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Best nfc Door Lock For High Security To Your Home

Our home is our biggest asset. We keep everything- from small to precious things in our home. However, whether it is material or your family members, the security of your home is the utmost requirement. The front door lock is undoubtedly a hero who has been quietly serving us continuously to keep thieves and such activities away.

However, with conventional locks becoming easier to break, smart locks can be a great alternative. Most of the smart locks are incorporated with some unique feature that makes them impossible for anyone to break and enter. However, before we go ahead into finding the best NFC door locks, we will check out The top three most important things that you should check while buying these NFC door locks.

  • Control Type: While you shop for an NFC door lock, don’t forget to check its control type. Most of the smart locks can be easily controlled through a keypad or dedicated phone apps. Since they can be used remotely, you don’t have to stand near the door to lock them. It has a digital key with improved control over the owner. Therefore, it not only ensures a smart and smooth experience but also keeps theft activities at bay.
  • Voice Controls: We all say that smart locks are better than conventional door locks. These smart locks come with voice-enabled features. With voice control, it becomes easier for you to unlock and access your door lock without simply standing and unlocking it. If the NFC door lock is voice-enabled, you can simply command it to unlock your front door in the app, and it will perform the action and disengage the lock.
  • Material quality: Just like the conventional lock system, where material quality always has a special place as we look for strong and robust quality material, it is the same for a smart lock. So while shopping for the best NFC door lock, you again have to make sure that its material has the strength to stay in one piece irrespective of usage. Therefore, make sure that it is mostly made of metal, as metals have the ultimate ability to withstand wear and tear.

You must look for these three essential factors in the NFC to lock. However, we will talk about the other essential factors that play a huge role in NFC door locks in the latter section of our “Buying Guide”. So now let us find out the top four best smart door locks available in the market. We will also mention the specifications so that you find it easier to check and make informed decisions.

Best nfc Door Lock List

best nfc door lockMaterialController TypeShapeSpecial FeatureBuy Now
Tokatuker nfc Door Lock Stainless Steel, PlasticRFID/NFC cardsRectangularRfid LockCheck On Amazon
Junrbx nfc Door LockWoodHand Control and TouchSquareSensor
Check On Amazon
Gnellkoor nfc Door Lock Alloy Steel, MetaliOS, AndroidSquareRfid LockCheck On Amazon
YEEUU nfc Door Lock -Amazon Alexa, iOS, AndroidRoundFingerprint,Smart LockCheck On Amazon

Best nfc Door Lock Reviews

1. Tokatuker nfc Door Lock

Tokatuker nfc Door LockA good quality NFC cabinet lock can be a valuable and practical inclusion in your home. One such name is the Tokatuker NFC Cabinet Lock. This high-quality RFID and NFC-supported lock can make your life a lot easier. It works efficiently with the RFID keys. To enjoy the NFC feature, you require to copy the RFID key to your android smartphone.

However, it is requested to test the keys before you install the lock. This high-quality NFC cabinet lock can be a suitable inclusion for sliding doors, cabinets, lockers, drivers, wooden doors, and a lot more. You can remain sure that it requires no drilling holes or damaging your cabinet. It has a seamless installation that can be done by anyone.

The auto lock and auto rebounce functioning have been included in this NFC door lock. It is extremely easy to operate, which makes it a good choice for every family. This lock is compatible with the chip cards of IC 13.56 MHZ. The ABS plastic body with stainless steel latch makes it a durable choice. Apart from this, it is treated for anticorrosion, which makes it a great inclusion and peace of mind.


  • This NFC cabinet lock works easily with RFID keys.
  • User smartphone to enjoy the NFC feature.
  • Suitable choice for cabinets, lockers, wooden doors, special drawers, and a lot more.
  • Requires no additional drilling and would not damage the cabinet.
  • Autolock functionality and auto rebounce has already been set by the manufacturer.
  • Compatible with chip cards of IC 13.56 MHZ.
  • Manufactured with an ABS plastic body and stainless steel latch to ensure durability.
  • You also have the freedom to set one master card for opening several locks.
  • Provided with multiple unlocking modes from public mode and private mode.
  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries of 1.5 V.
  • In normal use, the batteries can last for 8 to 12 months.


  • Performs the job as mentioned.
  • It can be easily installed in compact areas.
  • Seems very strong.


