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5 Best NFC Door Locks

The rise in smart home installations, NFC locks being a popular choice for their ease of use and increased security. They’re handy for rentals or shared spaces where key management can be a hassle. While traditional locks can still be reliable, NFC locks provide a keyless option for added convenience.

Here are Key Features to Consider While Buying:

  • Control Type: Whether it’s through a mobile app, a physical key, or both, how you control your device is crucial for ease of use and safety. We offer options with various control methods to match different needs and situations.
  • Voice Controls: Connecting with voice-controlled assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant makes operation hands-free and convenient. Our choices feature strong voice control abilities, improving user experience while keeping security intact.
  • Battery Life: A long-lasting battery is key for continuous operation of your lock. Our selections have battery lives ranging from 6 months to over a year, reducing the need for maintenance and ensuring consistent performance.

We’ll delve into three crucial NFC lock factors now, with more detailed guidance later in our “Buying Guide”. Next, discover the market’s top four smart door locks, complete with specifications for informed decisions.

Best NFC Door Lock Table

best nfc door lockController TypeVoice ControlsBattery LifeBuy Now
Tokatuker NFC Door LockTouch‎iOS, Android8-12 MonthsCheck On Amazon
CODACE NFC Door LockTouch‎iOS, Android18 MonthsCheck On Amazon
Junrbx NFC Door LockHand Control and Touch‎iOS, Android8 MonthsCheck On Amazon
Gnellkoor NFC Door LockTouch‎iOS, Android-Check On Amazon
YEEUU nfc Door Lock ‎App, Touch‎Amazon Alexa, iOS, Android12 MonthsCheck On Amazon

Best NFC Door Lock Reviews

1. Tokatuker NFC Door Lock

Tokatuker nfc Door LockThe Tokatuker NFC Door Lock offers top-notch security and convenience for those wanting to amp up safety in their spaces. This hidden RFID cabinet lock blends seamlessly into your home or office, providing advanced protection without sacrificing style. It’s versatile, working for cabinets, drawers, pantries, and more.

Made from a tough mix of plastic and metal, the Tokatuker lock is built to last. Its clever design keeps your furniture looking sleek while keeping your stuff safe. With support for both RFID and NFC, Android users can even transfer their RFID key to their phone’s wallet. However, iPhone users might face NFC setup issues, requiring a workaround like using a China UnionPay debit card.


  • Material: Plastic-Metal
  • Lock Type: Hidden RFID Cabinet Lock
  • Control Method: RFID & NFC Supported
  • Max Door Thickness: 1.2″ for wooden doors
  • Unlock Modes: Private and public modes
  • Battery Life: 8-12 months
  • Working Temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃


  • Versatile use across various types of doors and cabinets
  • High-security features with multiple unlock modes
  • Durable material quality for longevity
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for setup and use


  • Some alignment issues during installation

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2. CODACE NFC Door Lock


The CODACE NFC Door Lock is designed to keep your belongings safe with its sleek stainless steel design and RFID technology. It’s perfect for securing cabinets and drawers discreetly. One standout feature is its ability to use one key (either RFID card/fob or NFC) for multiple locks, offering unmatched convenience. Setting up the NFC function is easy for both Android and iOS users, making it suitable for any smart home setup.

Installation is a breeze, and it works with doors up to 1.3″ thick. It’s versatile, fitting various applications like cabinets and sliding doors. Plus, its low battery auto-unlock feature ensures you’re never locked out. In emergencies, you can power it with a USB cable, and it has an impressive 18-month battery life.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Special Feature: RFID Lock
  • Compatibility: NFC Setup for both iOS and Android
  • Door Thickness Compatibility: 0″-1.3″
  • Battery Life: Approximately 18 months
  • Power Options: Battery or USB Powered
  • Unlocking Method: 1 Card For Multiple Locks


  • Easy to program one key for multiple locks
  • Suitable for a variety of door thicknesses and types
  • Long battery life with low battery auto-unlock feature
  • Sleek and modern design that enhances aesthetic appeal


  • Compatibility issues with iOS.

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3. Junrbx NFC Door Lock

Junrbx nfc Door Lock

The Junrbx NFC Door Lock is a smart security solution that combines NFC and RFID technologies to protect your valuables easily and effectively. It allows you to unlock cabinets using your mobile phone’s NFC or other methods like RFID cards or key fobs. This means you can use one key to unlock multiple locks, making access management simple.Designed for convenience, the Junrbx lock fits various door thicknesses, accommodating wooden doors up to 1.2 inches thick and doors up to 1.5 inches thick for card use.

