10 Best Shower Diverter Valve Reviews in 2023

Shower valves are the essential components that consist of the ability to control the water by maintaining the temperature and pressure. It is therefore considered the critical fixture that offers a great showering experience. So, if you wish to have the best experience, you need to find the correct shower diverter valve. With a huge list of manufacturers available to provide you with an inventory of options, we will initially check out the parameters you must know before choosing a shower valve. When you select the best component, it can deliver an outstanding experience.

  • Type of valve: There are three different types of shower valves, and each has its own set of importance. Diverter valves are simple as they choose water direction flows. Pressure balancing valves have the ability to sense cold or hot water pressure. It can maintain a constant temperature. Lastly, thermostatic shower valves are another type that is almost similar to the pressure balancing valve. However, they do not maintain the balance. They have thermostats to maintain accurate and consistent water temperature.
  • Outlets: Most shower outlets have a different number of outlets. Each outlet is created for a separate fixture, so you must decide the number of outlets you require. If you’re looking for a simple showerhead, then you can choose a shower valve with one outlet. However, if you need a spout and showerhead, you need to check for two outlets. This way, depending on the fixtures you want to use with the valve, you have to decide the number of outlets you require to fulfil your expectations.
  • Material: Shower valves are generally tucked behind the wall for limited access. This is why there is a need to make sure that the material of the valve is durable and can last for a long time. While most of the shower materials are manufactured with metal to adjust temperatures, the best is always considered brass. This is because brass does not rust and is a durable material.

These are some of the most common things you need to consider while choosing the shower valves. However, there are several other facets that you must evaluate, which we will talk about in the later section of the “Buying Guide”. We will also find the top 10 best shower diverter valves available in the market that you can choose for your purpose. This will ensure that you can enjoy the best experience. So, without further talking, let us find out the best shower diverter valves you can choose to fix on your shower and enjoy your bathing experience.

Best Shower Diverter Valve List

Best Shower Diverter ValveNumber of portsMaterialConnection SizeBuy Now
Moen Shower Diverter Valve4Brass1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
Mingor Shower Diverter Valve3 (1 inlet and 2 outlets)Brass1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
Zengest Shower Diverter Valve3 (1 inlet and 2 outlets)‎Stainless Steel, Brass1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
YDmeet Shower Diverter Valve3 (1 inlet and 2 outlets)Brass1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
Mathtoxyz Shower Diverter Valve3 (1 inlet and 2 outlets)Brass1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
NearMoon Shower Diverter Valve3 (1 inlet and 2 outlets)Brass and ABS1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
Carved Exquisitely Shower Diverter Valve3 (1 inlet and 2 outlets)Brass1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
Tearel Shower Diverter Valve4Brass1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
BRIGHT SHOWERS Shower Diverter Valve3 (1 inlet and 2 outlets)Brass and ABS1/2-inchCheck On Amazon
Hibbent Shower Diverter Valve3 (1 inlet and 2 outlets)Brass1/2-inchCheck On Amazon

Best Shower Diverter Valve Reviews

1. Moen Shower Diverter Valve

Moen Shower Diverter ValveThe Moen 2510 Shower Valve is a great choice if you are looking for a temperature control valve. It has the ability to maintain your water temperature and provide an incredible bathing experience. One of the best things about the Moen standard valve system is that they are designed in a manner that gives you the facility to update its style in the future without the need for a plumber.

It has a 1/2-inch IPS connection that helps you to choose the right fit. So make sure you check the instruction for the connection size before you choose. It has 4 numbers of ports included in it to provide you with multiple facilities to use with different faucets.

Due to the pressure balancing ability, it can prevent shower shock. It has been integrated with a temperature limit to stop for safety. Apart from this, the brass material used for the manufacture of this shower diverter valve makes it a fantastic choice for the long term. It has great longevity which makes it a powerful choice when it comes to choosing the best shower diverter valve.


  • A temperature control system allows you to control water temperature.
  • Great flexibility that enables you to upgrade without any future issues.
  • 1/2-inch IPS connection size for seamless use.
  • The inclusion of 4 ports in the valve helps you to attach multiple faucets.
  • Brass material provides additional longevity.


  • Installation is super easy.
  • Great quality material.
  • It works perfectly, as mentioned.
  • Great construction.
  • Value for the price.


  • The temperature setting is narrow.

