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Best Extension Cord For Generator Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

An extension cord is extremely valuable for a range of purposes. If you own a generator, you would understand the value of a heavy-duty extension cord that can easily handle the power between the plugged devices and the generator. It is an invaluable tool that can be used for a range of applications. However, if you are looking for an extension cord that is mainly designed and built to connect with the generator, you must be vigilant while choosing one. As these cords have variable lengths, it lets you easily plug into the devices from anywhere. However, you must understand the top three most important parameters to check to decide the quality and ability of the extension cord. So let us find out what those are.

  • Gauge: While buying the extension cord, from the numerous technical factors to check, the initial thing that you should definitely consider is the cord gauge. The thickness of the wire is mentioned as gauge which is measured in American wire gauge or AWG. You will mostly find AWG 8, AWG 10, and AWG 12 and so on. Remember that a higher gauge number means thinner wire, and a lower gauge number means thicker wire. A thick wire is built to handle immense power compared to a thin cord. So when it comes to choosing an extension cord for a generator, it is suggested to choose a lower gauge number and not to go more than 12 AWG.
  • Length: There is no denying that we all buy extension cords because of the variable length it provides. It makes sure to remove all the limitations associated with distance. Nevertheless, you must know that longer cords mean more resistance. A cord with higher resistance can also result in a voltage drop. This can make the generator insufficient and hotter and easily damage other associated devices. It is recommended to stay with a length of 50 feet which is enough to run the cord into the house.
  • Material: To ensure safety, you must check its material. Since a generator is often left exposed to weather changes, so is the extension cord; using a high-quality cord molded with PVC material can be a great addition. Therefore, always ensure that you read the manufacturer’s details in advance to ensure the material of an extension cord. Keep in mind to check the internal wire material; nothing can be better than copper wire.

While these are only a few important factors you must check while choosing an extension cord for a generator, you should also pay attention to several other important parameters. If you want to get a detailed guide to the buying factors, you need to keep reading. Later in the “Buying Guide”, we will provide all the critical parameters and technical aspects to check while choosing an extension cord for the generator. So, now let’s look at the top 10 Best extension cords available in the market for generators. We will provide detailed specifications to help you make it easy to buy one.

Best Extension Cord For Generator Table

best extension cord for generatorConnector GenderVoltageSizeBuy Now
RVGUARD Extension Cord Male-to-Female250 Volts50 FootCheck On Amazon
Champion Extension CordFemale-to-Male120 Voltsup to 25 feetCheck On Amazon
GearIT Extension CordMale-to-Female250 Voltsup to 25 feetCheck On Amazon
RVMATE Extension CordMale-to-Female250 Volts100 FeetCheck On Amazon
Kohree Extension CordMale-to-Female250 Volts40FTCheck On Amazon
Yodotek Extension CordMale-to-Female250 Voltsup to 25 feetCheck On Amazon
S7 Heavy Extension CordMale-to-Female250 Voltsup to 25 feetCheck On Amazon
Mophorn Extension CordFemale-to-Male & Male-to-Female125 Volts50FtCheck On Amazon
CircleCord Extension CordMale-to-Female250 Volts40 FeetCheck On Amazon
Oviitech Extension CordMale-to-Female250 Volts40 FeetCheck On Amazon

Best Extension Cord For Generator Reviews

1. RVGUARD Extension Cord

RVGUARD Extension Cord For GeneratorQuality is paramount when it comes to choosing an extension cord for a generator. Not only it ensures the safety of the people around you but also keeps all the other electronic devices undamaged. The RVGUARD Generator Cord is specially designed to meet all your requirements. It is a 25 feet extension cord that easily fits and converts L5 – 30P Male to L5– 30R female end.

This extension cord will help you stay safe from emergency power outages. It has a 30A locking system on the extension cord featuring three-prong female inlets and three male outlets to fit the electrical requirements easily. Additionally, a cord organizer and easy strap handle help to neatly keep the power cord while storing it.

Keeping in mind the need for high-quality material, it has been designed with PVC sleeves to improve cold and heat resistance. It is highly flexible and allows users to use this cord in extreme conditions. The heavy-duty PVC has been again provided with 100% copper wiring to ensure the best electric transfer between one to other devices.

The thermoplastic weather-resistant or SJTW jacket on this wire makes it an ideal choice for versatile use. It can work excellently and provide moisture, oil and abrasion resistance in any weather condition. Whether you wish to reconnect from the generator, transfer panels, transfer switches or power box inside or outside, the cord in this generator can be a perfect choice for your requirements. It also has a twist lock to prevent slipping out.


