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Is Apple AirPods Waterproof?

Apple launched their own truly wireless earphone in the name of AirPods which resulted in a huge success as there were no competitors in the market, so people went crazy. With time, Apple even improved them further and launched successor models which were even better.

As all the Apple products do come with a hefty price tag, AirPods are not an exception either. So, it typically makes a customer worry about their build quality, and most of you might also be thinking if AirPods are waterproof or not! Well, you will get all your answers in this article, so make sure to thoroughly read it until the end.

Types of AirPods

Before we dig deep into this topic, let’s discuss what are the various models of AirPods Apple have launched so far. The firstmost Apple AirPods arrived in the market back in 2016 which was quite a huge success for Apple. Following that, Apple launched the 2nd Generation of AirPods in the year 2019, which had almost all the features same as its predecessor, but with a charging case.

To extend the things to a premium category, Apple came up with AirPods Pro, which was released late in 2019 is also one of the most sold products from Apple, because of its unique noise-cancellation feature. As of now, the market has one more AirPods variant, the Apple AirPods 3rd Generation. If you go out to purchase any of these AirPods models, you will have a hard time finding the First-Generation AirPods because Apple has already discontinued them. However, other variants are still in production and can be found easily in any online store.

Is First-Generation AirPods Waterproof?

1st gen airpodsAlthough the first-generation AirPods are no longer available in the market, they were one of the best products that Apple has ever made. However, Apple didn’t expect that kind of appreciation for the product and didn’t actually know that people would utilize them for workouts as well. That said, the first-generation AirPods were not at all waterproof and it was a major disappointing fact about them. If you still have your AirPods first-generation with you, make sure to not use them for workouts as even a single drop of water can ruin them forever.

Is AirPods 2nd Generation Waterproof?

If we talk about the 2nd generation of AirPods, they are not unique from their predecessor in terms of sound quality, build quality or any other features. The only exception is that the AirPods 2 come with a case that supports charging. However, unlike AirPods first-generation, the AirPods 2 do come with a water-resistant coating over the circuit boards that somehow does the duty to keep them safe from moisture. So, they are not truly waterproof, but they can definitely be used for your high-intensity workout sessions.

Is AirPods Pro Waterproof?

Speaking of the premium AirPods, the AirPods Pro, despite being so much more expensive than the latter, even they are not waterproof. But, since AirPods Pro has IPX4 water-resistant rating, they can definitely sustain water splashes for about 10 minutes. So, you can expect them not to face any damage due to moisture, or a few splashes of water.

Still, taking them into the shower, or doing any water sports while using them is still not possible. Apart from that, the water-resistant coating that Apple provides in AirPods Pro is not that reliable. With time, the water-resistant coating will also face gradual wear. So, if you are using your AirPods for over a year or two now, it’s better for you to keep them as dry as possible.

Is AirPods 3rd Generation Waterproof?

The case is similar to the AirPods 3rd Gen as they also come with sweat and water-resistant coating with an IPX4 rating. So, they are not unique from any other AirPods options available out there. Although people had high expectations from Apple, no luck this time either!

Here is a detailed comparison on types of airpods.

What to Do If Your AirPods Get Wet?

So, as now you know that none of the Apple AirPods models are waterproof, what’s the best you can do if your AirPods accidentally get wet? The best you can try is to wipe them properly with a soft cloth and try to dry them as much as you can.

Once they are wiped completely, leave them in the open air for some time, and let them dry even more, as you can’t actually wipe the water that has already gone inside. One important thing to note here is that, if your AirPods are wet, don’t use them, or putting them back into the case is an even worse decision. Because putting them back in the case will start charging, and that can literally destroy the circuit if it’s wet.

Do Waterproof AirPods Cases Exist?

If we talk about AirPods cases, none of the AirPods models come with a waterproof case either. So, it’s important to keep the AirPods as well as the case away from water as much as you can to keep them safe. However, if you look for options in the after-market, you will find several brands in the market that dedicatedly sell waterproof AirPods cases. You can buy one and keep your AirPods inside such waterproof cases as they provide additional safety. However, they provide water protection just for the case, so you still have to use your AirPods carefully.


1. How do you get water out of earbuds?

Ans:- To remove water from earbuds:-
1. Remove them from water immediately.
2. Shake off excess water and wipe with a dry cloth.
3. Allow them to air dry naturally; avoid heat.
4. Keep the charging case open during drying.
5. Wait until completely dry before using.

2. Can AirPods survive washing machine?

Ans:- No, AirPods are not designed to survive being washed in a washing machine. Avoid exposing them to water or moisture to prevent damage.

3. How much does it cost to fix water damaged AirPods?

Ans:- The cost to fix water-damaged AirPods varies, but it can be expensive. Consider checking with Apple Support or an authorized service provider for specific pricing.

4. What happens if AirPods get wet?

Ans:- If AirPods get wet, it can lead to damage and malfunctions. Water exposure may affect sound quality, battery life, and overall performance. It’s essential to dry them thoroughly and follow guidelines to minimize potential issues.

5. Do AirPods get ruined if they fall in water?

Ans:- AirPods can get damaged if they fall in water. Water exposure may lead to malfunctions and impact their performance. It’s crucial to take them out of the water promptly, dry them thoroughly, and follow guidelines to minimize potential damage.

6. Why are my AirPods beeping after getting wet?

Ans:- If your AirPods are beeping after getting wet, it could be a sign of water damage. Water exposure may affect the internal components, causing malfunctions. To address this issue, try drying the AirPods thoroughly, leaving them in a dry environment, and avoiding further exposure to moisture. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to Apple Support or an authorized service provider for assistance.

7. Is it OK to use AirPods with wet ears?

Ans:- It’s generally advisable to avoid using AirPods or any electronic earbuds with wet ears. Moisture can potentially damage the internal components of the AirPods and affect their performance. Additionally, wet ears might impact the comfort and fit of the AirPods. It’s recommended to ensure your ears are dry before using them to prevent any potential issues.


We hope we have cleared out all your doubts regarding AirPods being waterproof or not! Although the AirPods are one of the most selling products from Apple, the fact that none of them is completely waterproof is hugely disappointing. However, what you can do is try to keep them safe from water, and buy a third-party waterproof case cover for additional safety for your AirPods. In case you have any further queries, do let us know about them in the comments section below, we will try to resolve them for you as soon as we can.

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