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6 Best Bike Speaker Holders of 2024

Bike trips are not only exciting pastimes but also incredible calorie-burning workouts. And they may also be quite relaxing, especially when accompanied by lovely tunes. However, using earbuds while riding might be harmful due to the foreign surroundings. So, what is the best solution? Get amazing Bluetooth speakers with bike and cycling mounts! Well, with so many alternatives available on the market, it might be difficult to pick the best one. To simplify your job, we have curated this article with a lot of groundwork. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of some Top-Tier Bike Speaker Holders and a detailed “Buying Guide”, each precisely engineered to secure your speaker, improve your aural experience, and resist the rigors of the road. Dive into the article if you desire to jazz up your next bike journey. 

Top-rated 6 Bike Speaker Holders

1. OAONY Bike Speaker HolderOAONY Portable Speaker Mount for Bike

Product Description

Starting with the company, OAONY has committed itself to manufacturing products that unite quality and innovation. This unwavering quest for excellence guarantees that each product is meticulously developed to improve your bike experience. With an emphasis on technological perfection, the OAONY portable speaker mount for bike pairs smoothly into your active lifestyle, delivering convenience as well as a touch of elegance.

OAONY Portable Speaker Mount for Bike can be used for multiple purposes and equipped on various vehicles, making it an adaptable and flexible addition for music fans on the road. This speaker holder is designed with a non-slip and tight strap to hold the speaker firmly even on uneven terrain. Additionally, an adapt PE bar is used to avoid speaker mount bending deformation.

  • It is extremely sturdy and resistant to all weather conditions, assuring that it will survive for many years.
  • The included carabiner allows you to effortlessly hang your speaker in almost any place, such as a tree limb (or) a fence post.
  • It provides exceptional value for money, giving a high-quality and long-lasting product at a reasonable price.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of portable Bluetooth speaker models as well as bike types.
  • Plus the half-inch cushioning absorbs involuntary road shocks, preventing wear and tear.
Product Specifications
Compatible devices Portable speakers
Mounting type Speaker mount, sewing
Dimensions 6.34 x 3.11 x 2.01 inches
Shockproof Yes

Key Features

  • Built with premium quality PU leather materials
  • High-quality hook and loop fastener nylon strap
  • Portable carabiner for hanging to a tree branch (or) fence post
  • Compatible with most bike types
  • Simple installation
  • Half-inch padding for shock absorption

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2. HomeMount Bike Speaker HolderHomeMount Bike Speaker Mount

Product Description

HomeMount products are favorably welcomed all over the globe. As more electronic devices are readily accessible, they not only produce speaker mounts but also other device mounts. Their goal is to design products that make everyday life easier. Even though their products seem to be simple, they effectively assist you in getting the most out of your speaker.

HomeMount Bike Speaker Mount is designed to accommodate most wireless speakers on a golf court (or) outdoor excursions allowing you to immerse yourself in the musical world. This speaker holder is simple to install on many bikes, making it a versatile and adaptable addition for music enthusiasts on the road. Its railing circumference ranges from 3 to 7 inches so that it can fit onto any kind of bike type. 

  • It is extremely strong and can withstand all weather conditions.
  • This bike mount holds your speaker securely in place even on slippery and uneven roads.
  • Its sturdy carabiner allows you to effortlessly hang your speaker on a tree branch (or) a fence post.
  • This holder can be fitted easily on any bike-type arm and can be adjusted as required.
Product Specifications
Brand HomeMount
Compatible devices Portable speakers
Mounting type Speaker mount, sewing
Dimensions 8.5 x 3.66 x 1.26 inches 

Key Features

  • Made with longer and high-quality PU materials
  • Has a magic poster and an adjustable structure
  • Robust carabiner for hanging to a tree branch (or) fence post
  • Compatible with most wireless speakers and bike types
  • Multi-functional Velcro

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3. Xislet Bike Speaker HolderXislet 2-Straps Portable Speaker Mount

Product Description

The Xislet 2-Straps Portable Speaker Mount is a must-have accessory for golf carts and ATV/Boat/Bike riders. It is an excellent choice for enthusiasts who prefer listening to music while on the course. Genuinely you can improve your outdoor adventures by including this speaker mount into your outdoor activities. 

