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9 Best Automotive Spray Paint for Car Reviews In 2023

Do you own a car that makes people turn their heads, the moment you pass by? A car’s aesthetic features are dependent on the paint job since it helps in revealing those beautiful character lines on the panel. Automotive brands offer some of the best shades of colors to make their products stand out from others. If you own a car with this type of paint job, buying automotive spray paint seems to be a good investment in case of damage.

Automotive paints are loaded in small aerosol cans to apply on a surface directly. These paints are thinner than regular paints to make them suitable for spraying action. Pressurized gas propellant forces the paint out of a small nozzle or atomizer. The spraying action is almost similar to the larger spray guns. Before choosing an automotive spray paint, you should be aware of certain factors.

  • Finish type: Upon drying, every type of paint offers a different finish. The paint’s finish controls how light will reflect from the painted surface. This helps in enhancing the color of the human eye. Each type of finish has different characteristics. The gloss finish works great in reflecting the light, creating a shiny look. The clear-gloss finish is more reflective than the gloss one. The matte finish does not reflect light, making the surface appear smooth.
  • Paint type: Selecting the suitable paint type is also essential for automotive spray paint. Every type of paint has different properties, which are revealed after completely drying. Each type of paint also has a different durability which decides how long the paint layer will remain under changing weather conditions. Paint types like lacquer, enamel, clearcoat, acrylic, acrylic enamel, metallic, etc. are popularly used as spray paints
  • Net weight: Every layer of paint requires a considerable amount of paint. Nobody wants an unfinished panel just because you ran out of paint. The net weight is specified on the spray can, giving an idea of how much paint is available in it. The net weight is usually measured in ounces (oz). This term refers to the actual volume of the paint. Automotive spray paints are available in cans of 5 to 15 oz size.

If you give enough attention to these factors before selecting an automotive spray paint, you will not regret your decision. Since painting is a serious process and you would not risk ruining your vehicle, it becomes important to select the best option. We have simplified this process by explaining the best automotive spray paints in this article. We have also discussed a “Buying Guide” that will walk you through some important governing parameters.

Best Automative Spray Paint for Cars Table

Automative Spray PaintFinish TypePaint TypeNet WeightBuy Now
Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Spray PaintGlossLacquer8 ozCheck On Amazon
Rust-Oleum 7579838-6PK Spray PaintGlossEnamel15 ozCheck On Amazon
Spray Max Spray PaintHigh-glossClearcoat11.8 ozCheck On Amazon
Rust-Oleum 252462 Spray PaintMatteEnamel12 ozCheck On Amazon
Krylon Spray PaintGlossAcrylic Enamel12 ozCheck On Amazon
POR-15 Spray PaintGlossLacquer15 ozCheck On Amazon
ACDelco Spray PaintGlossLacquer5 ozCheck On Amazon
JENOLITE Spray PaintGlossMetallic13.52 ozCheck On Amazon
Dupli-Color EPAE100 Spray PaintGlossAcrylic Enamel12 ozCheck On Amazon

Best Automative Spray Paint Reviews

1. Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Spray PaintDupli-Color EBUN01007 Spray Paint

The first automotive spray paint on the list comes from Dupli-Color. It has been manufacturing automotive products for over 8 decades. The product range is developed with innovation and offers the best quality.

The Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Perfect Match Automotive Spray Paint is suitable if you are running short on time. With fast-drying technology, it will dry within 30 mins to 1 hr of time after application. Being a lacquer spray paint, accurate color shades are produced over the painted panel. The paint leaves an impressive gloss finish making the painted panel appear new.

The spray can feature a spray nozzle with 360-degree rotation. This helps in adjusting the spray position while painting. The spray can contain over 8 oz of automotive paint, enough for small touch-ups as well as repainting of metal, plastic, etc. surfaces. It offers the universal gloss black color shade.

