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4 Best 2-Stage Snow Blower Under $1000 Reviewed in 2024

Winter is just around the corner, the one who lives in area with heavy snowfall will know how tedious it would be to clear snow out of the driveway. So, whether you’re ready or not for winter but your snow blower should be ready before the first storm hits.

A 2-stage snow blower is an advanced version of single stage snow blower. It suits best for user lives in area with snowfall that exceeds 8 inches (or) having a long, wide or hilly driveway. It is designed to scoop up the excess snow without making any contact with ground. It uses a rotating auger to remove the snow and the impeller to break snow into manageable chunks and thus push it out of discharge chute to clear snow effectively.

Before going to purchase this 2-stage snow blower, you have to keep these 3 main things in your mind to select the best one.

  • Motor Power – You can find options like 190 CC or 420 CC, in which selecting the higher rating will result in better performance. Also, for proper control, select blower with variable speed triggers.
  • Auger’s Width – The blade width of blower comes from 20 – 38 inches. Choosing the wider blade width will intake more snow at a time and clear it quickly.
  • Snow Moving Capacity – It gives an idea on the blower’s performance and mentioned in pounds per minute. If a blower has snow moving capacity of 800 pounds per minute is preferred best than blower with 700 pounds per minute.

Apart from these 3 things, you have to consider various factors like power, blade depth, wheels, weight, durability, etc., which are clearly mentioned in the below “Buying Guide”. Also, we provided a list of best-selling 2-stage snow blowers in the market.

Scroll down to know how to choose and where to purchase the best 2-stage snow blowers, as per your requirement.

Top Rated 2 Stage Snow Blowers

Two-Stage Snow BlowersEngine/MotorAuger SizeWarrantyBuy Now
Ariens Snow Blower254 CC gas engine24 inch wide---Check On Amazon
YARDMAX Two Stage Snow Blower212 CC gas engine26 inch wide---Check On Amazon
Husqvarna ST224 Two-stage Snow Blower212 CC gas engine26 inch wide---Check On Amazon
WEN Gas Snow Blower212 CC gas engine24 inch wide2 yearsCheck On Amazon

Best Two-Stage Snow Blower Reviews

1. Ariens Two-Stage Snow BlowerAriens Two-Stage Snow Blower

From heavy machinery to supportive accessories the Ariens has everything in-store. The two-stage snow blower from the brand has a powerful engine with 254cc that can easily handle snow ranging between 3 feet to 50 feet in height.

You can obtain the speed you require without much effort as it lets you smoothly change into 6 forward and 2 reverse speed levels. Its unique steering technology senses the turn you are about to make and shifts the power accordingly for easy turning. 

It has a large gear case made of cast iron that is responsible to supply more power to the engine when snow conditions are extreme and provides more power to auger for smooth snow throwing.

The machine’s chute rotates up to 200 degrees and can be adjusted with a single lever in the direction you want. You can control the chute effortlessly as you can lock both handles.

Best Features:

  • 10.97-liter fuel capacity
  • Disc-o-Matic wheel
  • 16-inch wheel diameter
  • Auto-turn unique steering technology
  • Gearcase with cast iron
  • 254 cc engine displacement
  • 14-inch auger diameter


  • Two-stage snowblower
  • User manual

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2. YARDMAX Two Stage Snow Blower

YARDMAX Two Stage Snow BlowerConquer the toughest snow conditions effortlessly with our top-of-the-line 2-stage snow blower. Designed for both homeowners facing heavy snowfall and professional contractors seeking reliable performance, this snow blower stands as a powerhouse of efficiency.

Engineered for superior snow-clearing capabilities, this 2-stage snow blower effortlessly handles deep snow, ensuring swift and effective clearing of pathways. The high-speed impeller and extended chute design maximize throwing distance while minimizing snow blowback, ensuring efficient and controlled snow disposal.

Powered by a strong engine, this snow blower consistently delivers reliable power, making it the ideal solution for challenging winter conditions.