  • Easily converts L5-30P male to L5-30R female.
  • It has a maximum power of 3750 watts.
  • The use of a high-quality PVC material sleeve ensures cold and heat resistance.
  • The use of 100% copper wire inside ensures seamless electric transfer.
  • Thermoplastic weather resistance to ensure working in any weather condition, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Features moisture, oil and abrasion resistance.
  • Twist locks help to prevent the connection from slipping.
  • Strain relief patterns are hard to pull out.
  • Properly provided with adjustable cord organizer by the use of strap handle.
  • Supplied with a storage bag.


  • Fantastic choice.
  • Works seamlessly with my generator and plugs.
  • Great for the price you pay.
  • The storage bag is such a big help.
  • A durable option.


  • Some quality issues with the bag.

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2. Champion Extension Cord

Champion Extension Cord For GeneratorYou must have checked quite a number of options for extension cords, especially for generators. Fortunately, the champion power equipment 48034 extension cord has been built with all the necessary factors for safety and longevity. It is a 125 V and 30 AMP extension cord that can efficiently work with L5 – 30R outlets to general household outlets of 5 to 15R.

Irrespective of your need to cover important items during emergencies, or if you want to power the tools in distant locations, this 25 feet extension cord helps you reach everywhere and eradicates any type of limitations in the situation. It has been intelligently designed with fan style configuration to provide more access to the power generator.

This extension cord is an ideal choice for quick power use. The 10 gauge high-capacity wire has been surrounded with proper and durable insulation. It features resistance from heat and cold through the use of a thermoplastic jacket. However, you can ensure that it will function correctly and flexibly, irrespective of the outside temperature.

This extension cord has been properly rated to extend to 30 AMPS easily and can be used with 125 V. The long length allows you to run through safe distances and protects you from the noise of the generator. Additionally, the 1 year of warranty provided by the manufacturer and free technical support for a lifetime is an additional peace of mind.


  • Powerfully changes the L5-30R outlet to 5-15R outlets.
  • 25-foot extension cord to be used in a range of situations.
  • Fan style configuration to get easy access.
  • 10 gauge of high capacity.
  • Surrounded with a resistant thermoplastic jacket to work in different weather conditions.
  • It has been rated to couple with 125 volts seamlessly.
  • Provided with an additional 1 year of warranty with technical support.


  • Great power cord.
  • Decent length on the power cord.
  • Make sure of adequate power flow.
  • Colored in a way to reduce accidents and not trip over.


  • Faced some issues with the fitting on the male end.

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3. GearIT Extension Cord

GearIT Generator Extension CordIf you want a heavy-duty extension cord for your specific purpose, you require a bit of research. However, you can put an end to your search as the GearIT Generator Extension Cord can be a great addition. It is a heavy-duty generator cord that has been specially designed with four prongs and 30 A. It is designed to connect with portable generators with a manual transfer switch to power your RV, camp, or house.

The extension cord requires a specific plug. It comes with a pair of NEMA L14-30P/30R connectors. Additionally, the locking system on the connector prevents any type of abrupt disconnection. It is coloured bright green to make sure that you can easily find the extension cord and dark surfaces as well. It can prevent slipping and tripping while moving.

It has been specially designed to work in different weather conditions. The power cord can be seamlessly used in a wide range of weather conditions. It can easily withstand extended exposure to rain, temperature, snow and sun. Additionally, you can ensure that it won’t get overheated while operating for a long time, even at 40°C.

Besides, the use of high-quality material on this cord ensures lighting of your room even in any conditions. It keeps your home secure with a twist lock connection.


  • The generator cord runs with 30 A.
  • The maximum voltage of this cord is 7500W.
  • Exceptionally designed to connect portable energy generators that have manual switches.
  • Includes a pair of NEMA L14-30P/30R connectors.
  • The twist unlock system on this extension cord prevents falling off.
  • The bright green coloured extension cord ensures easy visibility and reduces accidents.
  • The use of high-quality material ensures prolonged use for extended exposure in different weather conditions.
  • It operates seamlessly without getting overheated, even at 40°C.


  • A great choice.
  • The bright color is really helpful.
  • Very sturdy product.
  • Heavy duty choice.


  • Its cord strap is inadequate to store it properly.

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4. RVMATE Extension Cord

RVMATE Generator Extension CordIf you are in search of a reliable generator extension cord, the choices will be many. However, it is hard to understand if the claims made by the brand are actually valid. However, the RVMATE generator extension cord is something that you can bet on. It is the name of a reliable welder extension cord that can take your heavy-duty requirements.

