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Best RC Trucks Under $300 Reviews In 2024

Get ready for the thrill of RC cars and trucks under $300, perfect for reliving childhood joy or fueling your kids’ passion for speed. These models pack power and excitement, offering unbeatable fun for kids and adults alike.

To simplify your selection process, consider these key features:

  • Scale: Related to the vehicle’s size, indicating the size gap between the top and the original vehicle. The larger the scale, the smaller the vehicle. Choose the right scale for your desired size, with options like the 1:10 scale offering a more realistic experience than 1:12, 1:16, or 1:18.
  • Durability: Look for models with sturdy construction materials (ABS plastic chassis or nylon components or aluminum frame) and waterproof components for longevity and resilience during off-road adventures.
  • Performance: Be it high-speed racing or tackling rugged landscapes, opt for a model with suitable performance.

For further assistance, check out our comprehensive “Buying Guide” and top picks that are carefully compiled after thorough research.

Best RC Truck Under $300 Table

Best RC Truck under 300SpeedSizeBatteryBuy Now
BEZGAR RC Truck12.5 MPH1:1025 minutesCheck On Amazon
DEERC Brushless RC Truck35+ MPH1:1840+ minutesCheck On Amazon
HaiboxingTruck26+ MPH1:1240 minutesCheck On Amazon
Haiboxing Remote Control Truck23 MPH1:1230 minutesCheck On Amazon
ARRMA SENTON Remote Control Truck30 MPH1:1020-30 minutesCheck On Amazon
Hosim Remote Control Trucks
40 MPH1:1040 minutesCheck On Amazon
DEERC 9206E Remote Control Truck30 MPH1:1040+ minutesCheck On Amazon
HYPER GO Remote Control Truck42 MPH1:1240 minutesCheck On Amazon
BEZGAR 9 Hobby Grade Truck24.8 MPH1:1220 to 25 minutesCheck On Amazon

Best RC Truck Under $300 Reviews

1. BEZGAR 17 RC Truck

BEZGAR 17 RC Truck

BEZGAR 17 is another not-worthy consideration that’ll be a perfect choice for kids. Here you’ll get a 1:14 scale of RC truck. With the help of the decently powered motor, you can easily expect a speed of 25km/hrs

Talking about the built quality first, it has zero flaws. The complete chassis of the truck is made with high-grade ABS plastic. Whereas, the whole structure is made with premium quality aluminum only. Thus, getting the lightweight characteristic without worrying about the durability factor

With its powerful remote, you’ll have the competitive satisfaction of controlling an RC truck even at the full speed. It uses a 2.4Ghz frequency of radio waves for lag-free connectivity. Moreover, you can easily play with the truck up to 50 meters long. 

Its charging features are also top-notch. You just need to plug in the USB cable for powering the two batteries. Also, there’s no need to worry about the overcharge or short circuit. However, the only downside here is, you get 25 to 30 minutes of battery life. 


  • 50 KM/ hr of top speed
  • Build with top-notch quality


  • Found nothing so far.

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2. DEERC Brushless RC Truck

DEERC Brushless RC Cars

Want to achieve one of the highest speeds by comprising the size? If so, this DEERC brushless truck will be the perfect fit for you. It comes with a low 1:18 scale but will surely provide you with the upper hand during an off-road race.

The power and speed factor you get here is nothing as compared to the 1:10 scale truck. You’ll get the support of its powerful brushless motor that rotated at a high speed of 95m/sec. Thus, this allows your truck to achieve an exceptionally fast speed of 60Km/hr.

The safety feature of the truck is also non-compromisable. Here, these 4 wheel drives are backed by individual independent suspensions to bear every type of off-road environment. Also, this will help you to get clear cuts and drifts similar to any 1:10 scale types. 

The rest of the structure is built with the premium quality only, both internal and external. The metal frame makes sure the truck will have no impact against the height drop or any other physical thumps.

Here’s another intriguing part that conveys the quality, company provides to us. The powerful brushless motors are completely water-resistant. This adds more time to the life of the truck as compared to the other competitors. 

In addition to this, you’ll be able to use 8 acceleration, 8 timing options. Thus, you’ve left with many things to experiment on your RC driving experience. 

As usual, the car is equipped with two Li-on batteries of 1200mAh. The number is kinda great to provide backup to the 1:18 RC truck. Also, the rest of the process is extremely easy, you’ll just have to plug the USB cable into the power source. 

This remote also uses 2.4Ghz of frequency signal for complete control over the fast-moving truck. Here, you can easily expect a long connectivity range of 328 ft. 


  • Powerful motor
  • Independent suspensions 
  • 328fts of long-range


  • Found nothing so far.

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3. Haiboxing 2995 Remote Control Truck


This Haiboxing 2995 RC truck comes with a general 1:12 scale and covers all your expectations effectively. From getting a top-notch high speed to a decent control range, you will get the utmost playing experience here.

