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5 Best Radon Mitigation Fan 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

Radon Mitigation Fans are the most sought solution for reducing RADON contamination from your home. They are found to reduce RADON levels up to 75% from your home.

RADON is a colourless, odourless, harmful gas that cannot be traced or detected. It silently penetrates in your house through water, soil and rocks beneath your home surface.

WHO reports tell that RADON is the 2nd most cause of lung cancer worldwide. Not only this, but it is also responsible for 15% fatalities caused due to lung cancer.

What adds more to your worry is, you will only come to feel RADON contamination in your home environment once you start feeling chest pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, weight loss etc. Not to forget these are symptoms of the onset of lung cancer.

So, before it’s too late you must start thinking of securing your family from this RADON contamination inside your home. Don’t worry we will help you with this task.

Here in this article, you will find TOP5 Radon Mitigation Fans to protect the health of your family. Choose from easy to install fans that not only reduce RADON but also add fresh air from the atmosphere to your home.

The brands we have mentioned here are all affordable in price and give you the quality-efficient performance to save your electricity bill also. Yes, these fans do produce a bit of noise while working, but with increasing technology, every effort is being made to reduce this.

You must go through following three points which are most important to consider while you buy your Radon Mitigation Fan 

  • Airflow Rating: This aspect of your fan tells how much air your fan can exhaust per minute. It is told by Cubic Flow per Minute (CFM). As this rating increases, your fan takes less time to reduce radon levels. So, we will advise you to buy a fan that gives you high CFM in less power consumption.
  • Warranty: Maintenance of your radon fan is a highly expensive procedure. So, if you are buying a low-cost fan which does not have a warranty period then drop the plan of buying that fan. It will give you lots of trouble in future. You will end up spending more money on maintenance than you saved while buying that.
  • Noise: Noise is something which every machine carries with itself. So is the case with RADON FANS. But the noise production majorly depends upon the design of your fan. As you will spend more money, you will get a better-designed fan which produces low or little noises which are sustainable. Hence our advice for you will be to buy low noise fan irrespective of its cost.

Wondering are these only points to consider? Well definitely not, you just need to go through the “Buying Guide” we have created for you and find the other aspects that are required to be considered.

Now we are all ready to introduce you the TOP5 Radon fan brands we have segregated for you after doing lots of research and reading user reviews. They are as follows

5 Best Radon Mitigation Fan 2024

Radon Mitigation FanWarrantyAir FlowBuy Now
RadonAway XP 201 Radon Mitigation Fan5 Years112 CFMCheck On Amazon
Tjernlund Radon Mitigation System10 Years-Check On Amazon
Suncourt Radon Fan Mitigation Kit5 Years200 CFMCheck On Amazon
RadonAway RP260 Radon Mitigation Fan5 Years251 CFMCheck On Amazon
Fantech Radon Mitigation5 Years153-220 CFMCheck On Amazon

5 Best Radon Mitigation Fan Reviews

1. RadonAway 23011-1 XP201 Radon Mitigation Fan


Take Away

  • 112CFM motor is suitable for 2500sqft. Basement.
  • Reduces radon level from 21pci/L to 1pci/L in 6-7 hrs.

Serving American homes for last 30years, RADONAWAY has till now given 21 fan models and all of these have won the hearts of their users with their reliable performances. It is believed that most homes in the U.S.A are likely to have RADONAWAY mitigation systems.

Enlisted under ETL, RADONAWAY 23011-1 XP is certified to meet all the electrical code requirements. This makes it for suitable residential and commercial use.

Ideal for a sub-slab mitigation system, XP fan series is the latest model fan of RADON AWAY for you. Your fan has got unique motor and impeller design unlike other fans that make it most durable, general-purpose mitigation fan.

They are designed to give you superb and unobtrusive performance. Its 112CFM fan strongly vents the radon out of your building and runs very quietly also that without disturbing you. RADONAWAY XP series fan is tested to be highly energy-efficient that keeps your electricity bill under control.

The motor is water hardened and thermally protected that prevents the overheating of your motor, unlike the TJERNLUND brand. Seams are built around the motor so that there is no chance of radon leakage from your motor.

You can easily install your radon mitigation fan with a 4″ PVC pipe. The minimal weight of 5pound assists you in taking it anywhere. However, it will be best to install it in your basement.

Warranty of 5years keeps your fan insured and the company will help you any time you face any problem with your fan. But you should get your fan installed by a licensed installer else the company won’t accept your warranty claim if you ever make it.

