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7 Best Solar Mole Repellers Reviews in 2024

Animals like gophers, moles, voles, and even snakes can ruin the beauty of your evergreen lawn, so it’s best to keep them as far away as possible. Well, you might be thinking it’s hard to do. However, using a Solar Mole Repeller, it’s almost effortless to do. With that said, we have come up with some of the best solar mole repellers from that market that you can check out. But, before you decide to pick one from the list, take a look at certain factors like:

  • Number of Stakes: As you go through the multiple options listed in this article, you will find that some solar mole repellers offer you about 8 stakes while others offer just 4 or 2. That being said, we would say using a larger number of stakes is going to work faster and better.
  • Coverage Area: Also, you can compare the solar mole repellers on the basis of their coverage area as well. While some solar mole repellers can only work up to an area of 5000 sq. ft. Some good options can cover up to 7000 to 10000 sq. ft which is great if you have a big lawn.
  • Battery Life: All solar mole repellers come with an in-built solar panel that charges their battery. However, there can be days when the sun just doesn’t show up, like in winter or in the rainy season. Thus, you must make sure the repellers have a decent enough battery to run for days without needing frequent recharge.

Considering all these important factors, we assure you that you will be able to pick the right choice of solar mole repeller for yourself from the list. Apart from that, even if you still feel confused at any point, we have also included a simple “Buying Guide” later in this article that will help you out. Until then, let’s just jump to the list and start discussing the best solar mole repellers one by one.

Best Solar Mole Repellers List

Best Solar Mole RepellerNo. of StakesCoverageWarrantyBuy Now
Livin' Well Solar Mole Repeller8 Pieces10500 Sq. Feet.1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
NIKAND Solar Mole Repeller4 Pieces7000 Sq. Feet.1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
YARDEC Solar Mole Repeller4 Pieces40 - 50 Sq. Feet.---Check On Amazon
ELLASSAY Solar Mole Repeller8 pieces7000 Sq. Feet.1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
AMIAEDU Solar Mole Repeller8 Pieces7000 Sq. Feet.3 to 5 YearsCheck On Amazon
YZTAC Solar Mole Repeller4 Pieces7000 Sq. Feet.---Check On Amazon
EPTIC Solar Mole Repeller8 Pieces7000 Sq. Feet.---Check On Amazon

Best Solar Mole Repellers Reviews

1. Livin’ Well Solar Mole Repeller

Livin' Well Solar Mole RepellerWhen it comes to making value-for-money solar mole repellers, Livin’ Well is one such brand that never fails to disappoint its customers.

In this offer from Livin’ Well, this solar mole repeller comes with a total of 8 stakes that are good enough to cover a large-sized lawn area. The overall coverage area that you can cover using these stakes is about 10500 sq. feet which is quite commendable.

On the other hand, each of these stakes features a mini solar panel on the top which keeps these stakes charged up all the time under the sun. Moreover, it’s made from pet-safe and child-safe materials and is also completely water-resistant as well.

Best Features

  • The package includes 8 pieces of repellers
  • Coverage area offered is 10500 sq. feet
  • Has a built-in Solar Panel
  • Water-resistant design
  • Comes with 1 year long warranty


  • Weather proof
  • Long battery life


  • A little expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

2. NIKAND Solar Mole Repeller

NIKAND Solar Mole RepellerWhile you go through the market looking for good solar mole repeller options, you will definitely find deals from Nikand as it’s one of the best-selling brands in the market right now.

This solar mole repeller kit from Nikand includes 4 pieces of solar powered stakes that can emit strong ultrasonic vibrations to keep the unwanted animals away from your property. In fact, the stakes are made from 100% kid-safe material, and they don’t cause any harm to animals either.

The best part is that these 4-mole repeller stakes combined can cover an area of up to 7000 sq. feet, so they are good for small to medium-sized lawns. Although the battery life of these solar mole repellers is quite average, it performs the best under direct sunlight.

Best Features

  • The package includes 8 pieces of repellers
  • Coverage area offered is 7000 sq. feet
  • Has a built-in Solar Panel
  • Built-in 600 mAh battery
  • Comes with 1 year long warranty


  • Corrosion proof
  • Harmless for animals


  • Not ideal for large-sized lawns

Buy Now From Amazon

3. YARDEC Solar Mole Repeller

yardecYARDEC Solar-Powered Mole Repellent, mess up your lawn and harm your beloved plants. This smart device uses sunlight to create soft vibrations and sounds that make moles and other pests want to leave. It’s gentle and won’t hurt them or the environment.

Simply place the stakes in the ground around your outdoor space, and let the solar-powered technology kick in. No more worrying about battery replacements, as this device operates with solar energy.

