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5 Best Cordless Snow Blowers Reviews and Buying Guide

Clearing snow without a snow blower during winters is a tedious task. An electric snow blower is lighter and works quieter but less powerful than gas-powered snow blowers.

A cordless snow blower is a type of electric snow thrower that powered by battery. It is easy to move around without any cord limitations. It is easy to operate, eco-friendly, and maintenance-free. It is built to remove light to medium, fluffy snow on sidewalks, decks or driveways. It is limited to remove snow of about 6 inches, depending on your chosen model.

Before buying the perfect cordless snow blowers, you have to consider these 3 main points.

  • Motor Power: The higher the motor power the better will be the blower’s performance. The cordless blower will offer 40 volts motor power from one battery whereas the two batteries will offer 80V of power. So, choose the blower depending on your area to clear the snow.
  • Battery Runtime and Charge Time: Depending upon the battery type and quality, the blower will run from 15 minutes to an hour, upon a single charge. Also, choose the lithium-ion battery which comes with a longer runtime and lesser charging time.
  • Cutting Depth: It is the vertical height of the auger that allows the blower to clear more snow at a time. One can find options like 7 – 12 inches intake height, in which the higher cutting depth (12-inch) will offer best results.

Other than these 3 key factors, you have to consider various other things like power source, battery capacity, auger width, blades, snow clearing rate, etc. which are clearly mentioned in the below “Buying Guide”. Also, to help you lessen you research and shopping time, we came up with a list of some best-selling cordless snow blower.

Just go through them to know about cordless snow blower and to grab your best snowblower.

Best Cordless Snow Blowers

Cordless Snow BlowerPower and TypeBlade WidthWarrantyBuy Now
Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower40-Volt Electric18 Inch2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Greenworks Cordless Snow Blower40-Volt Electric18 Inch3 YearsCheck On Amazon
Earthwise Cordless Snow Blower20 Volt Electric12 Inch2 YearsCheck On Amazon
PowerSmart Cordless Snow Blower80 Volt Electric23 Inch2 YearsCheck On Amazon
WORX Cordless Snow Blower208 CC Gas Engine22 Inch3 YearCheck On Amazon

5 Best Cordless Snow Blowers Reviews

1. Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower

snow joe

Those of you who are familiar with gardening tools and equipment, you must be familiar with Sun Joe. And Snow Joe is a sub-brand of Sun Joe that makes tools related to snow, including a wide range of snow blower options out there.

Snow Joe’s 24V-X2-SB18 electric cordless snow blower is present in the 2nd position in this article as it offers many things for its given money. It uses a total of two 24 volt batteries that results in a total of 48-volt output from this snow blower. Another great thing about this snow blower is that since these are 4.0 Ah batteries, you can expect a long battery life. It also offers decent performance to its users as this 48-volt battery system powers an 18-inch wide auger.

While this is not the widest or the largest auger out there, it has a cutting depth of 10 inches. As a result, its 1200W brushless motor can clear a lot of snow at once. It offers a snow moving capacity of 14 tons per charge of the batteries while. And it stays quite silent even at full load since it uses brushless motors. As this is an electric snow blower, you get LED lights at the front that allow you to use it even at night. You can use this snow blower to shoot snow up to 20 feet away using 180-degree adjustable chute.

Best Features:

  • 48-volt electric snow blower
  • 18-inch blade width
  • 10-inch cutting depth
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2 watt LED lights
  • 1200W brushless motor
  • 14 tons of snow per charge moving capacity
  • 0 Ah batteries for a 40-minute battery life
  • Adjustable chute for 180-degree adjustment
  • Shoot snow up to 20 feet away


  • Cordless snow blower
  • Batteries
  • Rapid charger
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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2. Greenworks Cordless Snow Blower


green worksGreenworks Snow Blower with 40V li-ion technology. It is featured with brushless motor. Not only does it pack more power, but it’s also super efficient. You can count on this blower to perform like a champ every single time. It has wide clearing path of 20 inches and a depth of 8 inches. It’s like a snow-devouring monster, taking on even the largest snow-covered areas with ease.

