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Best Outdoor Power Strip To Power Up Your Outdoor Devices Safely

A power strip is a series of outlets that provide AC power to electrical devices like lighting, power tools, network devices, A/V equipment and computers. You can connect several electronic equipment at the same time and power them simultaneously by drawing power from the same AC outlet. They are available in several designs and styles.

The outdoor power strip can be difficult to choose for first-time buyers. In the following list, we have listed some factors which will help you choose the best power strips for you.

  • Power Outlets: The number of power outlets in the power strip should be equal to the number of equipment that you want to connect to draw power at the same time. You should decide the number of electronic devices before investing in a power strip.
  • Cord Length: The distance that you want to cover with the power strip, from the power source to the equipment should be the minimum length of the cord.
  • Outlet Configuration: There are several kinds of power outlets that can come with power strips. The standard power outlets are the most common ones but some power strips have different kinds of power outlets.

More details on the factors to consider for the outdoor power strips are listed in the “Buying Guide” later in the article. In this guide, we have listed the best power strips with their most notable features, advantages and disadvantages. Check them all out to make your best choice.

Best Outdoor Power Strip Tabulation

Best Outdoor Power StripVoltageMaterialPower OutletsBuy Now
BESTTEN Outdoor Power Strip125 voltsPlastic6Check On Amazon
EIGSO Outdoor Power Strip125 voltsABS, PC3Check On Amazon
CCCEI Outdoor Power Strip125 voltsABS, PC6Check On Amazon
Loitinsy Outdoor Power Strip125 voltsGlass6Check On Amazon
CalionLTD Outdoor Power Strip125 voltsABS, PC3Check On Amazon
SINPAN Outdoor Power Strip125 voltsABS, PC3Check On Amazon

Best Outdoor Power Strip Reviews

1. BESTTEN Outdoor Power Strip

BESTTEN Outdoor Power StripIf you are looking for a power strip for your garden, this product will blend right in. This product comes in three parts and just takes a minute to assemble.

The USP of this power strip is the eye-pleasing birdhouse-looking top that has a 6” vertical pole attached to it. For installing it and keeping it in one place, you just need to insert the pole on the stake and push it on the ground. It features a 12-feet long cord and 3 power outlets. Additionally, all the outlets have a safety cover which is spring-loaded to keep them shut when no device is connected to it.

This product is water-resistant and perfect for Christmas decor in the green color. It also includes an extra stake in case the primary one breaks.

Best Features:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Total Power Outlets: 6
  • Extension Cord: 9 feet


  • Attractive and innovative design.
  • Water-resistant.
  • 12-feet cord length.
  • Easy installation.


  • It does not have IP rating and cannot be submerged in water.

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2. EIGSO Outdoor Power Strip

EIGSO Outdoor Power StripEIGSO has come up with a power strip of the most conventional design which is 7-inch in length and features 3-prong outlets next to each other. The black polycarbonate shell is fire-resistant and looks modern with round edges.

This product features a safety shut-off button with a red indicator light. This switch allows the user to turn the whole unit off with just one click. It is available in two cord length options- 6 feet and 9.2 feet. Moreover, this can handle even 1500 joules of energy. It is safe for children.

It has a waterproof rating of IPX6. The brand also offers a warranty of 1 year.

Best Features:

  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Total Power Outlets: 3
  • Extension Cord: 6 feet


  • Conventional design.
  • Fire-resistant shell.
  • Splash-proof.
  • Safety shutoff button.


  • People had issues with durability.

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3. CCCEI Outdoor Power Strip

CCCEI Outdoor Power StripCCEI has this outdoor power strip that is weather-resistant in its design. It is professionally rated IPX4 waterproofing and is safe from splashes of water.

This power strip features 6 power outlets and can accommodate 3-pin and 2-pin standard plugs of electronic devices. It also features a surge protector which enables it to handle the energy of 1700 joules. Also, it has a cord length of 6 feet which enables you to connect it as far as you want. It is listed by ETL to prevent accidents through short circuits or shocks.

The waterproof rating makes it perfect for humid climates and it can also be submerged in water.

Best Features:

  • Material: ABS, PC
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Total Power Outlets: 6
  • Extension Cord: 6 feet


  • Waterproof rating of IPX4.
  • 6 power outlets.
  • Can handle 1700 joules.
  • Perfect for humid climates.


  • Some users complained that a particular port in the system overheating.

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4. Loitinsy Outdoor Power Strip

Loitinsy Outdoor Power StripThis versatile product by Loitinsy can be safely used both indoors and outdoors. It is rated to be IPX4 waterproof and electric shockproof which enables it to work well in rain and thunder.

It comes with 3 USB ports. This power strip can handle energy of 1000 joules. The safety is further increased with over-heat and over-current protection. It automatically disconnects the system and then recovers the double function. On top of that, it is also protected and safe against power surges. The USPTO design of the power outlets makes the ports safe from any shocks.

The product is listed by ETL with certification by the UL to be heavy-duty and having a durable and long-lasting life. The shell is also fire-resistant. The installation is also easy and can be done in one of two ways.

Best Features:

  • Material: Glass
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Total Power Outlets: 6
  • Extension Cord: 6 feet


  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Long-lasting life.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • ETL and UL certification.


  • Some people had issues with the USB ports.

