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4 Best Cooling and Heating Mattress Pads Reviews In 2024

Cooling and heating mattress pads regulate bed temperature for optimal sleeping conditions. They use advanced technology to cool in warm nights or warm in colder weather, ensuring comfort and improving sleep quality year-round.

Here are few key factors to consider:

  • We looked for high-quality Materials that offer durability, comfort, and effective temperature regulation. Options include breathable cotton for cooling and plush textiles for warmth.
  • The products feature a wide Range of temperature settings, from as low as 55°F to as high as 110°F, allowing for precise control over your sleeping environment.
  • We included mattress pads in multiple Sizes, from Twin to Califoguidernia King, ensuring a perfect fit for any bed. This ensures that every user can find a product that suits their specific requirements.

You will also find a detailed “Buying Guide” later on for buying the best cooling and heating mattress pads.

Best Cooling and Heating Mattress Pads Chart

Cooling and Heating Mattress PadsMaterialTemperature RangeSizeBuy Now
BedJet Cooling and Heating Mattress PadFabric68ºF to 109ºF60 inch x 75 inchCheck On Amazon
Chili Technology Cooling and Heating Mattress PadFabric55 to 115F (13-46C)75 inch x 30 inchCheck On Amazon
Thermacycle Cooling and Heating Mattress PadPolycotton46°F to 118°F35 inch x 75 inchCheck On Amazon
AquaBed Heating & Cooling SystemPolyester, Cotton50ºF to 158º F60 inch x 80 inchCheck On Amazon

Best Cooling and Heating Mattress Pads Reviews

1. BedJet Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad


BedJet Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

The BedJet Cloud Sheet transforms the way you sleep, redefining bed climate control through its innovative design. Tailored for use with the BedJet Climate Comfort System, this dual-zone Queen-sized sheet brings personalized temperature regulation directly to your bed. Crafted from 100% pure cotton, it offers a luxuriously soft and breathable layer that optimizes airflow from the BedJet for both cooling and warming effects. 

What sets it apart is its ability to customize temperatures for each side of the bed, ensuring individual comfort without disturbing your partner. With its durable construction resembling premium hotel bedding, it seamlessly blends into your bed decor and is easy to maintain with machine washable and dryable features, making it a practical yet lavish addition to your bedroom.


  • Material: 100% Pure Cotton
  • Size: Dual Zone Queen
  • Compatibility: BedJet V2 or 3 
  • Construction: Dual fabric layers with internal air flow cavities
  • Maintenance: Machine washable and dryable
  • Design: Works under existing bedding
  • Cloud Sheet Dimensions: 92″ x 96″
  • Special Features: Enhances BedJet cooling and heating performance
  • Safety: Performance engineered for comfort and safety
  • Additional: Feels like 5-star hotel grade bed linen


  • Customizable temperature control for each side of the bed
  • Superior distribution of air flow improves BedJet’s performance
  • Luxurious 100% cotton material enhances comfort
  • Machine washable for easy care and maintenance


  • Requires BedJet base unit(s) for operation, sold separately

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2. Chili Technology Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

Chili Technology Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

The ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System revolutionizes the way you sleep by integrating advanced water-based technology to provide individual temperature control. Ideal for individuals prioritizing sleep quality, it allows precise temperature adjustments from 55 to 115°F (13-46°C), ensuring optimal comfort all night long. The addition of the Chilipad Cool Mesh Pad, with its reversible sides, caters to individual preferences with a breathable mesh knit for cooling or a soft quilted side for year-round comfort. 

What distinguishes the Cube Sleep System is its dual-zone capability, offering options for single or dual pads, allowing independent temperature regulation for each side of the bed, making it perfect for couples with different comfort needs. Easy to install and compatible with various bed frames, its active cooling technology not only prevents overheating but also aids muscle recovery and enhances REM sleep, promoting overall well-being.


  • Brand: Chili Technology
  • Size: Single (75″ L x 30″ W)
  • Fabric Type: 100% Polyester Mesh / 52% Cotton 48% Polyester Blend
  • Features: Cooling, Quilted, Adjustable, Wireless Remote
  • Temperature Range: 55-115°F (13-46°C)
  • Installation: Easy to install, remove, and clean
  • Compatibility: ME and WE zones for individual or dual control
  • Maintenance: 100% machine washable and dryable
  • Certification: Eligible for HSA/FSA with medical documentation
  • Technology: Water-based cooling and heating


  • Precise temperature control enhances sleep quality
  • Dual-zone capability allows for individual comfort preferences
  • Easy to install and maintain, with machine washable components
  • Wireless remote for convenient temperature adjustments


  • Some issues with water flow and maintaining temperature

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3. Thermacycle Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad


Thermacycle Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

The Thermacycle Water Circulating Sleep Pad by M PAIN MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES is a cutting-edge advancement in sleep technology. It provides a hydro-powered solution that regulates your bed’s temperature, offering both cooling and heating functionalities. This pad seamlessly fits onto your existing mattress, turning any bed into a comfortable haven for deep, rejuvenating sleep essential for overall health. With its precise single-zone temperature control, it ensures a personalized sleep environment without exposing you to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. 

