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8 Best Golf Cart Speakers Reviews | Buying Guide

In the golf sport, a lot of traveling is involved due to the huge size of the golf course. A golf cart is an ideal vehicle to move across the golf course with all the heavy accessories. The average playtime of every session ranges from an hour to several hours. In moments of focus, listening to music keeps your mind relaxed and automatically fuels the body’s energy. Sensing this need, speakers for golf carts were developed.

The golf cart speakers are designed by keeping the compact size of golf carts in mind. These speakers are calibrated for outdoor conditions to produce loud and clear audio. Being similar to any other outdoor unit, the performance of these speakers is dependent on various factors. These factors help in narrowing down the selection process for the best golf cart speaker.

  • Sound quality: The sound quality of a speaker is dependent on various factors. One such factor is the type of driver used in the speaker. These drivers can convert electrical signals into audible waves. Other factors like the frequency range of the speaker produce certain characteristics of sound.
  • Battery life: Golf cart speakers are designed to be portable. They are equipped with rechargeable batteries to keep them powered. The overall battery life is dependent on the speaker’s power consumption. A good-capacity battery will last longer than a small-capacity unit. Alon with this, the charging time and mode of charging are equally important.
  • Connectivity: The golf cart speakers can be connected to different devices with the help of different connectivity technologies. These technologies are further divided into two types. The wired options include USB, auxiliary, RCA, etc. On the other hand, wireless connectivity can be achieved by using Bluetooth, wifi, NFC, etc.

With this information, you can sort out the best golf cart speaker to suit your music taste. The market for golf cart accessories is rapidly increasing due to the customization of golf carts. To assist your selection process, we have compiled a list of the best golf cart speakers. A “Buying Guide” and FAQ section are also available to discuss factors related to the speaker.

Best Golf Cart Speakers List

golf cart speakersConnectivity TechnologyBattery LifeMounting typeBuy Now
Bushnell Golf Cart SpeakersBluetooth10 HoursMagnetic stripCheck On Amazon
ROKFORM Golf Cart SpeakersBluetooth, AUX, and SD card24 hoursMagnet, twist lock back, and aluminum hookCheck On Amazon
Precision Pro Golf Cart SpeakersBluetoothup to 18 to 24 hoursMagnetic stripCheck On Amazon
CHIFENCHY Golf Cart SpeakersBluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack24 hoursMagnet and carabinerCheck On Amazon
Blue Tees Golf Cart SpeakersBluetoothup to 12+ hoursMagnetCheck On Amazon
Anker Golf Cart SpeakersBluetooth24 hours---Check On Amazon
Sony Golf Cart SpeakersBluetooth, USB, Fair Pair16 hoursMultiway strapCheck On Amazon
ULTIMATE Golf Cart SpeakersBluetooth, Fair Pair14 hoursStrapCheck On Amazon

Best Golf Cart Speakers Reviews

1. Bushnell Golf Cart Speakers

Bushnell Golf Cart SpeakersThe first product comes from a popular sports accessories brand, Bushnell. With the blend of high quality and reliability, its product range is built to endure harsh outdoor conditions.

The Bushnell Wingman Golf Cart Speaker is a compact unit. The speaker is capable of producing good-quality audio suitable for outdoor conditions. Along with the music, this speaker also plays details about the distance to the next hole. This feature is paired with audible GPS technology for accurate information. You can play your favorite music playlist for over 10 hours on a single charge.

Due to Bluetooth technology, the speaker can be wirelessly connected to other Bluetooth devices. This mode of connectivity helps in lag-free streaming of music. The back side of the speaker has a BITE magnetic strip to easily mount on the golf cart frame. The IPX6-rated body is capable of resisting water splashes and dust attacks. Physical buttons are provided to control the speaker’s functions.

Best Features:

  • Portable golf cart speaker
  • Maximum battery life of 10 hours
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • The audible GPS tracking feature
  • BITE magnetic strip for easy installations
  • Compatible with the Bushnell golf app


  • The dedicated remote controller provides golf course statistics
  • It has an IPX6 rating which makes it suitable for the changing golf course conditions
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The speaker lacks a bass boost feature

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2. ROKFORM Golf Cart Speakers

ROKFORM Golf Cart SpeakersRokform has widened its automobile accessories range in the last decade. Due to the use of high-quality materials, its products are known for their tough built quality.