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5. CalionLTD Outdoor Power Strip

CalionLTD Outdoor Power StripWith the IPX6 waterproof rating, this power strip can handle water flow and water splashes. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is prevented from electric shocks and other accidents.

This power strip features 3 power outlets placed at a safe distance from each other which can accommodate US standard 2-pin and 3-pin plugs of the several electronic devices. It can also house the type-A polarised and type-B grounded plugs. The structure of the outlets is such that only US can be attached to them, making them shockproof. Also, the auto shutoff protects from power spikes and surges. The ABS and PC material is fire-resistant.

The 2 mounting holes enable easy installation and the 360-degree swivel flexible cord helps to reduce damage and cracking.

Best Features:

  • Material: ABS, PC
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Total Power Outlets: 3
  • Extension Cord: 6.6 feet


  • Fire-resistant material.
  • Flow and splash resistant.
  • 2-pin and 3-pin standard plugs.
  • Easy installation.


  • People had a problem with customer care.

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6. SINPAN Outdoor Power Strip

SINPAN Outdoor Power StripSinpan has launched an outdoor power strip which is given a waterproof rating of IPX6 that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It also makes the product weatherproof and suitable for all weathers and climates.

It has a surge protector and can handle a total of 1875 watts. The safety is enhanced with the auto shut-off function, which prevents overload by disconnecting the system in case of any spikes or surges. It is compatible with all the standard US plugs and type-A polarised and type-B grounded plugs. Also, it is shockproof, which makes it safe for children. This product has a 9.2 feet cord and 360-degree adjustable swivel sturdy extension cord.

Best Features:

  • Material: ABS, PC
  • Voltage: 125 volts
  • Total Power Outlets: 3
  • Extension Cord: 9.2 feet


  • Waterproof rating of IPX6.
  • Surge protector.
  • Can handle 1875 watts.
  • 2 feet cord.


  • It comes in bad packaging.

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Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Power Strip

Even the people who are familiar with the power tools might not know what are the things to consider when buying any new outdoor power strip. To make this job easier. We have listed some important factors that will help you find the best outdoor power strip for you.

1. Power Outlets

First, you need to decide the number of power devices you want to plug into your power strip and consider future considerations. Once you have figured that out, go for a power strip that can at least accommodate all those equipment, if not more.

Several power strips come with 24 outlets. The transformer plugs are larger in size than the standard ones. So, when looking for the power strip, you need to see that different kinds of outlets accommodate everything. Some power strips can plug the transformer plugs but do not block the points beside them.

2. Outlet Configuration and Cord Length

There are several outlet configurations like end-mounted, rear-facing, front-facing, right-angled and standard outlets. For most common devices, the standard outlets are all you would. But, for some special outdoor power strips, other outlets are also available.

For the cord length, you need to check the distance at which you want to plug the power strip from the wall AC outlet. You need to go for the cord length of at least that or more. Some of the power strips are available with cord length of more than 24-feet.

3. Safety Features

Generally, the power strips come with the all-metal housing feature which practically make them indestructible. It also features the 15 to 20-ampere circuit breakers that restrict the chances of any kind of dangerous overload. For the GFCI models, the shock preventers disconnect the electric circuit in any case of power spike or power surge. So, they are highly recommended in areas where water has a chance of harming the circuit.

4. Medical or Hospital-grade

These are specially designed for patient-care or outside the patient-care areas in hospitals or similar healthcare facilities. They are perfect for resident rooms and administrative areas for monitoring, treatment or diagnostic equipment as they feature no line-operation. The patented antimicrobial coating reduces the risk of infections resulting from healthcare in several medical environments.

5. USB Charging

With ordinary AC outlets, it is recommended to go for the power strips that enable USB charging that can charge smartphones, e-readers and tablets. Each of the USB-A charging ports eliminate the need for the AC adapters and offer the required amps of shared power. They also provide more space to connect more AC equipment.

Outdoor Power Strip FAQS

1. How long can I use the power strip?

Ans: The power strip should be used for a week or two weeks, but you should not keep it connected for longer than that. For the devices, too, you should keep them connected for a short time.

2. Can you keep the power strips connected at all times?

Ans: The power strips should not be bought for long-time use as they are not designed for long-term use.

3. What is the purpose of an outdoor power strip?

Ans: The basic purpose of the power strip is to power multiple devices at the same time. But, they should be temporarily used for powering devices.

4. How much power can be handled by the power strips?

Ans: For the usual 120V supply, the power strips can handle 1800 watts which is equal to the usual AC wall outlet.

5. Can the power strips overheat?

Ans: Yes, as they are not designed for long time use. So, if they are connected for long durations, then they can overheat.

Final Word

With this guide at your disposal, choosing the best outdoor power strip will be like a walk in the park. We have listed all the criteria that you need to know to buy the best outdoor power strip. Therefore, you must apply these considerations when buying the outdoor power strip. You can write to us in the comments section below if you still have doubts.

  • If you are here for the recommendations, we have listed the top three favourites from the list. The first recommendation is BESTTEN Outdoor Power Strip. It has an innovative and attractive design. It can be installed easily.
  • The second suggestion from the list is EIGSO Outdoor Power Strip. It has a conventional design. It has a fire-resistant shell and is splash-proof.
  • The third and final suggestion from the list is CCCEI Outdoor Power Strip. It has 6 power outlets and is perfect for humid climates.

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