This snow blower has LED lights. And helps for clear cleaning even in dark or low-light conditions. You’ll have crystal-clear visibility. The 180-degree rotating chute is your snow-aiming magic wand. You can send snow flying up to 20 feet away with pinpoint accuracy. Make sure to keep those batteries at room temperature for the best performance. Cold batteries can slow you down.

If it doesn’t start, warm it up indoors for 10 minutes, put the battery back, and it should work. No more dealing with the mess of gas or the hassle of cords. Charging the battery is all you need to do. This snow blower is a lifesaver for clearing driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more. It has a strong motor, clears a wide path, and comes with safety lights. It’s also a workhorse in commercial settings like schools, businesses, and parking lots.

With Greenworks, you’re not just buying a snow blower. You’re choosing a brand that’s famous for working well, lasting a long time, and being good for the environment.

Best Features:

  • Powered by G-MAX 40V li-ion tech
  • Efficient brushless motor
  • 20-inch clearing path, 8-inch depth
  • LED lights for visibility
  • 180-degree rotating chute
  • Easy battery maintenance


  • Snow blower unit
  • 40V li-ion battery
  • Battery charger

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3. Earthwise Cordless Snow Blower

earthwiseEarthwise Cordless Electric Snow Thrower. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to handle, yet it packs a powerful punch with its 20-volt brushless motor. I’ve used it to clear snow from my deck, sidewalks, and driveway. The 12-inch clearing width and 3.5-inch clearing depth mean that I can make quick work of even heavy snowfall. And it can throw snow up to 25 feet away.

This snow thrower is the ergonomic auxiliary handle. It provides a comfortable grip and makes maneuvering is easy. The dual-blade auger does an excellent job of collecting snow efficiently, so I don’t have to go over the same spots repeatedly. It is surprisingly lightweight and compact. It’s easy to store in my garage, and I can transport it without any hassle. It operates on battery power means I don’t have to deal with messy gas or cords.

It’s perfect for clearing snow around my home, whether it’s on my deck, sidewalks, or driveway. I’ve even used it for larger areas like parking lots, and it performs admirably. It has high-quality battery-powered outdoor tools. This snow thrower because it’s super good, tough, and good for the environment. This snow thrower has truly simplified snow removal for me, making winter weather much more manageable.

Best Features:

  • Powerful 20-volt brushless motor
  • Efficient 12-inch clearing width
  • Throws snow up to 25 feet
  • Easy maneuvering with ergonomic handle
  • Compact and lightweight for storage


  • Snow thrower with a brushless motor
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Dual-blade auger for effective snow collection

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4. PowerSmart Cordless Snow Blower

power smartPowerSmart Self-Propelled Cordless Snow Blower it is powered by an 80V 6.0Ah lithium battery. It never fails to deliver the kind of performance that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. With a 24-inch clearing width and 20-inch clearing depth, it’s well-suited for my medium-sized driveway and sidewalks. It has the ability to throw snow up to 50 feet away, making sure I don’t end up shoveling snow back onto the cleared areas. The snow blower can move by itself, and it can go both forward and backward, so it’s simple to use in the snow.

The strong metal part inside the snow blower is great at getting rid of snow, and it has a light on it, so you can use it when it’s dark outside in the morning or at night. Safety is a priority too, with features that prevent accidental startup and quickly stop the auger and impeller when needed. This snow blower is its cordless design. No more dealing with gas or worrying about harmful fumes. It’s easy to operate, maneuver, and maintain, which has made snow clearing a much more pleasant experience.

Whether I’m tackling my driveway, sidewalks, or the patio, this blower has proven itself time and again. It’s also held up impressively in commercial settings like our local school and parking lot. PowerSmart has truly impressed me with their commitment to quality and affordability.

