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Best Hologram Projector Reviews in 2024

A hologram projector projects precise laser patterns which look like an image or video to the naked eyes. These projections are so accurate that they seem to be real. The hologram projector reconstructs the image frames to a level it appears 3D and accommodates the viewer’s perspective.

Hologram projectors are popular in pop culture where you may have seen your favorite movie character surfing through futuristic 3D images. The hologram projectors are available to the masses too. With continuous development in hologram projection technology, the market is flooded with many options to choose from. Even if it appears as a simple technology, some factors do matter in selecting a hologram projector. These factors are discussed below:

  • Brightness: A hologram is used to project an image or video. The projection seems more accurate when the brightness of the produced frames is visible enough. The lower brightness of image frames tends to dissolve with the lighting of your room, resulting in poor image quality. The higher brightness offered by the hologram projectors helps in making the produced image frame visible to human eyes even in a room with good lighting conditions. This also helps in getting a depth effect on the reproduced image frame.
  • Signal processing: Since a hologram projector uses laser projections, the data of the projected image is first processed and then sent to the projecting display. Signal processing is an important step that involves a complex calculator. This calculation helps render the projected image perfectly and hence the end result is a crisp clear image. A poor signal processing will lead to uneven rendering and a poorly transformed image render.
  • Hardware interface: A hologram projector needs input. This input may be an image file or a video file. The hardware interface provides a link between these files and the memory adapter of the hologram projector. The files are then interpreted with the help of signal processing. Hardware interfaces support inbuilt memories, SD cards, TransFlash cars, etc.

Keeping these factors in mind, a good hologram projector can be bought. To help you choose the best hologram projector as per your visual requirements, we have listed the best options available in the market. These options offer a wider application range and will surely help you achieve that rich visual experience.

Best Hologram Projector 2024

Best Hologram ProjectorHardware InterfaceType of mountingBrightnessBuy Now
Missyou 3D Hologram ProjectorTransFlash CardWall Mounted5000 lumensCheck On Amazon
Spectre Hologram Projector---Horizontal---Check On Amazon
GIWOX 3D Hologram Fan MicroSD CardWall Mounted3000 cd/m2Check On Amazon

Best Hologram Projector Reviews

1. Missyou 3D Hologram Projector

Missyou 3D Hologram Projector

Missyou is a new brand in the hologram projector market. It is known for experimenting with alternative technologies that can help lower the overall cost of the products. The first product on the list follows the same formula as Missyou.

Missyou Hologram Projector ditches the traditional laser beam projection setup. This hologram projector instead uses a dense setup of LED lights that work in sync. The LED setup rotates on a rotating 16.5-inch blade. The rotation and the synced movement of the LED lights create the perfect 3D effect on the displayed image, with a good depth.

The hologram projector offers brightness levels up to 5000 lumens.  The hardware interface supports TransFlash cards which ensures the data transfer of custom image/video files. The rotating blades are fixed on a power adapter that is connected to a power source. A bracket is provided to hinge this setup on the wall mount base. The hologram projector can work on mere 15 watts of power.

Best Features:

  • 224 LED lamps setup
  • 5 inches rotating blade
  • The brightness of 5000 lumens
  • TransFlash card-supported interface
  • Power consumption of 15 Watts


  • Supports custom images, videos, and text rendering
  • Easy to mount on the walls
  • 1-year replacement warranty with 3-year support promise


  • The rotating blade is noisy when turned ON

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Spectre Hologram Projector

Spectre Hologram Projector

The next projector on our list is from the Spectre Hologram. Spectre brand developed their own version of a hologram projector, aiming for a pocket-friendly option for the consumers. The personalization levels offered by Spectre with their hologram projectors automatically gathered attention from the consumers.

Spectre Hologram Projector is an innovation for the word “hologram projector”. The projector is developed by keeping the viewing angles of a human eye. The end product is a prism that indeed works as a projector. The four-face prism design helps convert a normal display screen into a projector. The image is mirrored from the screen onto the four prism faces. The angular tilt to the faces makes the perfect reproduction of the image frames, which appears 3D to the eye.

The prism offers wider compatibility since it can be placed on a mobile phone screen or any horizontal screen. The Spectre hologram projector uses zero power supply which is another advantage of the prism structure. The projector body is made up of polycarbonate material which endures any impact on the projector body.