The final words are, RADONAWAY XP-201 fan is cost-effective and gives you good performance by keeping your electricity bill under the limit.

Thing We Liked

  • Highly Energy efficient.
  • Overheating of the motor is not there.
  • No leakage of radon.
  • 5years warranty.

Thing We Didn’t Liked

  • Warranty does not count if installed by the unlicensed installer.
  • Bearings of the motor may become noise after 4-5 months.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Tjernlund RMS160 Sidewall Radon Mitigation System


Take Away

  • Reduces radon levels from 10pci/L to 0.5-0.6pci/L. (Harmful level = 4pci/L)

Established in 1938, TJERNLUND has become the leading originator and manufacturer of side wall vent systems for gases and oils. They are our first choice because they offer you a sidewall mitigation system.

With the use of this radon mitigation system, you can easily reduce the radon level from your house without affecting the beauty of your home.

This mitigation system runs through your basement sidewall. Means you don’t need to have a PVC pipe running through the living areas or outside of your home to the roofline. So now you don’t need to climb ladders to your roof for installation.

The system you are purchasing is highly efficient and produces a minimum level of sound that does not disturb you in your daily routine work.

If you wish a sub-slab or sump pit installation then it is the perfect fit. You get a plug-in blower, an exterior venting hood, however the connecting PVC pipe you need to buy yourself.

The discharge hood you get is easy to adjust and can accommodate different type of pipes you use. But whatever be the case it always maintains the strong jet of diluted radon exhaust.

The hood and blower are very easy to connect with a 3” PVC pipe without needing the rubber couplers like other fans, that increase your work of installation.

Mounting brackets eliminate every vibration that can reach your blower, and you can rotate it in 360° direction. So, mount it either vertically or horizontally as per your wish.

Your blower is enclosed in a galvanised steel housing. This prevents moistures present in your home to reach blower’s motor, hence total life-span of your blower also increases. The gaskets present around fan prevents any leakage of radon gas from the venting system.

Everything you read is on one side and the 10years warranty you get with it is on the other side and perhaps the best thing you can get from any brand. The company ensures you of quick help anytime you feel trouble with your mitigation system.

To sum up, this high-cost radon fan excellently reduces radon level and gives you less headache during installation except for cutting 4″ hole in your wall during fitting.

Thing We Liked

  • Easy Installation.
  • Highly Effective in reducing radon.
  • 10years warranty.
  • Durable blower fan.

Thing We Didn’t Liked

  • Over-heating of the motor.
  • Inside noise is less, but exhaust noise is very loud.
  • Cutting 4” hole during installation is the hardest part.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Suncourt RDK04-3 Radon Fan Mitigation Kit


Take Away

  • Suitable to work in basements having area upto 2000sq.ft.
  • High Air flow of 200CFM.

ESTD. in 1988 SUNCOURT is a US-based brand specialized in making quality products that improve the overall air environment around you. They have a reputation for selling customer-specific products at affordable rates.

Enlisted under ETL list their RDK04-3 radon fan is suitable to install for your indoor as well as outdoor operation. RADON levels in your home are quickly mitigated by its 4” CENTRAX centrifugal that has a high 200CFM air flow rate. It works well in basements having area up to 2000sq.ft.

You can hook up your fan with any of its 3” or 4” PVC anti-vibration couplers. SUNCOURT provides you with mounting hardware also, this eases the task of installing your RADON FAN. With inbuilt air pressure indicator, you can easily check the real-time air pressure generated by your fan.

Insulated with a thermal plastic resin, there is no chance of water entering your fan and your fan continues to serve you for a long time. Also, Motor casing of your fan has an automatic thermal reset for overload protection that prevents it from getting damaged when overloaded.

The fan also has a ball bearing balanced ABS backward inclined impeller installed in place for better performance and efficiency.

With Warranty of 5years, you get efficient customer support from SUNCOURT and the company will help you any time you face any problem with your fan.

Thing We Liked

  • Over-heating of motor is not there.
  • No leakage of radon.
  • Motor is water tight.
  • High Air flow rate of 200CFM.
  • 5years warranty.

Thing We Didn’t Liked

  • Difficult to install.
  • Power cable needs to be purchased separately.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. RadonAway 23032-1 RP260 Radon Mitigation Fan


Take Away

  • High Airflow of 251CFM.
  • Fit it with 6” ducts.