For anyone facing snowy winters and in need of a snow-clearing solution that combines power, ease of use, and safety, I wholeheartedly recommend the PowerSmart Self-Propelled Cordless Snow Blower.

Best Features:

  • Powerful 80V battery
  • Self-propelled with reverse
  • 24-inch clearing width
  • 20-inch clearing depth
  • 50-foot snow throwing distance
  • LED headlight


  • Self-propelled for easy maneuvering
  • LED headlight for visibility in low-light conditions
  • Safety features to prevent accidents
  • Low maintenance and reliable performance

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5. WORX Cordless Snow Blower

WORX WG471 Cordless Snow Blower

Worx is quite a popular brand of power tools known for its excellent performance. You can even find snow tools from Worx, including this cordless snow blower.

This Worx WG471 electric cordless snow blower is present in the 3rd position in this article as it offers amazing features even at a premium range. It uses two power-sharing 20-volt 4.0Ah batteries resulting in a total of 40-volt power output and a bit longer battery working life (25 – 30 minutes) and decent performance. Its single-stage rotary 20-inch wide auger and 10-inch clearing depth give enough force to grind ice or snow quickly and easily in a small or maneuverable design.

It is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor that produces more power with less battery consumption and thereby aids in longer lifespan/runtime as well. With its 180°rotating chute, the device will throw out the snow in any direction up to 20 feet. While its one-touch multi-position adjustable chute deflector will help you to do the work effectively.

The dual LED headlights of this snow blower will let you clear the driveway early in the morning or a bit late after sunset. You can easily store the device with a fully collapsible handle in the off-season, whereas you can control and use the snow blower effortlessly via its soft-grip handle in the on-season. Furthermore, this Worx snow blower is backed by a 5-year long warranty from the original date of purchase.

Best Features:

  • 40-volt electric snow blower
  • 20-inch blade width
  • 10-inch cutting depth
  • Up to 35 minutes of battery life
  • 2X 20V 4.0 Ah batteries
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Dual LED headlights
  • Adjustable 180° rotating chute and one-touch snow deflector
  • Shoot snow up to 20 feet away
  • 5 years long warranty


  • Cordless snowblower
  • Batteries
  • 4A Dual charger
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

How To Pick The Best Cordless Snow Blower

There are so many varieties / models of cordless snow blowers with various features in the market. As a buyer, you have to know all about this battery-powered snowblower like what factors to consider, its uses, safety and maintenance tips. But still having any doubts and unable to choose your best one, we came up with a detailed buying guide. This guide will clear all your queries and aids in choosing the best electric cordless snow blower.

1. Power Source

The battery is essential to consider while purchasing the cordless snow blower, as they run with battery power. The battery has to charge with electricity, as it is rechargeable. So, prefer to choose a battery with a higher voltage to make the blower as work powerful. For instance, choose 56V or higher voltage will offer better performance than gas-powered blowers.

They operate quietly which makes it as best option to use in residential areas. Also, one has to check that whether the given battery is interchangeable with other tools like lawn mower or hedge trimmer, etc. to have the battery’s extended runtime or as a spare.

2. Motor Power

In general, volts in battery will determine the motor power of cordless snow blower. The higher the motor power the better the blower will perform well, even though, it would be a little bit pricier. One can find the power rating of cordless snow blowers as 40 volts from a battery, whereas some others come up to 80 volts of powers from two batteries.

A high-performance motor will ensure that you don’t have any performance issues while operating this blower to clear hardened snow around the home. Although, the motor power of blower which you have to choose will depend on how much the user needs to move.

3. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is mentioned in terms of Ah. One can find battery capacity from 2.0 Ah to 7.5 Ah in the market. Choosing a higher capacity of 4.0 Ah will aid in better performance. Always remember that the battery has to be fully recharged before replacing and getting back to work.

4. Battery Type

The type of battery to be used in the cordless snow blower is also essential to consider. In general, there are three types of batteries used – lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium and lead acid batteries. Most of these cordless snowblowers use lithium-ion batteries, as they are easy to charge, last longer, reliable, and uses advanced technology.