Best Features:

  • The Drive is self-propelled and offers multiple speeds
  • The gear case is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum
  • Push-button and  Electric start 
  • 26-inch wheel diameter
  • 212 CC Engine displacement
  • 12-inch auger diameter
  • 2 cycle Engine 
  • LED headlight.


  • Two-stage snowblower
  • User manual

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3. Husqvarna ST224 Two-stage Snow Blower

Husqvarna ST224 Two-stage Snow BlowerThe Brand Husqvarna ST224 Snow Blower, a powerful cordless snow thrower meticulously crafted for homeowners in need of high-performance snow removal. With a substantial 24-inch clearing width, this snow blower is tailored for efficiently clearing snow from large driveways and paths.

Equipped with a 5.9-HP, 212-cc engine featuring electronic fuel injection and a hydrostatic transmission. It incorporates throttle control for engine idling when not actively clearing and a two-stage system ensuring an extended throwing distance.

Designed for easy handling, the snow blower features power steering and semi-pneumatic tires with non-clogging treads. Additionally, a bright LED headlight ensures visibility, making snow removal possible no matter the time of day.

The ribbon auger is a standout feature, effectively mixing air into the snow to make it more manageable

Best Features:

  • 212CC 2-Cycle Engine
  • Snow thrower 5.9-HP
  • Semi-pneumatic tires with non-clogging treads.
  • Adjustable speed control lever.
  • 26-inch clearing width and 21-inch clearing depth
  • 6 Forward speeds and 1 Reverse speeds
  • Bright LED headlight
  • Electric start Push button


  • 2-Stage Snow Blower
  • User manual

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4. WEN SB24 24-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

WEN SB24 24-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow BlowerThe brand WEN is well-known for providing a wide range of power tools including snow blowers, drill machines and others. Their SB24 two-stage snow blower is equipped with 212cc engine which is capable of clearing 1800 pounds on snow in every minute.

It can clear 24-inch x 21-inch area of snow in every move. As it has adjustable 190-degree chute, it will throw snow 30 feet far away. Because of the self-propelled drive wheels, it is easy to drive the snow blower without any issues.

This snow blower comes with 13-inches tubeless tires which makes it easy to move or transport. Because of high-quality steel construction, it is durable and long lasting. It comes with 2-years warranty duration.

Best Features:

  • Easily accessible handle
  • Rugged snow tires
  • Easy navigation on all terrains
  • 13 inches tubeless tires
  • Push-button electric start
  • Chute clearing tool
  • Steel construction
  • 190-degree chute
  • Throws over 30 feet


  • 2-stage snow blower
  • User manual
  • Warranty

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Buying Guide for the Best Two-Stage Snow Blower under $1000

The two-stage snow blowers are specially made for commercial and heavy-duty usages. It is more powerful, efficient and works easily to remove snow quicker than one-stage snow blower. As a buyer, you have to know what are the things you have to consider, how to use it safely, its maintenance, etc. before buying this snow blower.

So, here we are providing you with a detailed buying guide with all the essential information related to them. Go through it to know how to choose the best one.

1. Stage Type

One can find a single stage and dual stage snow blowers in the market. They are able to collect, break down and dispense of the snow in the driveways by using auger. The dual stage is an updated version of single stage and operates differently, which makes it widely used in these days.

Invest in this two-stage snow blower to clear away the snow from your driveway, especially made of gravel or other loose stones. With its auger device, this blower will scoop up the snow without any contact with the ground. So, it will clear off the snow in the gravel road / driveway without any damage to the road, which may incur if the gravel stripped away and the snow starts melting and mixing with dirt underneath.

2. Motor/Engine Power

One has to select powerful motor or engine type for their snow blower to ensure that they don’t face any power issues while operating the blow, even for clearing the hardened snow. The power of the gas-powered snow blower’s motor or engine is mentioned in terms of cubic centimeters (CC).

We can find option for motor power as 190 CC or 420 CC, in which the higher power rating will result in better performance for cleaning snow. Most of the snow blowers come with variable speed triggers to adjust and control the power/speed as per your requirement to complete the task quickly and easily.

