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The 6 Best Frameless Shower Doors Reviews & Buying Guide

Frameless shower doors – the first step to transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Be it sliding or hinged, frameless shower doors provide an open and wide feel to the bathroom. Thanks to the frameless design, they are easy to clean up and maintain.

Because of the less fittings, they won’t let any build-up of stale water, minimizing the growth of bacteria or mould. In addition to that, it also prevents spot or stain formation on the glass door.

Frameless shower doors are available in different designs and styles where you can pick the right option that fits your bathroom and enhance your interior designs.

Take a quick glance at the key factors to be considered before investing in this frameless shower door.

Door Size –

Even if your shower door looks great, you cannot use them if it won’t fit exactly to the shower’s size. So, it is vital to check the size of the shower door by measuring it properly. It is given in terms of width (from 22 – 36 inches) and height (around 72 inches). Make sure to hire a professional for installing them properly.

Glass Thickness –

The general glass thickness range will be from 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch. The thicker the glass, the higher it offers strength, and thereby less prone to break when it falls or drops accidentally. Most people prefer this lighter 3/8-inch thicker model due to its ease to install, ship and lighter weight that is enough to set the door.

Warranty –

Checking the warranty offered by the manufacturer will ensure the durability, longevity, and reliability of the particular product. Most options out there offer either a 1-year or 2-year long warranty, yet a few models come with a lifetime warranty. The longer warranty on a product will provide peace of mind.

Apart from these factors, there are various features to consider while buying frameless shower doors, which we have explained in the detailed Buying Guide. Also, we enlisted some Best Frameless Shower Doors after a thorough analysis of several products.

Read on to know how to choose the perfect option that suits your home’s décor and bathing requirements.

Best Frameless Shower Doors 2023 List

Frameless Shower DoorsDoors SizeGlass ThicknessWarrantyBuy Now
WOODBRIDGE Frameless Glass Door60-inch x 76 inch⅜ inch2 yearsCheck On Amazon
VIGO Frameless Sliding Door72 inch x 74 inch⅜ inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon
SUNNY SHOWER Frameless Glass Door60-inch x 72 inch¼ inch2 yearsCheck On Amazon
DreamLine Frameless Sliding Glass Door60-inch x 76 inch⅜ inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
ANZZI Madam Frameless Sliding Door48-inch x 76 inch⅜ inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon
Aston Cascadia Frameless Hinged Door24-inch x 72 inch⅜ inch1 yearCheck On Amazon

Best Frameless Shower Doors Reviews

1. WOODBRIDGE Frameless Sliding Glass Door

WOODBRIDGE Frameless Sliding Glass Door

Unlike its name, Woodbridge makes all kinds of furniture products and not just wood ones which hold up true for its frameless shower doors mentioned here.

The Woodbridge MBSDC6076-MBL frameless shower door comes at the 1st position of this list as it is a great overall option for most. Starting with the size of these shower doors, you get a standard and very common size of 60-inch x 76 inch.

Another great thing about this frameless shower door is that it uses a ⅜ inch glass panel. This glass panel has a matte black finish which might be preferred by some and disliked by others. Although what everyone will surely like is its included 2-year long warranty.

Best Features

  • Comes in a size of 60-inch x 76 inch
  • Uses a ⅜ inch glass panel
  • Includes a 2-year long warranty


  • Standard large shower door size
  • Smooth and stable slider
  • Thick glass for high strength


  • Not a transparent shower door

Buy Now From Amazon

2. VIGO Frameless Sliding Door

VIGO Frameless Sliding Door

Those of you who have a large-sized bathroom and want an equally large-sized frameless shower door for you can find multiple viable options from Vigo out there.

Vigo’s VG6041CHCL7274 frameless shower door comes at the 2nd position in this list as it is the largest option present in this article. In fact, with its given size rating of 72-inch x 74 inch, it is much larger than all other options present here.

Because it is such a large shower door, its given glass thickness is rated at ⅜ inch. Despite being so large, the sliding mechanism of these frameless shower doors is quite smooth. As it is a premium frameless shower door model, it comes with a lifetime warranty making it highly reliable and premium.

Best Features

  • Comes in a size of 72-inch x 74 inch
  • Uses a ⅜ inch glass panel
  • Includes a lifetime warranty


  • Massive frameless shower doors
  • Quite a reliable and durable option
  • Smooth sliding mechanism


  • A bit on the expensive side

Buy Now From Amazon

3. SUNNY SHOWER Frameless Glass Sliding Door


While you might not have heard its name in the past, Sunny Shower is a highly affordable brand which makes all kinds of home furnishing items, including its shower doors.

