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4 Best Battery Spot Welders Reviews & Buying Guide

Spot welding is one of the most common types of welding methods while working on circuits. And while it can be used for most connections, the same cannot be said while connecting batteries to your circuit. In that case, you need special tools due to which we are here with the best battery spot welders that have been chosen as per these factors:

  • Welding Thickness: Since you will be making welding connections on small batteries, your spot welds are also going to be quite small in size or thickness. Generally, this ranges between 0.05 mm to 0.2 mm which is a decent enough range for most users.
  • Welding Current: For properly welding and creating electrical connections with a battery, it is quite important to use a powerful battery spot welder. Thankfully, most battery spot welders offer a welding current range of 50A to 800A which is quite high for welding connections with a battery.
  • Controls: Just like any other welding machine, it is highly important to set your battery spot welder to the right settings. Hence, most of them come with multiple dials, screens, and even foot paddles in some cases that you should check out before buying one.

Surely these factors can come in quite handy while picking the best battery spot welder for you. Although, if you want to buy the right one, you should also go through the features and specifications as well as the detailed “Buying Guide” regarding battery spot welders present down below so that you can choose the right one at the end.

Best Battery Spot Welders Table

Best Battery Spot WeldersWelding ThicknessWelding CurrentWarrantyBuy Now
Kerpu 709A Battery Spot Welder0 mm to 0.2 mm50A to 650A---Check On Amazon
Seesii Mini Battery Spot Welder0.01 mm to 0.15 mm50A to 650A---Check On Amazon
Glitter 801B Battery Spot Welder0.05 mm to 0.35 mm500A to 2000A 1 yearCheck On Amazon
U.S. Solid Battery Spot Welder0.01 mm to 0.15 mm50A to 800A1 yearCheck On Amazon

Best Battery Spot Welders Reviews

1. Kerpu Mini Spot Welder Machine


Kerpu makes a well-known mini spot welder brand that not only offers standard performance numbers but also extra features which you would expect at the given price tag.

This portable spot welder offers various safety features like overheating protection, over-discharge or over-charge protection, and over-temperature protection to prevent any damage to the welder. It features adjustable output power of 6 grades to have more stable and accurate welding, as per your requirement.

You can use them to weld steel, iron, stainless steel sheets, and others with thickness less than 0.2 mm with less time and effort. Also, its 40 cm welding pen will let you operate them flexibly. It comes with a large capacity of 5000 mAh rechargeable battery, which uses a type-C input interface design.

With its two modes – automatic and manual modes that let you adjust as per your convenience. When combined with its welding current output of 50A to 650A, you can expect this battery spot welder to be the perfect option for small or DIY projects.

Best Features:

  • Offers a welding thickness rating of 0 mm to 0.2 mm
  • Rated welding current of 50A to 650A
  • In-built 2 high-rate lithium polymer rechargeable batteries
  • 6 levels of adjustable power
  • Large battery capacity of 5000 mAh
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Type-C input interface design


  • Gold-plated solder pen terminals
  • Thickened pure copper
  • Decent battery power that aids in longer usage
  • Easy to use dual modes and 6 adjustable gears.


  • No information available on its warranty
  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark.

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2. Seesii Mini Spot Welding Machine

Seesii Mini

Seesii is a budget-friendly and smaller spot welder brand that offer decent performance.

This Mini spot welding machine comes at the 2nd position of this article due to its performance offering value for money. It has a welding thickness rating of 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm. You can adjust between these by using its inbuilt microcomputer offering high precision and efficiency.

Another great thing about this battery spot welder is that it has a very high welding current output of 50A to 650A which is just perfect for getting proper welds. It is an ideal option for small welding works and daily spot welding at home.

It has a 5500mAh high-rate rechargeable battery which lets them work continuously for 18 hours on a full charge, while it gets charged within 3 hours using a Type-C interface. Also, the welding machine is equipped with several safety features like overcurrent protection, low voltage protection, overvoltage protection intelligent output current, and overtemperature protection to prevent any damage. Its colorful indicator light will let you know about its working status.

You will get spot welding pens, USB cable, mini spot welding machine, nickel-plated steel belt, and user manual in this pack. Yet the warranty details are not provided.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with mobile phone interface
  • Inbuilt high-rate lithium polymer battery
  • 9 gears adjustable spot welder
  • Battery indicator light display
  • Water, wear, fall, and fire resistance.
  • Portable power band design with quick release welding pen


  • High-temperature automatic power off
  • 18 hours of continuous working
  • Aluminum shell
  • Premium MOS tube
  • Gold plated terminal quick release welding pen


  • Lacks warranty information
  • Not an ideal option for heavy-duty usage.

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3. Glitter 801B Battery Spot Welder

Glitter 801B Battery Spot WelderGlitter is a known brand that design and manufacture quality spot welding equipment at a premium price range.