3. Snow Blower Auger

The one who are familiar with snow blowers will definitely know about auger. An auger is like a tool head of a snow blower. Its spiral-like design with various blades will let you dig through snow for its easy removal. It is able to cut down, chop up and discharge the snow out of its snow chute to clear your driveway.

So, you should be careful and check the auger construction material when purchasing a dual stage snow blower. In general, they are made with steel and plastic, in which steel auger is stronger & durable than plastic one for cutting the hardened snow during winters.

Other than durability, one has to check the number of blades in auger. An auger having 4 blades or more is considered as quite effective one for clearing snow easily. As higher number of blades let you to carve and clear snow from sidewalk or driveway smoothly.

4. Clearing Width

The size or width of the auger of snow blower is essential to consider, why because it will let you know the amount of snow a blower can clear at a time. For instance, a wider blade size blower can intake more snow at a time than the smaller sized blower. By depending on the auger’s blade size, the two-stage gas snow blower will clear snow width from 20 – 38 inches.

Also, remember that blade width will affect the overall size of the snow blower. So, one has to check the size and width of the auger’s blade while purchasing a snow blower.

5. Blade Depth

The blade depth or the intake height of a blower is also essential to check, as it is the maximum size of the snow blower’s blade. The dual stage snow blowers come with options like 10 inch or 23-inch, in which the larger blade depth of 23-inch will let the blower intake more snow at a time and thereby results in a better performance.

6. Snow Moving Capacity

The blade width and depth of a snow blower will provide an idea on the blower’s performance. But to know the exact figure of their performance, you have to consider snow moving capacity of a blower. This snow moving capacity is measured in terms of either pounds per minute or tons per hour.

For instance, one can find snow moving capacity of 800 pounds per minute or 700 pounds per minute. Always, choose a snow blower with higher rating (800 pounds per minute), as it results in better performance.

7. Snow Blower Power

Since two-stage snow blower are mostly meant for various commercial usages and most of these snow blowers are powered by gas engine. So, for optimum performance, prefer to use gas powered snow blowers. All you need is to fill the gas tank to use it for a longer time to clean the snow completely from your driveway.

8. Wheels / Tires

Most of the 2-stage snow blowers are quite large in size, which makes it really difficult to use for many users. So, one has to look out for features in a blower that makes it easy to use and one among them is its wheel size.

Generally, a snow blower with large wheel size of 15 inches will work best than a blower with a 6-inch wheel, why because, you can even clear the deep snow during harsh winter without any issues. The larger tires will not only easy to maneuver but also saves your time while clearing the snow when compared with blower with small wheels. Also, prefer to buy the blower that offer front lights, so as to work even at night time easily.

For a hassle free and straight driving, choose a snow blower with airless tires. These tires are made with a special polymer material that clears snow and has as much traction as regular rubber wheels. They never go flat, eliminate side-tracking, and are totally maintenance-free. All these, will make them as your best choice for snow blower to purchase.

9. Size and Weight

One can find a wide range of dual stage snow blowers with different sizes and shapes in the market. For the easy and quick operation of snow removal, you have to check the size and weight of a given blower, which you have to handle. To be practical, a small and compact snow blower is easy to handle, as it can easily go to any corner to clear the snow and gets fit in less space in garage, while not using.

Similarly, a lightweight dual stage snow blower is easy to push around the sidewalk / driveway for clearing the snow rather than a heavy bulkier blower. A lighter blower will allow to clear the snow without getting strain.

10. Durability & Warranty

If you’re in a location where it snows a lot, then you have to use the snow blower to clear a deep and even hardened up snow from your driveways. Thus, using snow blower frequently will make it face a lot of wear and tear overtime. So, to get rid of this issue, you have to buy a durable and reliable (good build quality) two-stage snow blower.

Also, one has to look out for the warranty offered by the given snow blower. Most of the blowers come with a warranty period of 1 – 5 years, depending on the manufacturer. While some others last even for a longer time and allows you to get all your blower’s repairs under warranty period.