All the accessories and the components are top-notch here. For starters, the independent suspensions with spring-tension adjustable shocks are something for both pleasure and protection. It will allow you to get the utmost pleasure of driving the truck at high speed. Also, the cool chassis won’t only add points to the appearance. It is designed to prevent dust from entering the body.

Its 550 motor is another fascinating factor to have. Here you will easily attain a top speed of 42 Km/hrs (or 26 mph). Thus, having an upper hand during the off-road races. This speed is backed by full metal gear and drive shafts, ensuring utmost protection for the truck.

The 2.4Ghz remote is easy to hold and will not hurt your hands even after all day of playing. At the same time, you’ll get a decent control range of 280 feet without any effort. Surprisingly, the Li-on batteries here come with 1600mAh of power backup. This will allow you to have over 40 minutes of runtime. Also, charging it for almost half of the time will bring things back to normal.


  • Independent suspensions
  • Driven by a 550 motor at 42+ km/hr.
  • Equipped with IPX4 splash waterproof
  • Has a 2.4Ghz radio system to control a 280-feet range
  • Budget pick that is ideal for 8+ age kids.
  • Offer 40 minutes of battery life
  • Machined metal drive shafts


  • Found nothing so far.

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4. Haiboxing Remote Control Truck

Haiboxing Remote Control Car

This one is for your strict budget issues. The company provides you with a 1:12 scale RC truck with just a small investment of around 100 dollars. And when it comes to the capabilities you can also compete with other high-end trucks up to an extent. Let’s have more insight into this.

The truck is equipped with two 7.4V batteries for power backup. Surprisingly, even at this price range, you’ll get a runtime of around 30 long minutes. Thus, no more frequent charging without getting satisfaction in driving your RC truck

At the same time, this truck comes with a 390 cubic cm motor. It’ll easily allow you to compete with any other RC truck in a race. Here, you’ll attain a top speed of 38 Km/hour which is insane as compared to the price tag.

This remote of the truck features 2.4Ghz of radiofrequency for top-notch control. It’ll easily allow you to drive your truck over a long-distance range of 260 fts. 

Here comes another intriguing part about this RC truck. It’s loaded with complete protection against dust, debris, and water. Its main electronics are IPX4 water-resistant and are effective against overcurrent and low voltage issues. Thus, you’ll not have regret playing with it in an offroad environment. 


  • 38 KM/ hr of top speed
  • Budget pick
  • 30 minutes of battery life


  • Found nothing so far at this price range.

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5. ARRMA SENTON Remote Control Truck

ARRMA SENTON Remote Control Car

Here comes another worthy pick from the side of AARMA. If you’re looking for a traditional design, its traditional monster truck design might grab your attention in the blink of an eye. It’s a normal 1:10 scale RC truck that comes with all-terrain durability.

Starting with the design of the truck that adds many benefits to it. The company has paid more attention to provide the utmost durability in this monster truck design. Its chassis is extra-long and has used ABS plastic for the utmost quality. At the same time, it’s also equipped with retained hinge pin plates to add more flexibility.

Another feature the company provides you in this design is flexible adjustability. You’ll get ride height and body mounts here for the utmost maintenance and component access. This will surely increase the life of the toy up to an extent.

With the 550 brushed motors, you can easily attain a decent speed of 38Km/hr. However, this one has the same issue as its previous product. The batteries here are of NiMH technology that doesn’t last as compared to the Li-ion batteries. Although you can expect a time duration of 20-25 minutes. 


  • Build with top-notch quality
  • Adjustable design


  • The batteries are not up to the mark

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6. Hosim Remote Control Trucks


Hosim Remote Control TrucksHosim is one of the known brands in RC cars/trucks and here we picked a brushless RC car from its numerous models.

This remote control car is equipped with a 2847 powerful motor and built-in 45A Brushless ESC that allows the truck to have a maximum speed mode of 40+ MPH or 68KM/H and a half-mode speed of 34KM/H. It is engineered precisely for maximum energy conversion. It is made of aluminum (including the RC car push rod) and a metal main drive shaft that makes the car stronger, and more durable for better performance. While its high-purity copper windings enhance efficiency, and make it quite waterproof (IPX4 rating).

The 1:10 large-size RC truck supports a maximum of 3S 11.1V battery. It is equipped with a 2X 2600mAh 7.4V lithium battery and 2X battery connector, making it ideal with a longer runtime of up to 40 minutes. The 4 sets of aluminum oil-filled shocks and 4 heavy-duty wheels will allow the truck to ride effectively on rugged roads/terrains or tough environments. Its 45° climbing ability allows the truck to climb rocks, grass, or puddle.

