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Surface Pro Vs iPad Pro: Which One is Best For You?

In the market, Surface Pro and iPad Pro are two dominant players, especially in portable and handy computing devices. Considering they comprise powerful hardware, sleek design, and diverse features, we are seeing a revolution in how we opt for working, creating, and consuming content. Moreover, these devices tend to provide marvelous performance along with numerous unique features.

However, which one out of the Surface Pro and iPad Pro is best suited to cater to your preferences/needs? Well, in this article, we shall be opting for an exploration of their strengths along with their weaknesses. It will further help you reach a fair decision.

What is Surface Pro, and How Does It Work?

surface proThe Surface Pro is an appreciable hybrid laptop-tablet tool/device built by Microsoft. It’s as functional as a laptop and portable as a tablet. Moreover, this transition between laptop and tablet modes is quite seamless. This one works on the Windows operating system. Furthermore, it comprises a keyboard cover (which is detachable), many options to connect, and touch/pen input abilities.

The Surface Pro is driven by Intel processors and is known for supporting numerous applications/software. This way, it supports productivity, entertainment, creativity, and more. It comprises a sleek design and promises convincing performance, flexible usage, and computing.

How Does the Surface Pro Function?

  • With the help of the power button, power the Surface Pro on.
  • Now, opt for navigating via the Windows interface. You can do so with the use of the keyboard or opt for touch input.
  • Now, opt for installing and launching applications and/or software for numerous tasks. You can opt for multitasking systematically using these applications and resizable windows.
  • You can connect to a Wi-Fi network or pair your devices via Bluetooth. You can also opt for using USB ports as an option for connectivity.
  • Opt for utilizing the built-in rechargeable battery to make it apt for portability.
  • Shut your device down with the help of the power button again, or use the Start menu to do the same.

The steps we have provided here are a basic overview of using the Surface Pro and its functions. However, you will find many additional features you may use per your needs.

What is an iPad Pro, and How Does It Work?

ipad proCreated by Apple, iPad Pro is a reliable and powerful device (basically a tablet). It comprises a huge touchscreen. It functions on iOS and is appreciated for its graphics abilities and performance. It is further able to support numerous apps when it comes to work related to creativity, productivity, or entertainment.

You can put it to use for varied tasks such as media consumption, content creation, taking notes, and so on. Also, you can put the Apple Pencil to use on this tablet, a stylus that enhances its creative features. It’s become quite popular because of how sleek its build/design is. Furthermore, it comprises strong abilities and portability, again bringing off the fact that many professionals, users or artists prefer it over other top-notch tablets.

How Does an iPad Pro Work?

  • Power On: First, press and hold the tablet’s power button. This will help in turning the iPad Pro on.
  • Setup: Now, it’s time to complete the initial setup, which involves a Wi-Fi connection, language selection, signing in using the Apple ID, and more.
  • Home Screen: Now, it’s time to navigate the Home Screen. You can do so by just swiping either left or right.
  • App Launch: Opt for tapping the app icons that are there on the Home Screen so they can be launched.
  • Multitasking: Opt for accessing the App Switcher. It’s required for speedy app switching.
  • Navigation: Opt for tapping buttons or icons or links to select or activate them. Now, at this point, opt for swiping up for the Control Center and then opt for quick settings. Now, when it comes to the notification center, opt for swiping down.
  • Apple Pencil/Keyboard: You may use the Apple Pencil for accurate input or creative works. You may also opt for connecting a keyboard.

What are the Differences Between the Surface Pro and iPad Pro?

Enlisted are 18 key differences between iPad Pro and the Surface Pro:

1. Operating System

  • Surface Pro: It functions on the Windows OS by Microsoft.
  • iPad Pro: It functions on the iOS operating system Apple.

2. Manufacturer

  • Surface Pro: It’s built by Microsoft.
  • iPad Pro: It’s built by Apple.

3. Form Factor

  • Surface Pro: Hybrid laptop-tablet build/design and comprises a removable keyboard.
  • iPad Pro: Tablet form factor that comes equipped with an external keyboard.

4. Input Methods

  • Surface Pro: It supports a keyboard/mouse input, touch, or the Surface Pen.
  • iPad Pro: It supports input by the Apple Pencil, a touch, a keyboard, or a mouse.

5. Processor

  • Surface Pro: It works with the Intel processors.
  • iPad Pro: This one, on the other hand, works with a custom-designed or custom-built processor by Apple.

6. App Ecosystem

  • Surface Pro: It has enough reach for various Windows applications.
  • iPad Pro: It comprises an extensive application library specifically built or designed for iOS.

7. Connectivity

  • Surface Pro: Its connectivity options comprise a headphone jack, USB ports, and many others.
  • iPad Pro: The connectivity options of an iPad Pro include a headphone jack, USB ports, and many others.

8. Multitasking

  • Surface Pro: This one shows support in terms of using multiple apps at once and during multitasking with resizable windows
  • iPad Pro: This one allows multitasking with features such as Split View or Slide Over in terms of using running varied apps at once.

9. Productivity Tools

  • Surface Pro: With the help of Microsoft Office Suite and Windows productivity software compatibility, this one ensures productivity.
  • iPad Pro: This one comprises the productivity suite by Apple, iWork, and further it supports varied productivity applications that are accessible on iOS.

