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12 Best Outdoor Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Outdoor waterproof LED strip lights bring life to patios, decks, and gardens, transforming them into enchanting spaces regardless of the weather, making them a top choice for homeowners and designers alike looking to enhance outdoor spaces.

Our shortlisted the best outdoor waterproof LED strip lights have undergone a series of rigorous tests focused on three key factors

  • Strip Size: The length of LED strips, typically sold by meter or foot, varies according to project needs. Assess your space carefully before purchasing, with options ranging from 32 to 150 feet per reel.
  • Waterproof Rating: Look for IP65-rated strips for water resistance or IP67-rated for complete waterproofing. Consult our buying guide for detailed insights.
  • App Control: Enhance convenience with app-controlled LED strips, offering an upgrade from traditional remotes and reducing the risk of misplacement.

To discover which products made the cut and to learn more about what to look for when choosing the right LED strips for your outdoor needs, be sure to check out our comprehensive “Buying Guide”.

Best Outdoor Waterproof LED Strip Light Table

Product ListLengthWaterproof RatingApp ControlBuy Now
DAYBETTER LED Strip Light32.8ftIP65YesCheck On Amazon
EJ's SUPER LED Strip Light100ftIP65YesCheck On Amazon
Nexillumi LED Strip Light100ftIP65YesCheck On Amazon
HEDYNSHINE LED Strip Light100ftIP67NoCheck On Amazon
LETIANPAI LED Strip Light200ftIP68YesCheck On Amazon
SURNIE LED Strip Light150ftIP65NoCheck On Amazon
Kimdelee LED Strip Light100ftIP67YesCheck On Amazon
Rxment LED Strip Light100ftIP65YesCheck On Amazon
Nurluce LED Strip Light32.8ft
IP65NoCheck On Amazon
C D H LED Strip Light120ftIP65YesCheck On Amazon
Ledagic LED Strip Light100ftIP68NoCheck On Amazon
Aulimhti LED Strip Light100ftIP65YesCheck On Amazon

Best Outdoor Waterproof LED Strip Light Reviews

1. CHARKEE LED Strip Light


The CHARKEE Outdoor LED Strip Lights are a versatile lighting solution designed for anyone looking to add a splash of color and illumination to both indoor and outdoor settings. Ideal for enhancing the ambiance of bedrooms, gaming rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas, these lights cater to a broad spectrum of decorating needs.

The strips offer an impressive palette of 16 million colors, along with 6 dynamic modes and a DIY mode, allowing for complete customization of your lighting experience.

The brightness is easily adjustable via a remote control, ensuring you can set the mood exactly as you desire. Installation is straightforward, thanks to the self-adhesive tape, and the lights can be cut every 3 LED units to fit any space precisely.

Furthermore, the addition of epoxy over the LEDs ensures a brighter, more even light that is gentle on the eyes.

Best Features

  • IP65 waterproof
  • 16 million colors
  • Dimmable with remote
  • Easy to install
  • Can be cut to length


  • Versatile indoor/outdoor use
  • Bright, even lighting
  • Customizable color settings
  • Strong adhesive for easy installation
  • Energy-efficient 12V power supply


  • Limited to 44-key IR remote control

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2. EJ’s SUPER LED Strip Light

EJ's SUPER LED Strip Light

This option is great to use in your patio, pathways, and outside your balcony. This is IP65 waterproof rated, easy to set up, doesn’t require any extra steps to install. Simply grab a pair of scissors and cut the strips to fit your desired area.

The 100ft long LED light comes with a long list of exciting features including Smart App control, remote control. timer, music sync and more. You can either use the HappyLighting app from your smartphone or use the 44 key remote and explore various functions that it offers.

Choose from 16 million colors, get creative with RGB DIY lighting, change modes of colors, brightness, and switch between warm and cool palettes. The music-sensitive in-built mics sync with the music and change color according to the background sound. There’s also a timer function which pre-sets a timer function and automatically turns the lights on and off.

Moreover, it features another cool function called App Group Control. It allows you to control multiple LED lights in different rooms or treat them as one unit through its dedicated App.

Best Features

  • 100 ft long strip
  • IP65 waterproof rated
  • Smart App control and Remote control
  • RGB DIY lighting
  • Music sync
  • In-built mic
  • 44 key remote
  • Timer function
  • Group App function
  • 12 Volt power


  • Feature rich
  • Music mode and timer functions
  • Very easy to install


  • Quality might be inconsistent

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3. Nexillumi LED Strip Light

Nexillumi LED Strip Light

The Nexilium 100ft waterproof LED strips are very alluring, easy to install and safe to use. But it’s not only about the aesthetics with this waterproof LED you get some exciting features like Bluetooth control, music mode, DIY RGB lighting and others.

