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Best Stun Gun Reviews

For women valuing discretion or anyone needing reliable defense, owning the right stun gun can provide confidence in unpredictable scenarios. These devices, proven effective for self-defense, offer a non-lethal method to incapacitate attackers. Compact, portable, and easy to use, they serve as potent deterrents against potential dangers. Our assessment focused on three key criteria:

  • Effectiveness: We thoroughly evaluated each stun gun’s ability to incapacitate attackers, meticulously examining factors like voltage, shock duration, and overall effectiveness for optimal real-world performance.
  • Portability: The stun gun’s efficiency relies on its portability and quick accessibility. We analyzed each device’s size, weight, and ergonomic shape, focusing on discreet everyday carry, especially for women.
  • Safety Features: Ensuring user safety is our top priority. We examined key safety elements like disabling mechanisms, rechargeable batteries, and ergonomic designs to reduce accidental activation and improve usability.

Drawing from our comprehensive testing, we have curated a selection of “Top-Stun Guns” that excel in these critical areas, offering reliable protection across diverse circumstances. 

Best Stun Gun Table

Best Stun GunCharge Intensity

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VIPERTEK  VTS-880-30 Stun Gun---Check On Amazon
POLICE Stun Gun---Check On Amazon
FIGHTSENSE Stun Gun 1.600µCCheck On Amazon
Guard Dog Security Stun Gun---Check On Amazon
SABRE Stun Gun2.517 µCCheck On Amazon
STREET WISE Stun Gun---Check On Amazon
REAX Stun Gun5 x 3.19 x 1.06Check On Amazon

Best Stun Gun Reviews

1. VIPERTEK VTS-880-30 Stun Gun

VIPERTEK  VTS-880-30 Stun Gun


VIPERTEK stun gun is a personal safety product that has a rubber body to provide a non-slip grip. It is a mini-stun gun that people can use to protect themselves in times of attack.

Designed with an LED flashlight inbuilt, this is a better choice for improved safety. Included with the safety switch prevent accidental discharge. You need to put the safety switch in position trigger the standing and let it operate.

When you use this on the attacker, it can keep them immobilized for the next few minutes. It is included with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that lets you use this stun gun over time. All you need is to plug it into the outlet, and it will be ready to use the next time.


  • Improved LED flashlights can illuminate your surroundings.
  • The compact size makes it easy to keep in your purse or pocket.
  • Designed with a non-slip rubber coating to prevent snatching away the stun gun.
  • The inclusion of rechargeable batteries keeps you away from buying expensive batteries.


  • Packs a punch of shock.
  • Very secure.
  • It does not slip away from hands.


  • Holds charge for just a few minutes.

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2. POLICE Stun Gun


The POLICE 305 is a highly effective piece of equipment that includes a flashlight. The LED fashlight is quite powerful when compared to other brands. It can temporarily blind an attacker, immobilizing him/her for a few minutes.

This stun gun is made from very strong ABS plastic. It is covered with a non-slip rubber layer, making it easy to hold, light to carry, and durable.

It has a rechargeable battery that can be easily charged using a standard outlet. It also has a switch to turn it on and off, helping to prevent it from being accidentally activated in your purse. At 7 inches long, it fits comfortably in a wallet or pocket. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty, offering long-term reliability.


  • Includes a powerful LED tactical flashlight for self-defense.
  • Powerful light can immediately cause a blinding effect.
  • Ultra-strong ABS plastic makes it a durable choice.
  • The anti-slip coating ensures easy holding.
  • Designed with a rechargeable battery for convenience.
  • The inclusion of on and off switch buttons prevents accidental discharge.


  • Extremely bright LED lights.
  • Feels sturdy.
  • Value for money.
  • Attached with a holster.


  • After multiple uses, it starts losing its charge.

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FIGHTSENSE is the next one in our choice that comes with extreme power. This stun gun features incredible stopping power that can immobilize the attackers within a few seconds. It has 1.600 micro Columbus charges that can induce intolerable pain.

The inclusion of LED flashlights that can run up to 120 lm can help you to light up the dark environment. Even when the attackers are at a distance, it can illuminate long distances. Thus, when you use it directly on their eyes, it can stop them.

It has a slide charging note for the rechargeable battery. It also includes a Taser button to deactivate and activate the Taser when required. It is also included with an on/off switch that can keep away from discharging the battery when not needed. When it produces a red light, it indicates the shock mode is ready to use.


  • Produces 1.600 micro Columbus charge to immediate stopping.
  • 120 lumens flashlight can lighten the surroundings and cause a blinding effect.
  • Designed with rechargeable batteries.
  • Easily activate and deactivate the taser.
  • Simple on and off button to prevent unwanted discharge.


