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7 Best Snow Blowers – Clear the Snow Without Hurting Your Back

For people living in areas with moderate to heavy snowfall, investing in snow blowers is worth every penny.

They are designed to easily clear thick blanketed snow and dense slush on driveways, pathways, or others. So, you can save lot of time and elbow grease.

But the main challenge now is to pick up the best snow blower as you must choose between gas or electric powered. In addition to that, you must consider several other factors among which the below are the most important.

1. Clearing Width:

This factor represents how area of snow it can clear at a single scoop. Higher the width, quicker will be the snow clearing. Narrow width means several passes to clear the area and more time.

Snow blowers comes with width range starting from 15 inches to as high as 30 inches. Since, higher width costs more, you can choose the option available within your budget preference.

2. Motor Power:

Whether you are choosing gas-powered or electric, it is important to check the motor power before making the purchase.

  • Electric snow blowers: It is represented in amperage (A) and available in 10 A and 15 A options.
  • Battery snow blowers: measured in volts and available in 40 V and 60 V models.
  • Gas snow blowers: represented in cubic centimetres (cc) and available in 100 cc and 300 cc options.

So, while making the choice, make sure to remember – for better performance, you must go for higher motor power.

3. Capacity:

This represents how much volume of snow is cleared in a minute. Snow blowers are available in capacities of 700 pounds per minute and 800 pounds per minute. So, you can make the purchase decision based on your preference.

If you want a detail explanation of how to choose the best blower, then we recommend checking out the Buying Guide.

Using the same information and several hours of testing performance, we have shortlisted 7 best snow blower models. We have provided real-world insights and detail review in this article for your reference.

Best Snow Blowers Table

Snow BlowerWidthMotor PowerWarrantyBuy Now
Snow Joe Snow Blower21 Inch15 Amp2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Greenworks Snow Blower20 Inch13 Amp4 YearsCheck On Amazon
Toro Snow Blower18 inch15 Amp2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Earthwise Snow Blower12 Inch----2 YearsCheck On Amazon
PowerSmart Snow Blower24 Inch212 CC--Check On Amazon
WEN Snow Blower18 Inch13.5 Amp2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Ego Power+ Snow Blower21 Inch56 Volts1 YearsCheck On Amazon

Top Snow Blowers 2024 Reviews

1. Snow Joe Snow Blower

Snow Joe

Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E Electric Snow Thrower is a strong, efficient, and easy-to-use machine for clearing snow. It is made for mid-sized driveways and walkways. It has a strong 15-amp motor can move up to 800 lbs. of snow per minute.

What’s cool about it is that it can clear a wide path of 21 inches and dig down up to 12 inches, making snow removal fast and thorough. You can easily control where the snow goes with this snow thrower. You can move the chute in any direction you want, and adjust how high or low the snow is thrown. It’s like deciding where the snow should go! This tool works well in tricky winter spots, showing it can handle different snowy conditions. Plus, it has a light like a headlamp for your safety if you need to clear snow at night.

Adding to its appeal is the hassle-free maintenance. No fuel, no oil, and no complicated checks.


  • 15 A Motor
  • 21″ blade width
  • 800 pounds per minute snow moving capacity
  • 2-year warranty
  • 8-inch wheels with a 2.5-inch width
  • 3W LED lights
  • Low maintenance
  • 180-degree adjustable directional chute
  • Throws snow up to 20 feet


  • Snow Blower
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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2. Greenworks Snow Blower

Greenworks Corded Snow

Greenworks 2600502 Snow Thrower is a green choice for small driveways and walkways. This snow thrower is robust and effective, assuring a clear pathway for easy walking or driving. Its potent 13-amp motor efficiently handles snow, making it a choice for clearing. The electric start is like a quick ignition button, making it easy to start clearing snow without any delays.

A cool thing about this snow thrower is its movable chute. You can point it where you want the snow to go! You can decide where the snow goes! This snow thrower lets you point and shoot the snow, making cleaning up easy and just the way you like it.