This 100 feet of generator extension cord can help you use generators from anywhere. It has been designed for external use. It can convert L14–30P/30R. Additionally, 10 gauge provides you the safety and thickness of the extension cord. It features an adapter along with STW jacketing to ensure resistance against water and moisture. It also improves its flexibility and prevents aberration.

The use of 100% copper inside this heavy-duty extension cord ensures a seamless flow of electricity. It is with PVC coated, which makes sure to get resistance against heat, water and flames. It is definitely a flexible choice. The intelligent construction with the use of a twist lock plug ensures that the wire will not fall while it is in use.

It is great for outdoor use, and hence you can seamlessly use it while camping, RV, in extreme weather conditions and in buildings. Lastly, the manufacturer provides every critical requirement to use the extension cord. You also get a bag to organize the cord and keep it clean seamlessly. It weighs only 18 lbs, making it an ideal choice to carry everywhere.


  • Designed to work with 40 amps current.
  • The voltage requirement is 250V.
  • 100 ft cord to reach everywhere you need.
  • 10 gauge ensures cord thickness and safety.
  • It is a 4 prong generator.
  • The use of 100% copper wire provides the best results.
  • Great for outdoor use due to PVC jacketing that provides resistance against water, heat and flame.
  • Designed with a twist lock plug to prevent falling out.
  • The manufacturer offers a strong bag to store and carry.


  • It is a great product.
  • Handles any weather conditions.
  • Cheaper than competitors.
  • Easy to use and store.


  • The storage bag could have been better.

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5. Kohree Extension Cord  

Kohree Extension CordKohree Generator Cord is reliable and durable, providing a strong power solution for various uses. This 40ft cord can handle a powerful 30 amps and comes with a secure 4-prong L14-30 twist lock connector for strong and stable connections. This cord is made of 100% copper wire, making it good at carrying electricity and strong enough to last a long time.

This cord has a tough cover that can handle heat and flames, keeping it safe in rough conditions. It is even more versatile and can be used in various places and situations. This cord with its 10-gauge thickness, can handle a powerful 7500 watts of electricity making it a strong choice for different generator uses. This Cord is good, providing a dependable and flexible way to get power for many different situations.


  • Made of 100% copper wire for longevity.
  • Heavy-duty flame-retardant, heat-resistant PVC sheath.
  • 10-gauge of thickness
  • Equipped with a 4-prong L14-30 twist lock connector.
  • 30-amp capacity, handling up to 7500 watts.
  • Extendable up to 40ft for convenient usage.


  • Reliable and durable for various applications.
  • Secure twist lock connector enhances safety during operation.
  • Water-resistant construction adds adaptability.
  • Robust 10-gauge build ensures optimal power transfer.


  • Does not provide flow of current

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6. Yodotek Extension Cord

Yodotek Generator Extension CordFinding a heavy-duty generator can be a tough decision for users due to the range of claims made by manufacturers. However, certain features ensure the quality of a generator. Similarly, the Yodotek Heavy Duty Generator makes sure to provide all the essentials that you need. This 4 prong design with 10 gauge makes sure of flexible usage. The cord has been effectively designed to run in the panels with up to 30 A.

A NEMA L14-30P/Four 5-20R cord needs 30 A electricity. It is designed to work with 125/250 walls and 7500 watts. This heavy-duty cord has a big gauge. Manufactured with pure copper material ensures preventing the cable from getting overheated after using it for a longer interval. The larger wiring has been properly built to get peace of mind and ensure safety while running higher loads.

This heavy-duty cable generator can be a great choice for both outdoor and indoor weather conditions. Irrespective of the weather and season, you can use this extension cord without considering its condition. The use of good quality PVC provides excellent resistance against heat. Pure copper ensures the cable does not get heated up while operating for longer.

The plugs have been designed with an unlock structure to ensure that it does not accidentally fall out during use. All you need is to insert the plug and ensure it won’t fall out. Irrespective of the weather conditions like a hurricane, rain, wind, or snow, this high-quality extension cord ensures staying in place. Additionally, the 1 year of guarantee and 3 years of customer service provided by the manufacturer offers a piece of mind.


  • Works with a max of 7500 running watts.
  • 10 gauge ensures thickness and safety.
  • High-quality PVC material on the outside ensures the best protection.
  • The copper wire makes sure of no issues in electricity flow.
  • The plug has been designed effectively with a lock structure to prevent falling out.
  • It is designed with both water and heat-resistant material.
  • Additional guarantees and customer service are provided by the client.
  • NEMA L14-30P/Four 5-20R


  • Very high-quality connector.
  • Best choice for generators.
  • The product is simply great.
  • Well built.


  • No storage bag is provided by the manufacturer.