Also, one has to look for battery charging time. It is considered as a time the battery takes to retain full power when once it drains completely.

5. Battery Runtime & Charge Time

The charging time and runtime of the battery will have to be considered before buying the cordless electric snow blower. One should know how long the blower’s battery will last upon single charge to complete the task. Depending on the quality and the type of batteries, the cordless snow blower will run anywhere from 15 minutes to more than an hour. All you need is to recharge the battery for at least a couple of hours to perform the task.

Also, check for the snowblower with less charge time without waiting for 6 hours to get the full charging of its battery. So, prefer to find a snowblower with lithium-ion battery, as its less charging time but longer runtime. In case, if you have to clear the snow in a larger area then simply get 2 sets of batteries. One is for working while other is on charging.

6. Auger Width

Apart from considering the construction material and number of blades offered by an auger, you have to check its size. The size refers to the width of a given auger or the cutting blade of snow blower. The larger width of auger will offer better performance, as it clears a lot of snow at once. But you have to select the width in such a way that it would fit even in narrow walkways and depending on your area to clear snow.

7. Cutting Depth / Intake Height

The horizontal size of the blade is termed as auger width whereas auger intake height is its vertical height. So, it’s essential to check this cutting depth or intake height of a given battery powered snow blower. If it snows a lot in your area, then go for a blower that offers a larger intake height to clear the snow effectively.

The cutting depth of a blower will come between 7 – 12 inches, in which 12-inch cutting depth will clear much more snow than a 7-inch blower in same amount of time.

8. Auger Blades

An auger is a tool head or functional part of a snowblower. Its spiral shape with multiple blades will let the blower clear the snow easily and quickly. In general, the auger is made with various kinds of materials like steel, plastic or rubber.

  • A steel made auger is much more durable and perfect for cutting even hardened snow.
  • Plastic auger is perfect for lifting almost all types of snow but less resistant than steel one and thereby may break easily.
  • Although, rubber will protect the pavement while operating but results in scarce performance on clearing heavy snow or high accumulations.

Also, one has to check the number of blades offered by auger in a given snowblower. The reason is that auger with a higher number of blades will let you carve and clear the snow from your sidewalk or driveway smoothly and effectively.

9. Snow Clearance Rate

One should know how much snow a blower can clear in a minute and how quickly. This snow moving capacity is measured in pounds per minute. For most of the models, this clearance rate will be 300 – 700 lbs per minute. Although, the larger clearance rate will offer better results but a lower figure will be more than adequate for domestic usage.

10. Single or Dual Stage

In general, the snow blowers operate in any of these two categorizes – single, & two stages. For most of these cordless snow blowers, single stage operation is quite enough. But if you want to remove the snow at a faster rate than simply consider a dual stage unit. The dual stage blower is an updated version of single stage and thereby a little bit costlier.

11. Chute Control

The direction of wind and conformation of your lawn will determine the way you discharge the snow. In case, if you’re chute is not adjustable then it will end up with snow blown on your face or simply back on the pavement.

So, prefer to choose a blower with an adjustable chute. It would be better, if your chute has a remote control, as you can able to adjust the snow throwing direction without stopping or steeping out of the machine.

12. Wheels and Lights

The wheels and the lights offered by a snowblower is also essential to check before purchasing. Choose a blower with large-sized wheels, as it let you move the blower easily even in deep snow without any issues. So, consider a blower with an 8-inch wheel size rather than a 6-inch one.

The snow blower with either LED or halogen lights at the front as headlights will make you work during late nights or early morning hours to clear the snow without any issue.

13. Weight

Most of the cordless snow blower are lighter while a few models are heavier. In general, they come with around 14 lbs to 25 lbs. So, choose the one which you can handle it properly throughout the operation.

