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ELAMOR Keyless Entry DoorLock Review

An easy to install and use Smart Lock from ELAMOR. You can unlock it with Fingerprint, Pass Code, Physical Key, Smart Card, App, and even Voice Commands.
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The ELAMOR M12 Keyless Entry Door Lock is a sturdy yet simple to use smart lock. Installation is pretty straightforward and fits right in any previous deadbolt cutout. You can unlock it using multiple options. While they claim a battery life of 10-months, realistically, we can get around 6-7 months. But don’t worry as this smart lock comes with an emergency charging port in case the batteries die. Overall, a very decent smart door lock.

Smart door locks, often referred to as electronic door locks or smart locks, are innovative devices designed to offer secure and convenient access control for various spaces, including homes and businesses. These locks leverage wireless technology and digital authentication methods to eliminate the reliance on traditional physical keys. A notable feature of smart door locks is keyless entry, which allows users to unlock doors through various means, such as smartphone apps, keypads, RFID cards, or voice commands.

Additionally, they provide the advantage of remote access, enabling users to control door locks from anywhere with an internet connection, making it effortless to grant access to guests or service providers even when you’re not on the premises. User management is another key aspect of smart locks, allowing homeowners to create and manage multiple user profiles with different access permissions, making it easy to grant temporary or permanent access to family members, friends, or service professionals while also having the ability to revoke access as needed. Security features are integral to smart locks, with real-time notifications and alerts providing peace of mind by notifying users when the door is locked or unlocked.

These locks can also integrate seamlessly into broader smart home ecosystems, working in tandem with other devices like security cameras and home automation systems. Overall, smart door locks offer improved security, convenience, and flexibility in access control while minimizing the reliance on traditional keys.

We recently got our hands on one such interesting smart lock, the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock. It is a Wi-Fi lock with support for up to 6 different ways of unlocking (Fingerprint, Pass Code, App, Voice Commands, Physical Key, and Smart Card). There are several “Smart” features such as temporary password generation for guests, auto-lock, and many more. The smart lock has IP54 Rating and has a sturdy build quality.

This is the review of the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock.  In this review, we will look at our experiences of the ease of installation/setup, all of its smart features, and how the door lock works in real-life usage. Continue reading the review of the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock if you are interested in investing in a decent smart door lock for your home, garage, or office.

Let us quickly go through the unboxing experience of the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock. First, there is some documentation in the box, which includes a quick start guide, user manual, and an installation guideline sheet. This is very useful for installing and setting up the device for the first time. Then we have different components of the main door lock assembly. These include the Keypad Unit (Exterior Assembly), Interior Assembly, Deadbolt Latch, Deadbolt Strike Plate, Buckle Box, Mounting Plate (a part of the Interior Assembly), and a bunch of screws (3/4″(19mm)Screws×4pcs, 3/4″(19mm)Screws×2pcs, and 1-5/32″(33mm)Screws×2pcs).

ELAMOR Keyless Entry DoorLock Unboxing

Apart from the door lock assembly parts, we also get couple of physical keys, couple of smart cards, Bluetooth Gateway, USB Charger, and USB Cable. While the list of parts in the package might look intimidating, the installation process is pretty simple (which we will look in a later section).

The physical design of smart locks can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer and model, but they generally share several common features and characteristics. If you seen a smart lock before, then the design of the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock isn’t much different. The front panel of the smart lock is the visible part on the exterior side of the door. It has a fingerprint reader on the top and just below that, we have the touch keypad for entering our passcode.

ELAMOR Keyless Entry DoorLock Design

There is also a “Card” marking indicating that you have to tap the smart card there to unlock the door. At the bottom, we have the keyhole to insert the physical key. While most smart locks have a minimalist design with just a small keypad, the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock incorporates the minimalistic elements even with more advanced features like fingerprint sensors, touch keypad, and even a physical keyhole.

If you already have a deadbolt lock and are trying to replace it with this new smart door lock, then there is little to no modification necessary. Just make sure that the holes and slots on your door are of right dimension. You can use the template that came in the package as a reference.

Begin by twisting the latch and adjusting the bolt length, ensuring that the latch bolt is retracted. Then, insert the latch bolt into the door, making sure that the T-shaped hole is positioned at the bottom. Install the strike on the door frame to secure the latch in place using two 3/4″ (19mm) screws. Make sure the hole in the door frame is drilled a minimum of1″(25mm)deep.

ELAMOR Keyless Entry DoorLock Installation

Next, install the exterior assembly. Route the cable through the door and feed the tail of the exterior assembly through the T-shaped hole. Ensure that the key is pulled out during installation, and then push the keypad onto the door. Remove the mounting plate from the interior assembly, and then use two 1-5/32″ (33mm) screws to attach the plate securely to the exterior unit.

Then install the interior assembly, making sure to establish a tight cable connection. Insert the tail of the exterior assembly into the T-shaped hole of the interior assembly. Fix the interior assembly in place using two 3/4″ (19mm) screws. Proceed to install the batteries. The interior unit requires 4 AA batteries. Finally, test the door lock/unlock process. Press the lock key to extend the latch bolt automatically. To unlock, use the default user code 123456.

