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How to Reset Google Home Wi-Fi?

Google Home Wi-Fi router is getting popular among online users who are replacing their traditional router with Google Wi-Fi router for better connectivity. If you have a Google Home Wi-Fi router and you are having any connectivity issues, you should get help from the Google customer support team. Before that, you should perform a few steps to fix the connectivity issue yourself.

The most effective solution to fix any Google Home Wi-Fi issue is resetting the router. Several ways are available to reset the device. But before you reset the device, you should know when exactly you should reset the Google Wi-Fi device and what to do after you reset the device. We will explain how to reset Google Home Wi-Fi and everything else you need to know.

Why Should You Reset Google Home Wi-Fi?

When you face any issue with the Google Home Wi-Fi router, you can reboot the device to see if the problem resolves. If rebooting does not solve the problem, you need to reset your Google Home Wi-Fi router. When you reset the Google Wi-Fi router, it returns to the factory settings. Google recommends resetting your device when you start fresh so that everything goes back to the default settings.

When you reset your Wi-Fi device, all the customized settings will disappear; therefore, any misconfiguration can be fixed immediately. Even your username and password will be reset along with the other data and information stored in the router. This fixes any corruption in them that could trigger an issue with the Wi-Fi device.

How to Reset Google Home Wi-Fi?

We have already stated that there are multiple ways to reset your Google Home Wi-Fi router. The most obvious way is to use the reset button on the device. But most users find it difficult, and that is why Google has an option on the Google Wi-Fi app to reset the device wirelessly. We will discuss all the methods to reset Google Home Wi-Fi devices.

1. Using the Physical Reset Button On The Device

Here are the steps to reset your Google Wi-Fi router using the reset button.

Step 1: You should place the device upside down so that you can spot the Reset button. You can also check the user manual to find its exact location.

Step 2: Press and hold the Reset button for some seconds until you see the light indicator blinking and turning yellow.

Step 3: You should release the Reset button as soon as the indicator turns yellow. If you keep holding it for longer, the yellow light will start to blink, and the device will NOT reset.

Step 4: The reset process will take around 10 minutes to complete. You should not unplug the device during the reset process. Once the reset process is completed, the light indicator will turn white from yellow.

2. Using Google Wi-Fi App

Since most people find it difficult to reset the Google Wi-Fi app from the reset button. Different versions of Google Home Wi-Fi have the reset button in different positions. Besides, the way to operate them is different. In fact, some of them do not have the reset button. That is why the easiest way to reset the device is through the Google Wi-Fi app.

Step 1: Open the Google Home Wi-Fi app and navigate to the Settings and Actions menu.

Step 2: Choose the Network & General option. Navigate to the Network section and choose the Wi-Fi Points option.

Step 3: Tap on the Factory Reset option. You need to tap on the Factory Reset option for confirmation.

Step 4: The reset process will take around 10 minutes. You will see the Wi-Fi points blinking before turning stable blue. The app will show when the reset is complete.

3. Using Older Firmware Version

If the above methods are not working in your case, it is probably because your Google Home Wi-Fi device has an older firmware version. If that is the case, you must take the following steps to reset your Google Wi-Fi device.

Step 1: Remove the power cable from the Wi-Fi device.

Step 2: Press and hold the Reset button and plug the power cable back in.

Step 3: Hold the Reset button until the white light turns blinking blue.

Step 4: Once the blue light stabilizes, the reset process will begin, which should take around 10 minutes.

Step 5: When the blue light starts to blink again, it implies the reset process is over.

When To Reset Google Home Wi-Fi?

You should reboot your device when there is any issue with your Google Home Wi-Fi. When rebooting does not solve the problem, you can perform every available troubleshooting solution. You should reset your Google Wi-Fi router as a last resort when everything else fails. Here are the scenarios when you can reset your Google Home Wi-Fi.

  • When your Wi-Fi connection is unusually slow or unstable.
  • When your Wi-Fi connection stops suddenly and refuses to restore.
  • When you are having trouble connecting devices to your Google Wi-Fi.
  • When you are starting the device and setting it up for the first time.
  • When you face device compatibility issues.
  • When there are security breach incidents.

What Is Next After Resetting Google Wi-Fi?

After you reset your Google Wi-Fi, you need to set it up again. Here are the things you need to perform.

  • Unplug your device and keep it like that for a minute.
  • Plug in the power cord, and you need to set up the Wi-Fi points first.
  • Sync your Google account to set it up again.
  • Set the settings as per your requirements, preferably the ones you have beforehand.

Google Home Wi-Fi – FAQs

1. Where is the reset button in Google Wi-Fi?

Ans: The reset button in Google Home Wi-Fi is located at the bottom of the device. You need to use a paperclip to press the button.

2. Does Google Wi-Fi track browser history?

Ans: No, Google Wi-Fi does not track your browser history or monitor your online activities. This means it does not save the websites you visit and the downloaded or uploaded data.

3. What to do next when resetting the Google Wi-Fi does not work?

Ans: You should update the firmware of the device to the latest version when factory reset does not work. If that does not work, you should contact the Google support team, and you can do that through the Google Wi-Fi app directly.

4. How do I reset my router without the reset button?

Ans: You can reset your router wirelessly using the router app, like the Google Wi-Fi app for Google Home Wi-Fi devices. Otherwise, you can use every router’s web interface to factory reset your router instantly.

5. How do I fix Google Wi-Fi issues?

Ans: First, you can reboot your device to fix temporary glitches. Call your internet service provider to see if the issue is on their side. You can revoke the changes in settings that you might have done recently. Make changes in the internet protocol, like disabling IPv6. When nothing works, reset your device and set it up from scratch. Lastly, contact the Google support team for assistance.


When you face any issue with your Google Home Wi-Fi device, you must first perform the basic troubleshooting steps. When they fail to solve the problem, you need to reset your Google Wi-Fi device. Similarly, resetting the device becomes necessary when you are setting it up afresh. We have illustrated all the possible ways to reset different versions of Google Wi-Fi devices. You can also find how effective resetting the device can be and what to do after resetting the device.

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