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The 7 Best Misting Fans Reviews and Buying Guide

“Beat the summer heat and stay cool with these misting fans”

Using a misting fan is an easy and affordable way to enjoy cool breeze, especially outdoors when there is an increase in the temperature.

It works by cooling the area around it by generating a small jet of water droplets and draws the heat away as they evaporate.

You can place in them patios, camping tents, gardens and others. They come in various sizes, types, and designs like portable versions of camping and RVing, convenient personal models.

Before buying a misting fan, make sure to consider the following three key factors.

Type – 

There are 4 different types of misting fans available – floor standing fans, wall-mounted fans, portable or compact fans, and misting kits.

  • Floor standing (or stand-alone fans): Covers a wide area and has great adjustment settings with its long pole, a dan head and a built-in mister. A perfect option for indoors, outdoors, and large gatherings.
  • Wall-mounted: Mounted up on the wall (space savers) and can be seen widely in commercial spaces or halls with better air and mist distribution. Yet won’t offer flexibilities of standalone.
  • Compact: Mobile or portable in nature that can be taken anywhere like camps, beach, or tents. Unlike wall or standalone fans, this won’t require much tank capacity or air push power.
  • Misting Kits: With this kit, you can switch the regular fan into misting type by attaching nozzles and hoses. Thus, offers cooling air to get rid of this heat.

Coverage – 

It is essential to consider the room/area size you want to cool down before buying a misting fan. For this, you have to check the CFM (the volume of air a fan moves in a minute) of a fan. The higher the CFM, the wider the area a fan covers and cools. Pivoting or wide-sweeping fan heads fans will cover a larger area and be suitable for large gatherings.

Speed and Angles – 

The speed controls/variable speed ranges of a fan will let the mist evaporate quickly and thereby aids in faster cooling of the area/space. The angle of movement of the fan includes a range of motion, oscillation, and angles to adjust for better cooling. Among its various types of misting fans, standalone fans offer a wide range of motion by operating at different heights.

Apart from these three key factors, there are a lot more to consider when selecting a misting fan, which we have explained in our detailed “Buying Guide”. Also, to short down your searching and shopping time for misting fans, we came up with a list of the 7 Best Misting Fans after thorough market research and analysis.

7 Best Misting Fans Table

Misting FanTypeCoverage AreaWarrantyBuy Now
Lasko Misting Fan Compact Portable150 Sq Ft1 YearCheck On Amazon
Geek Aire Misting FanCompact Portable1500 CFMN.ACheck On Amazon
NewAir Misting FanStandalone Pedestal600 Sq Ft1 YearCheck On Amazon
Cool-Off  Misting Fan Standalone Pedestal1,600 Sq FtN.ACheck On Amazon
XPOWER Misting FanCompact Portable600 CFM1 YearCheck On Amazon
O2Cool Misting FanPortable PedestalN.AN.ACheck On Amazon
Frigidaire Misting FanPortable Pedestal2400 CFMN.ACheck On Amazon

7 Best Misting Fans Reviews

1. Lasko Misting Fan

lasko mist fan

Lasko’s Misto 7050 is a compact outdoor misting fan that is built for taking it out, for general outings, camping trips, and picnics as such. One of the highly reviewed and rated products on our list, the Lasko Misto could also be a perfect gift too.

Top Features:

  • A highly rated and very compact device that could cool up air up to a temperature as low as 25 degrees.
  • The fan of the mister has a powerful blower and functions as a portable personal cooler as well and can cover up about 150 square feet of area.
  • It can be switched between 3 speeds and can provide cool breeze anywhere. The three jets on the front will help in the dispersion of the mist formed
  • High power within a small frame is achieved through large industrial blower designs.
  • The head has the pivoting capacity and can have direct and swinging air flow circulation. It will give you a high velocity of air and mist whenever you need whereas the pivoting angle is wide enough to change where you need to direct the air for about 90 degrees.
  • The body of the fan is made out of high-quality rust resistance and also weather resistance. It does not have any exposed metals and is also UV protected as well.
  • The fan has an in-line GFCI cord that comes with a ground-fault circuit-interrupter within the fan that makes it great for outdoors as well
  • The entire cord length available is 72 inches

Warranty: The product comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • Could have mentioned the total CFM capacity

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2. Geek Aire Misting Fan

Geek Aire Misting Fan Second on our list is Geek Aire’s misting fan. This is a compact sized misting fan that is ideal for outdoor use with an effective cooling effect. The battery operated misting fan provides you a hassle-free cooling experience.