The Rokform G-Rok Portable Golf Cart Speaker is a powerful unit. It houses a pair of 8-Watt drivers that produces a combined power output of 16 Watts. Both drivers sync with each other to produce incredible audio with clarity. To fulfill the power needs of these high-performance drivers, a 3600mAh capacity battery is included. This battery offers a maximum runtime of 24 hours on a single charge.

Bluetooth technology allows wireless streaming of music. You can also plug an SD card or AUX cable into their dedicated ports. The built-in magnets keep the speaker mounted on metallic surfaces even under heavy vibrations. For non-magnetic mounting, a twist lock back and the aluminum hook are provided. The IPX7-rated body can withstand heavy water, rain and dust attacks.

Best Features:

  • A pair of portable golf cart speakers with built-in 8-watt drivers
  • The combined power output of 16 Watts
  • A 3,600mAh battery with 24 hours of runtime
  • Multiple connectivity options: Bluetooth, AUX, and SD card
  • Built-in powerful magnet, twist lock back, and aluminum hook for mounting
  • Microphone for hands-free calling


  • The overall volume of this speaker is loud enough for outdoor conditions
  • It has a rugged construction and testes for accidental drops
  • The speaker can resist heavy water showers and dust due to the IPX7 rating


  • It does not charge external devices

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3. Precision Pro Golf Cart Speakers

Precision Pro Golf Cart SpeakersPrecision Pro is a technology-driven brand that specializes in golf accessories. With the help of innovation, its product range has continuously upgraded into more accurate and durable units.

The Precision Pro Ace Smart Golf Cart Speaker has a unique design. This speaker houses high-quality drivers capable of producing loud and clear audio. Along with your favorite music track, the speaker also plays details related to the golf session. The audible GPS technology accurately tracks the golf course and displays distance-to-hole on the LCD screen. This information can be synced with smartphones with the help of app connectivity.

With the help of Bluetooth technology, seamless streaming of music is possible. It features a rechargeable battery to keep the speaker running for 24 hours. It also has an integrated magnetic strip that securely mounts the speaker on metallic frames. A detachable remote helps in accessing various functions of the speaker.

Best Features:

  • Portable golf cart speaker with high-quality drivers
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Overall battery backup of 24 hours
  • Distance tracking with audible GPS
  • LCD screen for game-related statistics
  • Compatible with smartphone apps
  • Detachable remote


  • It has a location-tracking feature that works according to the last connection
  • The magnetic mounting keeps the speaker secured under heavy vibrations
  • The compact design blends with the golf cart interiors without taking up space


  • The speaker is not suitable for surround sound applications

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4. CHIFENCHY Golf Cart Speakers

CHIFENCHY Golf Cart SpeakersChifenchy has adopted the concept of simple design on its audio accessories. The products,  however, do not lack behind when it comes to a high-quality audio experience.

The Chifenchy Portable Golf Speaker is a powerful and durable unit. It features a powerful stereo driver, which churns out 30 Watts of power. Hence, the speaker effortlessly produces distortionless music with deep bass. The Bluetooth 5.3 technology quickly establishes a connection between the speaker and other devices. A rechargeable battery continuously powers the speaker for 24 hours.

You can also connect devices with the help of a 3.5mm audio jack. It has a set of built-in magnets that securely mounts the speakers on metallic surfaces. The magnets are so powerful that the speaker will not move under heavy vibrations. A carabiner or hook is also provided to attach the speaker to non-magnetic surfaces. The rugged body of this speaker is IPX7-rated to withstand heavy water showers and dust attacks.

