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Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose : Stay Cool Anywhere

We cannot think of a life without an air-conditioner. Undeniably these high-end appliances help us to lead a comfortable life by regulating the internal temperature. With the availability of portable air-conditioners, people have started relying more on these devices. As the name suggests, portable becomes friendly for them to move the device from one room to another, so they are most inclined to choose portable air-conditioners compared to conventional ACs.

However, even portable air-conditioners have an exhaust hose vent which requires adjusting accordingly. This is why it requires placing portable air-conditioners near a door or window. but you must not lose hope as with continuous invention and advancement; now you can find portable air-conditioners without a hose.

Do you think they would be effective in regulating temperature? If you’re unsure, let us learn more about portable air-conditioners without hoses.

What Does A Portable AC Without A Hose Mean?

Portable AC without a hose is also popularly known as the portable evaporative cooler. These coolers do not need a refrigerant process for cooling and are mostly known as swamp coolers. The reality is these are the fans that require 200 watts or less electricity compared to air-conditioners to function.

It has a slightly different mechanism and does not follow the similar cooling process of using a refrigerant that passes through internal components.

The portable ACs are not designed with compressors. As it does not include refrigerant gas or any conventional process used by traditional air-conditioners to maintain the internal temperature, you can remain assured that the device will not create hot air.

Hence, these types of portable air-conditioners are not designed with vents to dissipate hot air.

Working Of An Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler works by a very simple technique. These devices are designed to regulate the atmosphere by moisture evaporation.

There is no need for the lengthy refrigeration process required by conventional air-conditioners. However, similar to an AC, you will experience the cool air breeze as it can evaporate moisture through the internal components and dissipates cool air throughout.

It generally absorbs warm air from its rear unit by using a fan, which is then passed through the internal components. It is a wet porous membrane that is used internally to evaporate moisture. This will now provide chilled breezes from the front unit.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Evaporative Cooler?

Before placing an order for an evaporative cooler, it is imperative to find a clear distinction between the advantages and disadvantages.


Compared to any other conventional air-conditioner, these portable air-conditioners or evaporative coolers do not include a vent, so you can quickly transfer it from one place to another. It does not require any outlet from where you must pass the hose.

Most modern evaporative coolers are designed with great convenience to make it easy for people to control the device. You can easily change the unit’s air rate and fan speed to control the room temperature.

Additionally, the louver swinging move can also be changed to different orientations.

Most modern devices have been designed with timer operation to save energy. When you plan to use it overnight, using the timer functioning will automatically switch the device off after a certain period.


People mostly choose evaporative coolers due to the lower electricity requirement. So, this device is capable of cooling the room without spending much. While it can reduce the temperature by 25° without being as expensive as air-conditioners, there are some major disadvantages as well.

People living in locations with higher humidity might not be able to enjoy its full efficiency due to the humidity. Even when it is an excellent replacement for air-conditioners, it is not as powerful as conventional ACs.

Since it is designed in a way to absorb natural humidity, with higher humidity, it becomes less effective. As its internal atmosphere gets stuck by moisture, the chilling effect strongly deteriorates with higher natural humidity.

Is it Possible to Use Portable ACs Without A Hose?

If you have decided to use an evaporative cooler, yes, you can use portable air-conditioners without any hose. However, an evaporative cooler might not be a practical choice if you reside in a highly humid zone. It requires a powerful compressor along with refrigerant gas to be able to manage the internal temperature.

However, places that do not have huge humidity can significantly enjoy the effectiveness of an evaporative cooler. Since it does not include any condenser or refrigerant gas, it does not require a hose to vent out hot gasses. So this way, you can cool your room without getting entangled with the bulky and messy air conditioner hoses.


A portable air-conditioner can be an excellent choice for people not looking for a messy air-conditioner hose vent. However, before you plan to buy an evaporative cooler, you must thoroughly study its effectiveness in your location. As it can have reduced effectiveness in locations with higher humidity, you should make an informed decision before buying them.

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