RADONAWAY rules the hearts of its customers with their high-performance RADON fans, that is why they are appearing second time in our list. This time it is 23032-1 RP260 fan that has a high flow rate of 251CFM.

This fan allows you to use it with 6” PVC duct systems. It is one of those radon mitigation systems that is uniquely designed to cover up your large real estate areas.

Enlisted under ETL it is also suitable to be used indoor as well along with outdoor operations. This fan is highly energy-efficient also as it doesn’t burden you with high electricity bills like other fans.

Water hardened and thermally protected motor casing of your radon fan prevents the overheating of your motor. Seams are also built around the motor so that there is no chance of radon leakage from your motor.

People like its quieter performance very much that keeps the noises away from disturbing you in your daily routine work.

Adding to the cake, 5yrs warranty of your fan keeps it insured and the company will help you any time if you face some problem with your fan.

Thing We Liked

  • Highly Energy efficient.
  • High Air flow of 251CFM
  • Quieter Performance.
  • Over-heating of motor is not there.
  • No leakage of radon.
  • 5years warranty.

Thing We Didn’t Liked

  • Warranty does not count if installed by unlicensed installer.
  • Bearings of motor may become noisy after 4-5 months.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Fantech RN2 Radon Fan | 4 Inch | Quiet and Efficient Radon Mitigation


Take Away

  • UV resistant body of fan.
  • Airflow rate of 153-220CFM.

Being one of the biggest radon fan manufacturers, FANTECH’S RN2 is a nice balance of power and performance. This fan can be attached with a 4.5″ duct and generates an airflow of 153-220CFM, it is a bit on the slower side but efficient for your small-sized homes.

With a power wattage rating of just 58Watts, it saves your electricity bill a lot. The vibration welded seam of your fan makes sure there is a leak-proof housing that prevents any leakage of radon from the motor.

This FANTECH product is perfect for you irrespective of the area you live in, you can install it indoors, outdoors as well as in wet locations. Do It Yourself installation is what makes FANTECH RN2 loved by customers.

UV resistant body of your fan prevents it from getting corroded and imparts a long life to your radon mitigation system. If you are currently having FANTECH’S HP2190Q then RN2 model is a perfect replacement for this model.

The cheaper price is what attracts a large base of customer towards it, as has less price compared to other brands. You also get a warrant of 5years, that will take care of your fan if it faces any glitch. But this warranty gets extended to 6years if the serial number of your fan is registered.

Thing We Liked

  • Medium suction.
  • Vibration welded seam.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Quick installation.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Zero leakage.
  • 6Warranty Included

Thing We Didn’t Liked

  • Screws & mounting brackets not included.
  • Not too Durable

Buy Now From Amazon

How To Select The Best Radon Mitigation Fan

Here we present you with very important factors to keep in mind before you buy your Radon Mitigation Fan. Read through following times and find what you should seek in your purchase. After going through this buying guide you will not end up wasting your money on a wrong fan, that does not suit your purpose.

1. Type Of Mitigation Fans

There are four different types of radon fans available in the market. Each of them has the same purpose which is to reduce Radon but in different ways. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Room Pressurization: These fans direct the contaminated air sucked from your room to the basement of your home. Hence you don’t need to keep climb up your roof to install the air venting system on your roof.
  • Power SSD Fans: They are useful to install if your new house construction is going on. They exhaust the air out of your home. Their fans use low power and generally, they are noise-free. You can use them with 3 or 4inches PVC pipes. They are of two types, low powered and high-powered fans.
  • High Flow SSD Fans: These fans are fitted outside of your home and connected with a pipe coming beneath your slab or the concrete floor. In this way, they suck the gas from the ground and direct it to the atmosphere without letting them entering your home.The fans we have mentioned here fall in this category only. You can connect them with 4-6 inches pipes if used for home, or with 6-10inches pipe if using for industrial usage.
  • Suction SSD Fans: They are similar to high flow ssd fans but good for the areas that aren’t so porous. You can use them along with 3-inch piping to get an efficient reduction in radon levels.

2. Durability

Radon fan is something which you don’t want to buy on regular basis. Because of the price as well as the trouble it gives during installation. Thus, the fan you are buying should be durable.

If it is getting overheated then it will get damaged, if it is not waterproof then moisture may damage the motor, if the walls of the pipe or not sealed then radon gas may leak. If it is prone to corrosion then the surface of the motor casing will start breaking off that will make it prone to water entering it.

