10 Best LED Lightbox for Drawing 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are someone who loves making art, then an LED lightbox is a great purchase. Be it animation, sketching, or even calligraphy, such boxes are perfectly capable.

It is particularly beneficial for kids and can help them develop a greater artistic sense and interest. Additionally, it doesn’t cost much and is pretty much available everywhere. If you still can’t find one in the shops, then there are loads on the e-commerce stores. Before you look at buying a lightbox, there are some factors that you should take into account.

  • Thickness-Thickness is of utmost importance while choosing a lightbox and the thinner the product, the better it is. Usually, a thickness in the range of 5-6mm is ideal for carrying them in bags. There might be even thinner lightboxes but some degree of sturdiness is essential for good build quality.
  • Size-The size gives an idea about the dimensions of the box. The size is completely dependent on personal preference. Some people might prefer the larger A3 while others would deem the A4 to be enough.
  • Power-The power implies the amount of brightness that the lightbox can offer. Higher the power, the illumination offered by the lightbox will increase. Most of the boxes in the market has the feature to adjust the brightness as per user needs

These are some main specifications that we will be keeping an eye on while choosing a lightbox. Refer our “Buying Guide” for to find out the best lightboxes in the market.

10 Best LED Lightbox for Drawing 2021 

Best LED Lightbox for DrawingThickness in mmVoltageSizeBuy Now
Tiktecklab A4 Light Box55VA4Check On Amazon
LITENERGY A4 LED Light Box55VA4Check On Amazon
HSK A3 LED Light Box612VA3Check On Amazon
Comzler A4 LED Light Box85VA4Check On Amazon
Mlife B4 LED Light Box4.75VA4Check On Amazon
Kusmil A4 LED Light Box3.55VA4Check On Amazon
ME456 A4 LED Light Box55VA4Check On Amazon
Dasher A4 LED Light Box55VA4Check On Amazon
Huion L4S LED Light Box5.15VA4Check On Amazon
AGPTEK A4 LED Light Box55VA4Check On Amazon

Best LED Lightbox for Drawing : 2021 Reviews

1. Tiktecklab A4 LED Light Box

Tiktecklab A4 Tracing Light Box

If you are interested in sketching, drawing, animation, or even stenciling, this lightbox has got you covered. This pad is quite thin and measures only about 5mm. The brightness is fairly even and there was no flickering throughout the use. The brightness can also be adjusted as per your choice with the help of touch.

This lightbox has a power rating of 3.2W and is designed to run at 5V. Also, the acrylic surface deserves a mention and it feels like a glass panel at times. The equipment has a touch sensor that is used to power the device.

It comes with a 2m USB cable and can be charged from power banks/computer ports and wall outlets. If portability is the most important factor, then this is undoubtedly one of the best choices you can make. To top it off, it is reasonably priced as well.

Best Features

  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Super Slim design with thickness less than 5mm.
  • A4 size
  • Touch sensor design
  • Acrylic surface


  • Easy to use
  • Good illumination
  • Portable
  • Suitable for X-ray viewing, industrial design, etc


  • No Warranty on the product

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This offering from Litenergy has some similarities with the previous model but also some notable differences as well. It has a working area of 9”x12” and has A4 size. It is a super slim model and comes with a thickness of around 0.2”. The rated power is 4.5W and the voltage required is 5V.

It comes with an eye protection technology that keeps your eyes safe and also ensures that don’t experience dry eyes after longtime usage. The brightness can be varied by repeatedly using the touch button. This lightbox is ideal for activities like diamond painting, tattoo tracing, etc

We also loved the memory feature that remembers the previously used brightness setting. It is a very handy tool and can save you a lot of time. The lightbox also comes with a USB power cable for easy charging. Moreover, it works in both the portrait as well as landscape modes. For the price, it offers good value for money.

Best Features

  • Eyesight protection
  • Visual Working Area 9” x 12”
  • Memory feature
  • Stepless Brightness adjustment
  • Acrylic Panel
  • No Radiation
  • The thickness of 0.2”


  • Value for money
  • Easy to carry
  • Stylish Design


  • Nothing much

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3. HSK A3 LED Light Box

HSK A3 LED Light Box

This lightbox from HSK is a bit bigger compared to the previous options. It is expected since it is an A3 lightbox while the previous 2 were A4. We loved the multiple button layout of this box. There are 3 buttons that help to power on/off the device and also adjust the brightness. This is much easier than repeatedly banging on a button for all the functions.

The light pad is made from Aluminum, which offers solidity while still keeping it portable. It has a thickness of 6mm, which is quite thin and therefore you can easily carry it everywhere. Customers also get a free storage bag, and white clips, which is a nice addition.

The brightness level is 4500 Lux and it is fairly even. Some might find the A3 size a bit overwhelming but it is ideal for Diamond Painting. It also comes with a 12V 1A adapter as well. Overall, a solid product that offers more room than a normal lightbox.

Best Features

  • Slim 6mm thin light pad
  • Aluminum frame without any light emittance.
  • The maximum luminance of 4500 Lux
  • 11W bright led
  • A3 Size


  • Even lighting
  • Lightweight
  • Multi switch layout


  • No batteries so should be plugged in for use.

