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How to Log In To Your Motorola Router & Modem?

Has it become challenging to log in to your Motorola router (or) modem? If so, don’t get stressed up. We have bought this article, especially for those who are unable to log in to their Motorola router (or) modem. In this article, we will ride over various topics such as login ways, resetting the router, and configuring its settings.

Starting with the company, Motorola has been providing reliable and quality routers and modems for over 20 years. Indeed they are a great pick for both home and business needs. If you are planning to buy one, always look for the model that suits your requirements.

Now, let’s dive into the article to get comprehensive information related to login, resetting the device, and configuration details. Anyways before getting into the login process, you must have these essential things in hand for accessing the router.

Essentials Required Before Accessing your Motorola Router (or) Modem

Here is the list of things that are needed before accessing your Motorola router and modem.

1. Internet Connection

Primarily, you must have a reliable and stable internet connection with faster speed.

  • If you already have an internet connection, make sure it is steady, fast, and compatible with your router.
  • Else if you are seeking a new connection go for the internet service providers who provide reliable and high-speed internet.

2. Connection to your Network

Once after establishing an internet connection, connect any of your devices like a smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer, etc to Motorola’s router network. You may use WiFi (or) Ethernet for establishing the connection.

  • Opt for Ethernet, if you are looking for a stable net connection.
  • Whereas, if are using WiFi, it is always recommended to stay within the router’s range.

3. Internet-Enabled Device

Make sure that your device such as a mobile, laptop, PC, etc is connected to your network and has a web browser in them. You may use any browser including Google, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so on.

4. Motorola Modem (or) Router

You must have a Motorola modem (or) router, working in good condition. Ensure to choose the right model before trying to access it.

5. Ethernet Cables

Having Ethernet cables is mandatory. If you are connecting your laptop (or) PC to the router, then you must use an Ethernet cable. Once after logging into the device, easily you can go for the WiFi option.

6. Default IP Address and Login Credentials

You must have your router’s IP address and login credentials such as username and password before logging into the web app. However, you can easily locate the IP address either on the left (or) right side of the router. Whereas, username and password are printed on the label at the bottom (or) back of the device.

So, this is the list of things that are required to have before logging into the router (or) modem. Now, start with the login process once these things are available to you.

How to Login to the Motorola Router (or) Modem?

Just go along with these instructions to log in to your router easily.



First of all, connect any of your devices like a mobile (or) laptop (or) computer to the internet using an Ethernet cable.



After connecting to the internet, open any web browser such as Google, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc, and enter your router’s default IP address in the address bar.

Note: Usually, the default IP address is found on the router itself. You can also refer to the user manual as well.



Then, you will be landed on the login page. Enter the default username and password in the respective sections and click on “submit” to proceed further.

Note: The default username and password are printed on a label that is located at the bottom (or) back of the router. You can also get it from the user guide (or) the customer service team as well.



After logging in you can access the admin page of the router and configure various settings such as changing the login credentials, security settings, network, and many more.



You are all free to modify the settings based on your home (or) business preferences. Ensure to save all the changes before exiting the app. Once you are done with everything click on “Logout” and close the browser.

Note: It is very important to log out of the app to prevent unauthorized access to your network.

And that’s it. Follow these simple steps to log in to your router successfully.

How to Configure the Motorola Router (or) Modem?

It is very important to configure the settings of your router. Since the default login credentials and IP address are readily available and can be predicted easily. This may lead to unauthorized access to your network (or) any other malicious activities. Moreover, the configuration process is pretty simple and you can do this effortlessly by following these instructions.

Log in to the user interface


  1. Connect your device to the internet and open any web browser which you often use for daily work uses.
  2. Then enter the router’s IP address in the address bar.
  3. Now, feed the username and password in the login details and click on “Submit”.
  4. Finally, you will be taken to the router’s admin page.
Change login details


  1. After logging into the app, go to settings and click on the “Change credentials” options.
  2. Then, enter the new username and password under respective sections and click on the “Confirm” option.
  3. Now, click on “Apply” to save the changes before exiting the app.
  4. Try logging in with the new username and password for confirmation.
Enable automatic software updates


  1. Navigate to the “Firmware” option under settings in the web app.
  2. Click on it to check for any firmware updates.
  3. Now, download and install them on your device to keep it updated with time.
  4. Below, you can also opt for “Automatic updates” options to update your router on a timely basis without your intervention (or) approval.
  5. In the end, save all the changes before logging out.
Modify security settings


  1. Select the “Security” option, under settings in the user interface.
  2. Enable all the security elements like firewall protection, unauthorized access, WPA3 encryption, and so on.
  3. Save all the changes before exiting the app.
Set parental controls


  1. Choose the “Parental control” option under settings in the web interface.
  2. Now, you can select the websites, devices, and other content that can be blocked. Along with this, you may even set time boundaries to apply certain restrictions.
  3. Lastly, save all the changes that were made before quitting the app.
Enable WPA3 encryption


This is quite similar to configuring the security settings.

