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The 7 Best Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs Reviews & Buying Guide

ceiling-lamp-fan-lightReplacing or upgrading a ceiling fan light bulb can be confusing as not all of them use the same ones. Manufacturers use a variety of bulb options that range from size, color and other features.

Choosing a wrong size will be a total waste of money as it will not fit into your ceiling fan. So, it is very important to invest in the right product.

Before making the purchase, we recommend reading the below factors to make the right choice.

1. Bulb Size:

Measure the base of the already installed bulb in the ceiling fan to determine its bulb size and type. There are 4 main types of light bulbs used in ceiling fans – Candelabra, Mini Candelabra, Intermediate, and Medium. Here, candelabra and intermediate are commonly used bulbs, mini candelabra is used in new ceiling fans, and medium-light bulb fitting is seen in older ceiling fans.

2. Wattage:

The wattage rating will help you to understand the performance of a given bulb. One should select the light bulb wattage that suits perfectly for the given fan, along with your purpose and ambience. For instance, a 48-inch ceiling fan will require a 75W bulb. Yet make sure to check the manual to get a clear idea of this wattage rating.

3. Color Temperature:

However, most people check the light brightness and forget to check the color temperature rating of a given bulb. It depends on one’s personal preference. A bulb with 2700K – 3000K offers a warm and yellow light color, a bulb with 3000K – 4500K produce yellowish-white or warm white light, and a bulb with 5000K – 6500K emits a bluish hue.

For more detail information, we recommend checking out the “Buying Guide”. Also, to cut down the shopping time, we came up with a list of some best ceiling fan light bulbs after a thorough market analysis.

Best Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs 2024

Ceiling Fan Light BulbsWattage RatingColor TempNo. of BulbsBuy Now
Comzler LED Ceiling Fan Bulb60 watts5000K6 packCheck On Amazon
SHINESTAR LED Bulbs  Ceiling Fan60 watts5000K8 packCheck On Amazon
Cotanic Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs60 watts4000K6 packCheck On Amazon
Hansang Store LED Bulbs60 watts4000K6 packCheck On Amazon
Lepro Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs40 watts5000K6 packCheck On Amazon
GE Ceiling Fan Bulb40 watts2600K4 packCheck On Amazon
Luxrite A15 LED Bulb40 watts5000K4 packCheck On Amazon
Sailstar LED Bulb60 watts5000K6 packCheck On Amazon

Best Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs Reviews

1. Comzler LED Ceiling Fan Bulb

Comzler LED Ceiling Fan Bulb

Comzler is one of the oldest brands of light bulbs and other lighting accessories where its products are generally highly reliable and last for ages without any issues.

The Comzler ceiling fan light bulb pack comes at the 1st position of this list as it offers the most reliable and durable lights out there. As for the light pack itself, you will find a total of 6 inside it, which is quite decent. All of these ceiling fan light bulbs use an E12 socket for high compatibility.

Moving over to the performance numbers, you get a total wattage or powering rating of 60 watts. This is during the time when the bulbs have a color temperature of 5000k. But the best thing about these ceiling fan light bulbs is that you get a 5-year long warranty with it.

Best Features:

  • Power rating of 60 watts
  • Offers a color temperature of 5000K
  • Includes 6 bulbs in a pack
  • E12 socket type bulbs
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Highly reliable and durable bulbs
  • Great brightness output
  • Comes with multiple bulbs in the box


  • Uses a small bulb socket

Buy Now From Amazon

2. SHINESTAR 8-Pack E12 LED Bulbs  Ceiling Fan

SHINESTAR 8-Pack E12 LED Bulbs  Ceiling Fan

As many of you might be interested in getting a pack of ceiling fan light bulbs with multiple bulbs inside it, this one is a great option and will be more than enough for all its users.

Shinestar’s ceiling fan light bulb pack comes at the 2nd position of this list as you get the highest number of bulbs with this pack. To be precise, it has a total of 8 bulbs where all of them rely on an E12 socket for connection.