This Sunny Shower frameless shower door comes at the 3rd position of this list as it is the cheapest option present here in this article. Unlike what you would expect from a budget option like this one, you get a pretty common and decent size rating of 60-inch x 72 inch.

Although to keep the price of these frameless shower doors low, Sunny Shower has used a thinner ¼ inch glass panel which is not as strong as other options out there. Thankfully, Sunny Shower still offers a 2-year long warranty making it decently reliable if not highly durable.

Best Features

  • Comes in a size of 60-inch x 72 inch
  • Uses a ¼ inch glass panel
  • Includes a 2-year long warranty


  • Common shower door size
  • Affordable shower door model
  • Decent warranty period


  • Uses a thinner glass panel

Buy Now From Amazon

4. DreamLine Frameless Sliding Glass Door

DreamLine Frameless Sliding Glass Door

While DreamLine might not be as popular as other brands of frameless shower doors, it is still a capable option which you should consider before getting one for your home.

Dreamline’s frameless shower door is another overall decent option for most options out there. For starters, you get a standard and widely used door size of 60-inch x 76 inch with these frameless shower doors.

As you saw with most other options, the glasses used by this shower door, it includes a ⅜ inch glass thickness. You also get a decent if not a very high warranty period of 1 year long with it.

Best Features

  • Comes in a size of 60-inch x 76 inch
  • Uses a ⅜ inch glass panel
  • Includes a 1-year long warranty


  • Great size for most common house bathrooms
  • Decent warranty period
  • Uses brushed stainless steel


  • Slightly expensive compared with others

Buy Now From Amazon

5. ANZZI Madam Frameless Sliding Door

ANZZI Madam Frameless Sliding Door

At the last option in this article, we have Anzzi Madam, which is the most durable and reliable option out there if you are looking for a shower door which can also last for a long time.

This Anzzi frameless shower door is the most durable and reliable option present in this article. And unlike other reliable options, this one does not charge a premium for it. Although, its given door size of 48-inch x 76 inch is a bit smaller compared to others.

Fortunately, being a durable option, Anzzi still offers a ⅜ inch thick glass panel with these frameless shower doors. But the best thing about these shower doors is that you get a lifetime warranty with it.

Best Features

  • Comes in a size of 48-inch x 76 inch
  • Uses a ⅜ inch glass panel
  • Includes a lifetime warranty


  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Value for money frameless shower doors
  • Standard glass thickness


  • Slightly small size rating

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Aston Cascadia Completely Frameless Hinged Door

Aston frameless door

As not everyone has a large bathroom at their home, frameless shower doors made by brands like Aston can be a great option if you want a compact option.

The Aston Cascadia frameless shower door is the smallest option mentioned here in this list, making it viable for equally compact bathrooms and house plans. As for its exact size, it is rated at 24-inch x 72 inch resulting in a lower width.

Thankfully, despite the lower size, you still get a highly strong frameless shower door from Aston. This is due the reason that it includes a ⅜ inch glass panel. You also get a decent if not excellent 1-year long warranty.

Best Features

  • Comes in a size of 24-inch x 72 inch
  • Uses a ⅜ inch glass panel
  • Includes a 1-year long warranty


  • Ideal for compact bathroom spaces
  • Includes a thick and heavy-duty glass
  • Smooth and polished handles


  • Size could have been larger and adjustable

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose the Best Frameless Shower Doors:

Choosing the correct frameless shower door is not an easy task from a large range of models with different sizes, designs, and styles. To ease up your shopping, we are providing you with a guide that includes all the essential information required to select the right option as per your bathroom configuration.

Let’s get into the details of what factors to consider while shopping for this shower door.

1. Types of Frameless Shower Doors

Since there is no metal frame round this bathroom door’s edge, these frameless shower door is available in hinged and sliding designs. These styles use either rail or frame for its attachment, yet the metal won’t attach to the edge of your shower door directly.

Single Sliding Door –

This type of shower door come with two glass panels – a sliding panel (for entrance and exit) and a stationary panel (to support the sliding action). It is the most common frameless shower door design without any bottom rail or frame. This door is a perfect option to use in large bathrooms with a lot of space. These are cheaper and easy to install compared to dual-sliding doors.

Dual-Sliding Door –

Here both the glass panels in this shower door design can slide closed or open, which makes it enter the bathroom from either panel. Thus, it is an ideal option to use in smaller and mid-sized bathrooms. They are a bit complicated to install (take a longer time) and are more expensive than a single-sliding design.