Top Features

  • The fan provides a 1500 CFM airflow that allows you to experience a cool and refreshing sensation, irrespective of the ambient temperature.
  • Equipped with 3 nozzles that spray refreshing cool mist up to a maximum distance of 11.5 feet.
  • There is an extra nozzle included in the package that you can use if any of the primary nozzles become defective.
  • Adjustable 360-degree allows maximum flexibility and ensures that you experience a cooling effect irrespective of where you sit.
  • Made of strong ABS plastic that comes with a thick coating to offer resistance against water, rust, and UV light.
  • Comes with a detachable battery of 15,000mAh that offers 3 to 24 hours of fan time on full charge. Additionally, you can get extra batteries if you want a longer fan time.
  • The battery can be used as a powerbank to power your other devices in case of any emergencies.
  • Works at 24v DC for a safe operation.
  • As the fan is made of plastic, it is lightweight with 7.1 lbs and has a compact size of 16.1 x 8.1 x 16.1 inches that allows for maximum portability.
  • Easy to mount anywhere and can be started by twisting the switch.

Warranty: Warranty information is not specified on the product page.


  • Multiple customer complaints of nozzles getting clogged

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3. NewAir AF-600 Misting Fan

NewAir AF-600 Misting Fan Here, we have misting fan from the NewAir brand. This misting fan is packed with multiple features to maintain a cool outdoor space even in hot and sunny conditions.

Top Features

  • This is a 2 in 1 fan that you can use as a misting fan to get a cooling effect or operate as a dry fan.
  • The misting fan has an effective cooling range of 600 square feet that is perfect for your patios, parties, and BBQs.
  • With 3 fan speeds, you can have the perfect cooling effect depending on the ambient temperature.
  • The misting fan has an adjustable tilt option along with height adjustment to produce an even cooling effect.
  • Oscillating fan head provides a wider cooling effect that is ideal for large outdoor areas.
  • Easy to use features with a pull chain switch and an integrated knob to control the versatile adjustments of the misting fan.
  • Made of stainless steel and features a slim, lightweight design that allows you to mount the misting fan conveniently in any place you want.
  • Eco-friendly misting fan without the use of freon or any other chemicals.
  • Supports a standard 0.75-inch garden hose using which you can easily set up this misting fan.
  • Leakage protection device to shut the fan automatically in case of water leaks and a GFCI plug that works with a standard 120V three-prong outlet.

Warranty: This misting fan is backed by a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Not durable and starts to rust quickly
  • Misting nozzles get clogged

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4. Cool-Off  Misting Fan

gallon fan

Next up on our list, we have a rather large tank based standalone misting fan from the Cool Off Island. The Cool-Off Island’s 12 Gallon Breeze oscillating misting fan has a 26 inches sized fan and quite a large tank and is portable thanks to its tiny rolling wheels as well.