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2. MINGOR Shower Diverter Valve

Mingor Shower Diverter ValveThe MINGOR Shower Arm Diverter Valve includes two G ½ male outlets and one G ½ female outlet. So using this diverter on a shower, you will be able to connect to different forces at the same time. It is a 3-way shower and diverter that can discharge water from a fixed shower and hand shower at the same time.

It is included with the large water flow channel that ensures no water flow limits. It is designed in a manner with brass slip nuts so that it becomes easier to install. Included with brass metal handles helps in easy operation. Controlling shower modes is a lot easier with this highly flexible handle made of brass metal.

It is manufactured with solid brass material that gives it durability to use. Apart from that, the brushed nickel finish on the exterior makes it easy to clean and wear-resistant. So, you can use this excellent quality shower diverter valve for the longest time. It does not wear out and stays in place to provide the ultimate showering experience.


  • Made of durable solid brass material to give it longevity.
  • Brushed nickel finish ensures easy cleaning and wear resistance.
  • It is included with 2 G 1/ 2 male outlets and 1 G 1/2 female water inlet.
  • 3-way diverter valve to discharge water from fixed and hand showers.
  • No water flow limits due to the large channel included.
  • Brass slip nut design for easier installation.
  • Brass metal handle to control shower mode.


  • Sturdier built quality.
  • Smooth lever action.
  • Allows diversion for altering pressure.
  • Value for money.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Extra tape and washers included are a great choice.


  • The price point is on the higher side.

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3. Zengest Shower Diverter Valve

Zengest Shower Diverter ValveThe Zengest Shower Head Diverter Valve is a quality brass material that provides an exceptional experience. The fantastic design of this shower diverter valve offers stable lever rotation with a simple design. It has been created with sound quality and integrated moulding to provide long-lasting service. You can enjoy a great experience from this high-quality showerhead diverter valve.

It has a design of brass sliding nut in the showerhead diverter valve that helps any professional tighten it and get the most accessible adjustment angle. It is one of the reasons why this diverter valve is chosen. However, you must note that you require adding a gasket to the nut inlet during installation so that it can prevent leaking and offer proper tightening.

This 2-way diverter valve is a great choice if you are looking forward to finding one that can attach different shower arms. You can use a fixed shower head, and hand shower and switch water flow between them at the same time. It includes a 3-way tee connector for great rotation even when it is operated with wet hands. You can enjoy a great showering experience with this high-quality material. The universal G ½ Interface makes it suitable for different bathroom shower heads and hoses.


  • Brass material offers longevity.
  • Simple design for great usage.
  • Stable lever rotation.
  • Brass sliding nut design for easy and simple adjustment,
  • 2-way diverter valve for using two different faucets similarly.
  • 3 way tee connector for easy operation.
  • The Universal G1/2 interface for easy installation.


  • Easy to install.
  • Great build quality.
  • Feels heavy.
  • Works perfectly.
  • Switching is silk smooth.


  • Some people complained about the design.

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4. YDMEET Shower Diverter Valve

YDmeet Shower Diverter ValveThe YDMEET Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve is the functional shower connector that provides a great range of adjustments. It can freely swivel and is highly flexible while using it. All you need is to adjust the water outlet, which is designed like an elbow at any position or angle that can meet your requirements. The rotatable connector solves the most common problem of preventing twinning.

It is the 3 ways shower diverter valve that can easily switch water between a fixed shower head and a handheld shower. When the lever is moved 180° forward or backward, the water comes from one, and when the hand lever is kept at 90° upward, it will discharge water from two outlets simultaneously. You will be able to enjoy a great experience irrespective of your requirements.

This shower diverter valve has a solid brass construction body that does not use any plastic. The heavy-duty metal body provides it with the ability to get wear resistance and become sturdy. It can easily resist high temperatures and high water pressure. The premium polished finish helps to keep its resistance to corrosion. You can easily maintain and clean it without facing any problems.

Apart from this, it has been designed in a way to make its installation extremely simple. The inclusion of a metal slip nut helps you to do the installation yourself. All you need is to adjust the angle or position and tighten the swivel to get the desired results. The 3-way diverter can be used for different bath faucets.


  • It has a premium chrome finish.
  • Brass material adds to the longevity of the materials.
  • A Universal G1/2 connection makes it a great inclusion.
  • Unrestricted water flow from large water channels.
  • 3-way shower valve.
  • Metal slip brass nut for easier installation.
  • Degrees of lever rotation help to control water flow in different degrees.
  • Heavy duty uses.
  • The package includes everything it requires.


