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Verizon Router Yellow Light – How To Fix?

The yellow light on the Verizon router is a crucial indicator that frequently causes consumers to be perplexed and concerned about the state of their internet connection. Typically, this recognizable yellow light denotes a severe problem with the network or the internet connection.

In order to guarantee a pleasant online experience, it is imperative to comprehend the underlying source of this issue. In this post, we’ll examine the typical causes of the Verizon router’s yellow light coming on, providing explanations and suggestions to help you identify the problem, fix it, and get your internet connection back to working correctly.

What are the Three States of Yellow Light on Verizon Router?

The design and colour-coding of Verizon router lights might vary based on the particular router model, so the significance of the yellow light may change between versions. However, the following three situations or causes for a yellow light on a Verizon router are typical:

  • Connection Issue: A yellow light on the Verizon router frequently indicates a connection issue. A loose or defective Ethernet cable, poor modem-router connections, or problems with the internet service provider could all be to blame for this. For a solution, check your cords and connections.
  • Software Update or Configuration: The router may occasionally flash yellow to show that a software update or configuration modification is being made. The light may briefly turn yellow during this process, but once the update or configuration is finished, it should return to its original colour.
  • Security Alarm: A yellow light may be used by some routers to signal a security alarm, such as an unauthorized attempt to access the network. To deal with any potential dangers in this situation, you should log in to the router’s interface and verify the security settings.

You must refer to the model-specific user manual to learn precisely what each of your Verizon router’s indicator lights signify.

Why Is My Verizon Router Showing Yellow Light?

Usually, a yellow light on your Verizon router denotes a situation that needs care. Here are a few typical causes of a yellow light on your Verizon router:

  • Connection Issues: A connection issue is the most typical cause of a yellow light. This may involve problems with the physical connections, such as frayed or damaged wires, or issues with the connection between the modem and router.
  • Firmware Update or Configuration Change: A yellow light may be used by some routers to show that they are updating their firmware or configurations. The light might briefly turn yellow while the update is going on, but once it’s finished, it should come back to normal.
  • Security Alarm: A yellow light may occasionally denote a security alarm. This can indicate that an unauthorized attempt to enter your network has occurred or that there is another security-related problem. To analyze and address any security issues, you need to log into the interface of your router.
  • Signal Strength: A yellow light could denote a poor signal or line quality issue if you’re utilizing a Verizon router for a DSL or FiOS connection. This may impact your internet connection’s stability.
  • Router or Hardware Issue: A yellow light may indicate router hardware issues. It can be overheated, acting strangely, or having some other internal problems.

To start fixing the problem, examine your physical connections, making sure that all cords are firmly plugged in. If it doesn’t fix the issue, check the user manual for your router or get in touch with Verizon customer care to get specific troubleshooting instructions based on the model of your router and the meaning of the yellow light signal.

How To Fix the Yellow Light on the Verizon Router?

1. Reboot Verizon Router

Try resetting your Verizon router to see if that clears up the yellow light. Remove the power cable from the router first. After waiting for 10 to 15 seconds, replug it. Allow the router to restart; this process could take a while. This straightforward reboot will frequently repair the issue and return your internet connection to normal if a minor connectivity problem or a momentary hiccup brings on the yellow light. If the problem continues, refer to your router’s manual or get in touch with Verizon support.

2. Check Cable Connections

Follow these procedures to fix the yellow light on your Verizon router that was brought on by problems with your cable connection:

  1. Ensure that the modem, router, and other connected devices are all connected by solidly plugged-in Ethernet wires.
  2. Check for any apparent damage or loose connections on the coaxial cable (for FiOS connections) or DSL phone line (for DSL connections).
  3. Replace broken cables as necessary.
  4. After roughly 30 seconds of being unplugged, plug the router back in to restart it.
  5. After the router reboots, the yellow light should change to green, indicating that the cable connection problem has been successfully fixed.

3. Check For Service Outages

Start by checking the Verizon Service Outage page or contacting Verizon customer support to resolve a yellow light on your Verizon router that might result from service interruptions. If there are any known service interruptions in your area, they can let you know about them. Reset your router by unplugging it for roughly 10 seconds and then plugging it back in if there isn’t a known outage. Give it time to restart. Perform a factory reset or get in touch with Verizon support for more help if the yellow light doesn’t go out.

4. Restart Verizon ONT and Router

Start by restarting the Verizon Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and the router to fix the problem with the yellow light on your Verizon router. Turn off the ONT and router first. Restart them after around 30 seconds have passed. The router should be turned on next, and the ONT should get up to full power first. This procedure frequently restores the connection and fixes minor hiccups, possibly addressing the yellow light issue. Consider calling Verizon customer service for additional help if the problem continues.

5. Check Verizon Router Overheating

Follow these procedures to solve the yellow overheating indicator on your Verizon router:

  • Ensure Proper Ventilation: Make sure your router is not located in a small spot and has enough room for ventilation.
  • Remove Dust and Debris: Dust buildup within the router can interfere with cooling. Clean the surface and vents of the router gently.
  • Reduce Usage: Limit bandwidth-intensive activities or unplug unused devices to lessen the strain on your router.
  • Restart the Router: To restart your router, unplug it for a short period of time and then plug it back in.

