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Best Ground Loop Isolator Reviews In 2023

It has been quite a long time now since the existence of car videos. It was probably established back in 1930 when car audios got in huge demand. However, adding an AM radio will cost you 1000 dollars in today’s currency. But you can also use your tablet, MP3 player, or phone to connect and play the radio. A ground loop noise isolator can be the best solution to ensure you don’t get a hissing or disturbing sound while listening.

You only need to plug this loop isolator into the AUX adapter and your 3.5 MM Jack of the car. You will immediately find all the noise vanishing like magic. These loop isolators are not just built for cars but also for home stereo systems. However, you need to determine a few essential features before you decide on the best ground Loop isolator.

  • Connector Type: While choosing a ground loop isolator, you should definitely pay attention to the connector type of the unit. Whether you’re using it for your home stereo system or car audio, understanding the connector type will help you to use the unit with your existing device seamlessly. Most of the loop isolators have 3.5 MM connector type and RCA to make it easy for you to connect with different existing devices easily. However, if your car audio system and the home stereo system have any other connector type, make sure you are sure about it before buying. This can be an immense help in making an informed decision.
  • Input and output channels: Of the many technical specifications, you must pay attention to channel-to-channel isolation between the input and output. The prime reason to make sure of isolation between input and output is to make the loop isolator effectively minimize noise and maintain the voltage requirements. Even though it can be harder to decide, 2 channels can effectively perform the jobs, and almost all ground loop isolators have 2 channels, and some come with 4 channels as well (2 inputs and 2 outputs). So, long story short, look for a proper channel to channel isolation.
  • Compatible Devices: Before buying the best ground loop isolator, you need to check the manufacturer’s details regarding the compatible devices. It is better not to take any chance if the manufacturer has not mentioned the device you’re planning to use with the isolator. While most of these isolators are designed to work on a range of devices, some are created for specific purposes. So becoming sure about the compatibility and then choosing will always help you to enjoy a great experience.

While there are several other essential features to look at, these are the top three important ones you should never forget to check. However, if you want a detailed buying guide for the ground loop isolator, read this article for comprehensive knowledge. So, let us now take a look at some of the best ground Loop isolators, along with checking their specifications. This will help you to understand if the unit is ideal for your requirement and make an informed purchase.

Best Ground Loop Isolator List

ground loop isolatorConnector TypeNumber of ChannelsCompatible DevicesBuy Now
BESIGN Ground Loop Isolator3.5mm Audio Cable2Car Audio/Home Stereo SystemCheck On Amazon
JABINCO Ground Loop Isolator3.5mm Audio Cable2Car Audio/Home Stereo SystemCheck On Amazon
Cable Ground Loop Isolator3.5mm Audio Cable2Car Audio and MoreCheck On Amazon
RNGEO Ground Loop Isolator3.5mm Audio Cable2smartphones, tablets, laptop, mp3 player, radio or other speakersCheck On Amazon
BOSS Ground Loop IsolatorRCA2Car Audio SystemsCheck On Amazon
InstallGear Ground Loop IsolatorRCA2car, home or RVCheck On Amazon
Pyle Ground Loop IsolatorRCA2mono and stereo connections like home audio and car.Check On Amazon
Earthquake Ground Loop IsolatorRCA2car and home audioCheck On Amazon
RECOIL Ground Loop IsolatorRCA2Car Audio, Home, PC Stereo SystemCheck On Amazon
Conext Ground Loop IsolatorRCA2‎Personal ComputerCheck On Amazon

Best Ground Loop Isolator Reviews

1. BESIGN Ground Loop Isolator

BESIGN Ground Loop IsolatorTo make sure that you are choosing the right round loop isolator, it is also a must for you to understand the reliability of the brand. BESIGN is a brand that has been continuously providing high-quality accessories to make our life easier. Of the many high-quality products, their ground loop noise isolator is one of the best we can find.

This isolator can work seamlessly with any type of device with a 3.5 MM Jack. It can produce clear and clean audio or music by reducing background noise present in some home stereo systems or car speakers. One of the best things about this ground loop isolator is that it is compatible with many devices.