  • Very simple to install.
  • High-quality material.
  • Looks extremely stunning and premium.
  • Great degrees of control.
  • The package includes Teflon tapes, which is a great help.


  • The limitation with handheld showers on the left hand is a common complaint from some users.

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5. MATHTOXYZ Shower Diverter Valve

Mathtoxyz Shower Diverter ValveThe MATHTOXYZ Shower Head Diverter Valve has a universal interface that helps you to use it in different scenarios. This valve includes 1 G 1/ 2 inches of female inlet and 2 G /2 inches of male outlets. So, you can stay sure that it can be applied to most of the shower charms and heads. It is a 3 way shower diverter valve that lets you attach this shower arm and use both shower head and handheld shower.

With this 3-way valve, you can easily control water discharge from both the outlets at the same time. However, the water will have to be wasted on the water pressure available. The inclusion of a rubber gasket in this diverter valve gives it a tight seal. So, not only does it fit perfectly with any kind of fixture, but it can also prevent water from leaking. So, once you install it, you can stay assured that you have made the right choice.

The high-quality valve material is made from solid brass metal. It has an excellent quality which makes it resistant to dirt and rust. It includes a solid metal handle with a brass body that gives it the longevity to stay for a long-lasting time. The premium quality look and durability make this diverter valve an excellent inclusion for your exceptional bathing experience. Even when you have a modern-designed bathroom, it fits perfectly everywhere.


  • Includes one G1/2″ Female Inlet and two G1/2″ Male Outlets.
  • 3-way shower diverter valve for great usage.
  • Control water discharge based on water pressure available.
  • Rubber gasket prevents leakages.
  • High-end solid brass metal for long-term uses.
  • Assured durability with brass materials.
  • Modern nickel brushed finish makes it a valuable choice for any modern decor.


  • Great quality.
  • Installation is super easy.
  • Makes a great difference.
  • Value for money.


  • No parts are available in local stores.

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6. NearMoon Shower Diverter Valve

NearMoon Shower Diverter ValveThe NearMoon Solid Brass G1/2″ Shower Arm is an excellent quality material manufactured with solid brass. It has the ABS handle that provides this diverter with improved longevity. The shower arm has multiple layers of nickel. It has been done to build resistance from corrosion. You can stay assured that it can prevent leakage even after serving for several years.

It includes a connection size of G ½. This is the universal standard size, ensuring that the diverter valve can be used with a universal showerhead. It has a straight connection that helps it to install in a much faster way. The package also includes a washer for improved quality. The controller of this showerhead or the diverter is simply easy to handle. You can change your water flow and enjoy your excellent shower experience.

This 3-way diverter valve helps you to use a shower head and handheld shower at the same time. You can easily manage the water flow with this excellent diverter valve. It includes everything that you require for a seamless installation. So, you can do it on your own without the need for any plumbing services.


  • Universal standard connection of G ½ inches.
  • Constructed with brass and ABS materials.
  • 3-way diverter valve to use the shower head and hand shower simultaneously.
  • Excellent brushed nickel finish.
  • The washer is included in the package.
  • Installations do not need professional help.


  • Works perfectly.
  • Do not have any leakage.
  • Setting up is pretty easy.
  • Value for money.


  • Not a heavy-duty material.

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7. CARVED EXQUISITELY Shower Diverter Valve

Carvedexquisitely Shower Diverter ValveThe CARVED EXQUISITELY Shower Head Diverter Valve has this standard connection, making it a great choice for using different shower heads. It includes two G ½ inches of male for water outlet and one G1/2 inch of female for water inlet. Therefore, when combined, it can be used for two different purposes at the same time. It also has a large flow valve that ensures no water flow reduction.

This high-quality diverter valve is created with brass material. The integrated moulding is another aspect that provides it with the strength required for a great shower experience. It is included with chrome plated surface treatment that ensures it lasts for the longest time. You can stay a shot of non-getting rust over time, even after consistent use. The stable lever rotation helps you to control as per your requirement.

The high-quality material used to manufacture this shower diverter valve makes it more durable and stable. You can find two water outlet modes which can be switched easily from the fixed showerhead to the handheld shower. Whether you wish to use it in your bathroom or kitchen, it is an excellent choice for any modern and contemporary design.

The construction includes an attached gasket. It has been solely done to prevent any kind of leakage. So while installing it, you have to make sure to put it inside and then use it. The standard 1/2″ of connection makes it a universal connector.