11. Price

It is somewhat difficult to buy the best product that comes under your budget, especially, if you’re are budget freak. So, it would be best to check the prices of various models before buying the snow blower. For most of the blowers, we’ll find a whole price range of blowers from $450 – $3000 & more. While most of the 2-stage snow blowers with minimum features will come under $1000.

12. Additional Features

Here are some extra features which are really useful for a quick, easy and effective usage of snow blower. Let’s have a look on it.

  • Electric Start: Prefer to buy a model with electric start to get rid of any starting problem of the blower. Although, you may not require this option every time but especially useful while it is really cold outside or gas/fuel is not fresh.
  • Remote Chute: It is a lever or crank up control located near the handles of blower. It let you turn the discharge chute without stopping the blower, walk around to side and move the chute. With this remote chute control, you can clear snow from everywhere around your home.
  • Deflector Control: This control will let you know how far the snow is thrown. A remote deflector is handy to control the snow while wind is blowing back into the face. Simply, its direct snow away from your house but won’t blow into your neighbor’s driveway. The blowers with price over $700 come with this feature.
  • Electric Chute & Deflector Controls: One can find a small joystick on either side of the operator to control the deflector and chute in some models, which makes it more convenient to use, whereas in some other models, we find a huge joystick in the center of the operator’s console, which are not that much convenient.
  • Single Hand Control: This let you operate the snow blower with a single hand on handlebar to throw away the snow. With this feature, you can move the deflector or remote chute by not stopping the blower and thereby saves a lot of time. One can find this feature on all blowers except on the cheaper models.
  • Power Steering: Power steering is quite a good option, especially when you have back pain (or) unable to lift more than 30 lbs (or) if you’re small (or) having balance problems. If you’re using a walk behind snow blowers, this power steering is quite useful. Here the steering is controlled by using small triggers under the handles without any levers (automatically).
  • Headlights: With this accessory, you can work even in the dark nights, as these lights will enable you to see far and brighter than street lamps. It makes the snow blower a bit pricier.
  • Heated Handgrips: This hand grips will help you to work for a longer time irrespective on how cold the weather is. But they won’t get hot and make your hands sweat inside the gloves. They just warm your hands.
  • Wheel Chains: Traditional snow blowers used lawn mower tires for clearing snow. For getting enough traction, these tire chains are wrapped around the mower wheels. Although, they work great but may tore up the blacktop and left brown rust marks on the cement. In these days, there are deep and aggressive tires made for snow blowers, which makes it not to use tire chains.

Safety Features:

Here are some safety features which you have to follow them while using the dual stage snow blower to clear the snow safely.

  • Since two-stage snow blower works powerfully, your hand or foot may get seriously injured, if they caught in any part of the blower while operating. So, keep your hands and feet away from the blower. Especially from all moving parts.
  • The gas-powered snow blowers will create a lot of noise. So, its recommended to wear ear protection from noise.
  • Use skid shoes, as it will protect surface and prevent items like gravel when kicked up, while riding over snow blower. Also, check the products which has reversible skid shoes for a long-time usage.
  • Always check the oil before using the gas-powered snow blower.
  • To avoid the carbon monoxide hazards, you have to operate/turn on the blower outdoors, including the closed garages.
  • You can add fuel only either before using snow blower or after cooling down the engine. But not while operating the blower why because the engine is hot.
  • Make sure to clear the area of any objects or debris before using the blower for smooth function of the blower but won’t caught in the thrown or machine.
  • To stay warm and well protected from the winds and blowing snow, you have to dress accordingly.
  • In case, if the blower becomes clogged then simply turn off the engine first and then the blades stop rotating before clearing the clog. Finally, you have to use a clean-out tool to clear snow from discharge chute.
  • The residual energy of the clogged auger will trap the hands or feet even when the blower is turned off. So, avoid using your hands or feet while operating.

Maintenance Tips:

The correct usage, care and maintenance of the snow blower will make it use effectively and safely. Its always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are some of the maintenance tips, which help you to follow them properly for its long-lasting usage.