You can frequently fix the yellow light problem with your Verizon router and keep a steady connection by taking care of overheating.

6. Check Wi-Fi Extender

Ensure the Wi-Fi extender is appropriately installed and placed within an acceptable range of the router to resolve any Wi-Fi extender-related yellow lights on your Verizon network. Verify whether anything interferes with or obstructs the signal between the extension and router. Restart the extender and router to enable reconnecting. Consider moving the extender or performing a factory reset if the problem disappears. Check the extender firmware’s compatibility with your router model and that it is current. Issues with the yellow light on the Wi-Fi extension can frequently be fixed with this troubleshooting method.

7. Check For Malware

Access the router’s web interface first to check for malware and resolve the yellow light issue with your Verizon router. Enable any built-in security mechanisms, like a firewall, by navigating to the security settings. The router’s firmware should be updated to include the most recent security patches. Scan all connected devices for malware to find and eliminate any dangerous software. Change the password for your Wi-Fi network as well to prevent illegal access. These actions can aid in resolving security-related problems that might be the root of your Verizon router’s yellow light.

8. Update Firmware/Software

These procedures should help you resolve the firmware or software update-related yellow light issue on your Verizon router:

  1. Use a web browser to access the router’s web interface.
  2. Log in with the admin credentials for your router.
  3. Look under “Software Update” or “Firmware Update.”
  4. Check for updates that are accessible and start the upgrade by following the on-screen directions.
  5. Permit the update to finish; the yellow light should return to normal.

During this process, make sure your internet connection is steady. For more help, get in touch with Verizon support if the problem continues or the light doesn’t go out.

9. Factory Reset Verizon Router

Follow these instructions to do a factory reset on your Verizon Router to resolve the yellow light issue. Find the reset button, which is frequently located on the router’s bottom or back. Press and hold the reset button with a tiny, pointed object for roughly 15-20 seconds. Any configuration problems that might be the root of the yellow light will be resolved after the router reboots and returns to its factory default settings. Reconfiguring the router with your network information following this will require you to back up any customized settings.

10. Contact Customer Support

Use these methods to contact customer service to fix the Verizon Router’s yellow light problem. Locate Verizon’s customer service contact information first, which is typically available on their website or in your account information. Give your router model and a description of the yellow light issue when you call or chat with their help staff. The customer service professional will walk you through router-specific troubleshooting methods and, if necessary, escalate the problem. To identify and fix the issue and guarantee a return of your internet connection to normal, carefully follow their advice.

Verizon Router Yellow Light – FAQs

1. Why is my Verizon light yellow?

Ans: A yellow light on a Verizon router typically signifies an issue with the internet connection. This could result from problems like loose cables, a firmware update, security alerts, or a hardware malfunction. To resolve the issue, one needs to diagnose the specific cause and take appropriate action, such as checking connections, updating firmware, or contacting customer support for further assistance.

2. How do I fix the yellow light on my Verizon extender?

Ans: Make sure your Verizon extender is correctly connected to your network and situated within your router’s ideal range before trying to fix a yellow light problem. Try power cycling the extension by unplugging it for a minute and then plugging it back in to see if the issue still exists. If the problem continues, refer to your extender’s user manual or get more help from Verizon customer service.

3. How often should I reboot my Verizon router?

Ans: Removing temporary bugs, freeing up system resources, and occasionally rebooting your Verizon router, such as once every few weeks, can help maintain peak performance. The frequency could change According to your router model and usage habits. For specific advice on how often to reboot your router to maintain a dependable internet connection, refer to Verizon’s guidelines or the instructions that came with it.

4. What colour should the light be on my Verizon router?

Ans: Depending on the model, the light on your Verizon router can have a different colour. On a Verizon router, the light should typically be a continuous white or green colour, signifying a regular and healthy internet connection. A persistent yellow or any other colour may indicate an issue that requires attention or troubleshooting.

5. What happens when your Verizon router is yellow?

Ans: A yellow light on your Verizon router often denotes a problem that has to be fixed. This can include connectivity issues like frayed wires or a security alarm brought on by attempted illegal access. It might also imply that a firmware upgrade is being applied to the router. The precise problem must be found and quickly fixed to reestablish a reliable and secure internet connection.


In conclusion, a yellow light on a Verizon router serves as a critical signal, identifying potential faults that may affect your ability to connect to the internet. To restore a flawless online experience, this signal must be quickly addressed. Your internet service will stay dependable and secure as long as you recognize the issue’s root cause and address it with the proper troubleshooting techniques or by calling Verizon’s customer care, whether it be a connection issue, firmware update, security alert, or hardware issue. In the end, the yellow light functions as a helpful diagnostic tool, instructing consumers on how to preserve the integrity and functionality of their internet connection with the required attention.

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