Also, it comes with 2 different color car shells – red & blue, which are made of high-quality ABS plastic materials to choose from either option. While the remote works in 2.4GHz of signals that let you control the car for a range of up to 262 feet/80 meters.


  • One of the best gifts for children or adults.
  • 3KG upgraded high torque servo and flexible construction
  • Powerful brushless motor with high-quality durable body
  • Includes all hardware for easy installation and usage
  • Comes with an extra high-quality ABS car shell


  •  A bit expensive model

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7. DEERC 9206E Remote Control Truck

DEERC 9206E Remote Control Car

Want something powerful from the side of DEERC without compromising the size of the truck? This time, the 9206E promises you to provide one of the powerful features that’ll surely create an impression among your friend.

The truck is equipped with two Li-ion batteries of 1700mAH. This number is one of the high-powered batteries you can get within an RC truck. Here, you will easily get a playtime duration of 40+ minutes.

Its durability is undoubted. Everything in the truck is built with premium quality and comes with appropriate resistivity as well. The cool design of the toy doesn’t only adds more points to the appearance but also keeps it protected as well. It prevents all the debris and dust from entering the body.

It is a 2.4GHz full-scale synchronous remote that will allow you to control your car at your will. Even at the top speed, you’ll face no difficulty in turning it. And here comes the best part about it, it is long-range. You’ll get a fascinating range of 300 fts.

At last, the oil suspensions adds more flexibility and durability to the truck. Not only this, it allows you to control the truck during high-speed racing. At the same time, the truck is also equipped with LED lights that act as a headlight of the truck. 


  • 50 KM/ hr of top speed
  • 300 ft of connecting range
  • 40+ minutes of battery life


  • Found nothing so far.

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8. HYPER GO Remote Control Truck


HYPER GO Remote Control TruckHyper Go is another best brand that has to be considered while discussing RC trucks. Here is one of the best options we picked from their numerous models.

This H16BM RC truck is equipped with a brushless 4200KV, 4-pole high-torque motor that comes with cooling fans and a metal heatsink design. Whiles its E45A ESC will make it upgradeable and potential. The metal gears distribute the power to achieve 4X4, in which an axle of 5.5mm diameter and M4 nuts, and its smooth 16-ball bearings will reduce power loss.

It is compatible with a 2S, and 3S Lipo battery that allows for low-voltage cut-off and thermal overload protection. The aluminum-capped oil-filled shock better filtering bumps and make it conquer smoothly any terrain. It offers two-speed modes – 2S (27+ MPH) & 3S (42+ MPH).

The 2S 7.4V 1050mAh 25C Lipo battery offers 2X 20 minutes runtime with smooth balanced charging via USB. The 2.4GHz remote is easy to hold and allows the user to have decent control over a range of 120 feet without any effort.


  • Longer 40 minutes of battery life
  • 120 feet of connecting range
  • 42+ miles per hour of top speed


  • Not a waterproof model
  • The build quality could have been better.

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9. BEZGAR 9 Hobby Grade Truck

BEZGAR 9 Hobby Grade Car

This BEZGAR 9RC is a heavy-duty truck that’ll be a top consideration for any off-road lovers. This time, the company provides you with a smaller version, 1:12 scale. At the same time, the company doesn’t hold back in providing top-notch power features. 

Starting with the physical appearance. The complete chassis of the truck is built with high-quality synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide nylon. It provides both durability and flexibility to the overall truck without leaving the lightweight characteristics. 

Its hobby-grade motor is something that the company loves to boast about. This 550 brushed motor can perform 16000 revs per minute. Thus, you can easily experience a high speed of over 45Km/hr. You can easily compete with other top-notch trucks of different scales.

All the other factors are ensured with undoubtedly quality. You get a stylish headlight that automatically turns on, once you start the switch on the truck. Also, the electronic system is completely split-resistant. The IPX4 resistivity provides you with the assurance of it. 


  • 45 KM/ hr of top speed
  • Build with top-notch quality
  • Utmost protection against dust and water


  • Found nothing so far.

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Buying Guide to Purchase the Best RC Trucks and Cars

Radio-controlled (RC or remote-controlled) trucks and cars offer enthusiasts of all ages an exhilarating way to experience the thrill of off-road adventures and high-speed races.

When it comes to purchasing RC trucks or cars, navigating through the myriad of options can be overwhelming. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comprehensive buying guide that outlines key factors to consider before making a purchase.

1. Durability and Build Quality

Durability is paramount when choosing an RC vehicle, especially for rugged off-road terrains or intense racing scenarios. Assess the construction materials, focusing on the chassis, frame, and internal components. Look for models constructed from high-quality materials such as reinforced ABS plastic body, nylon compounds, aluminum frames, or metal chassis. Additionally, inspect the suspension system, drivetrain, and overall build quality to ensure longevity and resilience against impacts. Also, prioritize RC trucks with IPX4-rated electric components to withstand moisture and ensure longevity.