You can seamlessly use a range of devices like MP3 players, tablets, speakers, and smartphones if you find persisting grounding issues. Apart from this, you also have the freedom to use Bluetooth receivers in the home stereo system or car audio. This mini portable system has plug-and-play functionality and does not require any battery. All it requires is to plug it in.

The package includes the ground loop, noise isolator, and a 3.5 MM audio cable. You also get a user manual with it. Even when the quality of the isolator is simply excellent, some users complain about reducing the music quality. Fortunately, the brand has taken care of the users’ requirements and is continuously available through email for assistance inquiries.


  • Effectively eliminates interference and buzz caused.
  • Easily works with home stereo systems and car speakers.
  • You can use the isolator on any 3.5mm jack device.
  • It is compatible with MP3 players, tablets, speakers, and smartphones.
  • Does not need any battery to run.
  • Simple plug-and-play mechanism.
  • No complicated setup.


  • Great quality ground loop isolator.
  • Removes 99% of noise.
  • No need for batteries.


  • Tend to reduce the sound quality.

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2. JABINCO Ground Loop Isolator

JABINCO Ground Loop IsolatorIf you are willing to buy a loop noise isolator that ensures quality while maintaining affordability, JABINCO can be an ideal brand. The manufacturer makes sure to provide high-quality products at the most affordable price. This ground loop noise isolator has been exceptionally designed to limit the buzzing noise that is generally caused by ground loops. It generally happens when the speaker and the audio source are using similar power on the devices like home, stereo systems, and car speakers.

This isolator can easily connect with the AUX port on the car to get rid of noise. You will be able to enjoy great sound quality with the use of this isolator. It is compatible with any device with a 3.5 MM port. Therefore, it is one of those isolators that can easily work on a range of electronic devices.

You can seamlessly use this portable device on your home stereo or car audio system when you find persisting grounding issues. Apart from this, you can also use it with hands-free Bluetooth or Bluetooth receiver. Most users who have bought this ground loop isolator have loved the product, but some were not happy with it.


  • Works with devices that have a 3.5mm jack.
  • Compatible with car and home stereo systems.
  • Eliminates the buzzing noise.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It can be connected with AUX jacks to eliminate noise.


  • Good choice of product.
  • Works as advertised.
  • Cleans any annoying noise.


  • Degrades the sound quality.
  • Not much information is provided by the manufacturer.

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3. Cable Ground Loop Isolator

Cable Ground Loop IsolatorKeeping in mind the needs of people, Cable Matters has always been providing high-quality products. All the products provided by this brand have been thoughtfully designed to deliver a high-quality customer experience. Exclusive components and rigorous testing ensure reliability and performance.

This high-quality ground loop isolator can be used with a 3.5 MM AUX port. It can effectively eliminate static hissing, humming, and buzzing sound that generally happens while using a stereo or car audio system. One of the best things about this loop isolator is that it can be used for a wide range of electronic devices.

You can simply use it with your tablet, phone, car and home, audio system, speakers, headphones, and several other electronic devices with a 3.5 MM Jack. Additionally, it does not require installation and rectifies audio interference issues.

The manufacturer provides all the package requirements, including one ground loop, isolator and 3.5 MM audio cable. Since the brand has constantly been providing high-quality products, most of the customers are happy with this loop isolator, but some started facing some problems with the speaker after a week of use.


  • Compatible with 3.5mm AUX cable port.
  • You can use it on a tablet, phone, car and home audio system, speaker, headphones, and several other electronic devices.
  • Effectively removes noise,
  • Does not require any installation.
  • The package includes everything you need.
  • You don’t have to choose repair or rewiring work.


  • Reduces noise, as mentioned.
  • Expensive way to solve problems.
  • Works with many devices.


  • Looks cumbersome when it’s hanging down.

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4. RNGEO Ground Loop Isolator

RNGEO Ground Loop IsolatorWhen it comes to choosing a group loop isolator, it is always beneficial to be backed by a renowned brand. RNGEO is a name of a brand that has been providing high-quality devices to its users. The loop isolator of this brand is known to easily meet your needs.

The isolator comes with a 3.5mm audio cable which can be easily used on the devices. Its audio isolation transformer can be extremely beneficial in filtering out hissing, buzzing, and any kind of interference to help you listen to clean and clear sound.