  • Very hard to program.
  • Not enough instructions are provided.

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2. Junrbx nfc Door Lock

Junrbx nfc Door Lock

Junrbx’s NFC & RFID Hidden Cabinet Lock, a modern solution that redefines home security. Junrbx’s commitment to innovation and functionality is evident in this versatile lock.

With support for mobile phone NFC unlocking, RFID cards, and key fobs, it offers multiple unlocking options, making it adaptable to your needs. Installation is straightforward, and its compatibility extends to wooden cabinets, drawers, wardrobes, and more. Whether you choose to use a single key for multiple locks or configure it as a standalone lock, Junrbx provides flexibility in security management.

Its ability to penetrate wooden doors up to 1.5 inches thick makes it suitable for various applications, from home cabinets to gyms and offices. Plus, the low battery alarm ensures uninterrupted security, making Junrbx’s NFC & RFID Hidden Cabinet Lock the ideal choice for a modern and secure home.


  • Supports mobile phone NFC, RFID cards, and key fob unlocking.
  • Offers one-key multi-lock or standalone lock configurations.
  • Works on wooden doors up to 1.5 inches thick.
  • Notifies when the battery needs replacement.
  • Blends advanced tech with contemporary aesthetics.


  • Diverse unlocking methods
  • Suitable for various uses
  • Ensures uninterrupted functionality.
  • Sleek design complements any space.


  • Requires periodic battery changes.

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3. Gnellkoor nfc Door Lock

Gnellkoor nfc Door LockA proper door lock is an inevitable requirement in our homes. Whether it is the main door or cabinet, or locker where we keep our essential valuables, we require the best quality locks that would stay still in any situation. The Gnellkoor RFID Hidden Cabinet Lock is your first choice as it is a Hidden cabinet lock. This invisible electronic lock can be the best choice for data racks, cabinets, main doors, lockers, and a lot more areas where you would like to keep your things protected.

Because it is a Hidden design, it can effectively prevent theft activities. The sturdy latch included in this lock prevents any type of violent activity. The RFID signal support is an additional advantage. You will be able to unlock this electronic lock by compiling its signal as the key. Once the lock is initialized, you require putting the card into the induction area, and then you will hear two beeps. It indicates that signal entry is successfully completed.

As the name goes NFC, this cabinet lock successfully supports both iOS and android mobile phones. It works with the NFC functionality for unlocking. All you need is to set the key, which can be a mobile phone NFC card, keychain, or RFID card, as the unlocking key. Once done, you require repeating the lock and entry settings on different electronic locks.

You require using 4 AAA alkaline batteries on this cabinet lock, and it will work continuously for 6 to 8 months. However, when the battery goes low, you will hear several beeps, which work as a reminder of battery replacement. If the battery is low, after you unlock the door, it will remain unlocked.


  • It can be a great choice for the main door lock, cashier drawer, office data cabinet, home cabinet, and a lot more.
  • An invisible electronic lock.
  • Includes a sturdy latch to prevent any kind of violent activity.
  • Unlocking can be done by compiling the RFID card signal.
  • Supports NFC function from iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Very easy installation in a few steps.
  • You can set the key as a mobile phone NFC card, keychain, or RFID card.
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries.
  • Alloy steel and metal material for manufacturing provide stability and strength.


  • Works really well.
  • The package has everything that you need.
  • It is completely hidden.


  • No reset button.
  • The gears look very fragile.

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4. YEEUU nfc Door Lock

YEEUU nfc Door LockA smart door lock with fingerprint access can make it a highly safe place. While there are many locks that you can find that might offer your fingerprint access, the YEEUU smart door lock is one of the best options. This high-quality door lock can unlock your door with one touch. It is a smart fingerprint lock which is faster than using keys.

The six in one secure keyless smart door lock helps you to use this product seamlessly. You can use it by NFC devices, access cards, codes, mechanical keys, fingerprints, and through its app. It hardly takes six seconds to unlock your door and keeps your home secure even when you are in a rush. The device can stay unlocked until you turn it off.

The intelligent app gives access to your guest and family, provides alerts, and checks the event logs. There is a range of access codes which includes anti-snooping, One time, and permanent access codes. The fingerprint can last for over 12 months. You need to use 3 AAA alkaline batteries. However, when the battery goes low, make sure of immediate replacement. It requires no additional training and is simple to install.