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7. S7 Heavy Extension Cord

S7 Heavy Generator Extension CordWhen you have an extension cord for a generator, you can use it for several purposes. Not only can it be a great addition to your RV but also while you’re camping or going to an outdoor party. The S7 Heavy Duty Generator Adaptor Extension is the fourth prong extension cord that has 10 gauge to take the heavy-duty work. It is designed with NEMA L14-30P/Four 5-20R for versatile usage.

This extension cord has been designed with 7500 watts and 30 A with 125/250 volts. This heavy-duty cord is made with pure copper so you can stay assured of maximum electric usage. The cable has been designed to prevent overheating even after using it for an extended time. A well-built large wiring system provides peace of mind even when running on high amperage loads.

You can easily run on any breaker panel that has 30 A electric. Apart from this, it has been designed for both outdoor and indoor use. The use of 105°C PVC on this wire ensures fire and heat resistance. Pure copper provides the best flow of electricity. Additionally, the twist locking design on this plug ensures keeping the plug inserted without falling off.


  • Designed with NEMA L14-30P/Four 5-20R.
  • Compatible with 7500 Watts and 125/250 Volts.
  • The use of pure copper ensures a seamless flow of electricity.
  • High-quality external protection to ensure both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Runs on any panel with 30A.
  • Fire-resistant material.
  • The twist lock design makes sure to stay in place.


  • A nice product.
  • Feels very sturdy and well-built.
  • Durable choice.


  • An additional storage bag could have been better.

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8. Mophorn Extension Cord

Mophorn Generator Extension CordA high-performance extension cord with 7500 words can be a great inclusion. If you are looking for one such high-quality extension cord, the Mophorn Generator Extension Cord can become a great choice. It has a configuration of 30 A and 125/250 walls along with a maximum rating of 7500W. These are some of the traits that make it one of the exceptional choices.

This is a 50 feet cable that provides the necessary line that you require to power your home and RV. It also has a tight joint for connecting the generator with the manual transfer switch. You can stay assured about the utility power along with the safety of your entire house. The additional plastic strap has been included in the package so that you can neatly store the wire everywhere you go.

It makes use of four prong designs on the twist lock to make sure that you can seamlessly use this. The lock ensures keeping the plug in its position. It has been exceptionally designed to use it in different external factors for prolonged periods seamlessly. Even in heavy weather conditions like snow, rain and hurricanes

Lastly, this is a great choice for a wide range of requirements. Whether you want an electric cable for home or RV or work or yacht, or any other outdoor operations, it can be the perfect partner. It can easily withstand weather that ranges from 40°F to 140°F.


  • Compatible with a max of 7500 watts.
  • Configured with 30 A and 125/259 volts.
  • 50 ft long cable to reach your requirements.
  • Ability to withstand temperatures from 40°F to 140°F.
  • Comes with a plastic strap for easy organizing.
  • The locking collar is designed to keep it in position.
  • A versatile choice for a wide range of operations.


  • Seems very sturdy.
  • Useful for different purposes.
  • Effective in harsh weather conditions.
  • A heavy-duty choice.


  • Does not come with a storage bag.

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9. CircleCord Extension Cord  

CircleCord Extension CordCircleCord Extension Cord, with 4 prongs, 40 feet length, and 30 amps, makes it easy and safe to connect your generator to your home’s electrical system. This 40-foot extension cord is ETL Listed for reliability. It has a strong 10-gauge cord that can handle 125/250V and support up to 7500W of power. This cord has a special plug on one end and an outlet on the other, making sure your connection is secure and efficient. This connector has a male-to-female design and works with 250 volts of electricity.

It has a box with holes already in it, giving you four options to connect it to your generator or power source. This cord is made of strong copper wire and has a tough jacket that protects it from fire, heat and UV rays. This ensures that it lasts a long time and performs well. It is a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly accessory that enhances your power experience.


  • 40-foot length, 30 amps
  • ETL Listed for reliability
  • 10-gauge SJTW cord, 125/250V, 7500W
  • NEMA L14-30P male plug, NEMA L14-30R female plug
  • Pre-drilled inlet box with 4 knockouts
  • Pure copper wire with flame-retardant, heat-resistant, UV-resistant PVC jacket
  • Includes storage bag and adjustable cord organizer


  • Convenient and safe generator connection
  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Versatile connection options
  • User-friendly functionality
  • Comes with storage bag and cord organizer


  • May be relatively bulky for certain storage situations

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10. Oviitech Extension Cord

Oviitech Generator Extension CordTo ensure the safety of your house or RV, you have to ensure that the extension cord is made with high-quality material. Besides, the electrical parameter is a must-check. The Oviitech Generator Extension Cord is marked with 30 A and compatible with a plug of NEMA L14-30P/30R.