With an IP65 waterproof rating, the 100ft long strip lights can go a full round around your house. It will look great around your patio, balcony, outdoor kitchen and outdoor garage. With this LED RGB strip you can create and switch between 16 million colors.

Not only does it come with an IR simple remote controller but also features a smart App ( available on Google Play and iOS App store) control for both Android and iOS platforms. With the App, you can adjust the brightness, change colors and set a timer for scheduled on and off.

A sound-sensitive mic automatically changes color in response to the background music and environmental sound. It has durable copper strips, and brighter 5050 LED chips. Nexillumi outdoor LED strip lights use less energy while producing brighter light and have a longer lifespan of more than 60,000 hours. They also offer 18 months of warranty on their product.

Best Features

  • 100ft/30 m long strip
  • IP65 waterproof rated
  • Bluetooth control
  • Smart App for both Android and iOS
  • Music mode
  • Timer function
  • 16 million color hues
  • 60,000 working hours


  • 18 months warranty
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to install
  • Smart App control


  • Lose power and brightness from one strip to another

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HEDYNSHINE Strip Lights are are a great addition to pools, gardens, and porches, enhancing the ambiance for parties, holidays, and everyday enjoyment. With an IP68 waterproof rating, these lights are protected against water and dust, ensuring durability and reliability for outdoor use. The silicon casing around the lights provides an additional layer of protection, making them suitable for use near swimming pools or in garden areas without the worry of damage.

Control of the lights is made convenient and versatile through both a smart phone app and a 44-key remote, offering multiple ways to adjust colors, brightness, and lighting modes. Music sync functionality allows the lights to change color in sync with your favorite tunes, adding an extra layer of fun to your parties.

It is easy to install these strip lights with the provided mounting clips, making it possible to set up the lights without needing adhesive backing. This flexibility in installation means you can easily rearrange or adjust the lighting setup as needed.

Best Features

  • IP68 waterproof for reliable outdoor use
  • Smart phone app and remote control
  • Music sync for dynamic party lighting
  • Easy clip installation; no adhesive needed
  • Bright, multi-color RGB LED chips


  • Durable waterproof design
  • Versatile control options
  • Dynamic color modes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Energy-efficient LED technology


  • Limited to Bluetooth connectivity

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5. LETIANPAI LED Strip Light


The LETIANPAI strip lights combine performance with convenience, making them a fantastic choice for enhancing the beauty and functionality of any outdoor area. The IP68 waterproof rating ensures durability and protection against dust and water, allowing for installation in wet or humid environments without concern.

The strip provides a broad spectrum of RGB colors with adjustable brightness, enabling users to customize their lighting schemes precisely. It includes 29 dynamic modes, such as fade, flash, and strobe, which can be synchronized with music or microphone input, creating an immersive lighting experience that matches the rhythm and atmosphere of any event.

Controlled via the “Lotus Lantern” app, it offers convenience in setting timers and adjusting settings from your smartphone. The 24V low-voltage power supply enhances safety, making it suitable for family homes with children and the elderly, while also minimizing heat production to keep the strip cool to the touch.

Best Features

  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • 29 dynamic, music-sync modes
  • App control with timer functions
  • Low-voltage, energy-efficient
  • Easy, customizable installation


  • Versatile indoor/outdoor use
  • Safe for kids and elderly
  • Bright, vibrant lighting
  • Cool to the touch
  • Certified power adaptor


  • No physical remote included
  • Complex app setup for some

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6. SURNIE LED Strip Light

SURNIE LED Strip Light

If you want to keep it minimalistic with white LED strip lights there’s no better option than the SURNIE 150ft LED strip lights.

This high-quality LED strip light is IP65 rated and comes with 50,000 hours of lifetime. It’s protected against splashes of water and light rain so you can easily mount it outdoor, in your outdoor kitchen, game room, patio, deck, balcony etc. It’s a cuttable connectable flat rope design that has a cutting point in every 1.65 ft distance which can be cut according to the length you need.

The working voltage is 110 v which is significantly higher than most, indicating that it will consume more power than the average ones. It has a total of 2700 LEDs in its 150 ft length which provides luminous even brightness. Color Temperature is 6500K white. It’s a great option for residential and commercial use.