10. Creative Capabilities

  • Surface Pro: This is an apt device for creativity-related tasks and involves Adobe Creative Cloud support and 3D modeling software support too.
  • iPad Pro: This is the best and most known tool because of its creative abilities as it involves applications such as Procreate and more tools built for iOS.

11. Storage Options

  • Surface Pro: It provides you with many options in terms of storage capacities and expansion ability using external storage.
  • iPad Pro: This one also provides you with many options in terms of storage capacities. However, it does not provide you with an option for expandable storage.

12. Display Technology

  • Surface Pro: Puts to use the PixelSense displays or traditional LCD
  • iPad Pro: This one, when it comes to scrolling smoothly, uses the Liquid Retina displays that are advanced along with ProMotion technology. It further has Apple Pencil support.

13. Operating System Updates

  • Surface Pro: It involves regular OS updates and shows compatibility with the newest Windows versions.
  • iPad Pro: Involves Regular iOS Updates and is Compatible with the newest iOS versions.

14. Gaming

  • Surface Pro: This one can run varied PC games and game controllers.
  • iPad Pro: This one also shows the capability to run iOS games, which one can get via the App Store, and further supports Apple Arcade.

15. Accessories

  • Surface Pro: This one shows capability with different accessories comprising Surface Dial or Surface Pen and varied keyboard options.
  • iPad Pro: This one can support Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil, etc., and many other accessories built for iPad Pro only.

16. Price Range

  • Surface Pro: Provides you with varied price points. It further involves options for varied models and configurations.
  • iPad Pro: It comes under a higher price range than Surface Pro configurations and models.

17. Integration with the Ecosystem

  • Surface Pro: This one gets integrated smoothly with the Windows ecosystem. It’s further compatible with Windows PCs and/or software.
  • iPad Pro: This one gets integrated smoothly with the Apple ecosystem. It’s further compatible when it comes to iPhones, Macs, or varied Apple devices.

18. User Interface

  • Surface Pro: This one comprises a traditional user interface that is desktop-style, along with a Start menu and taskbar.
  • iPad Pro: This one comprises a user interface that’s touch-optimized along with a grid of app icons. It further includes gesture-based navigation.

Which One to Choose, Surface Pro or iPad Pro?

Deciding between the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro is based on your requirements or preferences. If your need revolves around prioritizing extensive app compatibility, an OS with a full desktop, or a hybrid laptop-tablet build, opt for the Surface Pro instead of the iPad Pro.

However, if your preferences are a touch-optimized experience, smooth integration when it comes to the Apple ecosystem along with enough creativity options and multimedia, opt for the iPad Pro instead of the Surface Pro.

Moreover, to reach a decision between these two devices, this differentiation table would be helpful:

Table of Comparison – Surface Pro Vs iPad Pro

 Feature Surface Pro iPad Pro
Operating System Windows iOS
Form Factor Hybrid laptop-tablet Tablet
Input Methods Pen, Touch, Keyboard Touch, Keyboard, Apple Pencil
Processor Intel processors Apple-designed processors
App Ecosystem Varied Windows apps Big iOS app library
Connectivity USB ports and headphone jack USB-C and headphone jack
Multitasking Multitasking along with resizable windows Slide Over multitasking and Split View
Productivity Tools Microsoft Office Suite Apple iWork Suite
Creative Capabilities 3D modeling, Adobe Creative Cloud creative apps, Procreate
Storage Options Expandable in terms of storage options No expandable storage
Display Technology LCD or/and PixelSense display Liquid Retina display along with ProMotion
Operating System Updates Regular updates along with compatibility Regular updates along with compatibility
Gaming Compatible with PC games, game controllers Apple Arcade and iOS games
Accessories Surface Pen, keyboards, Surface Dial Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboards
Price Range Varied price options Higher price
Ecosystem Integration Windows ecosystem compatibility Apple ecosystem compatibility
User Interface Desktop-style UI with taskbar Touch-optimized UI with app grid

Surface Pro Vs IPad Pro – FAQs

1. Is the iPad Pro or Surface Pro better for drawing?

Ans: Well, when it comes to being better at drawing, the Surface Pro (i.e. 8 and 9) functions nowadays compared to how it worked earlier. However, the iPad Pro is your pick for an amazing or smooth drawing experience. This is the best, especially if you wish to use this device while on the go compared to a hybrid 2-in-1 option.

2. Can Surface Pro be used as a laptop?

Ans: Yes, it can be put to use as a laptop utilizing a detachable keyboard. However, it will provide you with lesser options in terms of screen angle.

3. Can you run Adobe Illustrator on Surface Pro?

Ans: Yes, you can run Adobe Illustrator on the Surface Pro as it shows compatibility.

4. Can you run Windows on a Surface Pro?

Ans: When it comes to the Surface Pro tools/devices, they have been optimized, specifically for 64-bit versions of the OS. This is also because the 32-bit versions are unsupported in these. Moreover, even if one installs a 32-bit OS version, it might not function properly.


In the end, the Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro have weaknesses and strengths. Regarding the Surface Pro, it’s a great tool/device for productivity and compatibility in terms of Windows software.

However, when it comes to the iPad Pro, it excels in terms of touch-based interfaces, creative abilities, integration with the Apple ecosystem, and more. Know your preferences and opt for a choice as per your specific needs.

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