The Xislet 2-Straps speaker holder has an adjustable strap that accommodates most portable speakers, including the JBL Flip, Charge, OontZ Angle, Anker, Doss, AOMAIS, and Bose. Plus, Xislet can save room in cupholders and avoids the need for your speaker to roll about in the “glove box.”

  • Made with durable materials to hold your speaker securely in place even while driving fast and loud. 
  • Features 2 speaker straps to give a more customizable area to display the control buttons.
  • Its installation is pretty simple, and you will not need any additional tools to do it. 
  • This holder may be used to hang items other than speakers, such as water bottles, umbrellas, and apparel. 
Product Specifications
Brand Xislet
Compatible devices Portable speakers
Mounting type Speaker mount, sewing
Dimensions 7.72×7.68×1.1 inches

Key Features

  • Holder with superior non-slippery strap
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Securely fits most branded speakers
  • Suitable for all bike types

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4. TREBLAB Bike Speaker HolderTREBLAB Bluetooth Speaker Mount For Bike

Product Description

TREBLAB, an American wireless audio brand, was established by passionate audiophiles with over 30 years of professional expertise and an unwavering desire for outstanding sound. Their objective is to deliver low-cost, high-quality wireless audio equipment. TREBLAB Bluetooth Speaker Mount for Bike is one such product that is designed to elevate your rides with unparalleled sound quality and performance. 

TREBLAB Speaker Mount is compatible with most portable speakers and works perfectly with TREBLAB HD7, TREBLAB HD77, and TREBLAB FX100 speaker models. Moreover, it comes with two mounting straps that are made out of PVC and POM materials that can endure the test of time. 

  • This speaker holder is compatible with any portable speakers with most 8″-12″ diameter. 
  • It has three adjustable Velcro straps that fit most railings 5-7″ in diameter.
  • Made with a non-slip PU material that ensures a snug connection between the mount and the speaker.
  • It features an anti-vibration cushion that absorbs sudden shocks and prevents the speaker from rattling.
Product Specifications
Brand Treblab
Compatible devices Portable speakers
Mounting type Dashboard
Dimensions 5.9 x 3.1 x 2.0 inches
Shockproof Yes

Key Features

  • Multifunctional installation
  • Stable fixing and adjustable structure
  • 1-year warranty for new buyers
  • Quality-driven Velcro straps

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5. HeyMoonTong Bike Speaker HolderHeyMoonTong Portable Speaker Mount

Product Description

HeyMoonTong Portable Speaker Mount epitomizes robust quality and innovative design. This mount’s quality materials provide durability that can endure the demands of outdoor excursions. The HeyMoonTong mount, which comes with adjustable straps, a strong hook, and a loop fastener, ensures a secure and adaptable fit for your speaker. 

This universal speaker mount is very easy to carry around and install. It is compatible with most wireless speakers with a diameter of 7.5″ – 12.5″, including the JBL Charge 5/4/3, JBL FLIP 6/5/4, JBL Pulse 4/3, OontZ Angle 3 Ultra, Anker SoundCore, Bose SoundLink, Sony XB23, etc. Its water-resistant features provide security in inclement weather, keeping your speaker safe and sound.