Moreover, its lightweight and maneuverable design adds to its user-friendliness. You can effortlessly maneuver it, making your snow-clearing tasks less of a chore. It’s kind to the environment! Unlike gas snow throwers, this one doesn’t release any smelly fumes, making the planet a happier place.


  • 13 A motor
  • 20″ blade width
  • Throws snow up to 20 feet
  • 4-year warranty
  • 7″ wheels
  • 180-degree directional chute
  • Low maintenance
  • Snow depth of 10″
  • Works on 120V AC Mains Electricity


  • Snow Blower
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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3. Toro Snow Blower

Toro Curve Snow Blower

Toro 1800 Power Curve Electric Snow Blower is useful for removing snow from narrow driveways and sidewalks. It is strong and clears snow fast. Its powerful 15-amp motor works well, even with a lot of snow.

The Power Curve tech makes sure the snow blower cleans the snow, all the way to the ground. It stops snow from getting stuck. You can easily move the chute to send the snow where you want. You get to decide where the snow goes—it’s that simple.

This snow blower operates effectively and is simple to operate. A hassle-free snow adventure is guaranteed thanks to its lightweight and nimble design. Both little and a lot of snow can be used with it.


  • 15 A motor
  • 18″ blade width
  • 700 pounds per minute snow moving capacity
  • 2-year warranty
  • 12″ intake height
  • 160 degree adjustable chute
  • Highly reliable
  • Full bail ergonomic handle
  • Quick level handle


  • Snow Blower
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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4. Earthwise Snow Blower

earthwiseEarthwise SN70112 Cordless Electric Snow Blower is a handy tool for clearing snow from decks, sidewalks, and driveways. It has a strong 20-volt motor that can push away a lot of snow very quickly—300 pounds every minute! This powerful ability helps remove snow fast, even when the weather is tough.

One of the key advantages of this snow blower is its lightweight and maneuverable design. Being able to move easily in small or bumpy spaces is important. It makes it easier for you to control and use the snow blower.

It can make a path that is 3.5 inches deep and 12 inches broad. This indicates that you can clear a sizable amount of snow each time you use it.

The handle is designed for comfort and easy control, making it comfy to hold and use for a long time. Plus, it comes with a battery and charger, so you have everything you need to start using it right away.


  • Powerful 20-volt brushless motor for efficient snow removal
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver for user convenience
  • Cordless design for freedom of movement
  • 12-inch clearing width and 3.5-inch clearing depth for efficient snow clearance
  • Throws snow up to 25 feet away for effective clearing.


  • 20-volt brushless motor
  • 12-inch clearing width
  • 5-inch clearing depth
  • 25-foot snow throwing distance
  • Ergonomic auxiliary handle
  • Cordless design (battery and charger included)

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5. PowerSmart Snow Blower

PowerSmart PSSAM24 Snow Blower

The PowerSmart PSSAM24 Snow Blower is easy to use and good for clearing lots of heavy snow. It has a strong engine and can quickly move a lot of snow, even when it’s heavy.

Ease of use is a prime feature, highlighted by the electric start and self-propelled system. This means you can initiate snow removal with minimal effort, swiftly taking on the task. The two-stage technology helps clear snow better, making this snow blower reliable in snowy weather.

This snow blower can clear a wide 24-inch path and scoop up snow up to 20 inches high—great for big areas. This makes it fast and easy to remove a lot of snow, cutting down the time and effort needed for big spaces.


  • Throws up to 40 feet
  • 2-stage snow blower
  • 24-inches width and 20 inches depth clearing
  • Easy to use and drive
  • Easy to assemble with provided instructions
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • 212cc engine
  • Electric start


  • Snow blower
  • Warranty card
  • User instruction manual

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6. WEN Snow Blower

WEN Electric Snow Thrower

WEN 5664 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower is a good tool for clearing snow from walkways. It’s easy to use and gets the job done well . This snow thrower is made for handling regular amounts of snow. It’s small, light, and easy to move and put away.