Moreover, it comes with two fuses to prevent the risks of short-circuit. However, the adapter and the power supply plug are not waterproof, so you need to make sure they are sealed with silicone adhesives when used outdoors.

It comes with a 12-month limited warranty on the manufacturer’s defect and 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason.

Best Features

  • 150 ft LED strip lights
  • 6500K white light
  • Cuttable design
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 2 fuses
  • 12-month money-back guarantee


  • The best white light in the market
  • Amazing brightness
  • 50,000 hours of working life


  • Doesn’t come with App control

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7. Kimdelee LED Strip Light

Kimdelee LED Strip Light

Want to spice up your outdoor kitchen, living room or game room? Then you can consider the Kimdelee waterproof LED light strips.

The product features 16 million color combinations, a simple peel- and stick installation and 60,000 hours of service life. Well, there’s more to it. It comes with a music-sensitive mic that detects the surrounding music and changes color and brightness in response to the music beats.

It has IP65 waterproof rating, and it’s 100 ft, 16.5 ftx6 in total length. This strip light has three control modes-Bluetooth App control, remote control and power controller. The App has multiple music modes, scene modes, RGB lighting effects, timer function and voice mode.

Best Features:

  • 100 ft, 16.5 ftx6 in total length
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Bluetooth App control
  • Remote controller
  • Music sync
  • Timer function
  • Scene modes


  • Feature rich
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • 6 inches gaps between the LED strips

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8. Rxment LED Strip Light

Rxment LED Strip Light

This outdoor waterproof strip light is IP65 rated which means it’s suitable to use under variable weather conditions. It’s a continuous thread of 100Ft 5050 RGB LED lights that comes with some exciting features to impress you.

Both the LED strip light and the control box are silicone coated making the entire strip of LED lights waterproof. You can easily use them inside your bedroom, and living room as well as in outdoor areas such as roof gutters, and pergolas.

It comes with a 2.4G remote controller that you can use to adjust light color, speed and rate from 100 ft away.  It also has App control for your convenience.

These are super easy to install with double-sided tape. Just keep and stick them wherever you like. It creates amazing ambience lighting when sitting outdoors at night. Oh! and the lights also sync with the music. With the music mode on the light pulsate and changes color according to the background music.

What’s more? It comes with a 12 months warranty and has amazing customer ratings on amazon.

Best Features:

  • 100 ft continuous strip
  • IP67 waterproof
  • 4 G RF Remote controller
  • App control
  • Music sync
  • Timer function


  • Great waterproofing
  • Easy to stick
  • Bright lumen
  • Warranty


  • After a time some parts of the strip lit up a different color light

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9. Nurluce LED Strip Light

Nurluce LED Strip Light

Nurluce strip lights offer the convenience of solar power combined with the beauty of warm white lighting. It comes with a 32.8ft strip with 960 LEDs, providing a bright and cozy warm white light ideal for creating inviting outdoor environments.

With a large capacity 2400mAh rechargeable battery, these lights can shine brightly for 8-10 hours after a full charge, which takes about 5-6 hours either via solar power or a USB Type C connection. Durability is a key feature, with a life span of up to 30,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting illumination for your outdoor spaces.

The lights come equipped with eight different lighting modes, ranging from subtle twinkling to steady on, allowing users to customize the ambiance to match any occasion or mood. An auto on/off feature, powered by a built-in light sensor, ensures the lights operate only in darkness, maximizing energy efficiency.

Best Features

  • Warm white 2700K lighting
  • Solar and USB Type C charging
  • Auto on/off functionality
  • Waterproof IP65 rated
  • 8 distinct lighting modes


  • No electricity cost
  • Dual charging options
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Easy installation process
  • Versatile outdoor use


  • Limited to warm white
  • Charging dependent on weather

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10. C D H LED Strip Light

C D H LED Strip Light

Thes LED strip lights from CHD come with so many bells and whistles. It’s a 120 ft long strip of RGB light which can shine millions of colors and 6 gorgeous lighting modes to meet your decorative needs.

It comes with a simple remote controller that features many functions like changing color modes, brightness, set timer and on/off. These are awesome choices for Christmas lighting, party lighting, lighting up your stairs, yard, balcony and so on.

