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The 5 Best Strut Spring Compressors 2024: Reviews & Buying Guide

If you want to enhance your vehicle maintenance experience, a crucial tool to consider is a strut spring compressor. Designed specifically for replacing strut cartridges and assembling various components, this equipment facilitates the compression of your automobile’s coil springs. 

Owning a strut spring compressor simplifies the process of replacing parts and conducting vehicle repairs. When selecting the right compressor, there are key features to consider:

  • Material: Opt for a compressor made from robust materials, with steel being the most reliable choice. This ensures durability and the ability to withstand high pressure, resulting in long-lasting performance.
  • Size: Compressor sizes vary, so it’s important to choose one that matches the dimensions required for your specific vehicle.
  • Safety: Prioritize safety by selecting a compressor that is sturdy and made from high-quality materials. A weak compressor could pose risks, leading to accidents, potential vehicle damage, and harm to yourself.

If you’re in the market for a dependable strut spring compressor tailored to your vehicle’s needs, explore the options we’ve detailed below. Our comprehensive guide includes features, benefits, and a specific “Buyer’s Guide” to assist you in selecting the perfect product for your car.

Best Strut Spring Compressors

Strut Spring CompressorsMaterialWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Branick Strut Spring CompressorAll-steel construction98 Pounds1 year from the shipping dateCheck On Amazon
OTC Clamshell Strut Spring Compressor Carbon Steel18.3 pounds---Check On Amazon
ABN Strut CompressorSteel55.11 pound2-year parts warrantyCheck On Amazon
OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II ExtremeMetal60 pounds---Check On Amazon
BestEquip Spring Compressor Wood surface
and steel frame
63.4 pounds---Check On Amazon

Top Strut Spring Compressors Reviews

1. Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor

Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor

If you require a reliable strut spring compressor for regular use, look no further than the Branick. While it might be considered a bit excessive, the Branick strut spring compressor sets the standard for high-quality stand-style compressors. Constructed from durable steel, weighing 98 pounds, and featuring a robust acme thread, this strut compressor is not only effective but also one of the safest options available.

The Branick stands out as a versatile and competent compressor that doesn’t require any additional adapters during operation. Its standout feature is the multi-position hooks, highly appreciated by consumers for enhancing versatility and accommodating various applications in different positions.

The OEM-approved Model 7600 is the preferred choice for handling tough applications like the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, RAV4, F-150, and GM pickups/SUVs. Its versatility shines through with no need for additional adapters, a heavy-duty acme thread, multi-position hooks, and robust all-steel construction. 


  • This is very versatile equipment with multi-position hooks.
  • The construction is all steel, and very durable.
  • Adapters are not required to use this strut compressor.
  • The sturdy acme threads make it suitable for heavy-duty work.


  • Some users reported bad machining on the threaded post
  • Not suitable for smaller coilovers
  • May require additional tools for certain applications

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2. OTC Clamshell Strut Spring Compressor

OTC Clamshell Strut Spring Compressor

The OTC Clamshell strut and spring compressor stands out as one of the top compressors on the market. It effectively handles springs of various diameters and pairs exceptionally well with an impact wrench for optimal performance. Enhanced safety features include lock pins that securely hold the jaws in place.

Despite its sizable frame, the OTC is impressively lightweight at just 18.3 pounds. Its robust construction ensures it can handle pressure effectively, making it suitable for diverse applications. This compressor is both safe and efficient in its operation.

The versatility of the OTC extends to its compatibility with different types of struts, eliminating the need for special adapter shoes. Notably, it excels at handling heavy loads and withstanding substantial pressure. A key advantage is its ability to work seamlessly with an impact wrench, saving considerable time and energy.


  • Efficiently works with springs of different diameters
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 18.3 pounds
  • Equipped with lock pins for enhanced safety during operation
  • Capable of working with various types of struts without needing special adapter shoes


  • Damage affecting the welded bracket
  • Hooks may not fit between coils on certain stock struts
  • Awkward handling for certain strut and spring configurations

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3. ABN Strut Compressor

ABN Strut CompressorFor individuals passionate about cars and experienced mechanics alike, the ABN Strut Spring Compressor Tool Set of 2 (Pair) proves to be a reliable tool. Designed with user ease in consideration, this compressor set streamlines the compression of coil springs, making tasks such as shock absorber or spring replacement more straightforward. 

The inclusion of an Acme threaded rod with integrated detent pins ensures a safe and secure spring compression experience, prioritizing safety throughout the operation.


  • Easy and super-fast setup for quick spring compression
  • Secure locking mechanism with built-in detent pins for added safety
  • Universally compatible with a wide range of struts for versatile use
  • Heavy-duty construction with forged hooks and a hardened center screw for durability


  • Reports of the nut breaking during usage
  • Quality concerns regarding craftsmanship and durability
  • Challenges with the tool’s fit during operation

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4. OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme

OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme

If you want a reliable and high-performance coil spring compressor, the OTC Strut Tamer II Extreme is an excellent choice. Manufactured by OTC, this compressor is known for its superior strength and capability to handle heavy-duty tasks. 

Crafted from sturdy metal, it features locking jaws that efficiently offset, clamp, and compress springs tightly. The compression strength is impressive, ensuring its effectiveness in various applications. Renowned for its versatility, stability, and durability, this USA-made product weighs 60 pounds and incorporates the latest locking trunnions for added stability during spring compression. 