Because it is a slightly premium option, you do get a pretty high brightness output. These lights offer a pretty good brightness output with a given rating of 60 watts. You also get a 5000K color temperature from these lights. Unlike what you would expect from a performance ceiling fan light bulb brand, it also comes with a 3-year long warranty

Best Features:

  • Power rating of 60 watts
  • Offers a color temperature of 5000K
  • Includes 8 bulbs in a pack
  • E12 socket type bulbs
  • Comes with a 3-year long warranty


  • Large pack of bulbs
  • Standard color temperature
  • High brightness output


  • Build quality could have been better

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Cotanic Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

Cotanic Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

Even though most LED lights are quite affordable, Contanic and its ceiling fan light bulbs are slightly cheaper, resulting in a high value for money for the most part.

This Cotanic ceiling fan light bulb pack comes at the 3rd position of this list as it is the cheapest option in this article. Even though you get such a low price tag, it still offers a total of 6 LED bulbs in the pack. And unlike the previous one, these bulbs have an E26 socket and not E12.

Thankfully, just like other E12 options, you get a very high wattage rating of 60 watts for these lights. Although, its color temperature of 4000K is not something you would want with any given lights.

Best Features:

  • Power rating of 60 watts
  • Offers a color temperature of 4000K
  • Includes 6 bulbs in a pack
  • E26 socket type bulbs
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Slightly affordable light bulbs
  • Quite reliable ceiling fan light bulbs
  • Standard high brightness output


  • Not the best color temperature

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Hansang Store E12 Candelabra LED Bulbs

Hansang Store E12 Candelabra LED BulbsThe Handsang Store provides a pack of 6 no-dimmable LED bulbs that provides comfortable lighting with 80+ High CRI (color rendering index). They deliver pleasing daylight to create vibrant atmosphere that is more natural and realistic.

These lights are glare-free and doesn’t contain any blue light. It ensures a totally different lighting experience to your room. They have brightness levels of 600 lumen which ensures comfortable ambiance without flickering, humming or dazzling.

It doesn’t contain mercury, UV or IR radiation. So, it effectively protects your eyesight. They have a lifespan of about 30,000 hours so the replace frequency is very less. They can be installed as household lighting fixture, in chandeliers, pendant lights, wall scones, foyer light, and decorative lights.

Best Features

  • Eye-friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifespan and durable
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • No flicker or buzzing
  • Uniform light transmission


  • Pack of 6 LED bulbs
  • Standard E12 base
  • Low heat emission
  • Color rendering index is 80+
  • Lifespan of up to 30000hrs


  • Strong plastic or sulfur smell

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Lepro Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs


Lepro Ceiling Fan Light BulbsLepro LED Bulb – the lighting solution that transformed my home, and also saves the energy. It uses only 5.5 watts, a whopping 86% less power than a 40watt incandescent bulb. And the best part is it lasts over 10 years! No more constant replacements like with traditional bulbs.

The light it emits is perfect. It’s a calm, comfortable white that creates a soothing atmosphere in any room. Plus, the colors it brings to life are amazing. It has a special feature called the Color Rendering Index that bringing out the real colors of everything in my home and making it look even more incredible.

This bulb works in any lighting fixture. Whether it’s a chandelier, ceiling fan, wall sconce, or pendant light, fits right in. It’s versatile and hassle-free. It’s just 5.5 watts but provides a bright 470 lumens of light. The color temperature is 5000 Kelvin, which gives a natural daylight white glow. And with a lifespan of 15,000 hours, it’s reliable for years to come. Plus, there’s a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Best Features:

  • Power rating of 40 watts
  • Offers a color temperature of 5000K
  • Includes 6 bulbs in a pack
  • E12 socket type bulbs


  • Good brightness output
  • Offers a lot of bulbs in the box
  • Fixed color balance


  • Higher Initial Cost
  • Not Dimmable

Buy Now From Amazon

6. GE Ceiling Fan Bulb

GE Ceiling Fan Bulb

GE is one of the most popular and oldest electronics companies which primarily makes industrial usage products but also a few other ones that can be used at your home.

The GE ceiling fan light bulbs can be a great way to light up your indoors area with ease. And when combined with this ceiling fan light bulb, you can expect decent brightness despite having just 4 bulbs.

Although, since there are only 4 bulbs in the pack, the given wattage rating is only 40 watts. Another thing to keep in mind is that you get a pretty warm or yellowish color from these lights with the given color temperature of 2600K.