They are also super easy to install. They stick on most surfaces without any difficulty.  Made for outdoor use, these strip lights feature a waterproof PVC encasing, which is both flexible and durable at the same time. Even the controller box is waterproof.

Connectors and mounting hardware are included in the box. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee and 6 months total warranty on this product.

Best Features:

  • 120 ft strip
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • RF Remote controller
  • App control
  • Music sync
  • Timer function


  • 6 months warranty
  • Dense and bright
  • Waterproof pvc coated


  • Expensive

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11. Ledagic LED Strip Light

Ledagic LED Strip Light

Ledagic LED strip lights offer an excellent combination of versatility, control, and durability, making them an ideal choice for enhancing the atmosphere of any space. Featuring an IP68 waterproof rating, the Ledagic LED strip lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring protection against dust and water.

Users can control the lights via a smartphone app or a 60-key remote, offering the ability to choose from 16 million colors, adjust brightness, and select various lighting modes like flashing, breathing, and strobe. The installation process is straightforward, thanks to the self-adhesive backing and the inclusion of clips and screws for secure mounting.

For those who love music, the lights’ built-in microphone allows for synchronization with music, creating dynamic lighting effects that pulse to the beat. Additionally, the timing mode enables the lights to be set as a light alarm clock, providing a unique way to wake up or wind down.

Best Features

  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • App and remote control
  • Music synchronization
  • Easy installation
  • Timing mode feature


  • Versatile indoor/outdoor use
  • 16 million color choices
  • Bright, energy-efficient lighting
  • Safe, low voltage power
  • Creates ambiance for any event


  • Non-waterproof power supply
  • Requires glue for cut repairs

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12. Aulimhti LED Strip Light

Aulimhti LED Strip Light

The last LED strip light is a 100ft long smart Bluetooth RGB LED light strip featuring 29 dynamic modes that can meet the majority of your outdoor application scenarios.

Featuring 29 modes, the LED strip light comes with an in-built microphone which can pulsate and change color according to the background music. 16 million colors and a variety of music modes is ideal for any kind of outdoor occasion like a romantic dinner date, party or festival gatherings.

You can download the app “Lotus Lantern” or use the 44key remote controller. You can adjust the brightness levels, set timers to turn on/off at different times, set multiple colors and switch between them. The installation is easy and can be done by oneself.

It comes with fixing clips (buckles) and screws with which you can firmly fix it on any surface of the house.  You may cut the length depending on your area thanks to the cuttable DIY design, and you can use it to adorn your living room, kitchen, bar, bedroom, garage, and other areas.

Best Features

  • 100 ft continuous strip of LED lights
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • 16 modes
  • 16 million color options
  • 44 key remote
  • Bluetooth App support


  • 30 days money refund guarantee on quality defaults
  • Cuttable design
  • Multiple modes
  • Group management feature


  • Little expensive

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Outdoor Waterproof Led Strip Lights Buying Guide

The best kind of LED strip lights can withstand splashes of water without any difficulty. They are cost-saving, energy efficient and enviro-friendly. These simple lights have no complicated designs, types or functionality. They almost work in the same way, but there can be a few factors which make one better than the other. So, before buying an LED strip light for outdoor use, consider the following factors.

1. Waterproofing

If you intend to utilize LED strip lights outside or in rooms of your house where water is used, waterproofing is a crucial factor to consider. Make sure to choose waterproofed strip lights if you’re planning an outside project to extend the life of your lights.

Usually, LED strip lights are either IP65-rated or IP67-rated. You need to understand what both offer in terms of waterproofing.

A waterproof rating of IP65 means the LED strip light is protected from splashes of water from any angle. These are not fully waterproof but water-resistant, so they cannot be submerged underwater.

IP67 is water-resistant plus waterproof, which means it is protected against events of temporary submersion for up to 10 minutes. You cannot submerge them for a longer period of time since they are also not fully waterproof.

2. Strip Size

Strip size means how long the strip is. Again the length you will need should depend on your project. So, do a better assessment of your needs before you purchase one. Normally LED strip lights are sold per foot or per reel, with a typical reel holding five metres (nearly 16.5 feet) of the strip to 120 feet.

3. App Control

Small devices like remotes are easily misplaced, regardless of how careful a person may be. But there is almost no possibility that you will forget where your smartphone is. Save yourself the extra work and get LED lights that can be controlled via an app. It will be simple for you to switch between features in seconds.

4. Lumens

The brightness of LED strip lights are measured in lumens. The number of lumens a product has per foot or per meter is generally stated by the manufacturers in the product details.