Glitter 801B battery spot welder comes at the 3rd  position of this listicle, as it is an ideal option suitable for those looking for a powerful and reliable spot welding machine for industrial/heavy-duty or individual usage. It has 2 capacitors for energy storage and a consistent power source to perform pulse spot welding. It offers a reliable welding effect whenever the energy-gathered pulse welding technology gets combined with maximum welding power of 11.6KW.

It is a small, compact, lightweight, and portable option to carry around easily yet quite a more powerful, durable, and reliable machine than traditional models. You get a welding thickness range of 0.05mm to 0.35mm, which is used by most users. Its dual-function welder (70B welding pen & 73S handle push welding arm) will help you to complete the welding tasks quickly and effectively.

It offers dual welding modes – automatic AT mode (or) manual foot pedal controlling MT mode that let you use the welding machine accordingly. While its low power consumption will let you use the machine effectively for around 12 hours without any heating problems. This battery spot welder is used along with 14500 and 18650 lithium batteries, which are the two most common battery types.

They are used in various kinds of battery and common metal welding (iron, steel, titanium, brass, or molybdenum). Furthermore, there are two adjusting/controlling buttons to set the power grade or pulse time for your welding. While the parameters like current, voltage, or actual pulse time gets displayed on the LED screen. Although, you do get a 1-year warranty with this spot welder which is always great to have.

Best Features:

  • Offers a welding thickness rating of 0.05 mm to 0.35mm
  • Rated welding current of 500A to 2000A
  • Comes with a warranty period of 1 year
  • Dual function welder – 70B welding pen & 73S welding arm
  • Offers two welding modes – AT & MT


  • Quite a powerful spot welder
  • LED parameter display screen
  • Portable, small, and lightweight option
  • Works effectively for 12 hours
  • Used in batteries, electronic components, metal hardware spot welding work.


  • Most expensive product.

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4. U.S. Solid Battery Spot Welder

U.S. Solid Battery Spot WelderThe U.S. Solid Battery Spot Welder Capacitor Energy Storage Pulse Welding Machine is a exceptionally flexible and portable welding choice that is perfect for certain electric initiatives. This welding system offers a welding thickness range of zero.05 mm to zero.2 mm, making it a notable alternative for those looking for a lower variety of thickness.

Despite its compact size, this welding machine is quite effective and can offer surprisingly correct welds with a excessive welding contemporary output of 50A to 800A. The covered 73B welding pen allows for unique manage over the welding system, making it best for constructing 18650 and 14500 lithium battery packs.

This welding gadget additionally comes equipped with a 12 kW strength storage capacitor and a distinctly green radiator to preserve it cool at some point of operation. The built-in cooling fan operates at a speed of 4100 RPM, ensuring that the welding machine stays at a strong temperature all through the welding method.

U.S. Solid is a surprisingly experienced and reliable logo within the welding industry, supplying clients with the peace of thoughts they want with a 1-year warranty. The mini transportable design of this welding system makes it exceptionally flexible and smooth to move, making it perfect for both home and expert use.

Overall, the U.S. Solid Battery Spot Welder Capacitor Energy Storage Pulse Welding Machine is a dependable and green choice for those seeking out a compact and portable welding machine for their electrical tasks.

Best Features:

  • Two super capacitors for energy storage and stable power source
  • Max pulse welding power up to 12 KW
  • Portable mini size and light weight
  • 100-240 V wide-voltage input
  • 73B welding pen for precision spot welding on lithium battery packs
  • Two welding modes (‘AT/MT’) and 73S handle-push welding arm
  • Capacitor energy-gathered pulse technology and low power consumption
  • Adjustable pulse welding power (0-99 range) via two buttons with LED screen display
  • Welds 0.4mm nickel plated and 0.35mm pure nickel
  • Suitable for batteries, metal hardware, and electronic components


  • Energy-efficient capacitor energy storage system
  • High max pulse welding power of up to 12 KW
  • Portable mini size and lightweight design
  • Equipped with 73B welding pen for precision spot welding on lithium battery packs
  • Two welding modes (‘AT/MT’) and 73S handle-push welding arm for easy and efficient welding
  • Adjustable pulse welding power (0-99 range) via two buttons with LED screen display


  • Slightly more expensive than some traditional spot-welding machines
  • Limited welding thickness range

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Buying Guide For The Best Battery Spot Welders

Those of you who work on a lot of electrical circuits are also most likely soldering and welding a lot of connections together. And while most of them are quite easy to do, the same cannot be said about welding electrical connections with batteries.