Best Features:

  • Power rating of 40 watts
  • Offers a color temperature of 2600K
  • Includes 4 bulbs in a pack
  • E26 socket type bulbs


  • Large and sturdy ceiling fan light bulbs
  • Warm color tone output
  • Decent performance for the price


  • Only offers 4 bulbs

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Luxrite A15 LED Bulb

Luxrite A15 LED Bulb

Even though it might not be as popular as other brands out there, you should still check out Luxrite and its ceiling fan light bulbs as it is one of the more smaller ones.

Luxrite’s ceiling fan light bulbs are one of the most compact and smallest packs of lights out there. And to use these lights with your fan, you will find a total of 4 of them. With these bulbs, you get an E26 bulb socket which is strong and sturdy.

All 4 of these lights have a common white balance rating of 5000K which is on par with most other ceiling fan light bulbs. Talking about its performance numbers, this is also a 40-watt ceiling fan light bulb common which is to be expected.

Best Features:

  • Power rating of 40 watts
  • Offers a color temperature of 5000K
  • Includes 4 bulbs in a pack
  • E26 socket type bulbs
  • Comes with a 2-year long warranty


  • Large and sturdy bulb socket
  • Common temperature rating
  • Decent warranty period


  • Only 4 bulbs in a pack

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Sailstar Candelabra LED Ceiling Fan Bulbs

Sailstar Candelabra LED Ceiling Fan Bulbs

Sailstar lighting manufactures high-quality, reliable LED bulbs that won’t flicker, dazzle, strobe, overheat and last longer.

They come with a pack of 6 non-dimmable LED bulbs that offer comfortable and clear lighting with 80+ high CFI and brightness levels of 600 lumens. They provide a comfortable ambiance with more realistic, natural lighting.

This LED bulb with an A15 shape and E12 base is a perfect option to use as ceiling fan light fixtures, downlights, chandeliers, or pendant lights at home, workplace, cafe, office, or hotel. Also, they won’t contain any mercury, UV, or IR radiation and thereby avoid headaches or eye strain.

Since these fan LED bulbs last for a longer lifespan of 30,000 hours, they save a lot of money and energy with their stable performance. This daylight white bright light with a color temperature of 5000K will illuminate your home to provide natural bright lighting. The manufacturer offers a warranty of 3 years on their LED light bulbs.

Best Features:

  • Power rating of 60 watts
  • Offers a color temperature of 5000K
  • Includes 6 bulbs in a pack
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • E12 base socket type bulbs
  • Durable, reliable, and longer lifespan
  • Eco-friendly and eye-friendly bulbs


  • Lifespan of up to 30000 hrs
  • Color rendering index (CRI) is 80+
  • Low heat emission
  • Provides better brightness output


  • Build quality could have been better

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose the Best Light Bulbs for a Ceiling Fan

Choosing the right light bulbs for a ceiling fan is not just an easy task, of going to the store and picking the same. One has to consider several factors while shopping for these ceiling fan light bulbs. Here we have provided all the information required to pick the best one, as per your requirements.

Let’s get into its details.

1. Wattage

The wattage selection of light bulbs should be in such a way that it suits perfectly for your ceiling fan along with your purpose (energy efficiency) and environment. It let you know about the brightness of light, as a higher wattage bulb delivers brighter lighting. Also, avoid using high power consumption light bulbs, why because they overcome its main purpose of energy efficiency. Yet make sure to have enough brightness in your room.

Generally, ceiling fans (from 36 – 56 inches) need 55 – 100 W bulbs. For instance, a 48-inch ceiling fan model requires a 75W bulb. Also, make sure to check out the manufacturer’s specifications before making its purchase to match and fit it perfectly.

2. Lumens

The light brightness is measured in lumens. One has to select the model that produces enough brightness required for your room. For instance, you will need about 600 lumens for a nursery with options handy to set lower as a nightlight. While for a sturdy or living room, you need to pick a bulb with 800 lumens.

3. Controls

While picking the light bulbs for your ceiling fan, one should consider how to control the unit. Usually, a few bulbs won’t work with dimmer switches, while other bulbs suit even for pull-chain devices. Also, check out whether the bulb you are looking for is compatible with the installed remote control to operate. So, checking the control system is essential before buying the light bulbs for your ceiling fans.