This snow thrower has a strong motor. It can throw out 490 pounds of snow every minute, reaching up to 20 feet away. This means it quickly and effectively removes the snow, keeping your paths clear even when there’s a lot of snow.

It can clear a wide path (18 inches) and scoop up snow quite deep (7.8 inches). It helps to clear a good amount of snow at once, making the job faster. The chute on this snow thrower can move in any direction you want. It helps you throw the snow where you want it to go.

This is easy to use because it’s light and the wheels help move it easily.


  • 13.5 A motor
  • 18″ blade width
  • 490 pounds per minute snow moving capacity
  • 2-year warranty
  • 6″ wheels
  • Works in 7.8″ deep snow
  • Blows snow up to 20 feet away
  • Inbuilt quick-adjust chute with 180-degree rotation


  • Snow Blower
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Ego Power+ Snow Blower

Ego Power+ 21-Inch Cordless Snow Blower

EGO POWER+ Snow Blower is easy-to-use snow-clearing tool for big areas like large driveways and walkways. The special thing about it is how it uses two strong batteries (EGO 56V ARC Lithium) to give it a big power boost – like a power-up mode . This innovation makes it strong and easily clears wet and tough snow without any trouble.

It can clear a wide path of 21 inches, which means it can clear a lot of snow in one go. Moreover, it can throw the snow up to 35 feet away, so the cleared areas stay free of snow, making the process more efficient.

Ease of use and maneuverability are pivotal, particularly with large areas to clear. It doesn’t need a cord, so you can move around easily without being tied to an outlet, making it convenient to use.

You can easily move the snow chute in the direction you want without going near it. This helps a lot to control where the snow goes, making it work better and faster.


  • Two 56V 5 Ah Batteries
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • 21″ blade width
  • Clears 8″ snow
  • Throws snow up to 35 feet distance
  • 1-year warranty
  • Push-button start
  • Variable-speed control
  • Led headlights and foldable handle


  • Snow blower
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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How Does a Snow Blower Work?

Snow blowers are powered either by gas engines or electric motor (which further can run from AC Mains or batteries). Once you turn on the machine, the power is supplied to auger of metal blades or wide paddles. The auger funnels the snow into the machine and discharges it through the chute. The operator has to control the direction of movement.

Understanding Your Requirements

While purchasing a snow blower, the first thing to analyze is – to understand why you need a snow blower. Considering the below questions will help you narrow down the options.

  • How much area do you need to clear? – smaller driveway or driveway over 60 long feet.
  • What is the depth of the snow you may have to clear? – it is 8 inches, 16 inches or deeper.
  • What kind of snow is it? – light snow, ice, wet snow or hard-packed snow.
  • How is the terrain? – even, uneven or sloped.

With this information in mind, you can easily narrow down the options for the best snow blower type.

Different Types of Snow Blowers

Before moving into the types of snow blower, you should first understand the snow blower stages. Here, the word ‘stages’ is referred to the efficiency of snow blowers in terms of collecting, breaking and dispensing the snow. There are three different stages – single stage, two-stage and three-stage.

  • Single Stage: They come with auger that can handle light snow of 7″ to 12″ thickness and small driveways.
  • Two-Stage: They come with an impeller along with auger (which is the reason, it is named as 2-stage). The impeller is a fan which helps the machine to collect the snow faster and push it farther. They can handle up to 16″ of snow.
  • Three-Stage: It has an auger, impeller and accelerator. Because of the accelerator, they can clear the snow fastest and throw them farthest. As they are strongest of all the types, 3-stage snow blowers can deal with hard snow, ice and 16″ snow.

Now that, we have understood the stages, we will dive further into different snow blower types. Based on their efficiency (stages) and power source, snow blowers are categorized into electric, battery (cordless), single stage gas, two-stage gas and three-stage gas snow blower.