14. Accessories

You may find wide range of accessories like multiple batteries, rapid chargers, blower covers, etc. available for cordless snow blower. Although, these accessories won’t directly affect the performance of a given snowblower but you can expect better overall experience.

15. Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty of any power tool will be quite useful to fix any issues caused due to wear and tear overtime. It would be applicable to this cordless snow blower. Most of the blowers come with a 2-year warranty. While some others offer a 4 – 5 years long warranty. The warranty on the blower will make it highly reliable and let your work for a quite longer time without any issues.

16. Other Features

Here are some additional features that let you work comfortable with snowblower to clear the snow. Have a look on them and consider while purchasing this cordless snow blower.

  • Digital Drive: In general, these blowers will rely on your pushing. Even though, the motor pulls slightly but moves by providing your pushing power. To get rid of this, a few models come with digital drive power and variable speed that make the blower move a little faster to clear the snow.
  • Discharge Shoot Control: The usage of joystick chute controls will allow you to change the direction of discharge chute with a simple push of lever. If you wear thick gloves then it will be little difficult to maneuver the lever. It a best option in frigid climates, as it has more easy-turn crank control, which you can operate by hand.
  • Long Handle: Having a longer handle on single stage models will definitely allow you to change quickly the direction and height of the snow thrown from discharge chute while clearing the snow.

17. Price Range

The price range of cordless electric snow blowers will be around $200 – $1000. However, the price of a product depends on the battery capacity, build quality, motor power and its brand. Also, one can find option to buy the snowblower without battery (battery not included) at a cost around $100 and purchase battery separately.

Tips and Precautions

Reading instruction manual will let you know all about the given snow blower like how to assemble, use and maintain it properly. Here are some tips and precautions you have to follow them while using a cordless snow blower for best results.

  • Check the direction of wind and try to clear the snow in that direction. Then it won’t blowback onto your face or the area you’re cleaning.
  • A few battery-operated snow blowers won’t have a chute to discharge the snow, and thereby end up tossing the snow all around. So, to clear this issue, you have to check the blower before buying.
  • The chute may pick up small rocks, gravel and other small debris in its way while removing the snow. So, one has to inspect the area before using the blower.
  • In case, if you’re having a thick layer of snow, then prefer to do multiple passes for a longer time. But avoid pushing too much, as it results in blower getting clogged and shut off. So, prefer to start with skimming and then dig a bit to clear the snow properly without damaging the device.
  • Remember that the harder you try to move the blower, the battery will exert more power and thereby results in battery losing charge faster.
  • Its must to check the tire pressure to know whether the tires has right amount of air for proper movement of wheels.
  • Wear body protection like face mask, gloves, ear cover, goggles and sturdy boots will let you work comfortably.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing, as they may get trapped into the auger and sucked into the blower while operating.
  • Before you clear debris from the chute, it is advisable to stop the blower and avoid using your hands to clear, rather use tools that come with blower.
  • It’s advisable to check the parts of snow blower like auger, battery, shear pins or scraper blades before operating to prevent any loose or worn parts.

Maintenance of Cordless Snow Blower

The cordless snow blowers come with low maintenance when compared with gas-powered blowers. The maintenance requirements of a gas snow blower are related to engine whereas for cordless blower, it’s mostly related to battery.

  • Avoid storing the fully charged battery and if possible, store the battery which is slightly discharged and then give it a quick top-up before use.
  • Try not to leave the battery uncharged for a longer time. Although, Li-ion battery won’t self-discharge quickly but when once its voltage drops below the lowest safe limit, then it won’t charge again. You have to replace the battery with a new piece.
  • Avoid storing the battery in a hot place, as the heat emitted will damage the battery. Also, the lithium-ion battery won’t like extreme heat or cold.
  • The optimum temperature range for charging or storage of battery will be 50°F – 85°F. So, find some best indoor place to store or charge the battery.
  • For longer life of battery, you have to stop using the blower when the battery shows 20% left and take out the battery from charger when it is about 80% charged.
  • Make sure to know how long the battery takes time to fully charge and drain it while using the snow blower.
  • Spraying silicone lubricant on the blower (both on its body and deck) will make it easier to slide the blower and cut through the snow pack to blow away the snow.
  • Its always suggested to clean the debris from snow blower like blades, impeller and auger after completing the cleanup of your yard.
  • Finally, clean the blower with a clean cloth before storing it in a place, which is away from pets and children.

