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The 6 Best Pancake Air Compressors 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

A Pancake Air Compressor is one of the simplest and most bought forms of portable air compressor for cars, constructions sites, pneumatic tools etc. They are compact and simple to carry. In this article, we are going to help you pick a good quality pancake air compressor.

We will do this by listing down and reviewing some of the best pancake air compressors there are. Our list has been curated and created on the basis of a few key quality factors.

Consider these factors as a small and quick buying guide to picking the best pancake air compressor:

  • Max PSI reading: The first and foremost thing that you need to consider in any air compressor is the maximum pressure it can read and deal with. Decent to Good air compressors have a maximum PSI capacity of about 90 PSI and a few will also have higher too. Higher is better because it gives you an idea of how much the compressor has the capacity to blow out the air.
  • CFM capacity: The next thing that you need to look for in an air compressor is the maximum CFM capacity it has. This refers to cubic feet per minute of how much air the air compressor can pump out. Here, the larger is better and this metric has nothing to do about the overall quality or the pressure being pumped out. But having said that, the CFM capacity of a machine is dependent and judged upon by the PSI capacity (usually measured by SCFM per PSI)
  • Tank capacity: Typical pancake styled air compressors have about 6 gallons of tank capacity but then new models are always coming up with better and a bit larger tank capacities as well. It is always about how much of air can be stored while being generated and then gushed out into the tire. Larger tanks are preferred when the PSI or CFM capacity is low because more air would be readily available for pumping into the tire.
  • Oil vs Oil-free machinery: Oil-based air tanks are known for their high efficiency. They will not only give you better performance, but they are also good for a longer duration of usage and durability as well. But they of course have higher maintenance. The entire goal of travel-friendly and compact machines is to have the least maintenance. In such a case, you can choose an oil-free air tank that will have the least maintenance and also they have a noiseless performance and are also environmentally friendly in nature as well. This brings us to another important point
  • Noise: Air compressors come with a common complaint of being very loud and noisy. The noise rating of the machine is provided on the packaging or on the product literature. Anything lower or equal to 80 dB is preferred and chosen over anything else.
  • Duty Cycle: The penultimate thing to consider is the duty cycle of the machine. This refers to the duration of how long can the compressor run without a need to stop. General compact air compressors have about 50% duty cycle range for ideal usage in the long term. Along with looking for the highest duty cycle, be sure to also check the power ratings and garage requirements as well.

Apart from these factors, also make sure you are checking for the available warranty window for the product as well. Now let us jump in to review the best pancake air compressors available to buy online

6 Best Pancake Air Compressors 

pancake air compressorsTank capacityMax PSIH.P CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Bostitch Air Compressor Kit6 Gallons150 PSI0.9 HP1 Year (+4 additional
upon choice)
Check On Amazon
Craftsman Air Compressor6 Gallons150 PSI0.8 HP1 YearCheck On Amazon
Dewalt Pancake Air Compressor6 Gallons165 PSI0.9 HP1 YearCheck On Amazon
Porter-Cable Air Compressor6 Gallons150 PSI0.8 HP1 YearCheck On Amazon
Metabo HPT Air Compressor6 Gallon150 PSI1 HP1 YearCheck On Amazon
Campbell Hausfeld Portable Quiet Air Compressor 6 Gallons125 PSI1 HP1 YearCheck On Amazon

6 Best Pancake Air Compressors Reviews

1. Bostitch Air Compressor Kit


First and foremost, we have the Bostitch pancake air compressor. Bostitch products come from a company with more than 125 years of brand history. It has superior quality, great reviews, and favorable ratings too. The Pancake compressor by Bostitch is an oil-free portable air compressor machine.


  • It comes with a max PSI of 150 PSI. At this level, the machine can deliver a high 90 PSI pump capacity
  • The tank capacity of the machine is at 6 Gallons and this translates to 22.7 liters of capacity
  • Manageable horsepower of 0.9 HP which may seem low but is ok
  • Air delivery rate at about 2.5 SCFM for the total CFM capacity
  • No worries of being frozen for operation in winters. The motor is highly efficient and can start to work in cold winters as well.
  • Low noise operation capacity at about 78.5 dBA which is decent for most work environments
  • Maximum performance guaranteed thanks to the embedded regulators and the high flow couplers
  • Can let out 2 hoses with the 2 couplers for 2 users simultaneously
  • An oil-free machine that has low maintenance but long term usage and eco-friendly as well
  • Just 29 lbs. in weight thus easy to use and carry around as well.
  • Comes with an accessories kit that comes with 10 different parts for easier pumping and tire maintenance

Warranty: Bostitch provides you with a 1 year of limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. You can also get an additional 4-year warranty extended.


  • None too specific to mention

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2. Craftsman Air Compressor

craftsman compressor

Second on our list a pancake air compressor, the Craftsman CMEC6150K. This oil-free air compressor by Craftsman is portable and it also comes with a multi-piece accessory kit. Thus it wins not only in impeccable design and build, but also in terms of overall product quality.