Best Features:

  • Durable golf cart speaker with stereo drivers
  • A maximum power output of 30 Watts
  • Faster connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3 technology or a 3.5mm audio jack
  • Battery life of 24 hours
  • Integrated magnet and carabiner for mounting


  • The speaker is capable of producing punchy bass without crackling
  • A rugged body with an IPX7 rating saves the speaker from water and dust damage
  • The magnetic mounting is resistant to vibrations


  • It does not have a GPS-based tracking system

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5. Blue Tees Golf Cart Speakers

Blue Tees Golf Cart SpeakersBlue Tees initially started as a manufacturer of golf gear and eventually grew into a golf accessories brand. It offers high-end products developed with advanced technologies.

The Blue Tees Player Golf Cart Speaker promises to elevate the overall music experience. It features a 20-core driver that produces superior audio quality. By connecting this speaker with another speaker, the overall music can be further enhanced. The speaker has indoor and outdoor modes which automatically control the audio output. Speaking about the connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 technology keeps the speaker connected to other devices within the 100-feet range.

By using NFC technology, devices can be connected with a simple tap. With a maximum battery life of 12 hours, the speaker continues to stream the music till the day’s end. A dedicated USB-C port is also provided to charge other devices. An integrated magnet keeps the speaker attached to metal surfaces even under heavy vibrations. The body has an IPX7 rating against heavy water showers and dust attacks.

Best Features:

  • Portable golf cart speaker with 20-core driver
  • Dedicated indoor and outdoor modes
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity up to a 100-feet range
  • Maximum battery life of 12 hours
  • USB-C charging port for other devices


  • The audio output of the speaker can be adjusted depending on the indoor or outdoor conditions
  • The powerful magnet keeps the speaker mounted against heavy vibration
  • It can withstand dust attacks and heavy rains due to the IPX7 rating


  • This speaker is priced higher than other options

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6. Anker Golf Cart Speakers

Anker Golf Cart SpeakersAnker is a synonymous name in the electronic accessories market. Its sub-brand Soundcore specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-quality audio accessories.

The Anker Soundcore Portable Golf Cart Speaker is a compact unit. It features a powerful 12-Watt stereo driver that has good signal processing ability. With the help of a spiral bass port and bass-up technology, the speaker effortlessly produces punchy bass without a crackling effect. For interrupted streaming of music, the speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

True wireless stereo (TWS) technology helps in pairing the speaker with other speakers. The 5,200 mAh rechargeable battery works with the power management technology to power the speakers for 24 hours. The speaker body is rated with an IPX7 rating, which helps in resisting water and dust attacks. You can even control the speaker function with the physical buttons.

Best Features:

  • Portable golf cart speaker with stereo drivers
  • Spiral bass port and bass-up technology for deep bass
  • A maximum power output of 12 watts
  • 5,200mAh capacity battery with 24 hours of runtime
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth technology
  • IPX7 rating against water and dust attack
  • Physical control buttons


  • It can be connected to other speakers with the help of true wireless stereo (TWS) technology
  • The speaker can produce lower frequencies with zero distortion or crackling sound
  • The speaker is aggressively priced compared to the other options


  • It does not have the magnetic mounting option

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7. Sony Golf Cart Speakers

Sony Golf Cart SpeakersSony Corporation is an omnipresent brand in the electronic goods market. Its audio division follows the “power of creativity and technology ” motto. Sony audio products are well known for their premium quality and durability.

The Sony SRS-XB13 Golf Cart Speaker packs an impressive audio performance in its small size. It has a full-range driver which works together with a passive radiator. As a result, enhanced low-end and high-pitch audio signatures are produced. The sound diffusion processor offers better processing of digital signals. Bluetooth and Fast Pair technologies offer connectivity with a wider range of devices. The speaker can also be connected to other speakers for immersive stereo sound.

A USB-C port is also provided for wired connectivity. The removable battery offers a runtime of 16 hours, enough for 2 golf matches. A multiway strap is fitted on the edge of the speaker to mount it anywhere you want to. With an IP67 rating, the speaker can resist water and dust attacks, even in submerged conditions. A built-in microphone enables the hands-free calling feature.