Best Features

  • A lacquer spray paint
  • The gloss-type finish
  • Spray can’s capacity of 8 oz
  • Dries within 30 min to 1 hour of time
  • Suitable for metal, plastic, etc. surfaces
  • Color: universal gloss black


  • It is one of the fastest-drying paint
  • The paint gets a unique color code, making it easy to find a replacement unit
  • The color shades match most OEM panels of GM


  • To get a perfect gloss finish, multiple layers of paint need to be sprayed

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2. Rust-Oleum 7579838-6PK Spray PaintRust-Oleum 7579838-6PK Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum offers high-quality painting solutions for various industries, including automotive. The name itself explains the brand’s focus on rust prevention to keep your vehicles new for a long time.

The Rust-Oleum 7579838-6PK Enamel Spray Paint is a value-for-money pack. This combo pack contains a total of 6 units of enamel-based automotive spray paints. Using an oil-based formula, this paint offers superior protection against rust and environmental elements. The paint creates a nice glossy finish, which is pleasant to the eyes.

After spraying the paint, you will have to wait only for 15 minutes to 1 hour for it to set. The paint is used for both interior and exterior applications, for surfaces like metal, Mansory, wood, etc. Each can have a net weight of 15 oz, which is enough to cover a 14 sq ft area. It is available in various colors including the gloss black shade.

Best Features

  • An enamel spray paint
  • The gloss-type finish
  • The spray can’s capacity of 15 oz
  • Dries within 15 min to 1 hour of time
  • Suitable for metal, wood, Mansory, etc. surfaces
  • Color: gloss black


  • It is one of the value money pack as the user get 6 units
  • It uses an oil-based formula to create a waterproof and anti-rust layer
  • A single can cover 14 sq ft of area


  • The combo pack includes only one shade of paint color

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3. Spray Max Spray PaintSpray Max Spray Paint

SprayMax develops and manufactures aerosol paint systems for repair work. It offers primers, surface preparation, body fillers, base coats, top coats, and clear coats for automotive applications.

The Spray Max USC 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol adds an extra shine to your paint’s base coat. It is a clear coat type of paint that is used for adding a protective layer over a paint job. It creates a transparent film over the paint with a high-gloss finish. The surface becomes so smooth that the cleaning process becomes easy.

Apart from adding aesthetic value to the paint, it also keeps it away from scratches. The spray can have a net weight of 11.8 oz (400 ml), which is enough to paint multiple panels. Users can paint surfaces like metal, plastic, etc., with the help of this automotive spray paint. Being a clear coat, it is available in a clear color shade.

Best Features

  • A clear coat of spray paint
  • The high-gloss type finish
  • Spray can’s capacity of 11.8 oz
  • Suitable for metal, plastic, etc. surfaces
  • Color: clear


  • It creates a durable transparent coat that resists scratching and abrasion
  • It does not require any prior preparation of the surface
  • The base coat does not need sanding to apply this paint


  • It is hard to find replacements due to the product’s high demand

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4. Rust-Oleum 252462 Spray PaintRust-Oleum 252462 Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum also offers a range of painting products for the budget segment. These products might be priced lower than the competitors, but do not compromise the quality.

The Rust-Oleum Available 252462 Automotive Spray Paint is the king of the budget segment. It is an enamel-based paint which is suitable for painting and coating. If you do not love a glossy paint job then this unit is ideal for you. It offers a matte finish upon drying, which gives your car a distinct look.

The paint adds a protective layer on the topmost surface which resists UV attack and keeps the paint from fading away. It also prevents the base metal surface from rust. The spray can contain over 12 oz of paint, enough to deal with minor painting jobs.

Best Features

  • An enamel spray paint
  • The matte-type finish
  • Spray can’s capacity of 12 oz
  • Suitable for metal surfaces
  • Color: gloss black


  • It is the most affordable spray paint on the list
  • It resists the fading of paint under UV ray attack
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications


  • It does not have self-healing properties

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5. Krylon Spray PaintKrylon Spray Paint

Krylon has been active in the paint industry for over 75 years and has developed products for a wide range of applications. These products are also user-friendly, making them suitable for DIY artists and professionals.