Simply plug in the loop isolator directly into the AUX port of the speaker and another point on the audio source. This way, you will find it simple to enjoy high sound quality without needing further setup. However, some users have to say that the noise isolator has also killed the stereo music. It has a size of 2.36 x 0.75 x 0.75 inches and weighs only 0.05lb.

This portable, compact, and lightweight isolator can is very easy to store. As it has a 3.5mm jack, it is mostly compatible with a range of devices like radio, speakers, car and home stereo systems, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and a lot more. Overall, the package includes 2 pieces of isolators with one 3.5mm audio cable. They have their customer service always open to answer your queries.


  • Effectively eliminates buzzing and hissing sounds.
  • Works by directly plugging into the AUX port and other into an audio source.
  • The item has a dimension of 2.36 x 0.75 x 0.75 inch.
  • It weighs only 0.05 lbs.
  • 5mm jack to easily use on every device.
  • It is compatible with radio, speakers, car and home stereo systems, laptops, tablets, smartphones and others.
  • The package includes 2 isolators and one 3.5mm cable.


  • Very small and effective.
  • It easily eliminates annoying noise.
  • Seamlessly work with computers and other audio devices.
  • Great packaging.


  • The isolator removes stereo music.

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5. BOSS Ground Loop Isolator

BOSS Ground Loop IsolatorBoss is a known brand offering a range of electronics to its users. From the high-end devices, the brand has consistently delivered, its ground loop isolator is out of the box. This ground loop isolator is highly capable of reducing the noise from high-pitched whine alternators, which is mostly caused by the car’s electrical system.

It is excellent in making noise filters and delivering quality sound without any hissing or buzzing sound. Using high-end RCA cable on the audio system of the car makes it highly beneficial. It makes sure to keep enjoying the sound quality.boss audio ground loop isolator. Additionally,1 year of warranty from the manufacturer can be a peace of mind. The overall dimension of this unit is 3.4 x 1.5 x 1.5, and it weighs only 0.30 lbs. However, some people are not actually happy with its look. But overall, the device does a good job with USB connectivity. The box includes one It weighs only .30lbs.


  • Effectively reduce the annoying noise caused by the car’s electrical system.
  • Included with the noise filter.
  • The device has a dimension of 3.4 x 1.5 x 1.5.
  • Included with male and female gender connectors.
  • 1 year of warranty.


  • Helpful to get rid of the noise.
  • Significantly cuts the noise.


  • The filter can alter the sound profile.
  • Its housing is made of shiny plastic.

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6. InstallGear Ground Loop Isolator

InstallGear Ground Loop IsolatorEven when it is a tiny product, you would like to ensure its safety, and nothing can be safer than choosing a reliable brand. InstallGear is a popular brand known for being extremely passionate about developing high-end audio wiring products. Their constant work has helped them develop high-quality accessories for your project.

This ground loop isolator is a two-channel isolator known for providing an outstanding quality sound by effectively reducing buzzing and humming noise. Its compact design makes the isolator fit in tight places and provides a great audio listening experience. The isolators can be used on Home stereo and car audio systems.

You definitely have faced the high whine noise on your car’s electrical system. It can be reduced with the use of this noise isolator. However, it is always recommended to choose a superior RCA cable for the audio systems. Some users have to say that they are still able to find the engine whine even after using the isolator.


  • Two channel isolator for quality supply.
  • Designed in a very compact way to easily fit in compact areas.
  • Effective in producing quality results.
  • Compatible with car and home stereo systems.
  • Removes the high whine sound from electrical systems.
  • Reduces any kind of buzzing and humming sound.


  • Takes away most of the sound.
  • Great packaging.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Some humming noises are still there.

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7. Pyle Ground Loop IsolatorPyle Ground Loop Isolator

Finding a high-end ground loop isolator that ensures the best quality sound while being reasonable on the pocket is provided by Pyle. This brand is known for designing superior quality isolators to enjoy music. This mini loop isolator cab effectively removes 60Hz hum, which is mostly caused due to ground loops.

This passive device noise isolator does not need any power for its operation. It has been specially equipped with XLR outputs and inputs on two channels. It helps to automatically convert any kind of unbalanced signal to a balanced signal without causing any signal loss.