4. Light and Color

It depends completely on one’s taste and preferences. If you need to produce a bright atmosphere, then prefer to buy a light bulb with a color temperature rating of over 4500K. In case, if you want to go easy on your eyes, then pick a bulb a bit closer with a 2700K rating to serve well.

As a general reference, a soft white with a 2700K – 3000K generates yellow and warm, which offer ambience somewhat closer to incandescent bulbs. While if you go higher on the scale of range up to 3000K – 4000K produce a yellowish-white or warm white light. Whereas, daylight bulbs ranging between 5000K – 65000K emits a bluish hue. So, whatever you choose completely depends on your personal preference and the ambience you desire to create in your room.

5. Base

Although, this won’t affect a bulb’s operation directly, but becomes the worst thing to invest in bulbs that won’t fit perfectly for your ceiling fan. An E12 base is mostly used in ceiling fans, still, it varies from one fan model to another. So, it is vital to check out the specifications of your ceiling fan before making the light bulb purchase.

6. Number of Bulbs

However, it is quite common to have multiple ceiling fans in every home and thereby every fan requires a bulb. So, check out the ceiling fan light bulbs that come in a pack of multiple to get rid of this issue. Usually, you can find the size of bulb pack that range from 4 packs, 6 packs, or up to 8 packs. Make sure to select a larger pack size that likely result in a better value for money.

7. Quality

Do you want to stay on the safe side and use the light bulbs of ceiling fans for a longer time? Then it is must to check the quality of the bulbs before buying. Prefer to purchase light bulbs made from well-known brands. In most cases, price indicates the quality and a higher price may offer a good quality light bulb.

8. Dimmable

A dimmable light bulb offers complete control over the lighting levels, which allows you to generate the desired atmosphere in your room. But to use this feature effectively, both the socket switch and light bulb should be compatible.

9. Light Bulb Size

Light Bulb SizeWhile ceiling fan manufacturers use different sizes of light bulbs in their light kits (as per the demand of its design). Thus, it won’t use the same size light bulbs in all these ceiling fans, which causes a bit confusion while upgrading or replacing the bulbs.

There are 4 main types of light bulbs available for the ceiling fans – mini candelabra, candelabra, intermediate, and medium. Among them, intermediate and candelabra are the most common ceiling fan bulbs. We notice that most of the new ceiling fan models need mini candelabra, while older versions of ceiling fans come with a fitting of a standard medium light bulb.

Measuring the base of an already installed/using bulb in the ceiling fan will help you to know the right size LED bulb you need to fit in your fan. However, the common measurement of these light bulbs will be….

  • Mini Candelabra Bulb The bulb base (E11) with a width of 0.43 inches and a height of 0.51 inches.
  • Standard Candelabra Bulb Bulb base (E12) with 0.47 inches width and 0.65 inches height.
  • Intermediates Bulb Its bulb base (E17) is slightly larger than the above two types that come with 0.54-inch width and 0.82-inch height.
  • Medium Bulb Its base (E26) exceeds 1-inch in both its height (1.05-inch) and width (1.03-inch).

10. Light Source

Check out whether this ceiling fan light bulb is the single/solo light source in your entire room. In case, if the light fixture of the fan is the only light source for the room, then you need to pick the bulb that delivers the possible brightest illumination. Here you need a bulb of high lumen (lm) output of 800 or above to provide sufficient lighting required to complete your daily tasks in that room.

However, selecting a bulb less than 800 lm won’t offer enough brightness to lighten up the entire room. Also, we suggest you use task lighting like table lamps or standing lamps to supplement the ceiling fan light and thereby to have better illumination that assists you in writing, reading, or working on computers.

In case, if you are using ceiling fan light as extra lighting to your already existing general lighting, then it’s best to use a dimmable bulb. As they allow you to control the brightness of the bulb, which is especially useful while the overhead lights are too bright. So, it helps you when this fan light is used in conjunction with other light fixtures in your room.

11. Ceiling Height

The ceiling height in which the ceiling fan lights are installed has to be taken into account while selecting the ceiling fan light bulbs. To those who installed the fan on high ceilings (or) who don’t want to worry about yearly changing of the light bulbs, then choose an energy-efficient, long-lasting bulb. Usually, LED bulbs are considered the best standard option for efficiency and longevity. This makes it a bit expensive yet worth for its longer bulb life.