ELAMOR’s Keyless Entry Door Lock offers a range of advanced features for enhanced security and convenience. With the addition of a smart gateway, you gain the ability to remotely control this cutting-edge lock through the Smart Life app from anywhere. You can easily access detailed entry and exit logs, making it effortless to track who is coming and going from your home. This smart door lock allows you to modify or delete specific access codes remotely, enabling precise access management for different individuals. It offers a seamless blend of convenience and security that elevates your daily life. The Smart Life App integration takes your control and convenience to the next level. You can share temporary access codes with guests, set up automatic locking, review detailed unlock records, and even receive door lock alarms.

Unlocking your door becomes a breeze with multiple methods, including fingerprint recognition, password entry, traditional key access, door card unlocking, app control, and even voice commands. The lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing for seamless integration into your existing smart home ecosystem, providing effortless control and added convenience.

ELAMOR Keyless Entry DoorLock Features

Installing this smart door lock is a hassle-free experience, thanks to clear instructions and an intuitive process that doesn’t require professional assistance or advanced technical skills. It perfectly fits standard US door dimensions, ensuring a secure and snug fit for your door.

Security is a top priority with features like an auto-lock function that activates when you forget to close the door and a decent 10-month standby time. There is an emergency charging port on the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock for situations where the battery dies.

The lock is built to withstand various environmental conditions with an IP54 waterproof rating and ANSI Class 3 certification, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and belongings in all circumstances.

The construction of ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock features a combination of materials to balance both aesthetics and durability. While the majority of the back panel is made of ABS plastic, the front side showcases a sleek and robust design, predominantly crafted from metal. The metal construction, especially on the front, adds a premium and sturdy feel to the lock, emphasizing both its modern aesthetics and its long-lasting durability. The keypad, which serves as the interface for user interactions, is a notable exception, as it is designed with materials that allow for smooth and responsive input.

We installed this smart door lock on our garage door. As we mentioned earlier, the installation process wasn’t difficult at all. It just took 20 minutes to remove the current deadbolt lock, install the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock and setup the device (gateway, app, etc.).

Speaking of the app, the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock is perfectly compatible with the Smart Life. So, you can seamlessly integrate it after setting up the gateway. Auto-lock is an interesting feature but we ended up disabling as the maximum duration you can set before the door automatically locks in only 30 seconds.

ELAMOR Keyless Entry DoorLock Action

The fingerprint recognition feature on this smart door lock is highly efficient, offering remarkable speed and responsiveness. It wakes up almost instantly, ready to scan and verify your fingerprint as soon as you touch it. This swift response ensures a seamless and convenient user experience, allowing for quick and secure access to your home or premises.

In addition to its impressive features, the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock offers the added security of dynamic codes. With this feature, you have the ability to generate temporary access codes that remain valid for a brief period, typically around 5 minutes. This dynamic code functionality allows you to grant access to someone for a short window of time, enhancing security by ensuring that the code becomes invalid after the specified duration.

Dynamic codes provide you with unparalleled flexibility and control over who enters your home. Whether it’s for a delivery person dropping off a package or a friend stopping by briefly, you can confidently provide them with a temporary code, knowing that it will automatically become obsolete after the designated time frame. This feature adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind to your smart door lock, giving you full control over access permissions and ensuring that your home remains secure at all times.

: ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door M12
Communication Type
: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (through gateway)
Unlock Type
: Passcode, Physical Key, Smart Card, Fingerprint, App
: Metal and ABS
: Yes. Needs 4 AA Batteries
Batteries Included
: No
Customizable User Codes
: Up to 10 User Codes (each with length of 6 – 10 digits)
Lock Style Options
: Standard 60 – 70mm Lock Body
Locks Compatibility
: Self-contained Single Cylinder Deadbolt
What’s Included
: Keypad Unit (Exterior Assembly), Interior Assembly, Deadbolt Latch, Deadbolt Strike Plate, Buckle Box, Mounting Plate (a part of the Interior Assembly), and a bunch of screws (3/4"(19mm)Screws×4pcs, 3/4"(19mm)Screws×2pcs, and 1-5/32"(33mm)Screws×2pcs), 2 × Physical Keys, 2 × Smart Cards, Bluetooth Gateway, USB Charger, and USB Cable.

The price of the ELAMOR M12 Keyless Entry Door Lock is $129.99. But with coupons and discounts, you can get this smart door lock at around $100. At this price and with ELAMOR’s strong build quality and 1-year warranty, we feel this is a very good product.

Overall, we really liked the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock. It has a very good build quality and the installation/setup process was very simple. you can do it yourself in less than 20 minutes. While the back part (or the interior part that sits on the inside of the house) is mostly ABS plastic, the exterior unit and the door locking parts are completely metal. So, you don’t have to worry about quality of material here.

There is a keyhole and a couple of physical keys but what’s the point of purchasing a smart door lock and using physical keys. You can unlock the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock in multiple ways (fingerprint, app, passcode, and smart card). The door lock unit takes 4 AA batteries and they claim a 10-month battery backup but we feel you can get anywhere between 5 to 6 months at max.

We liked the fingerprint unlock and temporary passcodes very much. Another smart feature that is useful but we personally ended up disabling was auto-lock. It is a good feature to have but only 30second time limit means you have to unlock if you go out for a quick work (talking to a neighbor, or getting mail).

If you are looking for a simple yet durable smart lock, then the ELAMOR Keyless Entry Door Lock is a decent choice. It allows for multiple ways to unlock with seamless integration to the smartphone app.