Best Features:

  • High-quality polycarbonate body material
  • Four crystal clear faces for accurate image frame reproduction
  • Wider screen compatibility


  • The prism design works without any external power needs
  • Accurate reproduction of the colors
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Only compatible with horizontal screens
  • The small size of the prism faces creates only small image renderings

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3. GIWOX 3D Hologram Fan with WiFi

GIWOX 3D Hologram

Shenzhen Giwox Technology is another well-known brand in the hologram projectors market. The brand offers a wider range of commercial projectors that observes a strict quality development process. The end result? A high-performance projector that offers the best visual reproduction.

The Giwox Hologram Projector is a larger projector with a blade span of over 19.7 inches. The four blades are embedded with LED beads. The high-speed rotation of the blade with synced on/off of the LEDs ensures the best 3D reproduction of the base image/video. The LED setup offers a brightness of over 3000 cd/m2 which is visible to the eyes even in a well-lighted room.

The high resolution of over 1600×576 dpi creates a sharper, high-definition image. The projector is supported with an app that can control brightness level, file sharing, and any other option via your mobile phone. The hardware interface supports MicroSD cards too, for customized image/video sharing. Signal processing helps in decoding any type of file.

Best Features:

  • Setup of a total of 576 beads of LED
  • Highly rotating 4 blades
  • Supports custom images, videos, and text files
  • MicroSD card supported
  • The combined brightness of over 3000 cd/m2


  • High power consumption compared to the competitors
  • Supports remote controlling via app
  • Easy to mount on the walls


  • No inbuilt speakers

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Buying Guide For The Best Hologram Projector

The hologram projectors are used for a wider range of applications, from entertainment to understanding human body anatomy. It helps to enhance visual interaction and hence a better understanding of the projected image frames. The need for a good hologram projector hence becomes a priority.

The above list of hologram projectors is thereby provided with detailed specifications. To clear out any remaining confusion, a buying guide is discussed below. This buying guide explores the important factors that can narrow down the best hologram projector for you. Make sure to check it out.


The hologram projectors have to reproduce the base image frames as accurately as possible. The amount of brightness it can produce eventually affects the visibility of the rendering. Lower brightness levels blend with the normal brightness of any room. This will lead to a non-visible rendering of the image which can be stressful for the human eye.

Most of the projectors produce over 2000-3000 lumens of brightness easily. This is beyond the brightness of an average room. The higher brightness levels ensure the image/video can be viewed in bright lighting conditions, even outdoors. Some projectors are developed for the outdoor condition which offers a very bright rendering but at the cost of high energy consumption.

Signal processing

The accurate amount of image rendering needs a high amount of image interpretation process. This helps in reproducing a wider color range and a sharper image projection. Signal processing involves calculating complex rendering of the base image. A good hologram projector can do these interpretations of signals quickly and hence offers a lag-free image/video movement.

Viewing angle

The hologram projectors are designed for wider viewing angles. These angles help enhance the viewing expression. Between the viewing angle, the human eye will see the same image depth, irrespective of the position of the viewpoint. This improves the perspective viewing of an image and thereby gives it a 3D effect. The viewing angle is ranged from 50 degrees to 170 degrees which gives a lossless image production.


A good visual experience can be bought with a powerful projector. A high-power hologram projector might be harder on your pockets. But the budget should not affect your viewing experience. A good hologram projector ensures no compromise over the quality of image reproduction along with a price tag that goes easy on your pockets.


The hologram technology helps turn your normal screen viewing experience into an immersive 3D experience. With the help of powerful hologram projectors, a good rendering of intended image/video files can be produced. A wider range of projectors is available in the market to choose from.

We discussed these options today along with their technical specifications. A buying guide was also included to clear any confusion. This will help you choose the best hologram projector for you as per your need. We have chosen our favorite projector by keeping all the factors in mind essential for the projectors.

Giwox’s hologram projector is a feature-rich projector. The big blades over 19.7 inches long combine with the high rotation of the rotor resulting in faster blade movements. The LED setup embedded in these blades syncs with the rotation and delivers sharp pixels of the base image. A high 1600×576 dpi resolution is thereby achieved. This high quality is easily visible thanks to the 3000 cd/m2 brightness level. With the help of a dedicated app, remote controlling of the brightness and other features of the projector can be done. The MicroSD card-supported hardware interface allows for customized file sharing, which supports any type of file (even 3D modeling software files). These features make it an ideal choice as a hologram projector.

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