Also, it won’t let you get up on a ladder for changing the bulb frequently. Next to LED bulbs, CFLs are another best option. Compared to LED bulbs, they won’t last long and do not offer much dimmable options.

12. Decorative Purpose

If your ceiling fan is the central point for your room and has uncovered bare light bulbs, then it may cause eyesores. Then avoid using spiral CFLs and check out a light bulb having a visually appealing shape. With your priorities straight, it is easy to research further into options. Keep in mind that light fixtures on ceiling fans having either candelabra or intermediate bases.

Here the intermediate base is familiar with a standard A-lamp for floor and table lamps, whereas, the candelabra base is a bit smaller that is mostly found in chandeliers.

Note – It is quite essential to clean light bulbs, fan blades, and light fixture cover regularly. The lighted ceiling fans accumulate dust, debris, and dead bugs, which may affect the lighting performance and dimming is its output.

13. Socket Type

After selecting the right type of bulb for your ceiling fan, you have to start using them right away. This is possible whenever the bulbs you have selected are compatible with the bulb sockets. For this, you should check the socket type before buying the ceiling fan light bulb. Most of these options out there are E26 bulbs, while some are E12 bulbs.

14. Warranty

Irrespective of the product, one should consider its warranty before making its purchase. A ceiling fan light bulb won’t stop its working easily. Usually, the manufacturers of ceiling fan light bulbs offer 2- or 3-years long warranty. Some high-end models come with a lifetime warranty to have peace of mind while using them.

Types of Light Bulbs

Choosing the right type of bulb for your ceiling fan will ensure proper color temperature, ease of use, and visual appearance. So, one should know all about different light bulb types and their applications to pick the best bulb for your ceiling fan.

1. LED Bulbs 

LED lights deliver the most energy-efficient lighting and are considered the best lighting solution. It consumes less power compared to traditional lights. With their long-lasting nature, the ceiling fans with LED lights work for over 25000 hours and are ideal to use in places where light bulb changing is difficult, like if fans are installed on high ceilings.

However, there are a bit expensive than other options (like halogen or fluorescent) yet they save a lot of time for their longevity and energy efficiency. Also, most of these LED lights are dimmable and offer much more options.

2. Halogen

The halogen lights in ceiling fans will work by consuming 15% less energy compared to traditional incandescent lights. Also, they create heat temperature to deliver a warmer and welcoming light, which suits best for dining or living rooms. All these halogen lights are dimmable with proper dimming control that allow you to set the light brightness as per your requirement. Yet they are more susceptible to excessive heat than LED light bulbs.

3. Fluorescent

The ceiling fans with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) uses 75% less energy compared to incandescent lights. Although, it won’t have a longer lifespan than LEDs, but stays longer than halogen bulbs. Since these CFL bulbs are not dimmable, we suggest you use them as a single lighting source in your room for multiple purposes. With their visual appearance (brightness), we advise not to use these bulbs in fixtures where the bulb is exposed.

4. Incandescent Light

It is a traditional style of the light bulb and the most commonly used light for the last few decades. But due to modern advances and developments in lighting technology (such as CFLs, halogen or LEDs), they have fallen out of the line in recent years.

When compared to their counterparts, these incandescent bulbs consume more electricity for their working. This makes most manufacturers not interested in making ceiling fans with these incandescent bulbs. However, all these incandescent lights are dimmable with proper dimming control to let you adjust as per your required brightness level.

Safety Tips to Consider While Shopping Light Bulbs for Ceiling Fans

Apart from evaluating specific features while selecting the light bulbs for ceiling fans, there are some safety features to consider. Take a quick look at some of the safety tips to be followed while using these ceiling fan light bulbs.

1. Ultraviolet Light

Especially while using halogen bulbs for ceiling fans, as they may pose a UV light danger. However, it is safe in moderation, yet more of its exposure is unhealthy, and even bulb touching when it is warm can result in skin burning. Ensure to work when they cooled down completely to keep yourself safe.

2. Fire Threatening

Incandescent bulbs are notorious to heat up excessively and a thin glass surface won’t help a lot. If the ceiling fan won’t permit faster heat dissipation, then the bulb may catch up the fire or explode easily. So, don’t leave the ceiling fan light on for a longer time.