The Krylon KA8601007 Automotive Acrylic Enamel Spray Paint is made to last long. It uses a blend of acrylic and enamel solids to get the advantages of both paints. With this unit, users can create a durable layer of paint on a surface. The paint layer is so strong that it resists corrosion, stains, fading, and chipping in any condition.

After drying, the paint leaves a nice gloss finish on the painted surface. Containing over 12 oz of automotive paint, a single spray can give optimum coverage. Users can spray the paint on metallic, wooden, or fiberglass surfaces.

Best Features

  • An acrylic-enamel spray paint
  • The gloss-type finish
  • Spray can’s capacity of 12 oz
  • Suitable for metallic, wooden, and fiberglass surfaces
  • Color: Black


  • It is one of the most durable automotive paints
  • The base ingredients of the paint are eco-friendly
  • The water-phobic property keeps moisture from entering the paint layer


  • The color shade appears to be different

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6. POR-15 Spray PaintPOR-15 Spray Paint

POR-15 is known for its high-performance coatings for various types of equipment. It is one of the popular choices for consumers wherever rust prevention is needed.

The POR-15 Top Coat Spray Paint requires zero prep time. It is popularly used as an industry-standard rust protection paint. Featuring excellent adhesion, this lacquer paint can be directly applied to the surface. Drying within 30 to 60 mins, it creates a long-lasting gloss finish. The uppermost layer prevents corrosion as moisture fails to accumulate on it.

The paint has also been tested against the formation of cracks or peels. It also prevents the paint color from fading away due to UV rays. The unit has a net weight of 15 oz, which is enough for spraying multiple coats on automotive panels. The nozzle creates a pressure of 25-30 lbs, enough to create a smoother paint layer.

Best Features

  • A lacquer spray paint
  • The gloss-type finish
  • The spray can’s capacity of 15 oz
  • Dries within 30 mins to 60 mins of time
  • Suitable for metallic surfaces
  • Color: chassis black
  • A nozzle pressure of 25 to 30 lbs


  • It creates a tough layer which will not chip or crack
  • It does not need a primer or base coat
  • The color and shine retention are impressive


  • It needs more time to completely dry

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7. ACDelco Spray PaintACDelco Spray Paint

ACDelco is a dedicated division of GM genuine parts for aftermarket products. It focuses on developing repair and maintenance products for automotive-related applications.

The ACDelco GM Automotive Spray Paint is suitable for fixing minor scratches. Being a lacquer paint, it is ideal for turning older panels into new ones. The gloss finish offered by this paint is impressive and makes the surface reflective. The summit white or Olympic white color shade looks premium upon curing.

The spray’s nozzle has an anti-drip feature which prevents leakage of the paint. The compact size of the spray can easily fit into a pocket yet offers 5 oz of paint. You can use it for touch-up applications or to restore body paint. Being an exterior paint, it also offers protection against moisture damage.

Best Features

  • A lacquer spray paint
  • The gloss-type finish
  • Spray can’s capacity of 5 oz
  • Suitable for metallic surfaces
  • Color: summit white


  • It easily covers up larger and deeper scratches
  • A compact body size is easy to store and transport
  • It uses an accurate color code which helps in finding the matching replacement


  • The spray can offer a low amount of paint

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8. JENOLITE Spray PaintJENOLITE Spray Paint

For more than 75 years, Jenolite has been producing a range of painting and rust treatment products. These products are upgraded by keeping the consumer’s feedback at the topmost priority.

The JENOLITE Chrome Spray Paint is suitable for users who love Chrome. It is a metallic paint that is used to paint both interior as well as exterior surfaces. To make the chrome color appear more italic, it offers a gloss finish. As a result, the metallic gloss creates an illusion if the surface is plated with chrome.

