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Stun Gun Vs Taser : What’s The Difference?

Self-defense devices have recently gained popularity as a measure to prevent harmful attacks against individuals. People have been opting out for several safety weapons which include both lethal and non-lethal units. Lethal weapons carry a lot of risk of being fatal to others. This is why non-lethal weapons are a good choice for personal defense. Stun guns and TASER guns are some of the most popular self-defense weapons.

Both these guns work on pretty much the same principle of immobilizing an attacker via electrical shock. The stun gun is a close-contact unit while the TASER gun comes under the projectile weapon tag. The majority of people confuse both these guns as the same gun which is false. To understand how both guns differ from each other, this article includes a detailed explanation related to these weapons.

Stun Gunstun gun

The stun gun is a hand-held defense weapon that produces an electrical shock to immobilize an attacker’s movements. It features a set of two or more prongs at the end of the body where a high-voltage electrical current runs continuously. In the condition of direct contact with these prongs, the receiver gets a pulsating electrical shock that attacks their muscles. The attacker experiences spasms in their muscles along with an imbalanced body and mental state.

To deliver the shock to an attacker, the gun has to be in direct contact with the person, thereby jeopardizing the user’s safety. These guns are also ineffective against people under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The prongs of these guns are fixed to the body, which eliminates the need to replace them on every use.

Working of a Stun Gun

Before discussing the working of this gun, we must understand its construction. It consists of a small hand-held body in which several components are housed. It uses batteries as a power source to supply the required current to the voltage-amplifying circuit, switches, and prongs. Electrical current travels from the battery to the amplifying circuit whenever the user presses the switch.

Here, the current is further boosted with the help of transformers and then sent to the capacitors for storage. The prongs or electrodes are placed at the end of the circuit with a gap between them. The gap creates a voltage difference between the prongs. Whenever the human body comes in contact with these two prongs, it acts like a conductor for the current to balance the voltage difference. As a result, current passes through the body, and the person experiences an article shock of 1,500 to 20,000 volts or even above this range.


taser gun

The TASER gun is actually a trademarked name for Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle, a rifle-shaped defense gun. It is designed in a way to act like a firearm along with a trigger. The TASER gun works on the principle of shooting projectiles to immobilize the attacker via electrical shock. It is mostly used by law enforcement agencies while some models are developed for personal use.

Compared to a stun gun, the TASER gun has the advantage of extended range since it does not need close contact with the attacker. The user can simply shoot the charged electrodes which are connected to the gun via two wires. When the circuit between the two wires is completed, the user gets an electrical shock. The electrodes of a TASER gun thereby need the replacement of the cartridge before shooting again.

Working of a TASER Gun

The construction of a TASER gun is similar to that of a stun device with the addition and modification of certain components. It also consists of a battery, a trigger, and an amplification circuit. The prongs or electrodes are modified by connecting them with conductive wires and a compressed-gas cartridge. It also has a compartment for storing multiple electrodes and cartridges to shoot more than one time. A separate set of prongs is also provided to use the TASER gun as a stun device.

When the user pulls the trigger, the compressed gas cartridge opens. The expansion of gas further builds pressure for the electrodes to shoot them at the target. When the electrodes hit the target, the connected wires allow the flow of electrical current toward the target’s body. The voltage difference caused by transformers and capacitors is high enough to shock the target. Attacking the muscles and nervous system of the person, they get immobilized quickly.

Difference Between Stun Gun and TASER Gun

1. Brands

Several brands develop and manufacture stun units. Users get a wider range of models of these guns along with different specifications. Some popular brands like Vipertak, Sabre, etc. are known for their reliable stun devices. TASER guns are exclusively produced by Axon Inc. The guns have in fact become a popular name amongst self-defense weapons.

2. Reusability

The reliability factor is considered an important parameter for both stun and TASER guns. If the target is missing, the gun must offer another electrical charge to ensure maximum safety. The stun guns are reusable since the electrodes do not need replacement. TASER guns need to be reloaded with cartridges, wires, and electrodes before shooting again.