The inclusion of a noise filter on the device ensures high performance. This portable and ultra-compact design help to easily carry it everywhere you go. Keeping in mind the construction, the rugged construction and components ensure providing high sonic quality. 1:1 isolation is another exceptional feature to provide clear sound and balancing audio lines.

An additional 1 year of warranty provided by the manufacturer gives peace of mind. It is compatible with all Mono and stereo connections, which means that you can use it on your home, audio, or vehicle system.


  • Effective removes 60Hz hum, which is mostly caused by a ground loop.
  • A passive device that does not need power for its operation.
  • XLR inputs and outputs ensure converting unbalanced signals.
  • Portable and compact design.
  • High-quality components and great design offer impeccable sonic quality.
  • 1:1 isolation transformer for preventing buzz.
  • Compatible with mono and stereo connections.
  • 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Definitely solves the humming noise.
  • Decent quality.
  • Very lightweight and easy.


  • Severely affects the tonal quality.

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8. Earthquake Ground Loop Isolator

Earthquake Ground Loop IsolatorEarthquake is a renowned brand known for offering high-quality products at the most reasonable prices. This brand has been in the market for more than three decades now and is consistently providing superior audio products that have always impressed the audio communities. This Ground Loop Isolator is one of the products that can help you in your endeavour.

This isolator has the capability of eliminating ground loop noise or hum but maintains superior sound quality on the audio system. Since not all the buzz noises are similar, it is a must for the users to take a look at the guide provided by the brand to acquire outstanding performance.

600–ohm of impedance is an industrial standard that has been designed specially on this isolator to match the AV output of the receiver. It is compatible with mobile, pro, audio, and home by the use of RCA inputs and outputs.

The package includes an earthquake Ground loop isolator. Besides, the rugged construction of this unit ensures fitting with any audio system.


  • Effectively gets rid of ground loop or hum noise.
  • Easily converts unbalanced RCA to a balanced XLR.
  • Equipped with RCA for unbalanced inputs and outputs.
  • XLR for balancing the channels.
  • Rugged construction to fit everywhere.
  • Compact designs work with most audio systems.
  • 600-ohm impedance.
  • Compatible with car and home stereo systems.


  • Effectively converts signals.
  • Clears any type of ground noise.


  • Does not reduce hum noise totally.

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9. RECOIL Ground Loop Isolator

RECOIL Ground Loop IsolatorRecoil Audio was founded back in 2004, and after almost 2 decades, this brand still continues to provide some outstanding products at the most affordable prices. Their car and home audio technology have helped users to enjoy audio at the best quality.

This brand has the ability to effectively eliminate any kind of ground loop noise between radio and audio sources. It can be used on any portable device with RCA audio outputs. The device makes use of proprietary audio transformation to get 1.3 dB gain.

The use of pure copper wire free from oxygen is a split pin RCA to deliver high-end signals. The package includes one ground loop isolator, and the manufacturer offers one year of warranty from the date of purchase. While most users are happy with this portable device, some would look for improving the sound quality.


  • Effective eliminates loop noise between radio and audio source.
  • It can be used easily with devices with RCA outputs.
  • Make use of proprietary transformers.
  • Oxygen-free copper wire for the best signal transfer.
  • The manufacturer provides 1 year of warranty.
  • Works with cars, computers, home audio systems etc.


  • Easily cut out the noise.
  • Works as advertised.


  • Larger block than expected.
  • Affects the sound quality.

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10. Conext Ground Loop Isolator

Conext Ground Loop IsolatorIf you want to stay sure about the quality of sound, you need to make sure that the loop isolator has been designed properly. While most brands claim, the Conext Link Ground Loop Isolator makes sure to fulfil your requirements. The brand has been known for a long time to provide high-quality products, and this is one of its popular ones.

This loop isolator has the ability to get rid of buzzing and humming sound between an amplifier and an audio source. This generally happens due to issues with the ground loop. It effectively filters DC current within the signal path to provide optimum quality sound.

The cylindrical metal case has been included in the loop isolator with a heat shrink tube makes it a great choice. The package contains 28 cm of interconnects, two female and two male RCA gold connectors. The rated amperage is 20 with a frequency of 20 to 30 kHz.