Table Representing Different Types of Snow Blower

TypesElectricBattery PoweredSingle-stage gasTwo-stage gasThree-stage gas
Snow TypeFluffy / LightFluffy / LightFluffy / Light to ModerateWet / Moderate to HeavyWet / Moderate to Heavy
Terrain TypePavedPavedPavedPaved / GravelPaved / Gravel
BenefitsLightweightLightweightEasy to maneuverPowerfulHandles heavier snow & ice
Snow Height7-12 inches7-12 inches Up to 18 InchesUp to 23.5Up to 23
Width15-22 inches15-22” 18-22”20-38”24-30”
Power10-15 AMP60V,6.0 Ah100-220CC190-420CC350-420CC
Throw SnowUp to 30 FeetUp to 30 FeetUp to 60 feetUp to 60 feetUp to 60 feet
Price in $150-300150-450400-800500-30001000-3000

Detail Description of Each Snow Blower Type

1. Electric Snow Blowers (Single Stage)

Single-stage electric powered snow blowers are suitable for leveling driveways, walkways and decks with 12″ of snow level. They are small, lightest, easiest to operate and quite as well.

The working mechanism of snow blower is very simple – it has a plastic auger, which suck the snow and throws it out from the chute. Along with snow, it can also pick and throw gravel. So, make sure people or pets are not at close proximity while are you operating the machine.

As electricity is their power source, it has to be tethered to an electric outlet all the time you are handling the task. Due to electric motor, you don’t have to worry about fuel and engine maintenance. Power cord limitations can be a problem for coverage of bigger areas.

As extended cords are not recommended by manufacturers, make sure you purchase the one with longest cord length. They are not suitable for blowing snow on steep areas.


  • Suitable for small properties
  • Light in weight
  • Easier to maneuver through snow
  • Don’t product any noise
  • Easy to operate and maintain


  • Coverage area is limited to cord length
  • Cannot clear snow on slope areas

2. Battery-Powered Snow Blowers (Single Stage)

Their working mechanisms is similar to the above model (electric snow blower) with the benefit of being cordless. These machines are known to start pretty quickly. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about gasoline or engine maintenance.

Battery snow blowers are quite portable to clear snow wherever you want (without any limitations or hassle to move cord) and they can clear snow of up to 9″ thick. However, the time duration of clearing the snow is limited by the battery life.


  • Suitable for light snow and small areas
  • Can clear snow in hard to reach areas
  • Excellent mobility
  • Lighter to carry around
  • Easy to maneuver through snow


  • Limited by battery time
  • Cannot handle snow clearing more than 9″

3. Gas Powered Snow Blowers (Single-Stage)

They are suitable for paved midsized driveways or walkways that have snow levels up to 18″. Being cordless, they are not limited to cord length. They are easy to handle, light in weight and take storage space similar to a lawn mower. Gas snow blowers can clear 18″ to 22″ of snow in just one swath. For best results, only straight gasoline (without oil) should be used.

However, they are a poor option for driveways with gravel or pebbles. They are not suitable for clearing snow on steep slopes.


  • Can remove tightly packed snow up to 18 inches
  • Perfect for average homeowner
  • Easy to operate and maneuver
  • Cordless and light in weight
  • Can throw snow up to 60 feet


  • Expensive among single stage snow blower

4. Gas-Powered Two-Stage Snow Blower

Being powerful, they can handle snow levels up to 23.5″. They are suitable for wide driveways with steep inclines as well. As already mentioned above, it comes with impeller – which fastens the process of throwing snow out of the chute. They are propelled by engine-drive wheels.

They can even handle clearing snow on gravel as its auger is specially designed to avoid touching the ground. However, when compared to smaller models, they are heavy and expensive. Being bulky, they take up storage space similar to lawn tractor.