Top Features:

  • Perfect outdoor and indoor usage low noise output standalone oscillating misting fan that comes with a 10 foot long power cord and a pair of nifty tiny rubber wheels that would let you take it anywhere portably
  • The total height of the fan stands about 78 inches high making it perfect for camp level or any use case as well. Also, this height can be adjusted as well./
  • This centrifugal mist fan comes with a 100% copper made motor that can throw air to about 40 feet of space that translates to about 1,600 square feet.
  • Has a 3 speed quiet operation that makes it both high powered and silent as well both.
  • The water tank at the foot of the fan can carry up to about 10 gallons of water that essentially eliminates the need for a constant hose of pipe of water.
  • Internal circuitry protection available and the simple switches between mist and just fan usage
  • Has a 90 degrees easy swing oscillation

Warranty: Though there seems to be a warranty, the duration is not exactly specified


  • Quite the high premium price ranged product

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5. XPOWER FM-48 Heavy Duty Misting Fan

XPOWER FM-48 Heavy Duty Misting FanNext on our list is XPOWER’s FM-48 misting fan. This is a heavy duty option equipped with advanced functions to create a cool environment even during humid conditions.

Top Features

  • This is a versatile misting fan with 3 adjustable speed levels for air circulation, ventilation, and cooling.
  • It can be rotated up to an angle of 135 degrees and set at any position to direct mist and airflow at all directions.
  • This is a versatile option that can be used to cool plants in extreme hot conditions or as an air mover fan all-round the year.  
  • There are 4 misting nozzles for distributing even, fine mist to reduce ambient temperature up to 25 degrees for cooling the environment.
  • The fan is capable of generating up to 600 cubic feet of airflow per minute by consuming just 1.2amps. This provides an efficient and effective cooling experience.
  • The motor is completely sealed to protect it from rain, hot sun, dust, and other harsh weather conditions for a longer working life.
  • It features a compact size with 13.3 x 12.3 x 15.2 inches and a weight of just 10.1 lbs to fit into narrow and tight spaces.
  • It has a 7 feet power cord with a wrap-around design that provides enough length to connect it to the power supply.
  • There is a built-in handle for easy handling.

Warranty: The misting fan is backed by a 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase.


  • Hose is not durable
  • Instruction manual is not clear

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6. O2Cool Misting Fan

o cool fan

Next up on the list is actually a very cool design of a misting fan. The O2COOL is a portable, battery-operated personal misting fan. This fan is available in various colours and is one of the most affordable misting fans in our entire list.

Top Features:

  • Personalized cooling systems that is built to cool down a single person in a personal space
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries, the fan has a great deal of jetting and is run by a single motor that is powerful enough for a great breeze of cool air.
  • Handheld instrument that has a small bottle styled tank that can be filled up with water for cool jets of air
  • The bottle can give you 1000 mist blasts if used correctly
  • Great for outdoors, drives, cars without air conditioning, work desks and pretty much anywhere you need an immediately cool breeze.
  • Stylish in design and colorful in their appearance
  • Incredibly budget friendly

Warranty: N.A


  • Only for personal use and cannot be used for large spaces
  • Single speed power mode
  • No Warranty

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7. Frigidaire Outdoor Misting Fan

Frigidaire Outdoor Misting FanThe last product is from the brand Frigidaire which is known for providing reliable products. Their outdoor misting fan is reflection of their quality and efficiency.

Top Features:

  • This fan can be used for two options – as evaporative mister when connected to a garden hose with water connection and as pedestal fan.
  • It can deliver up to 2,400 CFMs of power which ensures cool breeze.
  • With wide-angle oscillation covers, it is capable of covering up to 500 square meters of space which adequate enough for most of the requirements.
  • It is equipped with in-built GFCI plug which increases the safety and acts as protection against any potential accidental risks.
  • When attached to a garden hose for mist purposes, it can lower the temperature up to 10 to 15 degrees.
  • It is light in weight, so you can easily carry it anywhere you want.
  • It has 3 speed levels so you can adjust the breeze output as per your requirement.

Warranty: NA


  • The construction quality could have been better

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What to Consider While Shopping for Best Misting Fan:

There are plenty of options available for misting fans, which makes it a bit difficult to pick the right one. Here are some factors to take into account before making a final decision of choosing your best and most suited model.

1. Type:

In general, there are four different types of misting fans are used to beat the heat. They are….

  • Standalone/Floor Standing Misting Fans
  • Wall-Mounted Misting Fans
  • Compact/Portable Misting Fans
  • Misting Kits.