All the above factors are the points that show your fan is durable or not. So before buying your fan ensure the above points are not present in your fan. You should also check the manufacturer’s website for more information.

3. Energy Efficiency

Radon fan that you are buying must be energy efficient as it will add to the electricity bill of your house. A decent power fan has the power rating of 30-70Watt.

You will be happy to know that all the fans we have mentioned here are less than 70watts. So, you can buy any of them without worrying about your electricity bill.

But buying a low wattage fan will be of no use if it does not work efficiently. So you should also check the work efficiency of your fan along with its power rating.

4. Airflow Rating

Airflow rating is measured in Cubic flow per minute. It tells how efficiently your fan exhausts radon out of your area. You should go for the fan that has high cfm, as it will take less time to reduce radon levels from your home. However, with increasing cfm cost of your fan also increases.

5. Noise

Radon fans like any other fans have a motor which runs them. So, it is obvious that they will also produce noises while running. But as technology is advancing, modern fans are now having efficient motors that do not produce much noise.

So, while buying your fan doesn’t go on its low price as low-price fans have compromised design and produce a lot of noises, which is not a good thing if you are installing the fan for indoor purpose.

And we are happy to tell you that all the brands we have mentioned here are not having high noises in their performance. You can buy them with any problem with high noises.

6. Warranty

Radon fans are very expensive. Thus, if they get damaged because of some unavoidable reasons then getting their maintenance done could cost you a huge amount of money.

So, you should always seek a brand which gives you a decent warranty period. This warranty should not be of one or two years. But a minimum of 5 years. You will be happy to know that all the brands we have mentioned here provide you with the warranty of at least 5years.

Still, if you want more warranty then you can go for TJERNLUND RADIN FAN as it gives you 10yeasr of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to confirm if there is radon present in my house?

Ans: Checking the health condition of your family members is the first thing you can do. Symptoms include chest pain, regular cough, weight loss, bronchitis, wheezing in morning and night, etc.

Although health conditions are not conclusive evidence, kids and elderly are the ones who are affected the most. And if the symptoms go undetected then prolonged radon exposure may cause death.

Then how should you detect RADON? Read further-

A manual Radon test kit or an electronic radon gas detector is something that you can use to test your home of radon contamination. It is affordable and gives you a little insight of radon levels in your home.

Last, you can seek the help of a professional if you are not able to detect the levels based on the above two approaches.

2. What is the safe level for radon contamination?

Ans: As we said earlier RADON is an extremely harmful gas, and thus any level of RADON present in your house poses threat to the health of your family. However, studies suggest that 4pCi/L is the safest standard level. Anything above it is not desirable at all.

3. Where should I install my radon mitigation fan?

Ans: The basement of your home is the best place to install your radon mitigation fan system. You can install this in your ATTIC also. The reason behind this is, these two regions are most affected by RADON contamination.

4. How to install the radon mitigation fan?

Ans: For this, you need to hire a mitigation contractor, who will visit your home. With him inspect the area of your home, and select the best place to install your fan. And it only takes 3 to 5hrs to install these life-saving mitigation fans.

5. Radon mitigation fans is the only way to reduce radon levels?

Ans: Obviously not, there are other systems also like sub-slab system, depressurization systems etc. You can seal the cracks also as preventive measures. But as told earlier, radon mitigation fans are the best way to reduce radon levels from your house.

6. Are mitigation fans to expensive to buy?

Ans: Once you decide to buy mitigation fans, you will come across various brands. All of them have varying price. Being expensive or inexpensive will depend upon features and services you get with the brand you are choosing. But on average, you can expect to pay between $200 to $2000. The more advanced one will cost more.

7. Do mitigation fans produce sound?

Ans: Any machine you use makes sound. Radon mitigation fans are no different and they also produce sound. But what’s important to consider is how disturbing is the sound.

You will be happy to know that, these fans do not produce much sounds and vibrations created by them are also negligible. Thus, you will never feel any of these.


We are sure by now you must be aware of all the aspects regarding your Radon Fan Mitigation System So, you can buy the radon fan of your choice from the above brands we have mentioned.

However, our top pick for you is Tjernlund RMS160 Sidewall Radon Mitigation System.This fan is very easy to install and comes with a warranty of 20yeasr that will take care of all your worries.

The best thing is it reduces radon levels up to, 90% from your home. It is so perfect in performance that you will not regret installing it for your home.

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