  • This speaker mount is designed to suit most bike railings with a circumference of 4″ – 6″.
  • The three non-slip adjustable straps lock the Bluetooth speaker to the rails, bars, and frame, preventing it from rolling.
  • It is made of high-quality PU leather and stitched with precision.
  • The half-inch comfort cushions prevent the speaker from rattling and wear and tear. 
Product Specifications
Brand HeyMoonTong
Compatible devices Portable speakers
Mounting type Speaker mount
Dimensions 6.85×5.67×1.61 inches
Water resistance Yes
Shockproof Yes

Key Features

  • High-quality non-slippery adjustable Velcro straps
  • Suitable for most speakers and railings
  • PE bar framework reduces bending deformation 
  • Easy to carry, install, and uninstall
  • Two-strap design for the visibility of speaker buttons
  • Resistant to rain, water spills, splashes, and moisture

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6. co2CREA Bike Speaker Holderco2CREA Portable Bike Speaker Mount

Product Description

co2CREA was established with a mission to supply the best products and services for its customers. co2CREA Portable Bike Speaker Mount stands out with its innovative use of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a material known for its child-friendly applications like foam stickers. This mount, unlike others, is meant to provide a scent-free experience, making it ideal for users who are sensitive to scents. 

These speaker holders are compatible with most portable speaker brands, including JBL flip speakers, JBL charge speakers, OontZ Angle speakers, Anker Soundcore speakers, UE speakers, Doss speakers, Bose speakers, Bushnell speakers, and more. Further, the strong EVA shell case is precision-crafted and provides excellent protection against drops, scratches, bumps, splashes, and dust.

  • It includes two adjustable straps for the speaker to provide a more flexible area for exposing the control buttons, as well as three adjustable straps for mounting Bluetooth speakers to any railing.
  • This holder is constructed of high-quality PU leather material, sewn precisely, and has a PE bar to prevent speaker mount bending deformation. 
  • The portable speaker holder is scratch-resistant, and the speaker strap secures the mount and speaker to the railings.
  • The holder isn’t restricted to the speaker but you can also hang other items such as beverages, water bottles, golf gear, tools, radios, clothing, and so on.
Product Specifications
Brand co2CREA
Compatible devices Portable speakers
Mounting type Handlebar
Dimensions 6.34 x 3.11 x 2.01inches
Scratch proof Yes

Key Features

  • Extremely light, exquisite, and easy to install without any tools
  • Multifunctional installation
  • Magic poster, adjustable structure, and PU leather
  • Portable carabiner for hanging anywhere you like

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What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing a Bike Speaker Holder?

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just like a leisurely ride, adding a speaker holder to your bike can embrace your speaker and may significantly improve your cycling experience while on the road. With so many alternatives on the market, selecting the appropriate speaker holder for your bike might be difficult. 

Not to worry! We are here to assist you in making the best decision. Simply go through the important aspects that must be kept in mind before purchasing a bike speaker holder. 

Bike Speaker Holders of 2024: Buying Guide

1. Mounting Type

Primarily, one has to think about mount type while purchasing a bike speaker holder. Currently, most speakers come with versatile mounting options, making it easy to attach them to your bike’s handlebars, frame, or any other suitable position without obstructing your ride. Having a robust and reliable mounting mechanism keeps your speaker holder securely attached to your bike, even on bumpy and slippery roads. 

So, look for holders with adjustable straps, clamps, and brackets that firmly keep your speaker in place during your ride, preventing inadvertent dislodging.

2. Bike Type

In general, different bike models have different frame designs and sizes. Bikes with an appropriate holder can completely embrace the speaker without accidental dislocation while riding. That’s why it is very important to figure out your bike type before buying a speaker holder for it. 

Always ensure the holder you select is compatible with your bike type, whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, or cruiser, to guarantee a secure fit and easy installation.

3. Flexibility

A 360-degree rotation speaker holder allows you to change the position of the speaker as per your preference, directing sound toward you for a more immersive auditory experience. This function allows you to fine-tune the location of the speaker for maximum sound output. 

Hence, prefer a speaker holder with a 360-degree rotation feature for added convenience. 

4. Control and Usability

Holders with conveniently placed buttons (or) controls allow you to adjust the volume, change music, and answer calls without being distracted while riding. Accessibility guarantees a safer and more pleasurable bike experience. 

Seek for speaker holders with conveniently accessible controls for simple operation. 