Hinged (Pivot) Doors –

Similar to swing doors, some of these shower doors can swing open both inward and outward, while some others can open outward only. Some designs feature a hinge in the middle of the door, which folds as a bifold closet door. This type of shower door is made in both double- and single-pane designs. You have to choose them as per your requirement.

Hinged or Sliding Tub Doors –

Attach this type of shower door to the bathtub beside a shower curtain. As the name implies, these doors can be sliding or hinged (or) available in half and full designs. Being smaller shower doors that have a sleek appearance, they offer the convenience of a standard tub/shower combo and are cheaper price compared to the full-sized shower doors.

Single-Hinged Doors –

This type of shower door is considered a space saver (uses less space), and an ideal option to use in small bathrooms. The mineral deposits and soap scum won’t stuck and cleans off easily through the sliding door, which makes it a preferred option by most people.

2. Door Size

Different frameless shower doors have different sizes, in which you have to measure the door size (width in inches X height in inches) to find the correct option. Most experts advise you to fix the shower door after completing all its finishings. Though its installation is a bit complicated and might need some professional assistance.

The general measurements of the frameless shower doors will come with a width of 22 – 36 inches and a height of around 72 inches. Yet remember that they differ a lot depending on your bathroom space and style. Ensure to fit the frameless shower doors accurately to prevent water from coming out of the bathroom.

Measure from the top of fiberglass to the floor of your shower to get the correct height required for the shower door. Then take the width details by measuring the bottom, middle, and top of your shower opening. Mostly the measurements are the same, and in any case, if you find any differences, then check its angle and adjust the opening with a tapered filler.

Moreover, you have to take measurements from the centerline to its edge (especially for sliding-type doors) to ensure that they are arranged perfectly.

Finally, select and purchase the frameless shower door with these measurements. If you have any doubts, consult a professional for further assistance in its selection. If you plan to install a hinged door, check that it won’t hit anything in the bathroom while opening or closing them.

3. Glass Thickness

Usually, the glass panel will hold all of the stress in a frameless design. They are more prone to drop or fall off while installing these doors (chances might be there). This will let you know how important it is essential to consider the glass thickness while shopping for shower doors. The general glass thickness range will be from 3/8-inch (high strength) to 1/2-inch (less strength).

The thicker the glass, the less prone it breaks when dropped or fall. Yet the thicker ones are heavy and a bit expensive. A lighter 3/8-inch door is enough for most of these frameless shower doors because they are easy to ship and install. While some doors require a large 1/2-inch-thick glass door for its perfect fitting.

4. Hardware Material

Matching hardware of both shower doors and the remaining part of the bathroom is crucial for proper functioning and usage of these shower doors for a longer time. So, ensure that exterior hardware will definitely match the interior hardware.

Generally, polished stainless steel, composite, or aluminium are common materials used in the construction of most hardware. Also, the hardware of these shower doors is available in different colors (like chrome, black, or nickel), and finishes (like matte, satin, or brushed). Choose the hardware material that enhances the room’s interior.

5. Compatibility

It is not easy to modify the frameless shower door while installing them. So, it should be compatible with the installation space before making its purchase. All you need is to measure the size (HXW) of the shower door that should perfectly fit in the provided installation space.

Also, the showerhead you choose has to be lower than the door frame to get rid of any water spillage. In case, of having a higher showerhead, then there are 2 options – purchase a bit taller frameless shower door (or) bring down the showerhead. So, check the compatibility of the shower door to prevent buying the wrong product.

6. Reversible Installation Option

Doors featuring reversible installation are an excellent option that let you open the door from either the right or left side of the shower. All these frameless shower doors won’t have this feature, which means they allow you to open the door only from the left but not from the right. So, check about this factor before making its purchase.

7. Material

The construction material and the build quality of the frameless shower door is other key factor you should consider. This will determine the longevity, reliability, and durability of the door. In general, premium or high-end shower door models are constructed with a 3/8-inch tempered glass, which is ANSI certified.

They are thick, strong, and durable which makes them easily sustain any type of shock without breaking or cracking. Also, the use of tempered glass will allow you to have a clear view of the outside of the shower door because it allows light to pass through them.

8. Installation

Installing the frameless shower doors is a quite difficult process. Therefore, most manufacturers suggest you have some professional assistance in its installation, even though you have excellent DIY skills and go through its user manual. Several things might go wrong (awful installation procedure, missing parts, & others) and waste your investment. So, it’s always better to hire a professional contractor for its proper hook and installation.