Let’s get into its details.

  • Standalone or Floor Standing Misting Fans –

NewAir AF-600 Misting Fan It is a common type of misting fan that is seen widely in both residential and commercial complexes. They offer great adjustment settings like fan speed, height adjustment, or tilt/oscillation function that makes it easy and convenient to use. It comes with an extending pole, base, and fan attached to the top, which makes it easy to move around for a wide coverage area.

It has a hose connection for water supply, and plug into an electrical outlet for power supply. Its long pole, dan head and built-in mister will let you adjust the fan, which makes it great for outdoors, indoors and large gatherings.

  • Wall-Mounted Misting Fans –

Wall-MountedMistingFansIt is a perfect option for those who not having more physical space on the ground, and can be mounted upon the wall/ceiling (space savers). It is mostly used in commercial spaces, large areas, and halls, where central air conditioning is expensive.

It is connected to a power outlet and water supply that tilt to deliver misting spray at the required angle for better air. They won’t offer flexibilities as standalone, but less hassle to operate and has permanent fixtures, which makes it a problem for those living in a rented home.

  • Compact Misting Fans –

lasko mist fanThey resemble a compact version of a standalone misting fan without having a large pole. It is mobile or portable in nature and can be taken anywhere. Thus, it becomes the best option to take with you and use in desert camps, tents, buses, etc. for proper cooling at anytime and anywhere.

Unlike standalone and wall fans, they won’t offer tank capacity (hosepipe connection) or air push power (electrical hook-up). They run on a battery and feature an internal water tank or allow you to mount above anything that stores water.

  • Misting Kits –

MistingKitsWith these misting kits, you can turn your regular fan into misting fan. All you need is to attach the nozzles and hoses to have a misting function. However, it is an actual misting fan type but switches your fan into this misting fan. It is easy to assemble and thereby offers a cooling power of water along with the airflow of the fan.

2. Usage – Indoor Vs. Outdoor:

One has to decide the place where they want to use the misting fans before making their purchase. Some models are suitable to use either outdoors or indoors but not on both, while some models allow you to use them both indoors and outdoors. If you pick the model that works on both in and outsides, then disable the misting function while using inside.

Mostly, people prefer these misting fans to use outdoors. If you looking to use the model that works outside, then check the built quality and construction materials. It should be rustproof, weatherproof and offers switches and motor protected from the elements. Also, it’s better to check whether its power source is protected or not before buying.

3. Positioning – Portable Vs. Floor Standing:

It is essential to check the space availability (how much space is available) for the fan and to where you need the misting function effects. Both portable and floor standing fans are versatile while discussing about its positioning.

  • Floor-standing models – It may take up a lot of space, yet may likely disperse mist and air far and in more efficiently.
  • Portable models – It is easy to relocate, yet restrained by the necessity for the water and power supply for its efficient working.
  • Battery-Operated models – Most versatile option to use in remote areas, yet not effective than mains powered models.

4. Power Source – Battery Vs. Mains:

The power supply of the fan plays a crucial role in determining the place where you plan to use the fan. Basically, battery and mains (electric outlet) are two main power sources available for misting fans.

  • Main Electric Power – If you are using a fan that works on main corded electric power, then check whether the fan has enough cord length to reach your plug socket (or) need to invest in an extension cord for proper power supply to make it work effectively.
  • Battery-Powered This model can be used anywhere (portable), as it only requires water and charged battery for its working. Thus, it becomes a perfect option to use for camping, tailgating, at the bottom of the garden, or at the beach, where an electrical power supply is not available.

5. Coverage Area:

It is essential to consider the size of the room/area you want to cool down before buying a misting fan. Make sure that the capacity of your fan should match the square footage of your space to use it effectively without ending up worthless.

However, it is difficult to calculate the coverage area of the fan. Mostly, a pedestal misting fan provides its figure in square feet, whereas others provide an effective range (distance to feel cool air).