3. Overall Range

The TASER gun gets the upper hand when it comes to the range of the weapon. Being a projectile weapon, this gun can shoot from 15 to 35 ft, depending on the model. On the other hand, a stun device is effective only when the prongs touch the attacker’s body. The range is thereby approximately 0 ft for this gun. Users have to press the prongs on the attacker’s body for maximum effect.

4. Ease of Use

Comparing both guns, the stun gun seems easier to use. It is user-friendly and does not need any target practice. The TASER gun requires good shooting skills to ensure the prongs are correctly attached to the attacker. In case of multiple shots, the user also has to reload the TASER gun. The user can simply click the trigger for multiple shocks for a stun gun.

5. Legality

Being a defense weapon, both stun and TASER guns are classified as registered units. Users need a license to carry and use these guns in certain countries. The civilian models of these guns are sold to the licensed person only. According to their region’s law, Users are advised to check the allowed specifications of stun and TASER guns for civilians.

6. Size

In terms of overall size, the stun device is smaller compared to the TASER guns. The presence of fewer components contributes to its compact design. The TASER guns are larger in size with added weight. The dimensions are long to accommodate additional components like cartridge chamber and wire storage. The smallest versions of TASER guns are also available yet the stun unit is more compact and easy to transport.

7. Pain

Both stun and TASER guns cause pain to the shot person. The electrical shock feels like a string except the shock intensifies and makes them numb. Since the electrodes are shot as a projectile from the TASER guns, the person will feel more impact. Hence, a TASER gun will cause more pain at the point of contact, compared to the stun gun.

8. Price

The stun guns are priced lower than the TASER guns due to several factors. The components used in these guns help in keeping their overall price lower. The TASER gun has a larger body equipped with more components. Besides this, the TASER gun also has operational costs like replacing the cartridges. Both guns do have replaceable batteries which add to the operational costs.

Best Option to Choose Between Stun and TASER Gun

To choose the best self-defense device, users must consider certain factors. Both guns have a different range which becomes crucial while shooting the attacker. The gun must be reliable and durable to give constant output over years of use. It must be easy to use and provide simple reloading of cartridges. Besides this, the budget factor is also a selling point. The gun must offer better features for people with a limited budget.

The stun devices are suitable for civilians who can carry small weapons into their pockets. It is also cheaper than the TASER gun, making it accessible to more consumers. The TASER guns are suitable for the application involving a certain distance against the attackers. The extended range is safe for the user, and several law enforcement agencies use TASER guns against violent attackers.

Stun Gun Vs Taser FAQs-

1. Are stun guns effective on clothes?

Ans: Stu guns are designed to deliver an electrical shock at close proximity. Its effectiveness on clothes is dependent on the thickness of the clothing. These guns can easily transfer current via thin clothes. A thick layer of clothing restricts the transfer of current, reducing the shock’s overall impact.

2. How many volts are produced by Police TASERs?

Ans: The TASER guns developed for law enforcement agencies like Police are of higher specifications. The unit is modified to deliver a voltage output of over 40,000 to 50,000 volts. These levels of voltage are essential since Police have to face a number of risky individuals. The higher voltage also assures that current will flow through the wires against the air resistance.

3. Can a stun gun break through the skin?

Ans: The electrodes at the end of the stun device have a pointy shape. Upon shooting, the pointy edges can puncture the person’s skin. The wounds caused by this gun are minor and usually do not go deep. Projectiles from a TASER gun can cause more damage since the electrodes are shot at higher velocities.

4. Which part of the body is best for using a stun gun?

Ans: The stun guns are effective when used in sensitive parts of the human body. Electrical shock in these areas causes numbness and immobility to the user. Users can use this gun on the neck, groin, thighs, elbow, underarms, stomach, etc., quite sensitive areas. The sensitive area of the human body has a lot of nerves that an electrical shock can numb.


The stun gun and TASER gun have emerged as popular devices for personal safety. Even after being named “guns”, most of these units are non-lethal units. The user gets a safer option to immobilize an attacker by keeping a safe distance. This article discusses every detail related to the stun and TASER guns. It also includes some major differences between the two devices. With this information, users can buy an ideal option to improve their personal safety.

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