It’s versatile, suitable for home cabinets, drawers, lockers, and more, making it useful in both residential and commercial settings.The lock features a low battery alarm and protection, ensuring it stays operational and alerts you when the battery needs replacing. It’s not just about security; it seamlessly integrates advanced technology into your daily life for added peace of mind.


  • Special Feature: Sensor, NFC & RFID Hidden Cabinet Lock
  • Max Door Thickness: 1.2″, card work up to 1.5″
  • Unlock Modes: Multiple, including one key multi-lock
  • Battery Alert: Low battery alarm with emergency unlock
  • Unlocking Distance: Cards can penetrate up to 1.5″ wooden board


  • Supports NFC unlocking for Android and iOS, enhancing user convenience
  • Allows one key to unlock multiple locks, ideal for managing multiple secure areas
  • Low battery alarm ensures reliability and uninterrupted use
  • Versatile installation options cater to a wide range of door and cabinet types


  • Some difficulty with the latch mechanism, requiring extra effort to engage

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4. Gnellkoor NFC Door Lock

Gnellkoor nfc Door LockThe Gnellkoor NFC Door Lock offers advanced security and ease of use for safeguarding cabinets, lockers, and storage units. Made of durable metal and steel, this RFID concealed cabinet lock ensures protection while integrating seamlessly with modern technology. It supports multiple unlocking methods, including RFID Card, Keychain Card, and Mobile Phone NFC Card, catering to various preferences.

With RFID signal compatibility, it works with RFID cards, including master and secondary key cards. Additionally, it supports NFC functionality on Android and iOS devices, with installation videos for user assistance. Gnellkoor provides reliable post-sale service for prompt issue resolution. Ideal for securing drawers, cupboards, wine coolers, or toolboxes, its modern design and robust construction guarantee reliability.


  • Special Feature: RFID Lock
  • Material: Metal, Steel
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Controller Type: iOS, Android
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Connectivity Protocol: NFC


  • Flexible key management allows for custom security setups
  • Durable metal and steel construction enhances physical security
  • NFC functionality supports modern, convenient access methods
  • Responsive after-sale service provides peace of mind and product support


  • Initial setup can be confusing due to inadequate documentation

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5. YEEUU NFC Door Lock

YEEUU nfc Door LockThe YEEUU NFC Door Lock is an advanced keyless entry system with six easy ways to unlock: via app (Bluetooth), fingerprint, PIN code, access card, NFC devices, or a mechanical key. It’s perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their door security with convenience. The fingerprint recognition feature stands out for its quick and secure access with just a touch, surpassing traditional keys in speed and safety.

What sets the YEEUU lock apart is its smart management features. Through the YEEUU app, users can give access to family or guests, monitor access records and get notifications for added security. It also automatically locks the door after 6 seconds of being unlocked for added peace of mind. Plus, it has low battery consumption, lasting over 12 months with just 3 AAA alkaline batteries, and it’s easy to install without extra drilling or professional help.


  • Special Feature: Fingerprint, Smart Lock
  • Lock Type: Biometric
  • Unlock Methods: App, Fingerprint, Code, Access Card, NFC Devices, Mechanical Key
  • Battery Life: More than 12 months with 3 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Controller Type: Amazon Alexa, iOS, Android
  • Control Method: App, Touch
  • Connectivity Protocol: Bluetooth


  • Multiple unlock methods cater to different user preferences and scenarios
  • Intelligent management through the YEEUU app adds a layer of convenience
  • Exceptional battery life reduces maintenance and ensures reliability
  • Easy installation process makes it accessible for DIY enthusiasts


  • Some issues with the numeric pad being unresponsive

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Buying Guide For The Best NFC Door Lock

When considering the purchase of the best NFC door lock for your home or office, it’s essential to focus on several key factors to ensure that the product meets your needs for security, convenience, and longevity. Below, we explore critical considerations:

1. Control Type

Why It Matters: The control type of an NFC door lock determines how you interact with it on a daily basis. It affects everything from the ease of access to how you manage permissions for others. A versatile control type can enhance user experience significantly.

What to Look For

  • Multiple Access Methods: Look for locks offering 2-3 different control types, such as NFC via smartphone, physical keys, and PIN codes, to ensure access is always possible even if one method fails.
  • User Management Features: Options to easily add or remove users and set temporary access can be invaluable, especially for rental properties or offices.
  • Integration with Smart Home Systems: If you have a smart home ecosystem, consider locks that can integrate seamlessly with it for simplified control.

2. Voice Controls

Why It Matters: Voice control adds a layer of convenience to your NFC door lock, allowing for hands-free operation. This can be particularly useful when your hands are full or for individuals with mobility issues.