  • High-quality brass material for manufacture.
  • A 3-way diverter valve gives freedom to use two faucets simultaneously.
  • The attached gasket prevents any kind of water leakage.
  • Two water outlet modes are included in the diverter valve.
  • Chrome plated surface treatment to prevent corrosion.
  • A stable and durable product.
  • Designed with the universal G 1/2″ connector size.
  • A stable and durable choice.


  • A perfect fit for the shower head.
  • Installation is super easy.
  • Looks and feels very sturdy.
  • Very smooth.


  • Slightly overpriced.

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8. TEAREL Shower Diverter Valve

The TEAREL Pressure Balancing Shower and Tub Valve is a fantastic quality shower diverter valve that can easily replace any other products in the same line. It is a brass construction that provides the product with improved dependability and durability. The solid brass construction makes it robust and provides the strength that it requires to keep working overtime.

There is an inclusion of a valve cartridge. Apart from this, this diverter valve has the immense benefits of pressure balancing and offering consistent support. The pressure balancing ability makes sure to maintain water temperature within 3°. So, it can be helpful for you or your kids to protect yourself from sudden cold or hot water pressure.

A scald guard is another great benefit of using this shower diverter valve. It gives you the ability to control the maximum hot temperature to prevent scalding.

The use of brass material, both interior and exterior, gives this product additional longevity and durability. It has female threaded connectivity of 1/2 inches.


  • A great replacement for other diverter valves.
  • The use of brass materials adds to the durability.
  • Inclusion of valve cartridge.
  • Pressure balancing ability.
  • Enables controlling the maximum temperature.
  • 1/2 inches of female threaded connectivity.


  • Easy to install
  • Controls temperature.
  • Value for money.
  • Looks very sturdy.


  • Some people faced issues while installing.

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9. BRIGHT SHOWERS Shower Diverter Valve

BRIGHT SHOWERS Shower Diverter ValveThe BRIGHT SHOWERS Shower Arm Diverter Valve is a great shower diverter valve that is manufactured with a high-end ABS body. It includes the brass slip nut, which helps you to connect this shower arm easily. Using brass makes it wear-resistant, durable, pressure-resistant and high temperature resistant.

This is a 3-way shower diverter valve that you can use for connecting shower arms and handheld showers. It becomes easy to divert water from the handheld to the other showerhead. However, when you choose to use both similarly, it will provide the best experience by making the water flow into halves.

This amazing shower arm diverter has 1 G ½ female for water inlet and 2 G ½ male for water outlet. Since it is the standard thread connection, you can stay sure that it can fit any fixed shower head or handheld shower. It is a stylish shower diverter that has a stunning surface finished and made with high-quality material to suit different bathroom attachments.

The use of brass slip nuts helps tighten the walls and adjust the angle. It also includes a rubber gasket that offers better sealing during installation. The package also includes free Teflon tape for seamless installation and use.


  • A 3-way diverter valve.
  • Great handle lever for adjustments.
  • Use two water outlets simultaneously.
  • The inclusion of brass slip nuts makes it a durable material.
  • High-quality ABS body.
  • Resistant to water pressure, heat and wearing.
  • Modern and stylish design.
  • Rubber gasket for better sealing.


  • Works properly.
  • Looks great.


  • Broke immediately.
  • Feels like plastic.

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10. HIBBENT Shower Diverter Valve

Hibbent Shower Diverter Valve The HIBBENT Solid Brass Shower Diverter Valve is the 3-way shower diverter valve that helps you to attach fixed and handheld showerheads conveniently. It is a great choice for people who want to make a luxurious bathroom with modern fixtures. Whether you want it in your bathroom or kitchen, this diverter valve can make sure to fulfil your requirements.

This 3 Way diverter valve has been manufactured with solid brass material. This provides it with the longevity and durability that it requires. It has multiple layers of chrome finish that makes it resistant to corrosion. So you can use it for several years without having any leakage. Besides, it does not require any additional plumbing services for installation.

The diverter valve has G 1/2 compatible size, which is a standard size for shower hoses and heads. So, it can easily fit the standard showers and provide you with the best experience. It is included with one ½ female for the shower inlet and two ½ male for the water outlet. It includes a comfortable control handle that helps you control water and easily ensures a great experience.


  • Constructed with solid brass material.
  • 3-way shower valve.
  • Use shower head and handheld shower simultaneously.
  • Beautiful metal chrome finish.
  • One ½ female inlet and two ½ male outlets.
  • Switching from one to another is easy.
  • A long lever handle ensures seamless operation.


