bikes good for long distance

Ans: No, BMX bikes are not good for long distance riding. They are designed for short bursts of speed and agility, not for long-distance comfort and efficiency.

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