Cordless Snowblower – FAQs

1. How to use a cordless snow blower?

Ans: It’s always suggested to plan before you use this cordless snow blower. Here are a few steps you have to follow for proper usage of cordless snow blower.
* Try to clear large debris like rocks in your pathway before operating the snow blower.
* Charge the battery fully to help the blower run for much time before you charge it again.
* Always move the blower at a slow and steady pace to get proper control over the tool while using.
* Move the blower in the direction of wind to keep snow blowing away from the user’s face and their neighbors’ place.
* For best cleaning, start using the blower from outward house towards the yard. Also, prefer to do a few rounds to clear away the snow from your area without damaging your pathway.

2. How long will the battery last?

Ans: Most of the cordless snowblowers uses a latest technology lithium-ion battery, which comes with a runtime that range from 40 – 65 minutes. This is sufficient to clear the residential driveway. However, the batteries are removable and rechargeable, you can simply replace the battery with another fully charged one to increase the runtime. A few brands come with rapid chargers with two battery packs that let you clear the snow with one battery in machine and other one on charging.

3. Why to choose the cordless snow blower rather than a gas snow blower?

Ans: The cordless electric snowblowers comes with a few advantages over gas-powered one.
* The first and foremost reason is its low/no maintenance. Whereas the gas blower requires a lot of maintenance for its operating.
* The cordless starts easily with a push of a button but won’t need to pull a starter cord like gas operated blowers.
* The motor of this electric device will operate quiet than gas engines, which is especially useful while operating the snowblower either in the early morning or late-night hours without disturbing your neighborhood.
* The battery-operated blowers are lighter, easy to maneuver and thereby less likely to cause any injury.
* It is easy to store in your garage while you’re not using. It is simple, safe and more convenient machines when compared with gas alternatives. 


Unlike a normal electric snow blower, cordless snow blowers are not tethered by a power cord. This allows you to easily take them anywhere around your house or any other property for clearing the snow. These can do this as they are powered by either gas engines or battery power. Thus, we have mentioned some of the best cordless snow blowers in this article. As you would expect, we have also mentioned their major features and options. All of these things can help you quite a lot while buying a cordless snow blower. Although, if you are still not able to choose one, you can simply go with one from our recommendations:

  • The  PowerSmart Cordless Snow Blower is the most powerful cordless snow blower option present in this article. As it is a two-stage snow blower, it is perfect for commercial and heavy-duty usage. It is powered by a highly powerful 56 volt gas engine. This 56 volt engine is present in this snow blower for powering its large 21-inch wide cutting blade. And since this is a Ego Power snow blower, you get a great build quality and a 3-year warranty with it.
  • Although if you want a powerful snow blower that is electric as well as cordless, then you can go with the Greenworks Cordless Snow Blower. It has an 80-volt battery system that uses 2 Ah batteries for decent battery life. As it powers a decently large 20-inch wide auger or cutting blade, you can clear a lot of snow using this snow blower. It also offers decent build quality along with a 4-year warranty. But since it provides all of this at a comparatively affordable price tag, you get a high value for money with this snow blower.
  • If you are on a budget and want a basic cordless snow blower without spending a lot of money, then the Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower can be another great pick for you. While it is not the most powerful option out there with its 40-volt battery system, it offers a long battery life with its 4.0 Ah batteries. It has a decent 18-inch wide snow clearing blade with a cutting depth of 8 inches. And it can throw snow up to 20 feet away that is quite great for the affordable price tag of this snow blower. But since it is a budget option, you get a plastic construction with a 2-year warranty.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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