  • Compatible with personal computers.
  • The dimension is 11.6 x 6.4 x 3.8 cm.
  • Package has 2 female and male RCA gold connectors and 28cm of interconnect.
  • Rated with 20 amp and 20-30 kHz.
  • Effectively eliminate buzzing and humming noise.


  • It can actually stop the hum.
  • Good quality.
  • Very precisely built.


  • More users have complaints of making the hum even worse.

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Buying Guide for the Best Ground Loop Isolator

Now that you have gathered ample knowledge about the top 10 best Ground Loop isolators, it is time for you to make a purchase. Remember that ground loop issues are generally caused due to tiny differences in voltage that primarily exist between the sender and receiver end of the cable. When there is an unbalanced interface, the voltage differences can result in a buzz or hum sound in the audio.

Using a ground isolator can be the best way to eliminate this problem. As it has a transformer that checks signal across the insulated barriers, it stops voltage differences which again eliminates the noise. But what do you need to check when you want to choose the best ground loop insulator? The following are the most critical features that showcase the quality of these devices.

1. Connector Type

Never forget to check the connector type of the ground loop insulator. This is extremely important as it helps to make an informed decision. Depending on the connector type, you will be able to understand if the ground loop isolator is compatible with the existing device like your home, stereo system, car, smartphone or any other device. Mostly these loop isolators have 3.5 MM and RCA connector type, which helps to connect with several devices seamlessly but staying informed is always a better choice.

2. Input and Output Channels

Most of these ground insulators have both input and output channels. Even when this is a technical specification, we would like you to check that the input and output channels can convert any unbalanced signal into a balanced signal. It can be helpful to provide good sound while minimizing any kind of buzz or hum. 2 input and output channels can effectively perform the job.

3. Compatible Devices

The next important thing that you should check again is the device compatibility. You don’t want to buy and then regret it when you find that the device is not compatible with your existing electronic devices. So make sure that you read the manufacturer details in precise and find out the compatibility. Most of the ground loop isolators are designed to work with both car and home stereo systems, while there are others that can work with various other electronic devices seamlessly.

4. Warranty

Last but not least, do not forget to check the warranty requirements, as this will help you to understand if the ground loop isolator is a good choice or not. Most manufacturers offer a warranty for a year or less than a year; there are many manufacturers that do not. However, that does not mean that the device is not worth buying. It is better to be backed with a warranty as any damage can be taken care of by the manufacturer.

Ground Loop Isolator FAQS

1. Do ground loop isolators really work?

Ans: Yes, it definitely does, but there can be some glitches. You would not get 100% satisfaction always as sometimes the isolators are not able to eliminate the buzz or hum sound that generally happens in car audio systems.

2. Can ground loops damage speakers?

Ans: No! However, when you use these isolators, it might degrade the sound quality of the system.

3. What is the most effective solution to eliminating ground loops?

Ans: One of the inexpensive and simplest ways is to plug the equipment into another outlet that is present on another circuit. Once you find out which equipment is problematic, you can simply fix it.


Now that you have gathered every bit of knowledge about the ground loop isolator, it is time that you check out the top three best ones from the many choices.

  • BESIGN Ground Loop Isolator as it has been designed effectively. It can easily eliminate any kind of buzz or interference caused due to unbalanced signals. The 3.5 MM Jack helps to work efficiently with the car and home stereo systems. Apart from this, it is compatible with different other devices like smartphones, speakers, tablets and MP3 players. The best part about this isolator is that it does not require any electricity but is just a plug-and-play mechanism.
  • Earthquake Ground Loop Isolator. This high-quality product is available for everyone at a very reasonable price. It is capable of reducing noise and maintaining great sound quality. This isolator is compatible with any devices having RCA inputs and outputs. Besides, its rugged construction with high-quality components makes it one of the best loop Isolators.
  • RECOIL Ground Loop Isolator. It can effectively eliminate loop noise between audio source and radio and works with several devices with RCA imports. Integrated with proprietary transformers and oxygen-free copper wire ensures the best signal transfer. Additionally, the 1 year of warranty provides peace of mind. This is the best choice if you’re looking forward to buying a loop insulator that works with computers, home audio systems, and cars.

And that’s all. It is now time for you to go ahead and buy the right ground loop isolator for your requirement.

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