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Are AGM Batteries Better?

Even though standard lead-acid batteries do the job just fine when it comes to picking batteries for your vehicles, there are many better options available out there. This is due to the reason that different batteries are better in different ways and can offer various advantages over standard lead-acid batteries.

One such great battery type option that you can consider in using vehicles like cars, trucks, bikes, and others can be AGM batteries. And today, we are here with a complete guide on AGM batteries. Here we will discuss everything related to AGM batteries, including their pros and cons as well as advantages and disadvantages. With these details, you should be able to decide whether AGM battery are better for your needs or not by the end of this guide.

What are AGM Batteries?

Before taking a closer look at the various details of an AGM battery, you might be interested in learning more about these in general. Starting with its origin, AGM batteries or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries got popular back in the 80s. They were primarily used in cars, trucks, bikes, and even aircrafts. This is due to the reason that they offer a less maintenance design.

As for their construction, these batteries have a glass separator inside them which is used for wicking the electrolyte solution between its battery plates. Because of this, the electrolyte is stored in a suspended state instead of liquid state. And even though the glass mat transfers the electrolyte to the battery plates just fine, there is no spillage issue with this type of battery.

Pros and Cons of AGM Batteries

After checking out the previous basic details regarding AGM batteries, you might be interested in knowing more about them. Unfortunately, just like any other battery type, even AGM batteries are not perfect. They also have their own pros and cons, which are as follows:

Pros of AGM Batteries

One of the biggest pros of going with AGM batteries is that they are known as maintenance-free batteries. You do not have to put these batteries through watering service as there is no free liquid inside. Thus, these batteries are ideal for using in applications where maintenance can be tough or limited.

Cons of AGM Batteries

The primary con or issue related to AGM batteries is that charging them properly is highly important. If you accidentally overcharge or undercharge an AGM battery, its lifespan can get affected, and even performance in some cases. It is recommended not to go down below 50% charge while using an AGM battery for optimum lifespan.

Advantages of AGM Batteries

If you want to switch over to AGM batteries for your vehicle, then it is always a great idea to check their advantages to ensure that you will benefit from the battery replacement or not. And while AGM batteries offer various benefits, here are some of the major advantages of AGM batteries.


A great benefit of going with AGM batteries is that they are completely spillproof. This is due to the reason that glass mats present inside an AGM battery avoids spillage since it holds the electrolyte without letting it flow freely. So even if a battery is placed in different positions, there will be no leaking issues with it.

High Power Output

Apart from avoiding spillage, the internal design of an AGM battery also results in low internal resistance. Because of this, AGM batteries are able to offer high power output in short bursts, which is perfect for using in a vehicle.

Short Charging Time

You can also charge your AGM battery in a pretty short period of time, making it great for various applications. When compared to standard flooded lead-acid batteries, these can charge up to 5 times faster.

Longer Lifespan

The overall lifespan of AGM batteries is quite long since they can be used much longer than traditional batteries. And this is true in all cases, whether you are actively using your AGM battery or not. Unlike other battery types, AGM batteries have very limited self-discharging, which is great if you do not use your vehicle regularly.


As mentioned earlier, AGM batteries were originally used in aircrafts and military vehicles. Because of this, their internal design is made quite durable and sturdy. It can easily handle vibration that might be produced by the engine of your vehicle without facing any problems in the long run.

Less Sulfation Build Up

In traditional lead-acid batteries, lead sulfate crystals get accumulated in the cells, which can cause battery failure. And to prevent this issue, lead-acid batteries need to be charged every six months. Thankfully, with AGM batteries, this is not needed because sulfation is limited and charging them regularly is not needed.

Disadvantages of AGM Batteries

Other than the advantages of using an AGM battery, there are also a few disadvantages that come along with it. Hence, before switching to an AGM battery, make sure to consider the following too:

High Production Cost

Because of the effective internal design of AGM batteries, they have a higher production cost. This can be an issue if you are on a budget and looking for batteries that are ideal for using in vehicles.

Energy Issues

Despite having a pretty high power output, the specific energy of AGM batteries is a bit low. If you are using your AGM batteries for a long time, they can only be used under a moderate load to achieve a high specific load. Due to this, you cannot power several devices using an AGM battery.

Reduced Capacity over Time

As stated earlier, AGM batteries can hold up charge for a long time which is quite good. Although, this ability of AGM batteries reduces their charging capacity after a long period of time.

Sensitive to Overcharging

If you accidentally overcharge your AGM battery or charge it on a high voltage, it can shorten its lifespan. Thus, charging AGM batteries properly is highly important.


Upon checking all the various details and factors related to AGM batteries stated above, you must have a pretty good idea about these types of batteries. Not only have we discussed the basic details of AGM batteries, but you can also find all the various pros and cons along with their advantages and disadvantages of AGM batteries stated above.

And in most cases, AGM batteries are going to be better for your needs if you are able to afford their higher production cost. If you have gone through all the various details regarding AGM batteries present above, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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