The pad’s constant climate control promotes REM and restorative sleep, aiding in maintaining the body’s balance. It’s particularly beneficial for those experiencing hot flashes, menopause, insomnia, or excessive sweating, thanks to its water-based system that minimizes overheating and night sweats. The pad’s simple installation, operation, and safety features such as leak-proof connectors and automatic shutoff timer make it a convenient and secure choice for enhancing your sleep quality.


  • Size: Twin – 35″ by 75″
  • Fabric Type: Polycotton
  • Feature: Cooling, Heating, EMF Free
  • Temperature Control: Single Zone Hydro-Based
  • Maintenance: Easy installation and operation
  • Special Features: Supports REM sleep, reduces night sweats
  • Safety: Leak-proof connections, automatic shutoff timer
  • Design: Fits under the fitted sheet, compatible with various bed sizes
  • Technology: Water circulating for temperature regulation
  • Additional: Therapeutic mattress pad for various sleep-related conditions


  • Precise temperature control for personalized comfort
  • EMF-free operation ensures safety and peace of mind
  • Supports REM and restorative sleep, enhancing overall sleep quality
  • Easy to install and operate, fitting seamlessly on most mattresses


  • Some issues with device functionality over time

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4. AquaBed Heating & Cooling System

AquaBed Heating & Cooling System

The AquaBed AB-550 presents an innovative solution for maintaining your desired sleeping temperature year-round. It utilizes advanced water-circulation technology to warm or cool your bed safely, eliminating electric wires and electromagnetic fields (EMFs). With dual control for queen-sized beds, both you and your partner can tailor your sides to your liking, promoting a peaceful sleeping atmosphere. 

Noteworthy for its safety features, it boasts zero fire risk and overheating, alongside a user-friendly design allowing easy temperature and runtime adjustments. The “Auto Mode” feature adds convenience by starting at pre-set times, ensuring your bed is always at the perfect temperature for a comfortable and safe night’s rest, whether you seek warmth in winter or coolness in summer.


  • Brand: Aqua Bed Warmer
  • Size: Queen Dual
  • Special Feature: Automatic, Magnetic Closure
  • Temperature Range: 50º to 158º F (10º to 70º C)
  • Runtime Control: 1-24 hours with Auto-Mode
  • Safety Features: Zero EMF, fireproof, risk-free overheating
  • Installation: Easy, fits any mattress height
  • Maintenance: Soft and comfortable pad, discreet and durable
  • Control: Easy-to-use control panel with child-safe button lock
  • Technology: Water-circulation for heating and cooling
  • Warranty: 30-Day Free Trial & 2-Year Warranty


  • Individual temperature control for each side of the bed
  • Safe operation with no EMF or fire hazards
  • Comprehensive temperature range and runtime control
  • Easy installation and use with a comfortable, soft pad


  • Limited cooling effect relative to room temperature

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Buying Guide for the Best Cooling and Heating Mattress Pads

There are a lot of comfortable and ergonomic mattresses available for your bed in the market. While some of them are made for single queen beds, others might be suitable for double king size beds.

Although, most of them are quite basic and do not offer any functionality. Fortunately, that is not the case with the best cooling, and heating mattress pads present up above. With these, you can stay warm during winters and cool during the summers. And you must also know about the rest of their features and options as they have been stated up above. Those of you who wish to know more will find this buying guide for the best cooling and heating mattress pads to be highly useful and helpful:

1. Material

Why it Matters

The material of a mattress pad impacts not only the comfort but also the effectiveness of temperature regulation. High-quality materials can enhance breathability, heat distribution, and moisture-wicking capabilities, contributing to a more comfortable sleeping environment. Moreover, the durability and ease of maintenance of the mattress pad are closely tied to the materials used in its construction.

What to Look For

  • Cooling Materials: Look for natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo for their breathability and moisture-wicking properties. For cooling, fabrics infused with phase change materials (PCMs) are excellent as they absorb and release heat to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Heating Materials: Materials that conduct heat well, such as polyester or microfiber, can enhance the warming function of the mattress pad. Additionally, consider the quality of the wiring and insulation for electric heating pads to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial Options: If you’re sensitive to allergens, consider materials that are hypoallergenic and have antimicrobial properties to ensure a healthy sleeping environment.

2. Temperature Settings and Range

Why it Matters

The ability to precisely control the temperature of your mattress pad greatly enhances its utility, allowing you to find the perfect setting for your comfort. A wider temperature range offers versatility, catering to different preferences and needs throughout the year.