  • Also, make sure to check the oil, fuel stabilizers, lubricants, spark plug changes, etc. while using the snow blower in home garage.
  • When using for more complicated work, you have to call for professional mechanic who specializes in snow blowers & other similar machinery.
  • Check the spark plug by simply disconnecting it from lead and then remove it with a wrench. In case, if you find any damage or deposits, replace it or else secure it back.
  • If you find any wear and tear or cracks while inspecting the belts then simply replace them.
  • The hardest working parts are auger paddles in snow blower. So, its essential to check them regularly for wear and tear. In case, if they won’t hit the ground anymore then replace them with a new paddle.
  • The shave plate will scrape off the snow from your driveway. Just reverse it, if it worn on a single stage blower whereas replace it for dual stage snow blower.
  • The skid shoes are adjustable on two-stage snow blower by allowing you to set the desired height of the auger for perfect clearing. Most are reversible and in case, if you find it worn then flip over and use the other side. But remember to replace the skid shoes next year.
  • For connecting the auger to the gear case, we use shear pins but they meant to break. It acts as a safety feature and break when the gear case and auger are overloaded.
  • In general, the blower will warm up to keep a smooth and easy oil flow. After operating, pull the drain plug to remove oil into container. Leave for a few minutes and fill the blower up with oil.
  • Always prefer to use fresh gas along with fuel stabilizer to keep the gas fresh for a longer time and thereby prevents formation of clogs.
  • Its suggested to inspect the blower before using it each time to prevent issues like loose connections, bolts, and checking oil & gasoline levels or battery charging.
  • For best and long-lasting performance, we have to keep a clean and well-maintained blower. So, to last the blower for years, you have to clean the machine, as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Other than engine, the melting snow will create rust on scratched steel. To get rid of rusting issue, you have to remove it with a wire brush or sandpaper. Then apply a thin coat and anti-rust paint and let it dry. Repeat the same process for a few times till you clear the rust and protect the snow blower.

How To Use a Dual Stage Snow Blower?

This 2-stage snow blowers are quite effective and powerful than single stage blowers, as they can handle heavy load easily and thereby clear the snow quickly. They are specially designed to suit best for using over uneven terrain on gravel driveways, turf, paths, sidewalks and other surfaces where you want to clear the snow on the surface.

It is ideal to clear the wet and heavy snow around 2 feet height with its clearing path width of about 20 – 40 inches. It is effective in throwing the snow up to 60 feet away. It has both pros and cons.

Pros – They are expensive, lighter, and comfortable to use with its large clearing width and height.

Cons – For clearing and shifting wet, heavy snow, a dual stage snow blower won’t come close to three-stage snow blower.

How This Two-Stage Snow Blower Work?

The auger in a single stage snow blower will minces the snow up before coming out of the chute. Whereas the dual stage snow blower comes with two different process to clear the snow. Here the snow passes through a fan to mince and then it shot out quickly.

The augers in 2-stage blowers are either metal or plastic, which are rubberized to protect the blades from getting damaged while in contact with the ground. So, whenever you push the machine forward then the blades start chopping into the snow to break it up. Hence, the 2-stage snow blowers are most powerful an ideal to clear ice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How to store the snow blower while not using?

Ans: Make sure to store the snow blower in a covered and sheltered area to protect it from the flammables, & extreme temperatures. Here are some storage instructions mentioned by most of the manufacturers about proper storage of their product, at the end of season.
* Clean the snow blower and store then in a clean and dry place.
* Always make sure to keep away the two-stage snow blower from flammable & corrosive materials.
* Even placing in extreme temperatures will also affect the snow blower.
* Store the blower after it cooled completely or else it may damage the engine.
* While storing the snow blower in an unventilated area, apply either a light oil or silicone to prevent it away from rust.
* Always read the user’s manual to know how to prepare and store the snow blower for a longer time, which includes preparing fuel system and lubrication.
* In case, if you’re using a fuel stabilizer mix, then make sure to store the two-stage snow blower away from the flames and sparks.