  1. Just steer to “WPA3 encryption” (or) “Encryption” under security settings in the app.
  2. Enable this advanced security feature to safeguard your network from cyber threats.
  3. Before logging out, don’t forget to save the changes.
Manage guest network


  1. First divide your network into various segments such as personal network, children network, guest network, etc.
  2. Now select the “Invite guests” option under tools in your web app.
  3. Then enter their details like mobile number, name, mail id, etc which are asked for.
  4. And that’s it all the instructions and network details will be sent to them directly.
  5. Once after adding the guests, save all the modifications and exit from the app.

At last, this is the way how you can configure various settings in the app through these simple steps.

How to Reset the Motorola Router (or) Modem?

It is suggested to reset the modem if you detect any functioning issues that were not previously present. Resetting the device clears out the errors that have built up in the modem over time. It does, indeed, make it easier to connect to the new device.

  1. Turn off all the devices connected to your router.
  2. Then find the reset button on the device and press it using any ballpoint pen (or) a paper clip.
  3. Wait for the lights to turn off and let the device reset.
  4. The lights will turn on and the green light blinks brightly after the reset.
  5. Now, your device has lost all its memory and returned to the default settings.
  6. Once again login to the router using the default username & password to configure the settings.

How to Maintain the Motorola Router (or) Modem?

Here are some suggestions to help you maintain your router.

  1. Specifically, don’t place your router (or) modem adjacent to any heat sources (or) under sunlight. Always keep it in a dry and clean place.
  2.  Clean your router regularly with a dry and soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using wet cloth as it may damage the device.
  3. Don’t stick to the default login credentials. Change them after logging in as it may lead to cyber-attacks.
  4. Set a strong password and a unique username after logging in to the device.
  5. And configuring is not a one-time process change your login details frequently to prevent unauthorized access to your network.
  6. Don’t use any sharp pointed objects like pins, needles (or) wires to press the reset button.
  7. Keep an eye on the cables, pulling (or) mishandling cables may damage them and result in connectivity issues.
  8. Approach Motorola technical team if your network is unstable and facing connectivity issues for a longer duration.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we hope this article has delivered all the important details including the login process, router configuration, and resetting the router. Do follow the detailed instructions provided in the article while accessing your Motorola modem (or) router. Besides, maintaining the router is also an important task. We hope the provided tips will help you out in taking care of your router so that it runs efficiently in the long run.

Motorola Router & Modem FAQs

1. What happens if I get stuck on the login page?

Ans: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, make sure your computer is connected to your device’s network, and check that you’re using the right login credentials. If you still can’t log in, try resetting your device to its default settings or contacting Motorola support.

2. How do I get my default login credentials?

Ans: You can get the default username and password from the user manual (or) on the label stuck at the bottom of the device (or) contact your customer support team.

3. Why should you configure your Motorola router?

Ans: There are various reasons for this. Most importantly changing your default user details like IP address, username, and password keeps your network protected from cyber threats. Moreover, configuring your router gives complete control over your preferred settings.

4. What is the IP address of my router?

Ans: Primarily the default IP address of the Motorola router is (or) However, this varies depending on the model and network setup. You can extract the IP address either from your router (or) user guide (or) Motorola’s website. Anyways this default IP address must be changed once after logging into the app.

5. How can I reset my router with a power cable?

Ans: 1) Generally, modems without a power switch are reset by unplugging the power wire from the back.
2) Wait for 30-45 seconds after disconnecting the cable to allow the device to reset.
3) After resetting it, reconnect the power cable in the same manner as previously and the modem’s LEDs will now begin to blink.
4) Finally, after 30-60 seconds, you can connect your devices to the router.

6. What can you find under the account menu?

Ans: After logging in to the web app you can find several options on the screen.
1. Under the “Information” option you can get all the general details such as serial number, IP address, modem model, hardware specifications, and so on.
2. Under the “Status” option you can know about the state of your device and connection.
3. The “Boot” status lets you know if the device is engaged (or) turned off.
4. The “Upstream and Downstream” option provides information on various speeds of upstream and downstream traffic.
5. “Event log” includes your browsing history.
6. Under the “Tools”, you can find “Passwords”, “Scanning plan”, and “Reset defaults”.
7. You can change the password under the “passwords” option, “Reset defaults” for resetting the device, and “Scanning plan” informs about the bandwidth.

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