5. Shock Absorption

Biking often involves encountering rough surfaces, which can transmit vibrations to your speaker and affect audio clarity. A holder with built-in shock absorption (or) cushioning helps minimize these vibrations, delivering clear and undistorted sound throughout your ride. 

To avoid these problems, pick a speaker holder that is shockproof with IP65, IP55, IP67, etc. so that your device is secured even on uneven surfaces.

6. Water Resistance

In general, your bike speaker holders will be prone to diverse weather conditions, such as rain, water spills, splashes, fog, or mist. Water (or) moisture accumulation on the holders can harm them and cause rusting. 

To avoid this, use a holder of weather-resistant materials (or) coated with compounds that protect your speaker from rain, dust, and other environmental factors, extending its life. However, it is advised to use a holder with waterproof certifications such as IPX6, IPX5, and so on.  

7. Durability

Since you use your speaker for various outdoor activities such as road trips, hiking, traveling, and so on, it will be subjected to adverse weather conditions and unintended circumstances while riding. The speaker holders that are built of high-quality materials can endure vibrations, impacts, abrupt jerks, the demands of outdoor bicycling, and typical wear and tear. 

Therefore, it is critical to select one that is very robust and resistant to water, dust, and shocks. 

8. Compatibility

The holder must accommodate your unique speaker’s size and shape. A tight fit eliminates extraneous vibrations, providing excellent sound quality and avoiding potential speaker damage over time. 

Check the measurements of your speaker and then pick a holder based on the specifications. 

9. Simple Installation

Look for holders with tool-free installation, which allows you to effortlessly connect and detach the holder without the need for extra equipment. This ease of use makes it simple to transfer the holder between bikes or remove it when not in use.

10. Budget

Finally, budget is one of the important factors that must be thought of. Initially, plan your budget and jot down all the features you desire in the device. Then look for the models that come within your planned budget. Well,  with the advent of technology, several models are now designed with current features at an inexpensive price. 

Best Bike Speaker Holders – FAQs

1. How do I know if a bike speaker holder will fit my specific speaker model?

Ans: Most bike speaker holders specify the suitable speaker sizes that they can support. Check the product details (or) user reviews before purchase to guarantee that it can securely retain your exact speaker type.

2. Can I use a Bluetooth speaker while riding in the rain?

Ans: It depends on the IP rating of the speaker. Look for speakers with a high IPX rating, which means they can survive water splashes and showers.

3. Will the speaker holder affect my ability to steer (or) maneuver the bike?

Ans: Bike speaker holders that are well-designed are strategically positioned to prevent obscuring your hands or interfering with your ability to steer and manage the bike. To guarantee a comfortable and secure trip, look for holders with a small and streamlined design.

4. Can I use a Bluetooth speaker during bike races (or) competitions?

Ans: While it is not suggested for competition events, you may be allowed to utilize a Bluetooth speaker for non-competitive rides or training sessions. Follow the event’s regulations and standards, or speak with the event organizers beforehand.

5. Will a Bluetooth speaker affect my bike’s balance or stability?

Ans: As long as the speaker is correctly installed and does not interfere with the handling of your bike, it should not affect balance or stability. Before you hit the road, make sure it’s firmly fastened.

6. Are these holders easy to install (or) will I need special tools?

Ans: Many bike speaker carriers use adjustable straps, clamps, or brackets for tool-free installation. They are often simple to install and detach, allowing you to rapidly switch the holder between bikes without the use of additional equipment.


Picking the right portable Bluetooth speaker to mount it on the bike can be tricky. As you explore the world of bike speaker holders, our in-depth examination of the best alternatives comes to a close. These amazing accessories combine usefulness, durability, and musical delight, perfectly integrating technology into your bicycle adventures. If you consider the key features of each product mentioned above like waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, it is most likely to withstand anything.

With a range of options catering to various preferences, you’re able to find the perfect companion for your voyage. Accept the symphony of sound and adventure as these high-quality bike speaker holders follow you on several journeys, complementing each moment with the beat of your favorite tracks.

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