  • Great quality material.
  • Worth the money.
  • Works perfectly well.


  • Got cracked after the first use.

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Buying Guide For The Best Shower Diverter Valve

With all the best names of shower diverter valves included in the above list, you will be able to gain comprehensive knowledge about the specifications and the best ones in the market. No doubt that we have adequately scrutinised and then included these in our top 10 list. However, if you wish to buy shower diverter valves other than the ones included above, you need to consider a few aspects. So, here we will find out in detail about the factors that you must look at when it comes to finding the best shower diverter valve.

1. Material

When it comes to looking for a shower diverter valve, you should not forget to check the manufacturing material of the product. Since this will be continuously in touch with water, solid construction is a must. You have to ensure that the material is wear and heat resistant. While there are several materials used for shower diverter valve construction, brass material is widely used because of its extreme properties. So, it is advisable to look for a more robust and durable material.

2. Type

Before choosing the shower diverter valve, you also need to be sure about the type of valve you need. There are mainly three kinds of valves: pressure balancing, thermostatic and diverter valves. Each has its own set of benefits; however, pressure balancing is mainly focused along with the thermostatic one to ensure better water flow and control temperature. So, while you choose the shower diverter valve, make sure that you read the manufacturer’s description properly.

3. Outlets

The next most important thing is to check the number of outlets that the shower diverter valve has. Most commonly, two outlets are provided in one diverter valve. However, there are even more based on the design. So, all you have to know is your requirement first, and then look for the number of outlets required in the shower diverter valve.

4. Compatible size

It is always advisable to choose the universal size so that you don’t have trouble using it on your shower head or your handheld shower. G 1/2 is considered a standard and universal size that is compatible with most shower heads. However, if you want to stay assured, it is advisable to check your shower head and its compatible size before choosing the diverter valve. It can help you to make an informed decision and not regret buying the wrong size.

5. Installation

The next most crucial thing that you need to be sure of is the installation. Most of these shower diverter valves are designed in a way that they can be self-installed without the need for any plumber. The inclusion of a brass slip nut and rubber gasket inside the package helps you easily install it without the requirement of a plumber. It is always better to check the instruction manual that comes with the box from the manufacturer before you start installing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best material for the shower diverter valve?

Ans: As we have already mentioned, you can choose a brass material if you want a valve with great longevity. Brass has an outstanding property of being resistant to wear and heat. Choosing and using it on the shower head can help to maintain its look and feel throughout.

2. Can I use two things simultaneously?

Ans: If you are choosing a 3-way diverter valve, you can install two faucets on it. However, it depends on the design of the diverter valve when it is about using both similarly. You have to check the manufacturer details in order to be sure about the functionality.

3. Can I use them in my kitchen?

Ans: Yes! These diverter valves are designed with a versatile look. You can use it in a range of places. They have a premium chrome finish that gives these valves a quality look. So whether it is your bathroom or kitchen, or lawn, you have the freedom to install it wherever you require.


So now that you have acquired comprehensive knowledge about the product, you must be willing to buy one. Well, you can go ahead. But check out the top three expert-recommended shower diverter valves that we have chosen to fulfil the diverse requirements.

  • MINGOR Shower Diverter Valve is made of durable solid brass material. A brushed nickel finish makes it wear-resistant. It is a 3-way diverter valve with 2 G 1/ 2 male outlets and 1 G 1/2 female water inlet. Brass metal handle and brass slip nut design for easy operation and installation.
  • MATHTOXYZ Shower Diverter Valve includes one G1/2″ Female Inlet and two G1/2″ Male Outlets. A 3-way shower diverter valve manufactured with high-end solid brass metal for durability. You can expect water discharge control depending on the available pressure. Excellent nickel brushed finish for a great design is a 3-way diverter valve constructed with solid brass material. It includes one ½ female inlet and two ½ male outlets. It has a beautiful metal chrome finish. The inclusion of a long lever ensures ease while operating.
  • HIBBENT Shower Diverter Valve is a 3-way diverter valve constructed with solid brass material. It includes one ½ female inlet and two ½ male outlets. It has a beautiful metal chrome finish. The inclusion of a long lever ensures ease while operatingAnd that’s all! Now that you have gathered comprehensive knowledge of the top 10 diverter valves and the buying guide with recommendations, it is time that you proceed to make a purchase.

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