The paint is made to withstand temperatures as high as 90 degrees Celsius. The 13.52 oz variant offers enough paint to show your creativity on wooden, glass, metallic, hard plastic, and other surfaces.

Best Features

  • A metallic spray paint
  • The gloss-type finish
  • The spray can’s capacity of 13.52 oz
  • Suitable for 90 degrees Celsius temperature
  • Suitable for metallic, wooden, glass, hard plastic, etc. surfaces
  • Color: Chrome


  • The paint creates an accurate shade of chrome which appears realistic
  • It can be sprayed over a wide range of materials
  • The topmost layer can withstand harsh wearing conditions


  • It requires multiple passes to create the gloss finish

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9. Dupli-Color EPAE100 Spray PaintDupli-Color EPAE100 Spray Paint

Dupli also has a dedicated range of premium paints for automotive applications. Similar to their cheaper sibling, these products also focused on durability and quality.

The Dupli-Color EPAE100 Premium Acrylic Enamel Spray Paint does not require sanding. It has an excellent adhesion property that helps it bond to any surface. Using a mixture of acrylic and enamel, the paint is modified for enhanced durability. Taking only 25 mins to 2 hours, this paint leaves a gloss finish.

The nozzle helps in covering a larger area in just one stroke. The paint also offers excellent protection against rust and environmental elements. With just 12 oz of paint, you can cover every corner of your car’s panel. As specified earlier, the strong adhesion property helps in painting metallic, wooden, plastic, fiberglass, wooden, mansory, and concrete surfaces.

Best Features

  • An acrylic-enamel spray paint
  • The gloss-type finish
  • Spray can’s capacity of 12 oz
  • Dries within 25 mins to 2 hours of time
  • Suitable for metallic, wooden, plastic, fiberglass, wooden, mansory, and concrete surfaces
  • Color: gloss black


  • The surface does not need sanding as the paint has a strong adhesion property
  • The quality of color is impressive and does not fade easily
  • It is safer for the environment


  • It is one of the most highly-priced paints

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Buying Guide For The Best Automotive Spray Paint

A paint job can either spice up your car’s appearance or make it boring. Automotive spray paints eliminate the need for air compressors, paint guns, and other equipment for painting. With a small aerosol can, you get superior paint quality. With all the products discussed in this article, you are now aware of their specification features. With this buying guide, we will focus on how these specifications act as governing parameters for automotive spray paints.

1. Paint Type

The type of paint affects other factors like the surface finish, reflection, durability, etc. Each type of paint offers unique properties. Used since the initial years of the automotive revolution, lacquer paint is water-phobic and quickly dries with a glossy finish. Enamel paint is used for its incredible durability.

It offers a better finish in both of its water and oil-based variants. Clearcoat paint works as a finishing layer for any paint job. It offers a transparent layer over the paint to keep it safe from any environmental damage. The eco-friendly acrylic paints are water-based yet offer similar aesthetic features to oil-based paints. The acrylic-enamel combination paint is used for its durability, eco-friendliness, and easy-to-wash properties. Metallic type of paint contains small metal flakes to create a sparkling effect on the surface, under light.

2. Finish Type

The real test of an automotive spray paint happens when it fully dries. Users can select a paint with a different finish type that suits the demand of the user. Every finish offers a different texture to the applied surface. Gloss finish is the most common type of finish and is considered the standard for almost every vehicle. It is reflective, and hence the surface appears shiny under light. The high-gloss finish type is a superior version of the gloss finish. It offers more protection to the base layer of the paint against abrasion. A high gloss finish is easy to polish too. The matte finish is used to create a smoother and non-reflective look. It achieves this by absorbing the light. Other finishes like satin finish offer both properties of gloss and matte finish.