In that case, you will need to use something like the best battery spot welders present above. To help you out in picking the right one, we have explained all the features and details of these various battery spot welders. Now, we also have the following complete buying guide regarding battery spot welders in this listicle for helping you in your buying decision:

1. Welding Thickness

Since some batteries are quite small and others are large, you also need to change your spot welding size respectively. However, this is only possible when your battery spot welder also supports variable welding sizes or thickness ratings. As a result, most of them support a welding thickness range of 0.05 mm to 0.2 mm which should be fairly decent in most cases. You should be able to use the same for a large number of battery types and wire types with ease.

2. Welding Current

Whether you are using your battery spot welder for thinner connections or thicker ones, you would want it to make secure connections that stay intact for a long time. To ensure this, it is highly important to use a powerful enough battery spot welder that can properly spot weld all kinds of wires on all kinds of batteries.

One easy way to check this is to look at the welding current offered by your machine. Generally, this will be given as 50A to 800A which is much higher than what you will need in most cases for making spot weld connections for your electrical circuit batteries.

3. Temperature Range

Even though not all battery spot welders have a temperature range mentioned, a few of them do which can be a great way to get an idea of its performance. This includes temperature ranges like 100 to 400 degree Celcius or 150 to 500 degree Celcius where a higher range is always considered to be better. With higher temperatures, you can easily work with most batteries and solder metals.

4. Work Cycle

All welding machines also have a rating known as work cycle which tells you about the time for which they can work at a given time. Usually, battery spot welders offer a work cycle of about 20 pulses within a minute. With this, you can easily spot weld a lot of batteries before waiting for the work cycle to refresh which is always great.

5. Supported Batteries

Before you go ahead and start using a battery spot welder, it is highly important to ensure that your welder is compatible with the batteries that you want to weld in a circuit. While there are a lot of battery types available out there, two of the most popular ones used in circuits include 18650 and 14500 batteries. As a result, almost all battery spot welders support welding these batteries along with a few others.

6. Controls

Even if you have a powerful battery spot welder, you will not be able to use it to the fullest if you do not have the right controls at your disposal. Hence, it is quite important to check the control options offered by a given battery spot welder. Other than standard dials and switches, a few models also offer display modules for ensuring that you are running your battery spot welder at the right power output. As for using the welder, most of them allow you to do this by either pushing the welding head upwards or by using an included foot pedal for ease of use.

7. Accessories

Similar to most other welding machines, to use your battery spot welder, you are going to need a lot of other tools and accessories along with it. Fortunately, almost all battery spot welders include a wide range of accessories in the box. This includes things like spot welder, foot pedal, battery holder, welding needles, wrenches and screwdrivers, fuse tubes, and nickel platings. If your battery spot welder also comes with all these, not only do you get a better value for money, but it also allows you to start using your battery spot welder right away.

8. Warranty

As spot welders and other welding machines do not come in cheap, you would want your battery spot welder to stay functional for as long as possible. Therefore, it is always a great idea to check the included warranty of your battery spot welder before buying one. Usually, you will find most of them to include a 1-year warranty which is quite decent.

Battery Spot Welders – FAQs

1. Why do I need a battery spot welder?

Ans: A battery spot welder is essential for assembling battery packs and other electronic devices. It ensures a strong and reliable connection between battery cells or tabs, which is crucial for the performance and safety of the overall battery system.

2. Are battery spot welders safe to use?

Ans: When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, battery spot welders are generally safe. They often come with safety features to prevent overheating and overcurrent. Users should wear appropriate protective gear and follow safety guidelines to minimize risks.

3. What features should I look for in the best battery spot welders?

Ans: Look for features such as adjustable welding parameters, precision control, safety features like overcurrent protection, and compatibility with various materials and thicknesses. Additionally, consider the build quality and ease of use.

4. Can I use a battery spot welder for materials other than batteries?

Ans: While designed for battery applications, some spot welders may be versatile enough to work with other thin metal materials. However, it’s essential to check the specifications and user guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

5. Can I repair a damaged battery pack using a spot welder?

Ans: In some cases, yes. A battery spot welder can be used to repair or replace individual cells or tabs in a battery pack. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and follow proper procedures to avoid further damage or safety risks.


Out of the various components used in most electrical circuits, you have to pay extra attention while welding and connecting batteries. If they get too hot, they may stop working because of which you have to use special tools for welding them. Thus, a few of the best battery spot welders are present above in this listicle. They also have their significant features and details explained above along with a complete buying guide. Based on these details, here are some of our preferred picks for the best battery spot welders:

  • Unlike most other battery spot welders, the U.S. Solid Battery Spot Welder offers a slightly lower welding thickness range of 0.01 mm to 0.15 mm. And since this is combined with a high welding current output of 50A to 800A, you can use this battery spot welder for highly detailed circuits with ease.
  • Although, if you want more of a standard battery spot welder, then the Kerpu Mini Spot Welder Machine can be a great pick. This unit supports a welding thickness range of 0.0 – 0.2 mm along with a welding current output of 650A to 1000A making it the perfect option for heavy-duty usage, especially at the given price tag.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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