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Width Of A Travel Trailer

If you are someone who makes road trips whenever there are holidays, a travel trailer is going to be highly useful. You can tow the travel trailer to your car and carry everything you need to make your need as comfortable and luxurious as you want. Not just your car, you can pull a travel trailer with any vehicle you travel in. Travel trailers are suitable for vehicles of all sizes and shapes.

However, a travel trailer can make your vehicle wider, especially if your vehicle has a width lower than the travel trailer. You should be mindful of it because you must drive your vehicle carefully on the road. There are different varieties of travel trailers available with different widths, and you should be aware of them. This will help you make an informed decision, and we have listed the different travel trailers with different widths.

Average Width of Travel Trailers

Every state has specific laws regarding the height and width of travel trailers. The laws restrict the maximum width and height. Most travel trailers have a width of between 8 and 8.5 feet. Here is the list of popular travel trailers along with their dimensions so that you can pick from them as per your requirements.

1. Flagstaff E-Pro E12SRK

If you are looking for a compact travel trailer, this is the one for you. It is trendy among small car owners. Compared to the average width of a travel trailer, it is smaller in all parameters. This is because there are no slide-outs that could have made it bulky. Therefore, it is one of the smallest travel trailers.

You get a small kitchen inside, enough sleeping space, and sizable storage space. You will get an entertainment space as well. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to find out how it efficiently fits all the rooms in limited space. Here are the dimensions for your consideration.

  • Width – 7 feet (84 inches)
  • Length – 12 feet (144 inches)
  • Height – 7.5 feet (90 inches)

2. Cherokee 234VFK

If you are looking for a more extended travel trailer, this can be a great choice. It is considered to be one of the most spacious travel trailers. It is taller, longer, as well as wider. That is why it is suitable for large vehicles though you can tow it with small vehicles as well.

Even though it is wider than the previous one, its width falls within the average width of the travel trailer. There is only one slide-out, and when you open it, its width increases naturally. Otherwise, it is barely 8 feet wide, which is relatively standard among travel trailers.

  • Width – 8.1 feet (97 inches)
  • Length – 29 feet (348 inches)
  • Height – 11.1 feet (133 inches)

3. Impression 25RB

If you are looking for a spacious as well as a luxurious travel trailer, this is the one for you. Impression brands have a broad line of travel trailers, and they focus on the comfort of the users. In this travel trailer, you get a large bedroom as well as a living room. There is also a spacious kitchen along with a bathroom. The width of the travel trailer is 8 feet which is standard. You get one slide-out which does not affect the measurement significantly.

  • Width – 8 feet (96 inches)
  • Length – 29.1 feet (349 inches)
  • Height – 10.7 feet (127 inches)

4. Rockwood Geo Pro G14FK

If you own a small vehicle and are looking for a small travel trailer, this is a great choice as it is one of the smaller travel trailers. It has a width of 6 feet 4 inches and therefore, it is a perfect match for small vehicles.

You get a kitchen and bathroom as well as an entertainment center. This comes as a surprise to many as the width is so less and still manages to accommodate everything in one place. There is also an extension for the gas grill.

  • Width – 6.4 feet (76 inches)
  • Length – 14.1 feet (169 inches)
  • Height – 9.4 feet (112 inches)

5. R-Pod West Coast RP-178

This is a standard travel trailer with 8 feet of width. The travel trailer has a compact interior, and you get a queen size bed. There is a large dinette in the front, and the kitchen, along with the bathroom, comes in the middle. There is a small slide-out that can be used as kitchen space. Besides, you get enough walking space in the middle.

  • Width – 8 feet (96 inches)
  • Length – 20 feet (240 inches)
  • Height – 9.11 feet (119 inches)

6. Surveyor 295QBLE

If you are looking for a travel trailer with a standard width but enough length, this is a good choice. It is a full-fledged trailer, and there is a long slide-out available. The trailer has a dinette along with a sofa. Besides, you get a full-fledged kitchen. In the bedroom, you will find bunk beds. The bathroom is spacious as well. In fact, there is enough space for comfort and luxury.

  • Width – 8 feet (96 inches)
  • Length – 33 feet (396 inches)
  • Height – 11.2 feet (134 inches)

7. Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L

If you are looking for a luxury travel trailer, this definitely qualifies. The floor space is more than enough for travelers. There are spaces for comfort and luxury. Even though it has the standard width of a travel trailer, you get two queen beds.

There is a full-fledged kitchen and a large bathroom. You get a slide-out that acts as a dinette with sofas.  You can make your trip comfortable for your accompanying travelers as it is one of the most extended travel trailers.

  • Width – 8 feet (96 inches)
  • Length – 36.8 feet (440 inches)
  • Height – 11 feet (132 inches)

8. Jayco Hummingbird 17RB

This travel trailer is wider than any standard travel trailer. There are several attachments, along with slide-out. There is a large bedroom along with a full-sized bathroom. There is enough space for the kitchen and dining room in the middle. In terms of height, the travel trailer is smaller than others.

  • Width – 8.1 feet (97 inches)
  • Length – 19.9 feet (237 inches)
  • Height – 6.6 feet (78 inches)

9. White Hawk 27RB

This is a luxury travel trailer. It is also one of the most extended travel trailers. There is a single slide-out, and you get different attachments. In the front, you will find a large bedroom. There is a perfect combination of living room and kitchen in the middle. Besides, you will find enough storage space along with a sizable bathroom in the back.

  • Width – 8.1 feet (97 inches)
  • Length – 32.8 feet (392 inches)
  • Height – 6.9 feet (81 inches)

10. Eagle Travel Trailer 332CBOK

If you have a large vehicle, you may be able to purchase this large travel trailer. This is a monster travel trailer, and it brings a perfect combination of luxury and comfort. Three different slide-outs are fully extendable. All the rooms starting from the bedroom to the kitchen, are large and spacious.

  • Width – 8.1 feet (97 inches)
  • Length – 40 feet (480 inches)
  • Height – 11.7 feet (139 inches)

11. Jay Flight 174BH SLX 7

This is a smaller travel trailer with around 7 feet in width. There are two bedrooms in the limited space. Besides, you get a full-fledged kitchen, and the bathroom is quite sizable. Therefore, you get a compact travel trailer that can fit vehicles of all sizes and offer enough comfort to travelers.

  • Width – 7.1 feet (85 inches)
  • Length – 21.6 feet (258 inches)
  • Height – 6.1 feet (73 inches)


We have put forward the list of the different travel trailers available. The most crucial consideration while purchasing a travel trailer is the width. This is because if you have a small vehicle and purchase a wider travel trailer, you will find it challenging to drive. Therefore, we have listed travel trailers of different widths so that you can choose the perfect one easily.

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