  • The LED lights are extremely powerful.
  • Undoubtedly strong power.
  • Very handy.
  • Easy to use.


  • Lack of quality.

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4. Guard Dog Security Stun Gun

Guard Dog Security Hornet Stun Gun

Guard Dog is the World’s Smallest Stun Gun and is the best choice if you are looking for a mini version of a stun gun. Even when it has a mini structure, it provides high voltage and strong power to the attacker. The design includes three intensities of LED flashlight to illuminate your surroundings.

You can easily conceal it inside your palm and reach out when required. It has a measurement of less than 4 inches and weighs less than 0.05 kilograms. Talking about its ease of use, it’s very simple. You also get rechargeable batteries and a Velcro case for protection. 


  • Less than 4 inches in size and weighs less than 0.05 kilograms.
  • World’s smallest stun gun.
  • Three different LED flashlight levels.
  • Rechargeable batteries with easy flip-out plug.
  • Available with a velcro carrying case.


  • Small in size.
  • Flashlights are very bright.
  • Affordable choice.


  • Stopped working fast.

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5. SABRE Stun Gun


SABRE Stun GunSABRE’s Stun Gun combines advanced technology and user-friendly features to provide comprehensive protection. It delivers a powerful 2.517 µC charge and is approved by the National Institute of Justice for its ability to inflict intolerable pain. With a safety switch mechanism, it reduces the risk of accidental discharge.

Its integrated 130-lumen LED light serves as an illumination for navigation and disorienting attackers. For easy access during emergencies, this stun gun comes with a convenient belt holster. Its rechargeable battery prolongs usability and reduces the need for frequent replacements, promoting environmental sustainability. 

With over 45 years of experience and a trusted reputation among law enforcement agencies and consumers worldwide, SABRE is synonymous with excellence in personal security solutions. 


  • 2.517 µC charge for maximum protection
  • 130-lumen LED flashlight for illumination
  • Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • Rechargeable battery for multiple uses
  • Belt holster for easy carrying
  • Free safety training resources included


  • Trusted brand with reliable performance
  • Convenient LED flashlight for everyday use
  • Compact size and easy to carry
  • Rechargeable battery saves money and reduces waste


  • May vary in sturdiness 

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STREET WISE is the pen size powerful self-defense equipment created for both men and women. It has the size of an actual pen but packs a lot of power in the mini version of a stun gun. All you need is to just fire it in the air, and its firing is enough to stop the attacker. It is powerful self-defense equipment that can be disguised with an actual pen.

Since it has a very sleek and lightweight design, it can be carried very easily. It includes high voltage, which is enough to protect you. It is 6.1 inches long with a pen design. You can easily clip it into your pocket. It includes micro USB charging, which charges the stun pen within two hours.

It also includes the battery indicator lights that will let you know about the remaining battery in this stun gun. It is included with a safety switch that ensures the stun gun is protected from unnecessary discharge. Whenever you want to use this stun gun, all you need is to switch on the stun activation button, and it will be ready to use. Besides, with a comfortable grip and strong metal clip, it can be carried and kept everywhere. You can buy this quality stun gun as it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Strong metal clip to keep it in your pocket.
  • Sleek and pen design ensures easy concealing.
  • Designed with a battery status indicator.
  • A comfortable grip provides easy holding.
  • Safety switch to restrict unnecessary charge drainage.


  • It looks completely like a pen.
  • Very painful action.
  • Incredibly easy to use.


  • Overheating issues.

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7. REAX Stun Gun

REAX Power Volt Micro

REAX micro USB keychain is a reliable self-defense tool you need every day to keep yourself safe. It is a piece of tiny self-defense equipment that comes with the ability to give electric shocks to attackers. All you need is to press down its white button and then slide upwards. You require holding it to the top to keep generating the shock function. Using this on the attackers can be highly effective in immobilizing them for the next few minutes.

This tiny stun gun has been included with an LED bulb which also functions as a flashlight. It has the power to light up your surroundings and helps you to get notified about the things happening around you. It is also designed with an on and off button that can prevent accidental discharge. It does not use a traditional battery but a rechargeable battery that can be recharged with a USB charger.

This slim and tiny stun gun can release 4.9 mA of electricity. The LED flashlight is constructed from high-end aircraft aluminum to make it durable. It also has a black wrist strap for easy holding. It is stunningly powerful and is a great self-defense tool to carry in your purse.


