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Simplisafe Monitoring Plans – Pricing and Package Cost in 2024

Your home is the only place where you feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, to maintain the security of this happy place, it becomes important to take some crucial measures. With home security systems, users can create an efficient monitoring environment for their home and surroundings. Various home security brands are present in the market, offering unique services. We have our attention focused on one such unique brand named SimpliSafe.

Do not mistake SimpliSafe as another name in the home security market. Founded out of necessity, this brand has successfully created solutions to prevent burglaries or intrusions. What makes it stand out from its competitors is its monitoring plans which are suitable for almost every type of user. To understand these monitoring plans, we will discuss them in this article.

Cost Of  SimpliSafe Monitoring Plans

The monitoring plans for SimpliSafe are categorized into 4 different types. This categorization is done to ensure different types of consumers get a specialized set of features. A basic user will find advanced features complex and of no use. Similarly, users who need a high level of customization in their home security will find it difficult with the basic monitoring plans. Hence each plan serves a different type of application. We will discuss each of them below:

1. Fast Protect Plan

The Fast Protect plan is the most popular plan of SimpleSafe security systems. The reason behind its popularity is the list of professional features offered to the user. This plan offers the most number of features to ensure complete monitoring of your homes. Following are the features of this plan, which will help you understand why this plan is a consumer favourite.

  • The user gets access to 24×7 emergency dispatch services like medical, fire, police, etc.
  • Multiple connectivity options, including cellular connection to reduce dependency on one technology
  • Remote control of the security systems via SimpliSafe‘s smartphone app
  • User gets 24×7 live video feed from the surveillance camera on the smartphone app
  • The videos or images are directly stored in an unlimited storage space. Users can access or download these files later whenever they want to
  • Customized alert for motion detection, entry detection, and glass-break detection
  • Dedicated push notifications on the preferred devices
  • Creation of schedules to arm the security system
  • Compatibility with voice-activated commands via Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Lifetime warranty on the subscription
  • Users will get 10% off on the purchase of additional hardware for the security systems

2. Standard Monitoring

For users who want selective professional features along with the basic features, the Standard monitoring plan is an ideal choice. The list of features might be shorter than the Fast Protect monitoring plan but it still offers major features. This plan misses out on camera recordings but still gets the surveillance part right. You can go through the following features to understand how this plan differs from the Fast Protect monitoring plan.

  • Access to 24×7 emergency services like medical, fire, police, etc is also offered in this plan
  • It gets a built-in cellular connection which acts as an alternative network in case of a power outage (which might affect the WiFi or Ethernet connections)
  • Remote access to the controls of the security systems via SimpliSafe‘s smartphone app
  • A 24×7 live video feed is offered to the user via the smartphone app
  • A specialized timeline for the system is offered where a 7-day history is available to the user
  • The push notifications are available for various devices

3. Self Monitoring With Camera Recordings

The “Self-monitoring with camera recordings” subscription plan is the most basic subscription plan from SimpliSafe. As the names suggest, this plan includes monitoring along with the camera recordings. The plan includes all the necessary features for surveillance at the lowest price possible. For this reason, it is popular amongst budget-oriented users. Compared to the Standard monitoring plan, this plan misses out on only a few features.

  • With this plan, a user can view the recording within 30 days (available for 5 cameras)
  • Users can download the recordings to any device by using the SimpliSafe web app or mobile app
  • While viewing a live feed, user can perform manual downloads simultaneously
  • Full access to the system controls via the SimpliSafe app
  • Dedicated alerts for motion detection, entry detection, and glass-break detection
  • Priority push notifications for preferred devices
  • Create and set schedules to automatically arm the security system

4. Unmonitored(Without Plans)

What would happen if a user chose to use the SimpliSafe security systems without a monitoring plan? Well, it is possible since SimpliSafe does not restrict the users from using their system without a monitoring plan. If users are connected to the internet, they will get some of the basic features. It is still recommended by SimpliSafe to buy a plan to improve the security of your surroundings or homes.

SimpliSafe offers a trial period of 1 month for their Standard monitoring or Fast Protect plans. If the user wishes to leave the monitoring plan after the trial period, SimpliSafe offers a penalty-free option to the users. After leaving the trial program, users will still retain features like a live video feed, app access, and remote arm/disarm of the security systems.

Difference Between The Monitoring Plans

To make it easy to understand how every plan is different from another, we have created a comparison table. With this table, you can check which plan fulfills your requirements.

Features Fast Protect Plan

(Also known as Interactive Monitoring)

Standard Monitoring Self Monitoring with camera Recordings
24×7 Professional Monitoring Yes Yes No
Emergency Dispatch Services Yes Yes No
Cellular Connectivity Backup Yes Yes No
Environmental Monitoring Yes Yes No
Camera Integration Yes Yes Yes
Camera Recording


Yes No Cloud storage
Smartphone App Connectivity Yes Yes Yes
Additional Features for Security Camera Yes No Yes (selective models)
Entry and Motion Sensors Yes Yes Yes
Secret Alerts Yes No Yes
Timeline Access Unlimited days Only 7 days Unlimited days
Panic Button and Key Fob Yes Yes Yes
Smart Home Integration Support Yes Limited Yes (with selective models)
Total Number of Cameras Maximum of 10 units None Maximum of 5 units
Schedules Arming Yes No Yes
Monthly Cost $29.7(99 cents per day) $19.8 (66 cents per day) $9.9 (33 cents per day)
Lifetime Warranty Cover Yes No No

Which Monitoring Plan from SimpliSafe Is The Best?

To declare a monitoring plan as the best one, we have to first understand the needs of the users. The monitoring plan must offer better features to the user, to improve the security. Similarly, the overall pricing must be done in a way to justify the features the user will get. By carefully considering these conditions, we feel the Fast Protect monitoring plan is the best plan for all types of users. This plan offers a long list of features while charging only 99 cents per day.