2. Performance and Speed

The speed and performance capabilities of an RC truck or car significantly contribute to the excitement of the driving experience. Consider factors such as top speed, acceleration, and maneuverability. Models equipped with powerful motors, advanced suspension systems, and responsive steering mechanisms tend to offer superior performance, allowing for thrilling races and impressive stunts.

Aim for a truck with a minimum speed of 35 km/hr to ensure an exhilarating driving experience. Premium models may offer speeds exceeding 40 km/hr, delivering an extra thrill for speed enthusiasts.

3. Terrain Compatibility

Whether you prefer conquering rocky trails, navigating through mud, or tearing across flat surfaces, it’s essential to choose an RC vehicle tailored to your preferred terrain. Some models are specifically designed for off-road adventures, featuring high ground clearance, rugged tires, and waterproof electronics. Others are optimized for on-road racing, with low-profile tires and precision handling characteristics. Select a vehicle that aligns with your intended terrain usage for optimal enjoyment.

4. Battery Life and Charging Options

Extended battery life and convenient charging options are crucial for maximizing your RC driving sessions. Look for vehicles that offer decent run times on a single battery charge, allowing for prolonged playtime without frequent interruptions. Additionally, consider whether the model supports fast charging or interchangeable batteries to minimize downtime between sessions.

5. Scale and Realism

The scale of an RC vehicle influences its size, level of detail, and realism. Whether you prefer a true-to-life replica of a full-sized truck or car or a compact model for indoor racing, there are various scale options available, ranging from 1:10 to 1:24 and beyond. Choose a scale that suits your preferences and intended usage, keeping in mind factors such as storage space and portability. For instance, a 1:10 scale truck is one-tenth the size of the real counterpart (actual vehicle). While larger scales offer more realistic proportions, smaller scales are preferred by enthusiasts seeking higher speeds and cost-effectiveness.

6. Controller Features and Connectivity Range

The controller serves as your interface with the RC vehicle, influencing your ability to command precise movements and maneuvers. Look for controllers with ergonomic designs, intuitive controls, and responsive feedback. Additionally, consider the transmitter’s range, ensuring sufficient distance for uninterrupted operation, especially in large outdoor environments.

Adequate connectivity range is essential to maintain seamless control over your RC truck without frequent signal interruptions. Ensure that your chosen model offers a connectivity range of at least 250 feet to enable unrestricted maneuverability and immersive driving experiences.

7. Brand Reputation and Customer Support

Opting for reputable RC brands known for their quality craftsmanship, proven performance, and customer support can provide peace of mind regarding product reliability, durability, and after-sales assistance. Research customer reviews, forum discussions, and expert opinions to gauge the reputation of various brands. Additionally, inquire about warranty coverage and available support channels in case of any issues or inquiries. Moreover, choosing a renowned brand facilitates easy access to replacement parts and upgrades, enhancing the longevity of your RC truck.

Verdict: By meticulously evaluating these key factors, you can confidently select the best RC truck under $300 that aligns with your preferences and requirements. Remember to prioritize quality, performance, and durability to maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction with your RC truck investment.

RC Truck Under $300 – FAQs

1. Are RC cars and trucks suitable for beginners?

Ans: Yes, many models under $300 are beginner-friendly with easy controls and durable construction, making them ideal for newcomers.

2. What’s the difference between brushed and brushless motors?

Ans: Brushed motors are cost-effective but less efficient, while brushless motors offer higher speed, power, and longevity.

3. Can I upgrade my RC car or truck later on?

Ans: Yes, many models offer upgradeable components like motors, suspension, and electronics for enhanced performance and customization.

4. What scale should I choose for my RC vehicle?

Ans: It depends on your preference; the 1:10 scale offers a balance of size and performance, while smaller scales provide agility and lower cost.

5. How long do RC car batteries typically last?

Ans: Battery life varies, but most RC cars under $300 offer 15-30 minutes of runtime per charge, depending on usage and battery capacity.

6. Are spare parts readily available for budget RC cars?

Ans: Yes, reputable brands offer a wide range of replacement parts and upgrades for their models, ensuring long-term support and maintenance.

7. Can I use my RC car or truck off-road?

Ans: Absolutely! Many models are designed for off-road terrain, featuring rugged tires, durable chassis, and waterproof electronics for all-terrain adventures.


Selecting the best RC truck or car under $300 requires careful consideration of various key factors listed in the guide. Conduct thorough research by inspecting the product with every buying guide factor will help you get a confident and satisfying purchase, as per your driving ambitions and budget constraints.

Here are our expert recommendations that assist you in quick selection:

Let us know your questions in the comments section, and we’ll provide expert guidance to ensure you make the right choice for endless hours of RC fun!

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