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What Size Wire For 50-Amp Welder?

For any electronic device, the correct wire size is essential. If the wire is too thin compared to the amperage, it may result in overheating, ignition or wire tripping.

On the other hand, if the wire is too thick compared to the amperage level, the resistance will be low, which may lead to a fault current in the long run. Hence, it is always essential to maintain the recommended wire size from the government or international authorities.

Welder machines use a considerable amount of current to melt and join different pieces of metal. Hence, for safety precautions, welding experts need to be careful. If you are a newbie or someone who does welding as a hobby, you need to know about 50-amp welder wire sizes for your welding machine. Here, you will get all the required information.

What Size Wire For a 50-Amp Welder?

Size Wire For a 50-Amp WelderAny conventional AC welder with 50 amps grading requires 230 Volts of current as function. You can use 8 AWG copper wires or 6 AWG aluminum wire. Although you can use 6 AWG copper and 4 AWG aluminum wire, you must check if the smaller size fits your machine.

How To Wire a 50-Amp Welder?

Usually, the 50 amp welders come with the “Buzz Box” design, and the duty cycle usually remains below 30%. To work with this, you need 50 amps and 230 volts wire. Before you start wiring the plug, you need to know about the duty cycle and primary current requirements.

In most welding machines, a double pole 60 amp circuit breaker is used. Most of the devices also come with a built-in circuit breaker.

Here is how you can wire the 50 amp plug for your welder-

1. Create a Safe and Clean Environment

  • This task’s first and foremost priority is a safe and clean working environment. You must wear your protective glasses and gloves and shop before starting the work.
  • Besides that, make sure the working station and the surrounding ground are dry and clean.

2. Take the Wires in the Box

Now, take your wires and run them through the box. First, connect the wire with the connector. Insert the wires in the welding machine’s designated slots and then tighten them to fix them in position. Make sure there are no exposed ends.

3. Label the Wires

  • The next thing you need to do is to label the wires. The white wire is positive, the blue is neutral, and the yellow is negative.
  • You must color code and label the watch wire with electrical safety tape for future use.

4. Prepare your Plug

  • After that, take the plug and remove it with the help of the screw river. Now, take the new pin and replace the old one.
  • It is always better to use a three-prong plug for best results, as these plugs come with two active prongs (carrying 120 Volts each and a neutral line.
  • Slightly loosen the screws of the brass terminals and remove the fuse with caution.
  • Before attaching the wires, ensure each wire is twisted tightly to prevent loose ends.
  • Take wires to their respective terminals and tightly spin them around the base according to the color code. Tighten the screws of the airport and make sure that no insulation is under the terminal clamp.
  • Now, take the wires and push them through the terminal. Hold tightly.
  • Use the two bottom cord grip screws to tighten the cord grip.
  • Take the cover and fix it using the screws.

5. Wire and Install the Circuit Breaker

  • Connect the wires (red and black) to the breaker. Check if these breakers are in their “Off” position, push them to place, and fix them in their place.
  • Take the panel cover and place it in the box safely.

6. Testing

  • Final testing is required to ensure the circuit breaker is working correctly. Turn on the power switch to turn your welding machine on. Take a test piece of metal and check how the welding is done. If everything is in perfect condition, it is complete.

What Tools and Materials are Needed to Install a 50-Amp Plug for Welding Purposes?

  • 6 SWG wire
  • Insulation tape
  • Cable scraper
  • 50 amp flush mount welder outlet
  • Outlet cover
  • Screwdriver
  • 50 amp two pole breaker
  • Cable ripper
  • Red tape
  • Flush mount two gang box

Size Wire for 50 Amp Welder – FAQs

1. Are there specific regulations or codes I need to follow for wiring a 50-amp welder?

Ans: The electrical colors and codes can change depending on location. Hence, always consult an expert before wiring a 50 amp welder to know the correct codes.

2. What is the maximum allowable voltage drop for the wire used in a 50-amp welder setup?

Ans: A 3% voltage drop is permitted while wiring a 50 amp welder. You must use the recommended wire size to keep the voltage drop within this limit.

3. Is it necessary to use a specific type of insulation for the wire used in a 50-amp welder circuit?

Ans: Usually, wires for 50 amp usage come with the rated insulation thickness respective to their usage environment (outdoor or indoor).

4. What are the consequences of using an undersized wire for a 50-amp welder?

Ans: Undersized or thinner wires are more prone to voltage drop, overheating or electrical fires. Hence, you must use only the recommended wire size for a 50-amp welder.


A 50 amp welder usually needs a 6 AWG wire. You can easily wire such machines IN your home if you have basic knowledge of electrical equipment. You can also consider talking to an expert electrician if needed.

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