With a 24×7 live feed, unlimited cloud storage, 10 camera setups, motion sensors, and other features, burglars won’t dare to pass by your home. If your demands are low, you can switch to the standard monitoring plan which offers all the important features. If you have a limited budget, you can select the Self-monitoring plan.

How to Cancel SimpliSafe Monitoring plan

Sometimes, situations might arise where a user does not want to continue with their SimpliSafe minority plan. In this case, the user can cancel their subscription by following simple steps. SimpliSafe offers a very simple cancellation process and does not charge any hidden penalty or cancellation fees from the user. Since SimpliSafe does not offer cancellation via web app or smartphone app, you will have to contact technical support. Follow these steps to cancel your SimpliSafe monitoring plan:

  • Depending on your region, contact the customer support number
  • Connect with a representative from SimpliSafe customer support
  • Share your account information when asked
  • Explain why you do not wish to continue with the monitoring plan
  • The representative will guide you through the process and cancel your SimpliSafe monitoring plan

How to Activate SimpliSafe Monitoring Plan

Unlike the cancellation process, the activation process for the SimpliSafe monitoring plan is quite easy. The activation process can be initiated via the SimpliSafe mobile app or the official website. The activation process for both alternatives is explained below.

1. Via Mobile App

  • Download and install the SimpliSafe Home Security App on your smartphone via Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Launch the installed app and log into your account

If you are logging into SimpliSafe for the first time, follow these steps:

  • After logging into your account, tap on the “Activate Monitoring” option on the screen
  • You will have to follow the onscreen instructions to select a suitable plan
  • The app will ask you to set up the Base Station. Enter the serial number of your Base Station (it is located at the bottom)
  • Add the payment details and confirm the purchase

If you have already paired products with SimpliApp in the past, follow these steps:

  • After logging into your account, access the three-bar menu from the left side of the screen
  • Select the “Install a New System” option for the menu
  • Tap on the “Let’s go” option
  • From the list of the connected properties/devices, select the one you want to activate with a new monitoring plan
  • If you do not wish to activate the monitoring plan for the older systems, you can select the “No, this is a new location” option and set up a new address
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until the app prompts you to enter the Base Station serial number
  • Add the serial number located at the bottom of the Base Station
  • By adding the payment details, your system will be set into Practice Mode
  • After three days, your monitoring plan will be activated

2. Via Web Browser

  • Visit the following URL from a web browser: “”
  • Log into your SimpliSafe account
  • You will see the “Activate Monitoring” option on the homepage. Click on this option
  • A new page will load where you have to click on the “add or upgrade monitoring” option
  • Select the monitoring plan you want
  • Add the payment details on the checkout page
  • Your monitoring plan will be activated.

Simplisafe Monitoring Plans – FAQs

1. Which monitoring plan from SimpliSafe is the most recommended one?

Ans: The Fast Protect monitoring plan from SimpliSafe is the most popular. This plan offers the most number of features, compared to the other plans. The pricing of this plan is also kept aggressive, making it a value-for-money deal. Important features like 24×7 monitoring, emergency services, a built-in cellular connection, and many other features come as standard for this plan.

2. Can you use SimpliSafe without an active monitoring plan?

Ans: A user can use SimpliSafe without an active motoring plan. SimpliSafe does not restrict the users from basic features if they have an internet connection. Users will have to manually control features like calling emergency services. However, with a 1-month trial period, users can access any monitoring plan for free. Services like live video feed and remote arm/disarm are retained after the trial period.

3. Are there any monthly monitoring fees for SimpliSafe?

Ans: Yes, SimpliSafe has three different monitoring plans for the users. Depending on these plans, the monthly monitoring fee changes. For the basic plan, only 33 cents per day are charged by SimpliSafe. The standard monitoring plan costs over 66 cents per day, while the Fast Protect plan costs over 99 cents per day. Apart from these fees, there are no hidden fees.

4. How easy is the cancellation process for SimpliSafe monitoring plans?

Ans: The cancellation process for SimpliSafe monitoring plans is straightforward. The user needs to contact the customer care team via phone call. The representative will guide you through the cancellation process on the call. Your monitoring plan will be cancelled without charging any hidden fees.

5. What is the lifespan of the SimpliSafe products?

Ans: The overall lifespan of the SimpliSafe products depends on their usage frequency. The burglary sensors are sensitive components and last about 3 to 5 years. The entry sensors are robust units and last over 10 years. Components like hazard sensors last for 3 to 5 years. The major assembly can work efficiently for over 10 years before showing signs of failure.

6. How to upgrade a SimpliSafe monitoring plan?

Ans: If you want to upgrade your SimpliSafe monitoring plan, you will need to visit the official website: “”. Log into your SimpliSafe account and click on the “monitoring” option. Under the current plan, you will get the upgrade option. Click it and select a desirable monitoring plan to upgrade with.

7. Are monitoring plans of SimpliSafe worthy?

Ans: Yes, the monitoring plans from SimpliSafe are with every penny. From a security point of view, these plans offer crucial features to the user. All the plans are mobile-supported, making it easy for the users to access the data anywhere. Besides this, the pricing of these plans is lower compared to the list of features they offer. In short, these plans are cost-effective options for the users.


Home security systems are the unsung heroes of surveillance. With brands like SimpliSafe, home security has stepped up to an unseen level. With smartphone apps, a user gets control over major features of the home security systems. SimpliSafe offers various monitoring plans that further simplify the surveillance process. In this article, we discussed these monitoring plans along with their features. We also compared important features of these plans. With this information, a user can select a suitable SimpliSafe monitoring plan for their homes.

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