  • It can handle heavier snow levels
  • Specially designed to throw snow further than single stage models
  • Doesn’t make contact with ground
  • Can clear snow on uneven and slope areas
  • Can throw snow up to 60 feet


  • Expensive
  • Heavier

5. Three-Stage Gas Snow Blower

They are the modern and advanced version of snow blower. They are specially designed for homeowners who can deal with snow clearing of 23.5″ or deeper. They can easily deal with thicker, heavier and icy snow.

It has an accelerator feature along with auger and impeller (3 stage snow clearing). The accelerator will fasten the collecting and forcing it out snow. This model is the most powerful option among snow blowers. Their serrated augers are specially designed to slush and cut through ice.

These machines are heavier and take up more storage space compared to other models. And moreover, they are more expensive as well. If you experience serious winter weather and / or a lot of space to clear, then this is the right option.


  • Can handle heaviest snow and ice
  • Toughest and heavier model
  • Suitable for homeowners who experience severe winters
  • Specially designed to cut though ice
  • Snow through up to 60 feet


  • Expensive
  • Takes more space

Things To Consider For Best Snow Blowers

To help you in choosing the perfect cordless snow blower, we have mentioned all of the major features and options of the various snow blowers present in this article. By going through this information, you can choose the best option suitable for your requirements.

1. Motor Power

Whether it is a gas-powered one or an electric – motor one, the engine / motor power defines the capacity of the snow blower. Checking out this feature ensures you don’t deal with any performance related issues with the product. Motor power is represented based on the power source.

  • For Electric Snow Blowers: It is mentioned in amps (A). Snow blowers come with 10 A or 15 A motor.
  • For Battery Snow Blowers: it is measured in volts (V). You will get 40 V or 60 V motors in this model.
  • For Gas Snow Blowers: It is represented in cubic centimeters (CC). You will get 100 cc or 300 cc options with this type.

So, to choose the best one among them, you should consider basic thumb rule – “higher the motor power, better will the performance”.

2. Clearing Width

It represents how wide the snow blower can clear at single time. Snow blowers come with width range from 15 inches to 30 inches width. Some high-end models can provide maximum clearing width up to 38 inches as well.

  • Electric Snow Blowers (Single Stage) – 15 to 22 inches
  • Battery Snow Blowers (Single Stage) – 15 to 22 inches
  • Gas Powered Snow Blowers (Single Stage) – 18 to 22 inches
  • Gas Powered Snow Blowers (Two Stage) – 20 to 38 inches
  • Gas Powered Snow Blowers (Three Stage) – 24 to 30 inches

Narrow clearing width means you have to take several passes for cleaning the driveway or sidewalk. Wider clearing width means you can clear faster. So, snow clearing width should be chosen based on your driveway width and time you can spend for clearing snow.

3. Cutting Depth and Height

It represents the depth of snow you can clear in a single swath. Some models come with 7 inches of cutting depth and some may offer up to 12 inches.

Both electric and battery powered models come with cutting height range from 7 to 12 inches. Gas powered single stage snow blower comes with 18 inches of cutting height. While two stage and three-stage (gas powered) models come with up to 23 inches of cutting height.

If you experience a lot of snow fall, then it is better to invest in a model with higher cutting depth.

4. Capacity

This factor provides insight on how much amount of snow it can move per minute. You can find snow blowers with capacity of 700 pounds or 800 pounds per minute. You can choose any one based on your requirements.

5. Blades

While some snow blowers come with 4 blades, others might have 5. You should also check their construction materials as a steel blade is considered to be highly reliable.

6. Wheels

It is important to choose a model that is easy to maneuver – as you have to move the snow blowers along the driveway for clearing the snow. For mobility, manufacturers provide wheels to the snow blowers. Some of them come with 6-inch blowers while others come with 8-inch wheels. Larger wheels provide easy maneuverability in deep or thick snow.

Apart from the size, you should also consider type of tires used in the snow blower. Compared to pneumatic air filled tires, airless options are hassle free. Air-filled tires need frequent repairing and refilling – which is a frustrating thing to maintain.