The results are good within just two weeks of deploying our mole repellent, most users experience a noticeable decrease in mole activity. With regular use, you can maintain a mole-free yard and garden, finally putting an end to the damage they cause.

Best Features

  • Humane pest control
  • Ease of use
  • Fast results
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for all
  • Long-term effectiveness


  • Weather dependent
  • May require multiple units for larger areas.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. ELLASSAY Solar Mole Repeller

ELLASSAY Solar Mole RepellerMoving to the next option, Ellassay is one of the most premium brands that you can consider checking out if you are looking for a reliable solar mole repeller option.

This pack of 8 solar mole repellers from Ellassay is quite good in terms of battery life as a 4 hour charge can simply make them work for about 4 days which is very impressive. On top of it, each stake features a highly efficient solar panel that is totally waterproof.

As far as the coverage area is concerned, the total effective range of these solar mole repellers is about 7000 sq. feet which makes them highly versatile. Moreover, the brand has quite a good reputation and offers a 1 year long warranty for it as well.

Best Features

  • The package includes 8 pieces of repellers
  • Coverage area offered is 7000 sq. feet
  • Has a built-in Solar Panel
  • Water-resistant design
  • Comes with 1 year long warranty


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble


  • Charging time could have been less

Buy Now From Amazon

5. AMIAEDU Solar Mole Repeller

amiaeduAMIAEDU Solar Powered Mole Repellent offers an eco-friendly solution for homeowners and professionals alike dealing with mole infestations. It uses sunlight to send out special sound waves that annoy moles. These sounds make moles uncomfortable and they leave your yard without using any harmful chemicals.

This device can protect a big area, like your whole yard or garden, up to 7,000 square feet. It’s a choice because it keeps your place safe from moles, and it’s affordable and easy to take care of. Crucially, it’s also safe for children and pets, eliminating any safety concerns.

It is easy for regular folks to use, so it’s good for homeowners. Plus, it’s not expensive, and it works well, making it as a choice for businesses and golf courses too.

Best Features

  • Solar-Powered
  • Ultrasonic Technology
  • Wide Coverage
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Safe for Children and Pets


  • Effective Mole Repellent
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Long-Lasting


  • Variable Effectiveness
  • Limited to Moles
  • Sunlight Dependency
  • May Not Work for Severe Infestations
  • Requires Maintenance

Buy Now From Amazon

6. YZTAC Solar Mole Repeller

YZTACYZTAC Solar Powered Mole Repellent device relies on ultrasonic pulses, penetrating the soil to efficiently repel unwanted pests. It boasts a wide range, safeguarding up to 7,000 square feet, making it the ideal for comprehensive yard protection. The best part? It does all this without posing any threat to your children, pets, or precious plants.

This device is not only effective but also cost-effective, making it accessible to anyone seeking a practical and reliable solution.

To maximize results, place multiple repellers around your yard, spaced approximately 70 feet apart. It not only ensures safety and effectiveness but also simplicity in operation.

Best Features

  • Safe and Chemical-Free
  • Ultrasonic Technology
  • Wide Effective Range
  • Easy Installation
  • Harmless to Children, Pets, and Plants


  • Effective Pest Repellent
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • Large Coverage Area
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Safe for All


  • Effectiveness May Vary
  • Limited to Certain Pests
  • Sunlight Dependency
  • Initial Time Investment
  • Regular Maintenance

Buy Now From Amazon

7. EPTIC Solar Mole Repeller

epticEPTIC Solar-Powered Mole Repellent avoids those annoying mole hills, ruined plants, and even potential foundation problems.

These repellents create soft underground vibrations that bother moles and make them want to leave your property. You can relax knowing that these vibrations won’t harm you, your pets, or your plants. Yet, they have a strong effect in making moles and other underground critters go away.

These are the safest and most effective method to ensure those pesky moles are gone for good. What sets our Solar-Powered Mole Repellents apart? They are humane, safe, highly effective, and incredibly easy to use.

Best Features

  • Humane pest control
  • Effective mole deterrence
  • Safe for humans, pets, and plants
  • User-friendly installation


  • Provides an ethical solution to mole problems
  • Proven effectiveness in driving moles away
  • Ensures safety for all living organisms
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Effectiveness may vary depending on environmental factors
  • Larger areas may require multiple units for full coverage.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Solar Mole Repeller

Solar mole repellers are super easy to use and provide you with one of the best ways to keep your backyard or lawn safe from moles, voles, and other animals. Well, using solar mole repellers is useful in other ways too as they save up on electricity bills and barely require any maintenance.

That being said, if you are interested in buying one, here’s a complete buying guide about it that will take you through all the major aspects that you should know about related to solar mole repellers. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to it.