What to Look For

  • Compatibility: Ensure the lock is compatible with major voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit to match your existing smart home setup.
  • Secure Voice Unlocking: Some models require a PIN code when using voice commands to unlock, adding an extra layer of security. Consider locks that offer this feature to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Reliability: Look for locks with positive user reviews specifically mentioning the reliability and responsiveness of voice control features to avoid frustration.

3. Battery Life

Why It Matters: The battery life of your NFC door lock impacts its reliability and maintenance requirements. A lock with a long battery life ensures that your home or office remains secure without frequent battery changes.

What to Look For

  • Battery Life Span: Aim for locks that offer a battery life of at least 6-12 months under normal usage conditions. Some high-end models may offer up to 18-24 months.
  • Low Battery Alerts: Essential for preemptive battery replacement, choose locks that provide clear, advance warnings when the battery is low.
  • Type of Battery Required: Consider the type and availability of the batteries needed. Common types are AA or AAA, which are easily replaceable, but some locks might require less common types or have built-in rechargeable batteries.

4. Compatibility with Existing Devices

Why It Matters: A door lock that integrates seamlessly with your current smart home ecosystem or security setup enhances functionality and convenience. This integration allows for centralized control and monitoring, providing a more cohesive and efficient user experience.

What to Look For

  • Smart Home Ecosystems: Ensure the NFC door lock is compatible with your home’s smart ecosystem, whether it’s Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or others. Compatibility should be explicitly mentioned, ideally with certification marks.
  • Existing Security Systems: If you have an existing security system, look for locks that can connect directly or through compatible hubs, allowing for integrated security alerts and controls.
  • Third-party App Integrations: The ability to integrate with other smart devices through apps like IFTTT (If This Then That) can automate tasks, such as turning on lights when unlocking the door.

5. Material Quality

Why It Matters: The material quality of your NFC door lock not only affects its durability and longevity but also its resistance to tampering and forced entry. High-quality materials can significantly enhance the security level of your lock.

What to Look For

  • Robust Materials: Look for locks made from sturdy materials like hardened steel, zinc alloy, or brass. These materials offer better resistance against physical attacks.
  • Weather Resistance: Especially important for exterior doors, the lock should be capable of withstanding various weather conditions without corroding or malfunctioning. Look for weatherproof ratings such as IP65 or higher.
  • Finish and Treatment: Consider locks with a protective finish that prevents rust, tarnish, and fading, ensuring the lock remains visually appealing over time.

6. Size and Shape

Why It Matters: The size and shape of the NFC door lock affect not only the installation process but also how well it blends with your door’s design and structure. An appropriately sized lock ensures a smooth operation and integration with your door, without requiring extensive modifications.

What to Look For

  • Door Compatibility: Check the lock dimensions and ensure they fit your door’s thickness and type. Standard door thickness in the US ranges from 1-3/8 inches to 2 inches.
  • Installation Requirements: Some locks might require bigger cutouts or specific alignments. Opt for locks that match your door’s existing setup to minimize the need for drilling or modifications.
  • Design and Aesthetics: The lock should complement your door and home’s aesthetic. Look for designs that match your style preferences and the architectural elements of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best NFC door lock?

Ans: All four options that we have provided Are the top four best NFC door locks. Irrespective of where you would like to use them, you can enjoy the best convenience and protection with these door locks. However, you should always check the features and your budget while choosing them.

2. How secure are these smart locks?

Ans: The smart door locks are incredibly smart and secure. These are a lot more secure than conventional locks. Unlike the traditional locking key, where it is easy to get access to your valuables just by breaking the lock, these smart locks are even better. Since these are mostly kept hidden and are made with robust quality materials, there were no chances of breaking and theft. So you can stay sure about security and protection with these high-quality smart locks.

3. Do all the NFC door locks come with an inbuilt app?

Ans: No. If you want an inbuilt app, you have to check out the manufacturer’s details to find out more about it. However, all the names that we have mentioned above come with an app, and hence you can blindly choose them. These are not only secure but also reasonable options.


While the article likely focused on smart door locks for main entrances, there weren’t many NFC-specific options listed. Here’s a different take on securing valuables:

Consider these hidden cabinet locks for added security:

  • Tokatuker NFC Door Lock: This hidden NFC lock offers DIY installation and uses a USB cable for power, making it ideal for cabinets or drawers.
  • Gnellkoor NFC Door Lock: This value pack provides two hidden cabinet locks with phone NFC support, allowing access from your smartphone.
  • YEEUU NFC Door Lock: While not purely NFC, this versatile lock offers multiple entry methods including fingerprint, NFC, app, code, and even physical keys for comprehensive security on cabinets or even interior doors.

Remember, these are just a few options, and the best lock depends on your specific needs and budget.

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