If you are good at performing DIY projects and thinking to install these doors all by yourself, then we suggest you go with door models that are quite easy to install.

9. Safety

Being a delicate glass design, the frameless shower door can easily break and become dangerous, upon done any mistake in its handling or misused. So, most manufacturers clearly mention the safety that needs to be taken while handling or installing these shower doors. For instance, polishing the edges of a frameless shower door will prevent sharp edges and thereby reduce the risk of causing injuries.

10. Seal Strips

Apart from glass coating, you have to check for the seal strips while buying this type of shower door. This is an extraordinary feature found mostly in high-quality models. The use of full-length seal strips will offer protection and extra security to the shower door where the doors won’t be capable to clear the extra water from the frames.

11. Easy to Clean

You have to check the ease of cleaning these shower doors regularly to get rid of stains caused due to the use of hard water in your area. Most parts of this door are constructed with tempered glass. You can use a microfiber cloth for the thorough cleaning of this door. Moreover, a degreaser is used to clean these frameless shower doors.

Some high-end or premium models come with a special coating on their top to avoid the formation of stains, mildew, spots, bacteria, and mold. Yet check out the description on its pack to know how easily it can be to clean.

Some brands are meant to avert the formation of hard water marks on the doors. While the glass coating prevents the harsh water splash and allows the water to roll over the coating. Thus, it protects and prevents the damage caused to the tempered glass panels.

12. Warranty

Another thing to check before buying a frameless shower door is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Most of these options out there come with a 1- or 2-year long warranty that performs for decent longevity. But if you want a bit more reliable option, then go with the models that come with a lifetime warranty for long-lasting performance without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to install this frameless shower door?

There is a lot of work involved and required to do for the installation of the frameless shower door compared to semi-frameless or framed models. Initially, you have to take exact measurements and angles for its proper installation to get rid of gaps. Then include an additional 1/16-inch to your measurement for metal tang. Finally, you need to place all these things and attach them to the hardware with the help of drills (either masonry drill or other power tools), and shims along with someone’s help to hold the glass door.

2. What’s the difference between frameless and semi-frameless shower doors?

There is no metal frame in the frameless design. Though it may attach to the door’s metal frame (hooked), it is glass without any frame. While a semi-frameless shower door comes with 2 – 3 encased metal (almost similar to the framed models). In this semi-form, only some door parts are frameless yet not the overall door.

3. How to prevent leaking from a frameless shower door?

Here are some suggestions that help you to stop leaking from this shower door…
Proper construction of the shower door will make it leak-free. A slight decline of the floor to the center will avoid any leakage of water outside the shower.
Never point or spray the water directly at the door, instead angle it to the floor and thereby let it drain properly. So, prefer a model with a rainfall showerhead directing water to the floor instead of one with spraying directing water to walls.
Avoid fitting plastic stoppers at the bottom of these shower doors, because they might arise leakage issues.

4. Is it safe to use a frameless shower door?

Any type of shower door is absolutely safe until they are properly installed, in such a way that the wall correctly supports the door and has a perfect line-up of tracks and anchor points.


If you like taking a shower while bathing in your bathroom, then your whole bathroom might get wet. Because of this, your bathroom can get dirty as well as slippery at the same. Thankfully, you can easily prevent this water spillage by using a shower door. You can get one of the best frameless shower doors stated up above in this article to prevent water from getting everywhere.

Since these doors are frameless, they look quite modern and sleek while offering the different features and options mentioned above. Another thing which you will find in this article is a detailed buying guide for the best frameless shower doors. As per all of this information, here are some of our favorite frameless shower door recommendations:

  • In comparison with the rest of the options available out there, the Anzzi frameless shower door is the most reliable option. Despite having a justified price tag, you get a lifetime warranty with these shower doors. You also get a decent if not a large size of 76 x 48 inch with these shower doors that use a frameless ⅜ inch glass panel.
  • Speaking of the size, you might be interested in the Vigo frameless shower doors if you want a large one. These offer a very large size of 72-inch x 74 inch, which is more than enough what you will ever need. As for the glass, it uses a highly strong ⅜ inch glass panel which is to be expected at its premium price tag. When combined with its lifetime warranty, it is also a highly durable one.
  • If you are on a tight budget and want a cheap frameless shower door, then you can go with the Sunny Shower frameless shower doors. These offer a standard size of 60-inch x 72 inch despite having such a low price tag. You also get a 2-year long warranty with these doors, which is always great to have for longevity. It uses a ¼ inch glass panel for getting such a low price tag.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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