1. Number of Stakes

As you go through multiple options in the market, you will find that some brands offer around 8 stakes while some brands just offer 4 pieces or 2. So, if you have a large-sized lawn area or multiple gardens, we would suggest you go with an option that offers 8 stakes. Otherwise, if you have a smaller lawn, and you can cover the whole area with just 4 stakes, that would be a great pick for you as it will come for a cheaper price.

2. Coverage Area

While you look for solar mole repeller options in the market, you can’t just pick up any option from the market. Obviously, you have to make sure what’s the size of your lawn and then you should pick one accordingly. There are options available that cover up to 5000 sq. feet area which can be a good pick if you have a smaller lawn. On the other hand, if you have a large backyard, you can go with solar mole repeller options that offer up to 10000 sq. ft. of coverage.

3. Battery Life

As solar mole repellers are majorly dependent on sunlight as their power source, you must pick the one that offers a long battery life. During winters or rainy seasons, there can be multiple days when the sun might not shine its brightest, so that should not affect the performance of your solar mole repellers. That said, most solar mole repellers generally have a longer battery life that lasts for days without requiring a charge again.

4. Waterproof

Apart from the technical specification of the solar mole repellers that you check out, make sure to check if their build quality is good or not. You can check for the materials which are used to make them. Moreover, since the solar mole repellers are going to be installed on your lawn, in an outside environment, they should be tough enough to deal with factors like rain, storms, dust, etc.

5. Warranty

There are plenty of solar mole repeller options available in the market, as you must have already guessed by looking at our list. Still, we have only picked the best ones and the brand’s reputation is one of the most important factors that we have considered while shortlisting these options for you. It is because popular brands offer warranty policies with their products which can be useful for the customers in unfortunate times. Some options in our list come with a 1-year long warranty while some brands offer 2-year long warranty too.

Solar Mole Repellers – FAQs

1. How do Solar Mole Repellers work?

Ans: Solar Mole Repellers work by emitting sonic vibrations or vibrations through the ground, creating an environment that is uncomfortable for moles. The devices are powered by solar energy, usually stored in batteries for nighttime operation.

2. Do Solar Mole Repellers harm moles or other animals?

Ans: No, Solar Mole Repellers are designed to be humane and environmentally friendly. They emit vibrations that disturb moles without causing harm. These vibrations mimic natural predator signals, encouraging moles to move away from the area.

3. Are Solar Mole Repellers effective?

Ans: The effectiveness of Solar Mole Repellers can vary. Factors such as soil type, density of mole population, and placement of the devices play a role. While many users report success, it’s essential to understand that results may not be instantaneous, and consistency in use is crucial.

4. Do Solar Mole Repellers work in all types of soil?

Ans: Solar Mole Repellers generally work well in a variety of soil types, but effectiveness may vary. They are most effective in loose, moist soil where vibrations can travel more easily. In heavy clay or extremely dry soil, results may be less consistent.

5. How many Solar Mole Repellers do I need for my yard?

Ans: The number of repellers needed depends on the size of your yard and the severity of the mole infestation. Typically, it’s recommended to place repellers every 30 feet for optimal coverage. Larger yards may require more units.

6. Can Solar Mole Repellers be used in winter or during cloudy days?

Ans: Yes, most Solar Mole Repellers come with rechargeable batteries that store solar energy. This allows them to operate during periods of low sunlight, including winter and cloudy days. However, extended periods of overcast weather may affect performance.

7. Are Solar Mole Repellers weatherproof?

Ans: Generally, Solar Mole Repellers are designed to be weatherproof and withstand outdoor conditions. However, it’s essential to check the product specifications to ensure they are suitable for your specific climate and weather patterns.


Wrapping it up here, we have mentioned some of the most popular and best-selling solar mole repeller options in this article that are available in the market right now. As you might have already checked them out, you can compare their features and find the best option for yourself. In case you want to have a better understanding of solar mole repellers, you can also consider reading our buying guide as well. Apart from that, if you face any confusion, you can save your time by picking one from our personal recommendations which are given below:

  • If you have a large-sized lawn area to protect from moles, the Livin’ Well Solar Mole Repeller Stakes is the best option to pick. The package includes 8 pieces of repellers that cover about 10500 sq. feet of area. Moreover, these stakes have really good build quality and have a weather-resistant design as well. In addition, it also comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable option, YARDEC Solar Mole Repelleris one of the best picks from this list. This pack comes with 4 stakes, each having a decent in-built battery that only takes about 4 hours of charging and lasts for about 4 days. Moreover, the installation is quite simple and the brand also offers a 1 year long warranty for it as well.
  • For those who are looking for a premium solar mole repeller option, the EPTIC Solar Mole Repeller comes with a total of 8 pieces that offer about 7000 sq. feet of coverage. These repellents are safe for both humans and animals and are super easy to clean and install too. As for the warranty, the brand offers a 1 year long warranty for it.

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