  • Produces 10 million volts of power to stop criminals.
  • Designed to work immediately on the attackers.
  • Created from the aircraft aluminum quality.
  • Included with the wrist strap for a strong grip.
  • LED flashlight to illuminate surroundings.
  • USB charging system.
  • Designed with a switch on and off button.


  • Tiny in size.
  • Charges easily.
  • It works incredibly.


  • Accidentally stopped

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Factors To Consider For Stun Guns

Stun guns have become notable tools for self-protection. However, it’s crucial to recognize that their effectiveness varies, so careful consideration of different factors is essential for making the best choice. Understanding these factors and identifying the key features to prioritize can greatly enhance your ability to select the right stun gun for your needs.

1. Voltage and Charge

It is crucial to consider the voltage and charge provided by stun guns. The effectiveness of a stun gun is closely linked to its voltage output, as higher voltage levels lead to increased incapacitation of an assailant. It is recommended to choose a stun gun with a voltage ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 million volts to ensure optimal effectiveness in urgent situations.

2. Size and Portability

It is essential to prioritize compactness and portability. Choose smaller models that are easy to carry, allowing for discreet and convenient access when necessary. Look for lightweight choices with ergonomic designs to guarantee comfortable handling and easy storage in pockets or bags.

3. High Voltage Output

It’s crucial to focus on those with high voltage output. Stun guns that have higher voltage levels deliver a stronger shock, quickly disabling attackers. It’s recommended to opt for stun guns with voltage ratings exceeding 2 million volts for the best self-defense effectiveness.

4. Rechargeable Battery

Stun devices featuring rechargeable batteries offer economical and eco-conscious functionality. Ensuring the stun gun comes with a reliable charging system is essential. Furthermore, opting for models with prolonged battery longevity can lessen the need for frequent recharging.

5. Safety Mechanisms

Ensuring the safety of stun guns is paramount, and it’s recommended to prioritize models that come with built-in safety measures such as safety switches or trigger guards. These features are specifically designed to reduce the chances of accidental discharge, promoting safer handling. Additionally, choosing stun guns with reliable activation methods allows for quick deployment in unexpected situations.

6. Durability and Build Quality

It’s crucial to prioritize its durability and construction. Look for models made from high-quality materials that can withstand impacts and rough handling. A sturdy build ensures the stun gun will function reliably even in tough situations, assuring in critical times.

7. Additional Features

It’s recommended to consider additional functionalities that enhance the effectiveness and versatility of the stun gun. Give preference to models with integrated flashlights, which improve visibility in low-light situations. Moreover, holsters or cases provide convenient storage and quick access to the stun gun, enhancing its practicality and user-friendliness.


Selecting the right stun gun is crucial for personal safety. Consider factors like voltage, size, and additional features, while prioritizing quality and safety features. Adhere to legal guidelines for owning and using stun guns to ensure safety and compliance. With careful deliberation, individuals can confidently choose the best stun gun to meet their needs and enhance personal security.

  • The torchlight-recommended SABRE Stun Gun with LED Flashlight guarantees top-tier personal safety. Approved by both law enforcement and users, SABRE undergoes rigorous testing for reliability. Boasting a formidable 2.517 µC charge and a safety switch, it ensures potent defense, complemented by a 130 Lumen LED flashlight for dark scenarios.
  • If you seek a covert self-defense solution, the Streetwise Stun Gun is ideal. Combining discretion with potent stopping power, it’s rechargeable via Micro USB, ensuring readiness with its battery indicator. With a Lifetime Warranty, this sleek black stun gun offers peace of mind in any scenario, a vital asset for personal safety.
  • For a budget-friendly recommendation, consider the FIGHTSENSE Mini Stun Gun. Offering potent self-defense features at an economical price, it boasts strong stopping power, an integrated LED flashlight, and a compact, grippable design. With a rechargeable battery and lifetime warranty, it’s a prudent investment.

Stun Gun – FAQs

1. Are stun guns legal to own?

Ans: Yes, stun guns are legal to own in most states, but regulations may vary. Always check local laws and regulations before purchasing.

2. Are stun guns effective for self-defense?

Ans: Yes, stun guns are effective non-lethal self-defense weapons when used correctly, providing an option to immobilize an assailant and escape.

3. Do stun guns work through clothing?

Ans: Stun guns can penetrate through thin clothing layers, but thick clothing may reduce their effectiveness. Aim for direct contact whenever possible.

4. Are stun guns effective against multiple attackers?

Ans: Stun guns can be effective against multiple attackers in certain situations, but users should prioritize escape and seek help when facing multiple assailants.

5. Do stun guns have a range limit?

Ans: Stun guns typically have a range of a few feet to several feet, depending on the model. Proximity is ideal for maximum effectiveness.

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