The volume of air a fan moves (how much air can move) in a minute is represented in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Though, it won’t give a precise guide to the cooling effect, yet can be used for comparison purposes.

A few brands say that their products can be able to lower the outdoor temperature. For instance, we mostly notice statements like decreases temperature by up to 25°, in which expects its performance in ideal conditions and may not be realistic all the time.

6. Size:

The amount of space a fan occupies has to be taken into account while purchasing a misting fan. We have to place some misting fan models at a bit distance to prevent drenching the objects or people around them.

Based on how small or large your room/area (backyard or patio) is, you have to opt for a large or small-sized fan. Here is some suggestion that helps you in picking the right size fan.

  • The handheld misting fan is small, and portable yet slips into a backpack.
  • The bucket top model is compact, and portable that is easy to carry around. This makes it an ideal option to use for RV or camping.
  • Pedestal and wall-mounted models resemble the same size as standard/regular fans and thereby occupies the same space.
  • Misting fan that comes with a self-contained water tank is larger and a bit difficult to maneuver. While the fan models with wheels will make their positions quite easy.

7. Water Supply – Tank Vs. Tankless:

Misting fans emits tiny water droplets in the open air and draw away the heat by evaporating the water vapor. Just like air coolers, a misting fan does require a water supply.

Most of these fans operate with a standard garden hose, while wall-mounted misting fans have an extra pump to provide enough water pressure. Adding an extra pump to the mix may rise the price, in which potential buyers have to be aware of the possibility. Other outdoor misting fans have a self-contained tank.

In the bucket top model, the bucket size will determine how long the fan can produce the mist. The tank size of the bucket top models will influence their runtime. Some models offer 10 hours or more of continuous operation before you need to refill. So, mobility is improved without a hose, even though an electrical connection is necessary for its proper functioning.

8. Nozzle Vs. Centrifugal Mist:

There are two ways to deliver water into the fan’s air current – fine nozzles arranged around the fan head, and a centrifugal system mounted in the center.

  • Nozzle Method – It is a simpler way. Though, tiny dirt particles in the water supply will cause blockages. Yet a filter in the hose line is used to prevent this blockage.
  • Centrifugal Method – It produces a finer mist that offers more efficient cooling. It uses a high-pressure pump for proper water delivery. Thus, it is a bit expensive than the models using the nozzle version.

9. Quality of Misting Nozzles:

How fine/coarse the mist delivers from the fan is determined by the quality of its nozzles. Models with finer mist will go far and can cover a wider area and thereby effectively cools down the air temperature. Also, people in front have less chance to get their clothes soaked. While using fans with cheap (not good) quality nozzles may create water droplets rather than finer mist or may drip the fan head.

10. Speed:

A general rule is that the faster the mist/vapor evaporates, the quicker the air gets cooled. So, the running speed of a fan will definitely result in a significant difference. Usually, most outdoor misting fans offer a single speed, whereas, other models offer up to three-speed levels (low, medium & high). Thus, a fan with more speed levels will add flexibility in noise levels and coverage area.

The speed of the fan also accounts for the CFM capacity of the fan. Most standalone fans come with about 2400 CFM or higher or a few will also have lower as well. Wall-mounted fans will have a large CFM rating than small compact models, which have lesser capacity.

11. Angles of Movement:

The movement (swing movement) of the fan plays a vital role in the proper cooling of the area. For this, one has to check the range of motion, oscillation, and angles to which a fan is adjusted before making its purchase.

For example, wall-mounted fans won’t offer the same range of motion as floor standing fans. Since, these standalone fans will swing up & down, oscillate, and can be operated at different heights, the pole let you adjust the fan easily to your desired height. Plus, this fan swings up to 180°, yet this feature is not found on wall-mounted and compact fans.

Portable freestanding models use a vertical pivot system, which makes them move up and down instead of oscillating from side to side which makes them ineffective in their low position.

12. Safety Features:

We all are aware that water and electricity working together can be dangerous if not taken enough care of and used properly. So, safety features are essential to follow to use the misting fan safely and effectively.