Air less tires never go flat as they are specially made up of polymer material which work similar to traditional special rubber. However, they are totally maintenance-free.

7. Electric Start

Some snow blowers with a manual pull-cord starting mechanism – this one can be quite challenging. So, it is better to choose a model with quick starting method – electric starter. With this option, you can just push a button to start the machine. Both gas-powered and electric models come with electric start option.

8. Speed Control

Most of the snow blowers work at single speed level. But if you want a machine move according to the requirement, then choose a model with variable speeds. Two-stage and three-stage snow blowers come with speed controls which let you move faster or slower based on your requirement.

Usually, lever controls are provided to adjust the speed levels. Check out the where the speed control levers are provided. Make sure they are placed in a comfortable position to adjust.

9. Adjustable Chute

It is better to choose a model that comes with adjustable chute. This option lets you turn the chute in different directions, angle and height according to your requirements. This feature is essential if you want the snow to be moved where you want, instead of throwing it randomly.

10. Chute Material

Snow blowers come with either plastic or metal chute. We recommend to consider plastic chute as it doesn’t snap or crack in cold weather. And moreover, it is slippery so wet stuff doesn’t stick in the chute. On the other hand, metal is quite sturdy and long lasting. But they can chip, rust and wet snow can stick in the chute and clog it. Metal chute is suitable for clearing snow if you have to deal with rocks or gravel to deal with.

11. Gears

Few models come with single speed option while others come with forward and reverse gears as well. Some of them even come with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears as well. More number of gears mean – you can clear troublesome areas easily.

12. Other Features

Below, we have provided some features that improve comfort and convenience of operating a snow blower.

  • Dead Man’s Control: Most of the snow blowers come with dead man’s control feature – it will automatically stop the functioning of auger and impeller when the grip is released from the handles.
  • Long Handle: Long handles, especially on single stage models will let you change the height of the handle.
  • Headlight: If you are clearing snow at night or during early morning hours, then having a headlight will be beneficial. It also keeps you visible to motorists or snow plow operators, while tackling drifts at driveway edges. This feature is mainly present in two-stage and three-stage snow blowers.
  • Trigger: It is usually mounted on the handlebar of two or three-stage snow blowers. It disengages power to one or both drive wheels to ease up the steering.
  • Discharge Shoot Control: This feature lets you change the discharge chute direction (vertical or horizontal) using a push of lever. Using lever controls can be difficult if you are wearing thick gloves. So, some of models provide easy to turn crank controls. They are a better option for frigid climatic conditions. While choosing a snow blower, make sure the crank controls are placed at a convenient place and position.
  • Heated Hand Grips: As you will be using snow blowers in coldest months, it is better to keep the hands warm and safe. Gloves may protect the hands from wind but heated hand grips make the snow clearing process more tolerable.
  • Drift Cutters: It contains narrow steel bands on either sides of the auger that usually cut through hard and icy snowdrifts. It makes the snow clearing process easier to power through and clear walkways more efficiently.
  • Folding Handlebars: If storage space is a concern or if you have to transport the machine between locations, then consider a snow blower with folding handle bars – as they make the machine compact.
  • Easy/Auto Turn: It is also referred as freewheel turning. It is usually available with larger snow blowers like two-stage and three-stage. It allows the outer wheel to turn faster than inner wheel. This makes it easy to turn or make sharp turns.
  • One-Hand Operation: Instead of using two hands for operating auger and wheels – you can control both of them using a single hand. This makes it easy move around and you will have free hand to adjust the chute.
  • Power Steering: With this option, you can easily steer the machine through the snow.