2.Shall we use a snow blower to clear snow on a gravel driveway?

Ans: It depends on the type of blower you’re using to clear the snow. In general, we mostly use single stage snow blowers & two-stage snow blowers and rarely three-stage blowers.

The single stage snow blowers will have direct contact with the ground and thereby scrape up the snow layer and ice with its fixed blade under the unit. With this reason, this single stage blowers are not recommended to use for gravel driveways.

While the two stage snow blowers, the clearance height can be adjusted and they might use elevated skids for best maneuverability. So, it won’t damage the gravel driveway while clearing the snow on it.

So, its best to use two & three stage snow blowers on your gravel driveway to clear even a thin layer of the snow behind safely. While the single stage snow blowers will clear the snow completely on the paved surface.

3.How to turn or operate a 2-stage snow blower?

Ans: One can turn or steer a dual stage snow blower in 5 ways – pin lock, solid axle, auto-turn, trigger steering, & locking differential. Let’s know about them in detail.
* Solid Axle – It allows you to turn both the wheels all the time and thereby you have to skid the blower around the turns. This steering type is somewhat hard to use for smaller people.
* Pin Lock – One can remove the pin from a wheel to make it turn easily. Suits for light snow but may lose traction. So, if you need the traction, then simply pin back to steer it like a solid axle.
* Auto-Turn – The snow blower with locking will get automatic release when you turn. It provides maximum traction and easy to turn without any lever or trigger to pull. This is the best option for those who have back pain or having hard time controlling the blower.
* Trigger Steering – Also, called as power steering. A snow blower has a small trigger under each handle to pull whenever you want to turn. Its axle/wheels are locked until and unless you pull this trigger and thereby get maximum traction to turn the snow blower easily. Perfect option of people who have backache or hard to control the snow blower.
* Locking Differential – A few models of snow blowers use one lever r the handle to steer. If you want the blower to left then pull the trigger under left handle and for right, pull the right-handed trigger. It is a traditional type of steering that won’t give you any trouble while operating the device. This trigger steering suits best for clearing long driveway, as it goes in a straight line without turning until you turn it to any side.

on the handle to release this locking differential, which are hard to turn.

4.What is the difference between power steering and auto turn?

Ans: For snow bowers operating with power steering have trigger under

Coming to auto-turn, it won’t use any triggers and automatically releases the lock inside the transmission and helps you for proper turning. It is easy and simple process to start and built last, just like power steering. It won’t require any learning curve and don’t possess extra levers or triggers to use. Suits best for the area that requires lot of turning and maneuvering. 


A two-stage blower uses an auger for clearing the snow and a separate propeller for shooting the snow away. As a result, these are much more powerful and allow you to throw snow quite far away. This makes them a great option for commercial and industrial usage. Due to this, we have mentioned some of the best two-stage snow blowers under $1000 in this article. All of these things can be quite useful to learn everything about such snow blowers and choose the perfect one for you. Although, if you are still confused, then you can simply go with one of the following two-stage snow blowers from our recommendations:

  • If you are on a budget, then you can go with the Ariens Two-Stage Snow Blower. Even though it is the cheapest option present in this article, you get a 254cc gas engine in it. This motor powers a 24-inch wide auger and wheel diameter of 16 inches. It comes with a Auto turn steering technology, 6 front and 2 reverse wheel gears for speed change. 
  • The Husqvarna Two-Stage Snow Blower is one of the most reliable and durable two-stage snow blower options out there. It comes with a great build quality. You get a powerful 212 CC gas engine in this snow blower that powers its 26-inch wide auger. It even comes with an electric start system that can be quite handy for turning this snow blower on.
  • Although if you want a highly powerful gas-powered snow blower without paying a lot of money, then the WEN SB24 24-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower can be a great option for a lot of users. It has a large 212 CC engine that powers its 24-inch wide auger. This two-stage snow blower has a 21-inch cutting depth. The two rugged 13-inch snow tires . Since its auger is made out of steel, it is quite reliable and durable as it can last against even hard snow without any issues.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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