  • Six-in-one unlocking mechanism including fingerprint, app, access card, access code, NFC, and mechanical key.
  • It takes six seconds to unlock your door.
  • A secure option for your home.
  • The app helps to grant access to your guests and family members.
  • Range of access codes including one time, anti-snooping, and permanent access codes.
  • Ultra low battery consumption.
  • Last for almost 12 months with 3 AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Works with iOS, Android, and Amazon Alexa.


  • Good quality lock.
  • Several unlocking options.
  • Installation is super easy.
  • Has an easy grip.


  • The app is really confusing.
  • The Keypad did not work seamlessly.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best NFC Door Lock

These are the top four best NFC door locks available in the market that come with a range of features. So by now, you have got some idea about NFC door locks and the range of features that usually are integrated with these locks. However, if you wish to buy a good quality NFC door lock, you require checking a lot of features. So here are some of the major factors that we will look at which you must check while choosing an NFC door lock for your purpose.

1. Control Type

The first and the most important thing in a good quality NFC door lock is that you need to check its control type. Most of the smart locks provide you with a range of control. Unlike the conventional door locks, you need not have to stand in front with your keys as these smart locks have smart card access, NFC access along with fingerprints. So it becomes easier for you to lock and unlock the door as many times as you want.

2. Voice Control

If you find the NFC door locks provide voice control, it can be an added advantage for you. Unlike other access, which is card, key, and fingerprint, voice control is totally different. You just have to give a command to the app from where you can manage the door lock, and it will perform the job. So make sure that you check and choose a door lock with advanced voice control features.

3. Material Quality

Just like any other door lock where the material requires to be strong and robust, it is the same for NFC door locks. You have to make sure that these locks are manufactured with high-quality metal. Only metal has the ability to provide the strength that you constantly require to keep your valuables protected.

4. Size and Shape

Irrespective of where you would like to install the lock, you must not forget to check the size and shape of this material. You definitely would not like to install a bulky and heavy lock that is exceptionally big, as it would snatch away the look of the door. So make sure that you check out if it can be hidden inside or if it is smaller to take in a small area. Irrespective of the shape you prefer, we would always recommend you to choose a hidden door lock for the ultimate safety

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best NFC door lock?

Ans: All four options that we have provided Are the top four best NFC door locks. Irrespective of where you would like to use them, you can enjoy the best convenience and protection with these door locks. However, you should always check the features and your budget while choosing them.

2. How secure are these smart locks?

Ans: The smart door locks are incredibly smart and secure. These are a lot more secure than conventional locks. Unlike the traditional locking key, where it is easy to get access to your valuables just by breaking the lock, these smart locks are even better. Since these are mostly kept hidden and are made with robust quality materials, there were no chances of breaking and theft. So you can stay sure about security and protection with these high-quality smart locks.

3. Do all the NFC door locks come with an inbuilt app?

Ans: No. If you want an inbuilt app, you have to check out the manufacturer’s details to find out more about it. However, all the names that we have mentioned above come with an app, and hence you can blindly choose them. These are not only secure but also reasonable options.


So, with all the NFC door lock details mentioned in this article, it will be able to find out a desirable option. Here we will take a look at the top three best NFC door locks recommended by the experts.

  • Gnellkoor nfc Door Lock is your first choice, as it is an invisible electronic block that keeps your valuables safe. Since it is hidden, it prevents theft activities to a massive extent. It supports NFC function and RFID cards for easy access. Besides, the metal and alloy steel material provides the strength and stability that you need in high-quality locks.
  • Tokatuker nfc Door Lock Invisible Cabinet Lock is a unique and convenient solution for adding security and discretion to cabinets, drawers, and similar spaces. Its keyless access, DIY installation, and clean design make it ideal for various applications, particularly for those seeking enhanced security and a minimalist aesthetic.

  • YEEUU nfc Door Lock is a third choice as it has a six in one and locking mechanism. It hardly takes six seconds to unlock the door. This is one of the best options for your home. It also has an application so that it becomes easier for you to grant access to your family members and guests. It works with your voice assistants as well.

So, these are the final three recommendations and everything that you need to know about NFC door locks. Hopefully, with all the information provided to you, it is now easy and convenient for you to make a choice. So without any further ado, choose the best NFC door locks and keep your valuables protected.

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