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4. Comzler A4 LED Light Box

Comzler A4 LED Light Box

This lightbox from Comzler has some very unique features, which make it a very interesting product in our eyes. First and foremost, it is rechargeable and can be used for up to 5 hours. Thus it is ideal for sketching while you are on the move. Moreover, the brightness can be adjusted depending on the background lighting. There are 5 different levels of lighting, which help to keep the eyes free of strain.

The battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh, which is comparable to that of certain smartphones. It has a thickness of 8mm and it is suitable for holding A4-sized paper.

Another interesting feature is the magnetic press design. Here, 2 magnets are used to keep the paper tight on the lightbox and prevent it from moving. Overall, it is ideal for viewing negatives and also DSLR scanning.

Best Features

  • Rechargeable light board.
  • 2500 mAh battery capacity.
  • Magnetic press design
  • 5 level brightness
  • 8mm thickness


  • Good after-sale service
  • Battery duration
  • Lightweight design
  • 3-year warranty


  • Nothing much

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5. Mlife B4 LED Light Box

Mlife B4 LED Light Box

The first thing to notice about this lightbox is the ultra-thin design. Coming to its 4.7mm thickness, this is the thinnest product we have discussed till now. It also employs a single touch button for working. You can switch the appliance on or off using that button. Long pressing the button will also allow you to adjust the brightness of the Mlife lightbox

When talking about the display, the illumination is fairly even and also quite bright. Also, no flickers were noticed. All this helps reduce eye strain. The LED used in it is of top quality, which is ideal for purposes like embroidery, embossing, diamond painting, etc. The lightbox also comes with a 2m USB cable for charging purposes.

The board can accommodate B4 paper. However, some might find the size a bit smaller for their liking. Upon buying this lightbox, you also get an adjustable stand made of metal for holding the light pad.

Best Features

  • Adjustable brightness
  • B4 size
  • Comes with an adjustable metal stand
  • Light thickness of 0.14”.
  • Fair illumination
  • Quality charging cable


  • Best choice for diamond painting
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with clips to fasten paper


  • Size might be small for some

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6. Kusmil A4 LED Light Box

Kusmil A4 LED Light Box

Kusmil has made some top-quality products and this lightbox is no different. It is suited for holding A4-sized paper and has dimensions of 13.18” x 9.17″. It requires a voltage of 5V and has a rated power supply of about 1.5W. This means that it generates less heat while working and is ideal for long-time usage.

With a thickness of 3.5mm, this is probably one of the thinnest lightboxes out there. It is perfect for tracing, animation, and even diamond painting. Also, the lighting is even and flicker-free to ensure that users won’t have any issues while spending long hours. Also, the light intensity is adjustable and can be done by repeatedly pressing the touch button. You also get a USB cable along with it.

In terms of value for money, this lightbox is a great buy. It is one of the cheapest products out there but still offers enough features.

Best Features

  • Incredibly slim with a thickness of 3.5mm.
  • Variable brightness
  • Less power requirement (1.5W)
  • Flicker-free lighting.
  • A4 size


  • Less heat
  • Less strain on eyes
  • Very cheap


  • Build quality could have been better.

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7. ME456 A4 LED Light Box

ME456 A4 LED Light Box

This offering from ME456 has everything you would expect from a lightbox. It has a working area of 9” x 12” and is designed to hold A4 papers. It has a thickness of around 5 mm, which is ideal. Also, it has a maximum luminance of 4000 Lux.

Moreover, the screen brightness can be adjusted as per the user’s needs. This is done with the help of the screen touch button. Additionally, the smart memory option stores the previously used brightness setting. The product is ideal for purposes like stenciling, calligraphy, 2d animation, and many more.

The LEDs used are efficient but also flicker-free. These LEDs do not require any sort of maintenance and can last up to 50000 working hours. This lightbox is also a great choice for sewing projects, x-ray viewing, etc.

Best Features

  • A working area of 9” x 12”.
  • Eyesight protection
  • Stepless adjustable brightness
  • The ultra-slim thickness of 5mm.
  • Smart Memory feature
  • Energy-efficient flicker-free LED lamps.


  • USB Power option
  • Value for money
  • Safe viewing screen


  • Quality of USB cable

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8. Dasher A4 LED Light Box

Dasher A4 LED Light Box

The good thing about this lightbox is that it comes with all the necessary accessories. It gives you the power adapter, some tracing sheets, and even clips to fix your paper. Moreover, you even get the long 11 foot USB cable as well.

It measures 5mm in thickness and is a portable option and very easy to work with. The rubber pads on the back are a good design choice as they prevent any kind of damage while sliding. The product has 3 different settings in terms of brightness. This is useful when you want to sketch at night or evenings. Another aspect that ought to be mentioned, is the packaging.

The light pad is ideal for doctors, hobbyists, and pretty much everyone. It is great for weeding vinyl and tracing drawings. Moreover, another useful aspect is the ruler that measures both the length and width.