Best Features:

  • Portable golf cart speaker with full-range drivers
  • Sound diffusion processor for efficient digital signal processing
  • Maximum runtime of 16 hours
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and Fast Pair technology
  • USB-C charging dock for external devices
  • Built-in microphones for hand-free callback


  • Due to the IP67 rating, this speaker can endure submerged conditions and resists any type of environmental attack
  • The multiway strap allows adjustments to mount the speaker
  • It can be connected with other speakers to produce stereo audio


  • It lacks rigid mounting options

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8. ULTIMATE Golf Cart Speakers

ULTIMATE Golf Cart SpeakersUltimate Ears develops and manufactures a range of premium audio gears. The products are specially designed with the help of audio engineers. As a result, both music professionals and fans get to enjoy an immersive audio experience.

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Golf Cart Speaker has a 360-degree design. It features a pair of stereo drivers, calibrated for loud and clear audio. A dedicated outdoor boost button optimized the audio quality depending on the outdoor conditions. The speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity for faster data transmission within 40 meters. It is also equipped with Fast Pair technology to pair with other speakers.

A rechargeable battery powers the speaker for up to 14 hours for non-stop music streaming. The speaker can remain submerged under a 1-meter water level and resist dust attacks, thanks to the IP67 rating. The speaker is also tested for accidental drops from a height of 1.5 meters. It is made up of recycled plastic to contribute towards environment conservation.

Best Features:

  • Portable golf cart speaker with stereo drivers
  • 360-degree audio design
  • Maximum battery life of 14 hours
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity up to 40-meters
  • Tested against the drop from 1.5 meter
  • Body made up of recycled plastic


  • Dedicated bass boost button to increase audio output for outdoor donations
  • The speaker can be connected with other speakers via Fast Pair technology
  • It has an IP67 rating to resist water damage in submerged conditions and dust attacks


  • The speaker lacks a magnetic mounting feature

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Buying Guide For The Best Golf Cart Speakers

The golf cart speakers have become an essential accessory for golf carts. With good music, the overall golfing session becomes more fun. We have already gone through the detailed list of speakers for golf carts. This buying guide will further walk you through various aspects of the speaker’s specifications. It will help you understand their impact on the speaker’s performance.

1. Sound Quality

The audio quality of a speaker is its selling factor. The golf cart speaker must produce loud and clear audio considering its outdoor application. The types of drivers used in the speaker affect the speaker’s ability to produce audio waves. These waves give the audio a special characteristic. By pairing this property with frequency response, a speaker’s actual ability can be discovered.

A woofer works in the lower frequencies to generate a mixture of treble and bass. A subwoofer goes below the working range of the woofer to produce deep and punchy bass signatures. The tweeters on the other hand work in the mid-range and upper-range frequencies for clear vocals and instrumental notes. The sensitivity rating of the speakers gives us an idea about the volume level. Various channels like mono, stereo, and surround channels further enhance the audio quality.

2. Battery Life

Given the nature of the golf, the carts have to continuously move from one place to the other. They are fitted with removable batteries since it is not possible to carry a power outlet everywhere. These rechargeable batteries are capable of continuously powering the speaker for a long time.

A speaker tends to consume more power at higher volumes. To adapt to the changing volume and power consumption, a battery with optimum capacity must be selected. The battery capacity gives an idea of how much charge it can hold. A large battery will power the speaker for a long time. The lithium-ion batteries are popularly used for their huge capacity and compact size.

3. Connectivity Options

There are various modes of connectivity for a golf cart speaker. The connection must be efficient enough to transfer data files quickly. Connectivity options are chosen based on their range and compatibility with other devices. Bluetooth is the most popular technology used for speakers and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It offers faster data transmission for about 10 meters range. The backward compatibility helps in connecting devices that use the previous generation of Bluetooth. Wifi is used where network connectivity is essential. Speakers with NFC technology offer a quick pairing of devices. These technologies offer a wireless connection with golf cart speakers. The normal wired options like USB, RCA, AUX, SD card, etc, are also used for devices that lack wireless technology.