  • This air compressor too much like the Bostitch air compressor comes with a 6-gallon large tank. The overall design is a highly portable yet good air delivery model.
  • The machine has a maximum horsepower of  0.8 HP
  • Durable in its build and as it is also an oil-free pump machine, it is ideal for longer use and thus offers us a better performance
  • Has a maximum PSI of 150. This makes it perfect not only for normal use but also for heavy-duty function as well
  • It comes with a decent CFM capacity at the rate of 2.6 SCFM and thus is desirable enough for regular usage
  • Winter frost proof design that makes sure the machine starts even in the coldest of winters
  • The machine package is complete with a large 13 piece accessory set. The accessories include a plug assembly, coupler, tire chuck with plug, 25 of 1/4 inches large PVC air hose, rubber tips, 3 tire inflator adaptors, and as such.

Warranty: Craftsman provides you with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • None too specific to mention

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3. Dewalt Pancake Air Compressor

dewalt compresoor

Dewalt’s pancake air compressor might look like it has the same design schema like both the air compressors mentioned above, but do not let the looks deceive you. The Dewalt DWFP55126 air compressor has one of the highest PSI ratings for a portable air compressor on our list.


  • Comes with a nominal tank capacity of 6 gallons
  • The air pushing capacity of this air compressor stands at about 2.6 cfm
  • The pump is powered by a decent enough 0.9 HP horsepower motor
  • Less in weight by weighing just about 30 pounds
  • Maximum PSI reachable by the compressor is about 165 PSI which is impressive capacity
  • Also, the engine used in the machine is oil-free thus it will be able to pump much more air, be durable and low maintenance at the same time
  • With its double couplers, it makes it usable for 2 persons at the same time. The couplers also have 2 small gauge displays to show the pressure values as well.
  • Very low noise profile of just about 75.5 dBA
  • Convenient wrapping for the cord for easier storage
  • Can easily start even in cold weather
  • It also features a ball drain valve that enables faster draining of the tank.
  • There are also 4 protective rubber leg covers that will help in preventing the marring of the machine

Warranty: the air compressor comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • The package does not come with any accessories
  • A tad bit pricey

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4. Porter-Cable Air Compressor

porter cable compressor

Porter cable’s C2002 air compressor looks almost EXACTLY like the Dewalt air compressor mentioned above. This one too has a 6 gallon air tank and a decent CFM capacity. Much like most of the products in the list, this one too has the highest reviews and ratings.


  • Has a maximum CFM capacity of 2.6 SCFM
  • Very low in weight by weighing about 34 pounds
  • As for the maximum pressure capacity of 150 PSI and as for the SCFM capacity, 90 PSI is more than enough for the category
  • The compressor runs on a 120 volt low amperage motor and thanks to it being an oil-free pump, the compressor is highly reliable in nature
  • Comes with 2 regulated air couplers and thus it supports 2 cars at the same time
  • For these two couplers, you are also provided with 2 gauges as well.

Warranty: Porter cable provides you with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • No accessories kit provided with the package and it has to be bought at an extra price

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5. Metabo HPT Air Compressor


Penultimately placed on our list, we have the Metabo HPT air compressor. This is one of the decent capacity air compressors in the list. Metabo HPT is earlier known as Hitachi Power Tools.


  • The air compressor has a standard air tank of 6 gallons.
  • 1 HP high efficiency Motor
  • Oil free motor that has a maximum pressure in its tank of about 150 PSI
  • At 90 PSI, it can produce 2.8 CFM for running multiple nailers.
  • Weighs 36.5 lbs. and using the handle on the top, it is easy to carry.
  • Very high quality and comes with high value for money
  • Quiet operation at 73dB noise level
  • Comes with 2 universal quick couplers

Warranty: The product is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • No accessories

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6. Campbell Hausfeld Portable Quiet Air Compressor 

hausfeld compressor

Finally on our list, we have yet another Campbell Hausfeld portable air compressor product. The Cambell Hausfeld DC060500 is a 6 gallon portable quiet air compressor. This one is also built for mobility and large tank capacity but high performance. The machine is more known for its highly silent performance rather than anything else.


  • Comes with a tank with a size of 6 gallons
  • The maximum air pushing capacity of the tank is about 2.4 CFM in total
  • The weight of the machine is considerable at about 60 pounds that kind of kicks back on the portability nature of the product
  • Has a total of 1 HP in horsepower capacity. This is decent for most of the everyday usage
  • Oil free engine that is mostly 50% quieter than most of the other engines in the list with a very low noise of just about 68 dBA
  • Has a maximum PSI pressure capacity if 125 PSI which is decent enough for its size
  • High quality assurance that can easily start and run even in the coldest winters
  • Comes with accessories including a hose, an impact wrench, a paint sprayer

Warranty: The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • The campbell hausfeld is very heavy in comparison with all the portable air compressors in the list

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Light in weight, highly portable, great in aesthetical design, superior performance, the Bostitch pancake air compressor wins our list as the best pancake air compressor to buy online.

This pancake air compressor has a 6 gallon tank, a 150 PSI max pressure capacity, low noise operation, favorable reviews and high ratings too and mostly, it also has a 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty (with 4 years additional add on option).

While those were our picks, we are interested in what you think. Did you like our list? Or do you want us to add or remove something from this? Or do you have any questions for us regarding pancake air compressors or any other compressor type? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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