This is a high-quality cable with 10 AWG that ensures the thickness of the cord and your safety. It has a maximum electrical voltage of 7501 25/250 watts. The locking design makes sure that the cord remains locked in any condition. The use of weather rubber material provides the flexibility to use in colder climates. Also, you can stay sure that it remains unaffected by different environmental elements like the sun or rain.

It can provide additional protection against the power outages that are generally caused due to different kinds of weather conditions like snow, bad storms and hurricanes. Additionally, the orange colour on this wire makes sure for easy visualization. Even in darker areas, you can seamlessly find the wire and prevent slipping or tripping. The extension cord is marked with UL standards and promises the best uses in different conditions.


  • Marked with the UL Standards.
  • Compatible with 30 amp electrical output
  • It can be effectively used with NEMA L14-30P/30R plug.
  • Maximum wattage of 7500 W and 10 AWG.
  • Anti-Cold rubber material to stay assured about the quality.
  • Bright orange color to ensure visibility.
  • Applicable to different requirements.


  • Excellent quality of cord.
  • A heavy-duty use.
  • Works seamlessly.
  • Very well-made cable.


  • The storage bag is missing.

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Buying Guide For The Best Extension Cord For Generator

From all the details provided about the best extension cords for generators, hopefully, it will become easier to make a choice now. Make sure that you read the specifications before you decide. However, if you’re not planning to buy an extension cord from this list, you must make sure to check all the important features of an extension cord that works with generators. Here are some of the main features that talk about the efficiency of a cord.

1. Gauge

While looking for an extension cord that works with your generator, the very first thing that you must consider is the gauge. The thickness of the extension cord gauge talks about the material’s safety. It is mainly mentioned as AWG or American wire gauze. Some of the most common numbers are 8, 10, 12, 14 and so on. Keep in mind that a higher gauge number means thinner wire, while a lower gauge number means thicker wire. A thicker wire has the capability of handling increased power compared to other thinner ones, and hence it is suggested not to go for thinner cords, especially when working with a generator.

2. Length

Depending on your requirement, it is better that you look for the length of the extension cord\. No denying that a better length is a great choice, but you must know that with greater lengths, it gets more resistance as well. A maximum of 50 feet is considered a good choice as it keeps a generator outside while not creating resistance and preventing the generator from damage.

3. Material

Don’t forget to check the quality of the material. By material quality, we mean that you must check that the interior wire quality is made with 100% copper and an external coating. Since the cord needs to stay outdoors, it must have resistance against different weather conditions like snow, sun, heat, rain, et cetera. A PVC material coating that has been effectively treated can be a good choice for longer use.

4. Safety Lock

Lastly, to ensure that there is no electricity loss or damage to the generator, you have to check that the extension cord has a safety lock system. Most of the cord has a twist lock system that keeps the cable in place and does not fall out. It not only makes sure of no wastage of electricity but also ensures no accidents.

Extension Cord For Generator FAQS

1. Which is the best extension cord for generators?

Ans: All the names that we have mentioned above are some of the best extension cords available in the market for generators. However, in order to make sure that you are able to make the best use of the extension cords, you have to make sure that you check the features and then choose.

2. What is the ideal gauge thickness?

Ans: There is no such ideal thickness for the extension cord. However, as you are looking forward to using them with generators, it is recommended to choose more thickness of cords. Remember that cords with increased thickness have improved the power of transferring electricity.

3. Which is the suitable material for internal wiring?

Ans: 100% copper wire is an excellent choice for internal wiring as it ensures no electricity loss.


From all the important information you have gathered about generator extension cords, it is time for you to make a decision. However, in the section, We will find out the top three editors’ choice of best extension codes.

  • Champion Extension Cord is a first choice as it has excellent quality and high capacity. It easily works with 125 V, 30 amperage and general household outlets. The 25 feet extension cord helps you easily reach everywhere without any limitations. This high-quality material with a thermoplastic jacket on the outside provides resistance against hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Yodotek Extension Cord is the second choice as it runs on a maximum power of 750 watts. It is made with high-quality PVC material and copper wire that ensures the best external protection and a seamless electricity flow. The lock design on the plug prevents any falling or slipping off, and additional customer service can provide peace of mind.
  • Mophorn Extension Cord is a third choice, as it is a versatile product that can be used for a range of outdoor operations. You can use it in different weather conditions as it can easily withstand 40°F to 140°F. 50 feet of long cable helps to reach the requirements easily. The manufacturer has provided the plastic strap to keep the cable organized and clean in one position.

This is everything you need to know about the best extension cord for generators. So without any further ado, make a safe design.

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