3. Dangerous Chemicals

Usually, most bulbs work with the help of specific chemicals. For example, LED lights contains small traces of arsenic, lead, and nickel, while CFL has mercury. So, one has to handle them properly with care while using or disposing of them to ensure these chemicals won’t end up in the mouth, skin, or eyes of anyone.

Regular Bulbs Vs Candelabra Bulbs

Here we are going to know the similarities and differences between these two bulbs – regular ones and candelabra bulbs. Let’s get started.

Similarities :

  • They use the same wattage.
  • With its screw-on base variety, it allows you to use them in ceiling fans upon right sockets.
  • Obtain the same variation in color warmth measured in kelvin levels.

Difference :

Manufacturers designed candelabra bulbs with a smaller base and shape to have more electrical efficiency. Due to this reason, the 6W unit performs as 60W lights. Most people have an opinion that these candelabra lights won’t emit lumens as regular bulbs, even with the same wattage.

Verdict –

Compared to regular bulbs, candelabra light bulbs display elegance in each setting and have a pointed tip to look like candles flickering, while some have a typical round shape. One can find candelabra LED lights in most ceiling fans boasting excellent energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Shall we use LED bulbs in ceiling fans?

Ans: Yes, LED bulbs are used in ceiling fans. It is a safer option that offers the best energy efficiency and long-lasting lighting.

2. How to make the fan light illuminate brighter?

Ans: Look for the bulbs offering warmer colors (or) emitting higher lumen levels. For this, one has to check the specifications to know their kelvin level (color brightness). Also, a light bulb having a better CRI generates improved visibility in your room.

3. Is ceiling fans require special light bulbs?

Ans: No, not at all. The regular bulbs work fine, yet one should consider their maximum watts and socket size to stay on the safer side. Also, it is a must to check the required lumens counts and whether the bulb offering the same or not before buying.

4. How much wattage (power) a ceiling fan consumes to run?

Ans: Generally, there are different values (wattage) to run the ceiling fans. For example, a 6W LED or candelabra bulbs are energy-efficient and will emit brightness the same as 60W. Also, it may go as brightness as 100W, and then you may require collective energy usage all over the light fixtures. So, you have to check out bulbs with the wattage range of 10W – 120W for running a standard ceiling fan.

5. How to know what type of bulbs ceiling fans use?

Ans: One should know the type of bulbs to be used in ceiling fans by checking its user manual, as it provides all the information about ceiling fan light bulbs. In case, if you don’t have any user manual, then look at the socket, where there is a label mentioning its light bulb wattage and size.

6. What happens while using a lower or higher wattage bulb on the ceiling fan?

Ans: If using a lower wattage bulb, then it won’t cause any potential damage, and you can notice that LED bulbs are emitting the same light brightness as higher value lights. While using a higher wattage bulb, then it may be a chance of overheating the wire which is connected to the circuit wiring.

7. Why does the ceiling fans have candelabra bulbs?

Ans: These candelabra bulbs are perfect to conserve energy and longevity. For instance, using a 6W bulb will perform as a 60W bulb (same as LED lights). Also, it gives classic look that makes you think like candles lighting up the room, and thereby enhance the aesthetics of the room.


When it comes to choosing the right one, it should not be quite difficult. However, if you are still confused, then you can consider checking out the following favorite recommendations for the best ceiling fan light bulbs:

  • Those of you who simply want a lot of lights in a single pack can go with the Lepro ceiling fan light bulbs. You get a total of 6 bulbs in the box where all of them use the E12 bulb socket. As you would expect from such a large pack of bulbs, the total power rating is given at 40 watts along with a color temperature of 5000K, which is quite decent for most buyers.
  • While most LED bulbs are quite reliable and usually last for a long time, the Comzler ceiling fan light bulbs are much more reliable. This is due to the reason that you get a lifetime warranty with these E12 bulbs. Speaking of the bulbs, you will find a total of 6 bulbs in the box which combine together to offer a power rating of 60 watts and a color temperature of 5000K.
  • If you want ceiling fan light bulbs that have more of a warm color temperature, then you can go with the Hansang Store E12 Candelabra LED Bulbs.It is one of the most warm color options in this article with a given color temperature of 4000K with this pack of E12 bulbs. Talking about the pack size, you will find a total of 8 bulbs in the box which is more than sufficient for most.

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