Best Features

  • 3 Brightness settings to choose from
  • Ultra-thin design (5mm)
  • Rubber feet to stop sliding
  • Complete accessories provided
  • Ruler
  • A4 size


  • Multiple brightness settings.
  • Nice packaging
  • Easy to use


  • No warranty

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9. Huion L4S LED Light Box

Huion L4S LED Light Box

This is a slightly more expensive option compared to some of the other lightboxes that have been mentioned. However, all good things come at a price. First and foremost, you have a free adjustment of the brightness and the maximum brightness is 1100 Lux. Moreover, it will remember the last settings used and that will be the default setting the next time around.

It is meant to hold A4 size paper and has a surface area of 12” x 8”. The product is quite light in weight and measures only 0.6kg. It comes packaged with a user manual, paper clips, and a USB cable. The protective film and the LED lamps used, ensure adequate eye protection. The maximum brightness is not too high but not too low either.

The touch switch is used to power on the device and adjust the brightness. And the surface also is quite flat.

Best Features

  • Eyesight protection technology.
  • Variable brightness
  • Slim Design
  • The brightness of 1100 Lux.
  • 12” x 8” Worksurface


  • Wide usage
  • Portable
  • Accessories included


  • Have to be plugged into a power source all time.

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10. AGPTEK A4 LED Light Box


The multi-button layout is a very appealing feature of this light box. It prevents the users from having to mash on a single button to change the brightness and powering the lightbox. The biggest feature is undoubtedly the magnetic pins that hold the paper in position. Thus there would be no more papers flying around.

The power rating of the device is 5 Watts. And the product is quite light in weight and measures only 425 grams. It is equipped with a USB cable, which allows charging from USB ports and power banks.

The light pad is quite bright at the highest setting and even brighter than some smartphones. Brightness can be changed from 0 to maximum % and there is the smart memory option that remembers your settings. The LEDs used do not emit radiation and have a long lifespan of around 50000 hours.

Best Features

  • Magnetic pin design
  • Brightness control
  • Eco-friendly LEDs
  • Smart Memory function
  • Button layout
  • The thickness of 5mm.


  • Easy to use
  • Good lighting
  • No radiation


  • Nothing much

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Buying Guide for LED Lightboxes

Now that you have an idea of some of the best lightboxes in the market, we need to dwell more on the technical side. The main features that need to be considered while purchasing a light pad include the thickness, size, power, voltage, price, warranty, eye-friendly display.

How much do these factors influence the quality of the lightbox, read on to find out?


The thinner the lightbox is, the easier it is to carry around. A thickness of around 5 or 6 mm is quite common and we recommend this thickness to be ideal. Such a measurement helps with the portability while adding to a certain degree of toughness. Products with thickness less than 4mm are ultra-slim and might not be necessary.


Lightboxes are meant to hold papers and the size determines the kind of paper that they can handle. For large sketches and drawings, we would recommend the A3 paper while for normal-sized pictures, an A4 would suffice. Additionally, some B4-sized models are even smaller than A4. This choice depends entirely upon you.


Like any other appliance, the rated power is the power that the lightbox is designed to run. Sometimes, having a higher power rating may result in better brightness and intensity. However, it could also lead to heating of the LEDs and might impact the lifespan. Usually, a power rating of around 5 Watt is common but you might also see some models with lower power.  This will only result in slightly lesser peak brightness.


Lightboxes aren’t that costly and the price range varies from 20 Dollars to about 45. If you have the money to spend, it is wiser to get the expensive models as they come with additional features like eyesight protection, multiple button layout, and magnetic pin design, etc. If you just need a lightbox with basic features, even the cheapest model would suffice.


Only some brands offer a warranty but we would recommend you to get such a product. This is because there have been issues where the users have complained of faulty LEDs and broken USB ports. Also, such brands have excellent customer service as well. So it is a win-win situation for all.

Additional Features

Certain lightboxes pack in some cool features like magnetic pins, eyesight protection technology, flicker-free lighting, adjustable brightness, etc. If cash is not a factor for you, you should ensure adjustable brightness and eye-sight protection is available in the lightbox. Other features are designed to make sketching easier and not necessities.


This is not the most important feature, but it is essential to have an idea of the rated voltage of the lightbox.  Else, you might run into difficulties while charging. The usual input voltage is 5 Volts DC.


We hope that you have enjoyed this piece on the best lightboxes in the market. Ultimately, the choice is yours and it depends on what features you are looking for in a lightbox. However, if you still have issues while making a decision, we will help you out.

  • LITENERGY A4 Light Box-Not only does it offer great value for money, it packs in some valuable features as well. It allows you to change the brightness, has smart memory, and user-safety settings like eyesight protection, and emits no radiations. For all the budget customers out there, this is our number one choice.
  • Comzler A4 Light Box– It probably has some of the best features that you would desire. It packs in 5 different brightness levels that make it suitable for use at any time. It has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 hours. Another cool aspect is the magnetic press. In terms of features and price/performance, this is the best choice.
  • HSK A3 Light Box– If the size is the most important criteria for you, then this is a great choice. For certain sketches, you would need good dimensions and this makes the apt choice. It is expensive but offers magnetic pins and variable brightness.

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