The number of lumens for your strip light should depend on your project.

For instance, if the strip light is only for ambient lighting, a lower lumen count of 100 to 250 should do just fine. But if it’s for something large-scale, say for advertising signs, you would probably need a strip light with a higher lumen count, something upwards of 500.

5. LED Density

Once you’ve calculated how much strip you’ll require, finding a product with the ideal LED density for your task is critical. The number of LED lights per unit of length (typically measured in feet/metres/yards) is called LED density. Products with more LEDs per length should produce more light and provide more even illumination than those with fewer LEDs.

6. Color and Temperature

Color and temperature are two key components to consider when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your project. LED strip lights are available in solid or single-color options as well as multi-color variants. There’s nothing better than the other. And you should choose this depending on your preference.

Single-color lights will provide a clean and elegant look; it’s a great choice for basic lighting. On the other hand, multicolor options will add more depth and personality to your room or place of business.

The temperature of strip light ( measured in Kelvin) regards how ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ the light radiance is. The higher the Kelvin value, the cooler the temperature, and vice versa. Cool temperature provides a blue glow, while warm temperature gives a yellowish or amber glow. There is also a neutral temperature that stands in between.

Your project and personal preferences should determine the temperature you choose. For instance, warm lighting is preferable in more relaxed settings like the bedroom, whereas cold lighting is better for task lighting.

7. Ease of Installation

‘Plug-and-play’ units are very popular nowadays because they are the most convenient and easy-to-install options. But there are also units that require more advanced installation. Some LED strips need to be programmed as well before any kind of use. Unless you have prior experience with installation, you should go for something that is easy to install, such as strips that come with adhesive strips. All you need to do is remove the strips and stick them onto the wall.

8. Wattage and Voltage

The power consumed by your strip lights will be measured in watts. For strip lights, watts are mentioned as per foot or per reel. This will help you determine how much power they will consume and how much money you will spend on them yearly. As per as voltage is concerned, there are two common voltages for LED strip lights which are 12V and 24V. All you need to do is make sure the voltage of the lights matches the voltage of the outlet you’ll be using.

9. Safety

In general, lower wattage and voltage strip lights are often safer than those with a higher voltage and wattage. Ensure that the strip lights you buy don’t get overly hot during usage, as this could lead to a potential fire hazard. A silicone or PVC coating around them will make it safer for you. Today, many LED strip lights have been specifically engineered to prevent overheating.

Outdoor Waterproof LED Strip Lights – FAQs

1. How long do outdoor waterproof LED strip lights typically last?

Ans: High-quality LED strip lights can last up to 50,000 hours, depending on usage and environmental conditions.

2. Can I connect multiple LED strip lights together for extended length?

Ans: Yes, many models can be connected or extended; however, verify the maximum connectable length to avoid overloading the power supply.

3. Are outdoor waterproof strip lights easy to replace if a section goes out?

Ans: It depends on the model. Some allow for easy replacement of sections, while others may require replacing the entire strip.

4. Do I need a professional to install outdoor waterproof LED strip lights?

Ans: Not necessarily. Many come with adhesive backing and are straightforward to install, but complex setups might benefit from professional installation.

5. Can these lights be submerged underwater, like in a pool?

Ans: Only if specified as submersible (look for IP68 rating). Not all waterproof lights are designed for full submersion.

6. Do outdoor LED strip lights attract insects?

Ans: LEDs are less likely to attract insects than traditional bulbs due to the minimal UV light they emit.

7. Can I cut the LED strip lights to fit my space?

Ans: Many LED strip lights can be cut at designated points to fit specific areas, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

8. Are there solar-powered outdoor waterproof LED strip lights?

Ans: Yes, there are solar-powered options available, which are great for areas without easy access to an electrical outlet.

9. How do I clean my outdoor waterproof strip lights?

Ans: Gently wipe them down with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the protective coating or the LEDs themselves.

10. Are outdoor strip lights energy-efficient?

Ans: Yes, LED strip lights are more energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting options. They produce a comparable amount of light while consuming significantly less electricity, potentially leading to notable energy savings.


Having gained a deeper understanding of LED strip lights and their available options on the market, we trust this guide has been informative. Hopefully, among our recommendations, you’ve discovered the perfect set for your needs!

Purchasing LED strip lights represents a significant investment, so it’s crucial to find the best value that fits within your budget.

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