3. Color Match

In the world of automotive spray paints, every color gets several types of shades. For example, orange is different from McLaren orange even if both of them are called “orange”. Improper selection of the color could create a noticeable difference in the color scheme. To avoid this situation, every color gets a unique color code, which helps in identifying it correctly. The color codes can be found on the label of automotive spray paint. Users can also refer to the manufacturer’s catalog to ensure they are buying the right shade of color.

4. Number Of Painting Stages

The painting process is either done in a single stage or requires multiple stages. The need for multiple stages arises only for the paints which require a primer coat. This coat holds the paint to the surface in case the properties of the paint are not favourable. Both single and two-stage paints are explained below

a. Single Stage Spray Paint

This type of paint needs only one stage or layer of paint and you are done. It contains all the necessary coats like the base and the clear coat. Upon spraying this paint, it will stick to the surface easily. Besides this, single-stage spray paints do not require an additional thinner as they are already thin enough for spraying. With multiple coats, users can achieve a uniform paint coat. Upon drying, this paint also creates a durable finish. The durability of this paint is, however lower than the multi-stage spray paints.

b. Two-Stage/Multi-Stage Spray Paint

The two or multi-stage spray paint, as the name suggests, requires two or more layers. The first layer will always be the primer coat which acts as an adhesive for the next coat. The next coat contains the required shade of color. Being a base coat, it usually gets over 3 to 5 layers of paint. The last coat contains a finish coat or a clear coat. This layer only acts as a protective layer and offers better shine to the base color. Since so many layers of paint are used, it is more durable.

5. Base Of The Paint

An automotive spray paint is not just paint, a lot more goes into making them a perfect unit. The base of the paint is made up of several ingredients. The property and quantity of these ingredients decide the type of paint. We will discuss different bases of the paint below.

a. Water-Based Paint

These types of paint use water as the base for mixing color pigments. It is the most common type of automotive spray paint. Since water replaces the chemicals, these paints are considered eco-friendly. Water-based paints are also easy to dry, easy to wash, and easy to mix.

b. Acrylic-Enamel Paint

Acrylic-enamel-based paints are used where specific properties of paint are required. Acrylic is used for durability, whereas enamel offers a good base for the paint. The combined mixture of paint is easy to spray without needing a thinner. It also resists changes in the properties when temperature changes.

c. Acrylic Automotive Paint

This paint uses acrylic as the base solvent. It is paired with urethane to get unique shades of color, which are not possible to achieve. This paint is also one of the most durable paints and offers a smoother surface after drying. A thin consistency makes it ideal for spray painting via aerosol cans.

6. Durability

An automotive spray paint has to endure outdoor conditions for the majority of its lifespan. Several elements attack the paint surface whenever the vehicle is running or stationary. The durability of the paint will be good if it resists attacks from these elements. The UV rays from the sun are the worst enemies of automotive paint. It dulls the shine of paint by breaking down the chemical bonds of the base ingredients. The automotive spray paint also has to add a protective layer to keep the base coat waterproof. The paint’s layer must also support surface cleaning processes like polishing or Teflon coating.

7. Rust Prevention

The basic job of automotive spray paint is to work as a safety cover for the base metal surface. The majority of automotive panels are made up of metals that are susceptible to rust. For corrosion to happen, oxygen and moisture are needed. By applying the paint, the connection between the metal panel and oxygen or moisture is cut off, thereby preventing corrosion. An automotive paint should offer water resistance by developing an impenetrable layer. Besides this, the paint must not react with air under any type of weather condition.

Automative Spray Paint – FAQs

1. Is it possible to paint a car without any professional experience?

Ans: A user can paint a car without needing any prior experience. To ensure better application of paint, users must give priority to certain factors like correct color, sanding process, compatible thinner, etc. The drying/curing time must be checked to get a defect-free coat.