13. Accessories

Some expensive models come with extra set of features / accessories that ease up riding and maintenance of snow blower. We have mentioned some of them below…

  • Snow Cab: If you are clearing snow in a windy morning, then a light dusting of snow can fall on you as well. This blow back is unpleasant part of clearing snow. Some models come with a snow cab, which will minimize the exposure by protecting you from a snow blow back. It also protects you from any icy wind that blows in your way.
  • Tire Chains: Slippery conditions are quite common during snow storms. Tires of snow blowers can slide and lose traction. To avoid this safety hazard and handle the machine properly, you can add a set of tire chains to the existing one.
  • Fuel Stabilizer: If you have chosen a gas-powered snow blower, then you have to drain out to fuel before storing it in warm months. If you are not interested in draining, then you should plan for something that keeps the fuel stable. You can add a fuel stabilizer into the tank which prevents the gasoline from breaking down over the time. It also keeps the fuel ready to use whenever you want.
  • Skid Shoes: They are adjustable metal or composite plates that are attached to each side of auger housing. It keeps the auger from impacting the surface while clearing.

14. Durability and Warranty

As there are a lot of moving parts in a snow blower, buying a durable and reliable snow blower is quite essential. The simplest way of making sure that a snow blower is reliable is to look for a warranty. Any snow blower with a 2-year warranty or longer should last you for a long time. Some highly reliable snow blower models even come with a 4-year warranty.

Similarly, the construction materials used in a snow blower are also quite important to check. You can look for things like steel and cast iron used in the construction of any snow blower. These can last much longer than parts or snow blowers made out of comparatively weaker plastics or aluminum.

15. Price

Snow Blowers come in a different price range from $150 to $3000. Single-stage electric snow blowers come from $150 to $300. Battery operated electric snow blowers range from $150 to $400. Single-stage gas blowers come within $400 to $800. Two-stage gas snow blowers come within $500 to 2000. Three-stage gas snow blower models come in $1000 to $3000.

How To Trouble Shoot a Snow Blower?

If your snow blower isn’t behaving clearly properly, then follow the below tips to troubleshoot the machine.

  • Check out whether the fuel-off switch is on position. Also ensure the fuel tank has fresh oil.
  • If your machine has throttle, then ensure it is set at three-quarters speed or higher.
  • Make sure to set the choke at full model, especially when the temperature is extremely cold. This feature will prohibit the snow blower from air intake.
  • If the snow blower has a key start, then make sure to insert it properly for starting the machine. Improper placement of key can also prevent the snow blower from starting.
  • Remove the spark plug and check it for any cracks and signs in the porcelain insulator. Heavy electrode buildup, damaged or burned electrodes. If damage has happened, replace the spark plug. If the spark plug is just wet, then wipe it clearly and re-insert it.
  • If the snow blower is stored for a long time, then check the carburetor whether it is clogged with fuel.

If none of the troubleshooting techniques didn’t work, then you have to get it repaired by a professional.

Best Brands of Snow Blower

1. Snow Joe

The product range of Snow Joe brands focus on small-scale and entry-level electric blowers and snow removal tools. The models from the brand are good match for light-duty usage. Their snow blower’s product range mostly comprises of single-stage electric snow blowers and power snow shovels.

2. Honda

Honda is a well-known brand manufacturing single-stage and two-stage gas-powered snow blowers. Single-stage models are very limited but they have a wide-range of two-stage models. Basic models come with standard features. High-end models come with hydrostatic drive and variable speed transmission.

3. Cub Cadet

This brand is a popular one which provides single, two and three stage snow blowers. It is one of the manufactures that provide models in all types of snow blowers. They are specially engineered with several features. Their product range starts around $500 to $1000 and above as well.

4. Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt provides single, two-stage and few three-stage models of snow blowers. It gives consumers several options to choose from. Entry-level models start at an affordable price range but don’t have enough features. But expensive ones have more smart features that help with easy maneuverability.

5. Ariens

Ariens brand offers several single- and two-stage gas powered snow blowers to residential owners. Nine different series are available which are abundant enough for any average residential use. Powerful models come with high-performance and traction.

Snow Blower – FAQs

1.What is the right way to store snow blower between seasons?