A fan with utmost safety measures will make the fan get shut off immediately if found any potential water leakage or faulty wire. Ensure that outdoor misting fans should offer more safety measures compared to indoor fans.

13. Noise Level:

If you concern about the noise level of misting fans, then check for the models offering less noise levels, which you can tolerate while using. Although, not all these misting fans operate loud and most manufacturers designed their fan to run quietly. For this, you have to check the actual decibel (dB) output figure while shopping for a misting fan.

14. Construction Quality & Durability:

The type of material and the overall built quality of a fan will indicate its efficient working and longevity. So, the units with copper, stainless steel, and heavy-duty polyurethane are considered high-quality products compared to cheaper varieties.

Fans featuring weatherproof nature are built to undergo the elements better and thereby last longer. While a fan with UV resistance will make its material and parts less prone to get damaged by the sun’s UV radiation. So, look for a misting fan having the best-built quality and construction material with weatherproof nature to enhance its reliability and durability.

15. Assembly:

Some misting fans are ready to use immediately out of the box, while other models require some sort of assembling and installation. If you know how to assemble different parts of this fan to make it work efficiently, then picking this assembling required type of fan is not at all a problem. Or else simply seek someone’s help for its assembling. In case, if you don’t know (or) worrying about its assembling, then go for the model that is ready to use right out of the pack.

16. Number of Modes and Settings:

Among various misting fan models, a variety of modes, settings, and features will make a huge difference in its overall usage and performance, and thereby helps you to pick the right one as per your requirement.

Choosing the one having multiple modes, settings, speeds, and other innovative features will become the best one. So, check all these features before buying a model that seems affordable.

17. Advanced Features:

Most of the modern misting fan models offer various advanced features like built-in timers, auto-fill and auto shutdown for its convenient usage. Based on what you are looking for in your misting fan, including when, where, and frequency of your usage, you have to choose the required advanced features in your misting fan. But a fan with some advanced features is a must to use/operate them with ease.

18. Design:

With the availability of misting fans in different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors, it will be a bit difficult to pick the style that fits perfectly with the design of the outdoor patio or indoors. Most people prefer to use the model that suits their interior or exterior décor, even though it makes them stay cool.

19. Ease of Use:

How easy a misting fan to use will make you more likely to utilize the fan to its full capacity. For this, the misting fan should have the right connections for power and water for its proper functioning.

Most fans are quick and easy to assemble which means you can use them and get cool down the area in no time. It is similar for conversion kits, which has everything that needs to switch the normal fan into misting fan model quickly.

20. Price:

Cost is another essential feature to consider while buying any new appliances, including misting fan. The price of the fan depends on its brand, built quality, construction material, features, warranty and durability. However, buying a cheaper model won’t last long and result in repairs or purchasing the fan again. If you have a fan, then opt for a conversion kit or else buy the best misting fan you afford.

21. Warranty:

Some misting fans are a bit expensive, so it will be prudent that the product you’re buying comes with good warranty coverage. Most of these misting fans offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. While a few models will offer a higher warrant period, as they differ from brand to brand.

How do these Misting Fans Work?

Most people think how misting fans work by spraying water mist, which evaporates off easily and keep them cool. Let’s know how misting fans work with the advantage of the flash evaporation effect. When a misting kit or mister is attached to a regular fan.

The mister place water vapor ahead of the fan and the fan disperses the water droplets into the air (its basic job) as a fine mist. This mist evaporates faster than water droplets and thereby disappear before reaching your skin. This process will help to draw out the heat from the air in exchange of mist evaporating in the air. Thus, it cools your space and keeps you stay cool and refreshed.

Don’t you think that, why you won’t get wet when these water droplets are blown at you? It is a simple technique, as the name suggests, flash evaporation, which means a faster process of droplet evaporation before the time it reaches you. The only way to feel the droplets is to stay longer and stand directly in front of the fan when it blows air.