2. What is the drying time for automotive spray paints?

Ans: Depending on the base ingredient of the automotive spray paint, the drying time differs. If the paint layer is being cured/dried naturally, the drying time lies between a couple of hours to a day. When an artificial drying process like baking is used, the paint will need only 30 mins to 1 hour to cure.

3. How long will an automotive spray paint last?

Ans: The durability of a paint depends on what type of paint you are using. The shine of the automotive paints easily lasts between 2 to 5 years. The base coat can last for 2 to 10 years if proper care is taken. Users can opt for paint protection coats like ceramic or PPF coating, which lasts for years.

4. Is it possible to apply automotive spray paint on plastic parts?

Ans: Most plastic parts do not require automotive paints since they do not rust. The outer plastic panels of a car are however painted to blend them with the car’s paint job. With the preparation of the plastic surface, it is possible to paint it like a metallic surface. Special automotive spray paints for plastic parts are available in the market.

5. What safety precautions should be taken while using automotive spray paint?

Ans: The automotive spray paints are made up of certain ingredients that might cause health hazards to the user. The sprayed particles are tiny and can easily enter human lungs via nasal passage. To ensure maximum safety, a painting suit must be used with proper ventilation. Safety goggles and masks must be used to cover the face of the user.

6. Can automotive spray paint fix deep scratches?

Ans: The automotive spray paint is ideal for fixing minor scratches with 1 or 2 coats. For deep scratches, the paint layer will be uneven which is noticeable under light. Hence, deep scratches might need professional attention. In extreme conditions, the whole panel is repainted.

7. Is sanding of coats required before painting?

Ans: The sanding process is needed to make the surface smooth. It creates enough adhesion for the paint to stick on the sanded surface. When sanding is combined with painting, for every coat, it creates a durable layer of paint. After drying, a smoother finish is achieved.

8. Are indoor conditions okay for using automotive spray paint?

Ans: For automotive spray paints, indoor conditions are favourable for the painting process. The indoor space must have proper ventilation to remove accumulated gasses. It should also maintain a dirt-free environment to prevent defects in the paint layer.


You don’t have to worry about your car’s scratched panel thanks to the automotive spray paints. Fitting in your palms, these compact units offer an affordable way of repainting any panel of your car. As the paint quality is similar to that of paint guns, a significant amount of time and money is saved. This article explains some of the best automotive spray paint along with their specifications. The buying guide and FAQ section further assist in selecting the right option. With this information, we have also chosen our favourite option from the list.

  • If the durability of the paint is your topmost priority, the POR-15 Spray Paint is an ideal choice. It is a popular choice for rust protection in various industries. With exceptional adhesion, this lacquer paint can be applied directly to surfaces. It dries within 30 to 60 minutes, leaving behind a durable glossy finish. The paint’s layer effectively battles corrosion and resists cracking, peeling, and fading caused by UV rays. With a net weight of 15 ounces, the user gets enough paint to apply multiple coats on the car’s panels. The nozzle generates a pressure of 25-30 pounds to ensure deep absorption of the paint.
  • A limited budget will not keep you away from transforming your car, since the Rust-Oleum 252462 Spray Paint is aggressively priced. This enamel-based paint is suitable for both painting and coating purposes. If a glossy paint finish isn’t your preference, then this product delivers a matte finish to create a unique appearance for your vehicle. It also prevents fading of color caused by the harsh UV rays. Apart from this, the paint also keeps the base surface away from rust. With over 12 ounces of paint, you can repaint both small and large body panels.
  • Our last product offers the best value for its price tag. The Rust-Oleum 7579838-6PK Spray Paint comes in a pack of 6 cans. This enamel-based automotive spray paint uses an oil-based formula to create an anti-rust layer over the surface. The glossy finish keeps shining while fighting with environmental elements. The paint takes only 15 minutes to 1 hour to fully dry. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions, it is compatible with surfaces like metal, masonry, and wood. Each can in this pack has a net weight of 15 ounces, sufficient to cover an area of 14 square feet.

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