4. Size

The size of the speaker is important, considering the limited storage space of golf carts. You would not want a huge speaker that does not fit in the cart storage. Large speakers also weigh more which might disbalance the golf cart while driving. If the speaker is too small, it will not be able to produce good-quality music. The golf cart speakers are usually designed as mid-size units. This size opens doors for various types of mountings. A mid-size speaker can be mounted with brackets or even magnets. By keeping the size optimum, transportation of speakers also becomes easy.

5. Weatherproofing

The golf cart speakers will spend a major part of their life on the golf course. The golf cart speaker will be continuously bombarded with environmental elements. Proper weatherproofing keeps the speakers away from any damage. The golf course uses a large amount of water to keep it maintained. The moisture particles can harm speakers in the longer run.

Proper waterproofing restricts the entry of water particles into the speaker’s electronics compartment. Dust is attracted to the speaker’s electronics and magnets. Proper dustproof design filters the minute dust particles and keeps the speaker internals clean. Using a UV-resistant coating, the speaker is kept safe from UV rays which cause fainting and creeping of the speaker body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to use speakers in a golf cart?

Ans: Since speakers fall under the audio accessories category, they are legal for golf carts. To use speakers on a golf course, there are no restrictions or sanctions. A user must check for the rules of the golf course before switching on the speakers. There are some decibel limitations to avoid disturbance to the other players by the loud volume.

2. What are the mounting options for golf cart speakers?

Ans: A golf cart battery generates a constant 12V DC output. The charging ports of golf cart speakers are compatible with a 12V DC input. You can thereby charge speakers with the help of built-in charging ports on the golf cart dashboard.

3. What is the difference between a splash-proof and waterproof rating for the speakers?

Ans: A splash-proof and waterproof rating is concerned with moisture and water attack. Devices with these ratings can repel water or moisture attacks to an extent. A device with a splash-proof rating can sustain water splashes or accidental submerging. The waterproof devices are capable of remaining submerged in water or enduring heavy showers for a long time.


Parting ways from the traditional concept, golf has transformed into a sport where focus, skills, and entertainment coexist. With the increasing trend of personalized golf carts, golf cart speakers have become an important accessory. This article walks you through the detailed list of golf cart speakers. On the other hand, the buying guide and FAQ section deal with important questions regarding the speakers. Referring to this discussion, we have chosen our favorite speakers for golf carts.

  • If performance is your topmost priority, the CHIFENCHY Golf Cart Speakers is the right choice. This unit houses a 30-watt stereo driver that produces accurate audio tones. It works in the lower frequency range to boost the bass signature with zero noise. A rechargeable battery powers this performance-oriented speaker for 24 hours. With the help of Bluetooth 5.3 technology, seamless audio streaming is achieved. The 3.5 mm audio jack offers alternate connectivity to non-Bluetooth devices. A magnetic back securely mounts the speaker on metallic surfaces, even under heavy shocks and vibrations. With a rugged construction and IPX7 rating, the speaker restricts water and dust from infiltrating the electronics compartment.
  • If you want a decent performance within a limited budget, the Anker Golf Cart Speakers is an ideal choice. It features a stereo driver which churns out a maximum power of 12 watts. Pairing with various audio enhancement technologies and digital signal processing, the overall audio output becomes more immersive. A 5,200 mAh battery powers this speaker for 24 hours of nonstop entertainment. Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, lag-free music streaming is achieved. This speaker is also waterproof and dustproof thanks to the IPX7 rating. It has physical buttons to control every function. All these features are variable at an aggressive price tag.
  • Our last product offers a perfect balance of performance and features at a justified price tag. The ROKFORM Golf Cart Speakers a pair of 8-watt drivers. These drivers work in sync to produce a combined power of 16 watts. This powerful output helps in achieving loud audio with accurate tones. A rechargeable 3,600 mAh battery powers the speaker for 24 hours for uninterrupted entertainment. For efficient transfer of data, Bluetooth technology allows wireless streaming of music. Other connectivity options like SD cards and AUX cables can also be used. To securely mount the speaker on metallic surfaces, a permanent magnet is fitted at the backside. Other mounting options like twist lock back and aluminum hook are also provided. It can resist water splashes and dust attacks due to the IPX7 rating. This feature-rich speaker is available at a good price tag, making it a value-for-money option.

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