Additionally, its arm-locking mechanism eliminates the need for constant adjustment. The OTC Tools Strut Tamer II Extreme stands out as a top-tier addition to the world of strut spring compressors, setting a new standard in strength and safety. 


  • Well-made design
  • Ease of use, making it a preferred choice for both professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts
  • Efficient handling of large strut springs, showcasing its superior performance


  • None mentioned

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5. BestEquip 3 Ton Capacity Auto Strut Coil Spring Compressor


If you want a robust coil spring compressor, consider the BestEquip model, which boasts a heavy-duty design with a 3-ton capacity. Its height is adjustable, featuring 7 holes at the bottom for customization. Constructed from high-quality metal, this compressor is exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding substantial pressure for heavy-duty tasks. 

It is suitable for various applications, exerting significant pressure with ease. The BestEquip 3-ton compressor, though not easily portable, is facilitated by a foot pedal for convenient operation, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of vehicles.


  • Easy to use compressor
  • Fits most vehicles
  • High-performance capabilities
  • Excellent value for money, making it an attractive option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts
  • Impressive 3-ton capacity (6600 lbs) ensures it can tackle heavy-duty tasks with ease


  • Not equipped for light work
  • Frame issues, indicating a lack of durability under heavy loads

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A Guide to Purchase the Best Strut Spring Compressors

Strut spring compressors play a crucial role in the maintenance and repair of your vehicle’s suspension system. Choosing the right one is essential for both efficiency and safety. In this guide, we will explore key factors to consider when purchasing the best strut spring compressors, ensuring you make an informed decision for your automotive needs.

1. Material

The material of a coil spring compressor is paramount for assessing its strength and durability. A robust compressor must handle the required pressure without compromising safety. According to industry standards, a steel frame is the preferred choice, providing the necessary strength and resilience. 

Many compressors feature steel frames with wood surfaces, offering an optimal combination of durability and stability during the compression process. Invest in a compressor with a solid steel frame to ensure it can withstand the intense pressure exerted during spring compression.

2. Size

Choosing the right size of a strut spring compressor is crucial for its effectiveness and safety. The equipment must fit the measured width and length of your vehicle’s struts accurately. 

The claws that attach to the coils need to be of the right size to ensure a secure grip, preventing any accidental slips that could lead to damage or injury. Refer to your vehicle’s specifications or measure the struts precisely to select a compressor that aligns with the specific dimensions required.

3. Features

When evaluating strut spring compressors, consider features that enhance safety, ease of use, and overall convenience. Look for compressors with safety mechanisms, such as locking features, to prevent accidental release during compression. 

Additionally, assess the availability of spare parts, as they are crucial for long-term maintenance. Opting for a compressor that includes spare parts can significantly reduce future costs and concerns about replacement components, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

4. Budget

While budget considerations are important, it’s crucial to strike a balance between cost and quality. Cheaper strut spring compressors may compromise on materials, impacting their ability to handle tough tasks effectively. Assess the specific requirements of your automotive tasks and determine the level of strength and versatility needed. While affordable options exist, investing in a sturdy and powerful compressor may require a slightly higher budget, ensuring reliable and consistent results over time.

5. Safety

Safety is of utmost importance when dealing with automotive equipment, especially strut spring compressors. Opt for compressors made with high-quality materials to avoid bending or breakage during use, which could lead to damage to the vehicle or pose risks to the user. A heavy-duty thread in the compressor is also crucial for ensuring the vehicle remains securely in place during the compression process, enhancing overall safety and stability.

Variation of Strut Compressors

Lastly, you must learn of the variation of strut compressors available on the market.

1. External Spring Compressor

The external spring compressors are just perfect. The spring will be gripped from the outside, and it will grab the coil in places. After the claws are attached, you only have to use a wrench to tighten the clamps. After they are tightened, they will come together to the center of the tool, also bringing the coils in close proximity.

2. Internal Spring Compressor

These are the most expensive type of compressors. They are placed on the inside. OS, you won’t have to face any internal structure that can get in your way. The internal spring compressors also use a jack-shaft; this tool goes between the spaces and pulls the coil together but from the inside.

The use is very tricky. So, it doesn’t get used much.

3. Klann-type Spring Compressor

Mostly available in European countries, Klann-type Spring Compressors are expensive. These are heavy-duty equipment that is only suitable for constant use and heavier vehicles. It requires expertise and needs to be handled carefully.

It also has a jack-shaft, but it is a telescopic type that uses plates to make the task even easier. But they are not available easily, and the cost is just too much.


If you want to explore top-notch strut and spring compressors, our article provides an in-depth overview. These compressors offer user-friendly operation, are constructed from high-quality materials for enhanced durability, and prioritize safety. 

The price range varies, accommodating different budgets, with some models being slightly pricier but maintaining excellent quality. To simplify your decision-making process, consult our buyer’s guide. In case of lingering uncertainties, consider our recommended options.

  • Starting with the Branick 7600, this compressor is commendable, although it carries a weight of 98 pounds. Nevertheless, its stability and robust threads render it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  •  On the lighter side, the OTC 6494 Clamshell is a nimble compressor with a substantial frame capable of handling considerable pressure. Its versatility includes compatibility with an impact wrench, saving both time and energy.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section or pose any questions you may have for further assistance.

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