What to Look For

  • Wide Temperature Range: A good mattress pad should offer a broad range of temperature settings. For cooling, temperatures around 55-65°F (13-18°C) are often considered ideal for sleep, while heating capabilities up to 80-90°F (27-32°C) can provide cozy warmth in colder months.
  • Adjustability: Look for a mattress pad with multiple temperature settings or a gradual adjustment feature to fine-tune your comfort level. This feature is particularly important for users who experience night sweats or those living in regions with significant temperature fluctuations.
  • Remote Control or App Connectivity: Modern mattress pads may come with remote controls or smartphone app connectivity for easy adjustments without having to get out of bed.

3. Size

Why it Matters

The size of the mattress pad should match your mattress to ensure proper fit and coverage. An ill-fitting mattress pad can shift or bunch up, causing discomfort and diminishing the effectiveness of temperature regulation. Additionally, a well-fitted mattress pad will look neater and more integrated with your bed.

What to Look For

  • Accurate Sizing: Ensure the mattress pad is available in the size that matches your mattress (e.g., Twin, Full, Queen, King). Pay attention to the dimensions provided by the manufacturer and compare them to your mattress size for a perfect fit.
  • Skirt Depth: Check the depth of the mattress pad’s skirt (the fabric that tucks under the mattress) to make sure it can accommodate the height of your mattress. This is especially important for mattresses that are thicker than average.
  • Elastic Edges or Fitting Mechanisms: Features like elastic edges or other fitting mechanisms can help keep the mattress pad in place, preventing it from shifting during the night and ensuring consistent temperature regulation.

4. Safety Certifications

Why it Matters

Safety certifications are a testament to a product’s compliance with established safety standards. They indicate that the mattress pad has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is safe for use, especially important for electric heating pads. These certifications can protect you from potential hazards such as electrical faults, overheating, and fire risks.

What to Look For

  • Certification Marks: Look for marks from reputable organizations such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories), ETL (Intertek Testing Services), or CE (Conformité Européenne). These marks indicate that the product meets strict safety standards.
  • Overheat Protection: Ensure the mattress pad features automatic shut-off or overheat protection. This feature is crucial to prevent overheating and the potential for fires.
  • Quality Wiring and Insulation: For heated mattress pads, the quality of the electrical wiring and insulation is paramount. Thick, durable wires and high-quality insulation materials can reduce the risk of short circuits and enhance overall safety.

5. Water Resistance

Why it Matters

Water resistance is an essential feature for mattress pads, particularly for those with cooling or heating functionalities. It protects the electronic components from damage due to spills or moisture, which is especially important in a bedroom setting where accidents can occur. Furthermore, water resistance contributes to the longevity of the mattress pad, ensuring it remains functional and hygienic over time.

What to Look For

  • Waterproof or Water-Resistant Layers: Check for mattress pads that feature a waterproof or water-resistant top layer. This layer should effectively block liquids from penetrating the electronic components or the mattress itself.
  • Breathability: While water resistance is crucial, the mattress pad should also be breathable to ensure comfort. Look for materials that provide a balance between preventing liquid ingress and allowing air circulation to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Consider how easy it is to clean the mattress pad. A water-resistant mattress pad should be easy to wipe down or, if the manufacturer permits, machine washable. This feature ensures that you can maintain a clean and hygienic sleeping environment without compromising the pad’s functionality.

Best Heating and Cooling Mattress Pad -FAQS

1. How does a heating and cooling mattress pad work?

Ans: Typically, these pads use technologies like water circulation, air ventilation, or electric heating elements to adjust mattress temperature.

2. Are heating and cooling mattress pads safe?

Ans: Yes, when used according to manufacturer instructions, these pads are generally safe. Ensure the product meets safety standards and certifications.

3. Are these mattress pads suitable for all seasons?

Ans: Yes, the dual-functionality of heating and cooling makes them versatile for use throughout the year, adapting to seasonal temperature changes.

4. What material is best for a cooling mattress pad?

Ans: Moisture control is an important element of keeping hot sleepers comfortable, so many cooling mattress pads are constructed with absorbent, breathable materials that wick sweat away from the body. These materials include organic cotton, rayon derived from bamboo, Tencel lyocell, and certain types of wool.

5. Can you leave a heated mattress pad on all night?

Ans: You can leave a heated mattress pad on all night, but you don’t want to keep it on longer than 12 hours, because the heat could damage your mattress and sheets. Most mattress pads come with automatic shutoff features, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off in the morning.


The article highlights two main options for achieving ideal sleep temperature: the BedJet Cloud Sheet and the ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System.

  • For those seeking a quiet and non-water based solution, the BedJet Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad offers dual-zone temperature control with both heating and cooling functions. This makes it ideal for couples with differing preferences.
  • If a water-based system with powerful temperature control is desired, the Chili Technology Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad provides precise individual temperature zones and is great for those with specific needs like hot flashes or night sweats.

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