How Effective are these Misting Fans at Cooling the Space?

When the outside temperature is hot, these fans work to cool the area by spraying a fine mist, which evaporates by drawing the heat out of the space. Thus, it cools the surrounding air while it dries up from hot surfaces.

This cooling method will lower the temperature from 15° – 40° Fahrenheit. Thus, it allows you to spend hot summer days and nights sitting on the deck more comfortably. Here, the higher the airspeed, the larger area it covers and offers a great cooling effect.

Did you notice that even a slight breeze can keep you cool? The reason is that it blows away the evaporating moisture sitting on the skin. A general rule is the more the airflow, the quick the moisture gets distributed and results in faster and effective cooling of both yourself and your surroundings.

Benefits of Using a Misting Fan:

Take a closer look at some of the advantages which we can enjoy by owning a misting fan.

  • Controls Humidity – Its special misting function will help to balance the humidity level of the space where it is working, which is quite essential during summer. Thus, it increases moisture in the air & skin and prevents dry air which causes harm to your respiratory system.
  • Temperature Deduction Capacity – While operating, it sprays a fine mist into the air, which reduces the temperature/hotness of the area. These misting fans will cool the room along with the human body, while other types of fans cool the human but not the surrounding area.
  • Low Maintenance Cost – Although, the running cost of these mist fans is a little higher compared to normal fans, yet it is at an affordable range, why because its maintenance cost is ¼ (quarter) when compared with an AC.
  • Reduce Pollen and Dust – They deliver high-velocity airflow that helps to keep the pollen, dust and other debris away from your outdoor chilling/resting place.
  • Kills Harmful Insects – A few high-end models feature insect repellent systems, which becomes a beneficial feature of the fan, especially while using it for outdoor spaces where we have to deal with several harmful inspects like flies or mosquitoes.
  • A Perfect Investment – It is the best investment for those who like to spend most of their time outdoors but are unable to stay longer due to extreme heat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it necessary to use filters with misting fans?

Ans: Having a filter in the water supply hose will deter small dust particles from clogging the nozzles and hence they may often recommend using filters. There are various types of filters available which means you have to check and go with your manufacturer suggestions to pick the right one for proper usage.

2. What are the safety precautions to take while operating this misting fan?

They are generally safe, yet ensure they are stable and the cables won’t prevent a trip hazard. Ensure to keep the fan away from any kind of electrical circuits, why because electrical components or wires near to misting fan will cause any potential danger. Those having GFCI offer extra safety against electrical faults.

Unplug the fan before cleaning and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any damage. It is essential to clean them with a damp cloth using a solution of dish soap and water instead of bleach or spirit-based products.

3. Does this misting fan soak the clothes?

It might happen only in case if the fan is not working properly (or) build with not good quality materials. In that case, consider replacing the nozzles.

4. What shall we do if nozzles get clogged?

Misting nozzles gets clogged due to various reasons, which includes grime or hard water. Based on their preference, one has to choose to manual cleaning of nozzles, soak them in a cleaning solution (or) replace them to prevent nozzle clogging.

5. Shall we use misting fans in areas having high humidity levels?

They work better in areas having less humidity, as they work to bring down the air temperature in high humidity settings. A few manufacturers state that their products offer a temperature drop even in 60% humidity, while others advise if the model won’t suit to use in high humidity.


Misting fans are cool. They are cool air generators in the most eco-friendly way at the best of the resources, water. Out of all the products mentioned in the list, the NewAir misting fan wins our list. It can cover a maximum of 600 square foot area and is great for outdoors, patios and campings as well. It also comes with a 1 year warranty making it the best misting fan to buy.

If you are looking for something more portable, we would suggest that you go ahead with the Lasko misting fan which is a great outdoor camping side fan. If you are looking for even more mobility, we would suggest you go for O2COOL Misting Fan, which is an almost hand held misting fan of very economic and budget friendly pricing.

How did you like our list? Have you got any questions for us? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and we will write back to you as soon as possible.

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