It is very important to properly store snow blower (especially gas-powered ones) in the offseason. If not, the gas can corrode the gunk and can damage. Before storing it, you have to drain out all the gasoline present in the fuel tank. Or else, you can add fuel stabilizer to prevent the gasoline from breaking down. For best results, we recommend to follow the instructions provided the manufacturer. You can find them in the instructional manual provided with the product or you can call their customer service for any enquires.

2.What is the difference between snow blower and snow thrower?

Some brands advertise snow thrower as snow blower. In fact, single-stage engine snow blowers are actually the snow throwers. Because, they don’t blow the snow. They use an auger to scoop out the snow and throw it out the chute. But two- to three-stage snow blowers come with impeller than helps with throwing the snow out of chute. However, they are still advertised as snow throwers.

3.How to decide which one to choose – single-, two- or three-stage snow blower?

A single-stage snow blowers uses scoop like auger to remove snow and throw it out the chute. A two-stage snow blower will come with additional feature – an impeller which propels the snow, increasing the efficiency. Three-stage snow blower comes with an accelerator along with impeller fan. So, it has the fastest snow removal option and it can also throw snow at longer distances. So finally, you have to decide based on how much snowfall you have to clear up.

4.How do I store a gas snow blower between seasons?

It is very important to store a gas-powered snow blower properly during offseason. First thing you have to do is drain out all the fuel left in the tank. If not, the gunk can buildup and lead to damage. Or else you can add fuel stabilizer to keep the gasoline ready and also prevent it from breaking down further. Make sure to follow the instructions properly.

5. What type of snow blower is best for gravel driveway?

We recommend to go for a two-stage snow blower as its auger doesn’t touch the ground. So, they can be used for clearing snow on gravel and concrete. Apart from that, they have feature called taller bucket which is capable of clearing pile-ups and snowdrifts, especially on end of driveways, light poles or mailbox.

6.What is required to maintain a blower from running?

No matter how well you maintain the snow blower, you can experience some problems down the line. Keeping some extra items or replacements handy can help you bring back the machine to its full performance. We have mentioned them below for your reference.
· Belts – It is better to have one drive extra if you are using single-stage machine. And if you are using two-stage model, then you have to go for two-stage model.
· Shear Pins –  They are provided to protect the transmission and engine by breaking the auger, especially if it hits something hard. Make sure to keep extras handy.
· Fuel Stabilizer – If you have to run snow blower once in every week, then you don’t have deal with any stowing. But if you have to keep the machine idle for several months (like in the spring), then it is better to empty the fuel tank. Or else, the gasoline will breakdown in carburetor and thickens, damaging the machine. Adding stabilizer is another way to slow down or prevent the fuel breaking process.

7.Why is there a reverse gear on snow blowers?

This feature helps the user to back up the machine if he is wants to clear the same area again. Some snow blowers come with single option while others come with two-speed reverse snow blower. You can choose any option based on your convenience.


Powered snow blowers are much faster and easier to use when compared with a shovel. And as you would expect, choosing the perfect snow blower is not easy as you have to consider various things. Therefore, you can find some of the best snow blowers in this article in this article. But if you are still not able to choose the perfect snow blower as per your needs and requirements, here are some of our recommendations:

  • If you want one of the most powerful snow blowers, then you can go with the Snow Joe Snow Blower. It offers a 15 A motor along with a width of 21″ that allows it to move up to 800 pounds of snow every minute. You also get 8″ wheels and LED lights in this snow blowers for ease of use while using it to blow snow.
  • The Greenworks Snow Blower is one of the most reliable snow blowers present in this article. It comes with a 4-year warranty for its 13 A corded motor. And since you get a width of 20″, it is more than enough for most household applications.
  • You can also go for the WEN Snow Blower if you are on a budget. Despite its affordable price tag, it comes with a 13.5 A motor and a blade width of 18″. While it is certainly not the most potent option present in this article, it is certainly better than snow blowers at the same price range. You even get 6″ wheels in this snow blower for ease of use.

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